I made an oopsie

13. feb.. 2021
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Bill Evans song: noworld.info/video/video/sKKcpcWRqa-2yaM.html&ab_channel=BillEvans-Topic
Wolf's Rain song: noworld.info/video/video/k3O0jc6ww5TQwrc.html&ab_channel=WolfsRainEverything
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  • Bill Evans song: noworld.info/video/video/sKKcpcWRqa-2yaM.html&ab_channel=BillEvans-Topic Wolf's Rain song: noworld.info/video/video/k3O0jc6ww5TQwrc.html&ab_channel=WolfsRainEverything Hmm suspicious.

    YourMovieSucksDOTorgYourMovieSucksDOTorgMåned siden
    • @Tony Nola no problem

      Anelka DaffaAnelka DaffaMåned siden
    • @Anelka Daffa sorry about that my notification didn't register

      Tony NolaTony NolaMåned siden
    • you really wanted to be understood. how are you, man?

      No one No oneovNo one No oneovMåned siden
    • @Tony Nola oh finally someone answer thank you for answering i'm gonna check the video

      Anelka DaffaAnelka DaffaMåned siden
    • @Anelka Daffa cosmonaut tend to contradict, inconsistent, and have false claims in his reviews just to make point. Like his sam ramies spider-man video

      Tony NolaTony NolaMåned siden
  • in the words of that guy from Big Her 6: " *THAT WAS HIS MISTAKE* '

    Bucky BarnesBucky Barnes9 dager siden
  • Your merch is overpriced garbage, surprised you still haven’t finish your TWD part 2 analysis with all that money. Fvcking hack

    Todoz Loz DiazTodoz Loz Diaz13 dager siden
  • COME ON WOLFS RAIN SOUNDTRACK RECOGNITION! One of the most beautiful soundtracks I’ve ever heard in my life and I sing valse de la lune out loud now and again just because. Freakin Yoko Kanno is pure genius.

    Lorelei CatherineLorelei Catherine16 dager siden
  • Damn, I wish I could 200k views from a footnote correction over elevator music.

    IcyScytheIcyScythe17 dager siden

    JOHN WAYNEJOHN WAYNE21 dag siden
  • Wow still no lion king video. I think Adam has completely lost his mind.

    J CarrollJ Carroll26 dager siden
  • I so appreciate your integrity!😚🌹

    With ExpectancyWith Expectancy27 dager siden
  • I just don't know why you harped on the music so much in the first place, sounded like a really inconsequential detail to me.

    Demented DuskullDemented DuskullMåned siden
  • I like how this got double the views lmfao.

    No Longer HumanNo Longer HumanMåned siden
  • Wow, what a small world. So many people steal from Bill Evans. It's been happening for like 60 years now. He wrote an incredibly famous jazz piece called "Blue in Green" - which has been mistakenly taken and credited to so many other people. RIP Bill Evans. Thank you for your beautiful playing. I think you were a well that so many people stole from.

    zeranzeranzeranzeranMåned siden
  • I absolutely love Yoko Kanno's music but she does have an uncomfortable history of making many uncredited soundalikes (homages?)

    RegularGiraffeRegularGiraffeMåned siden
  • This is unforgivable.

    NellenaraNellenaraMåned siden
  • This is why I like Adum

    Dane LykinsDane LykinsMåned siden
  • Little stuff like this is one of the reasons I like Adam

    Sam GomezSam GomezMåned siden
  • When your correction video gets more views than the review it is correcting.

    Cloudy4DaysCloudy4DaysMåned siden
  • Hah, Adum. More like Adumb!

    An enemy standAn enemy standMåned siden
  • Good on you.

    Roy NelsonRoy NelsonMåned siden
  • Anywhere you go kimba follows

    agingpurseagingpurseMåned siden
  • accidently played both tracks at the same time while trying to listen to similarities - actually sounds quite beautiful

    winterswintersMåned siden
  • How dare you make a mistake Adum, never do this again

    EpicHysteriaEpicHysteriaMåned siden
  • Gonna take a moment to say I love that photo of you

    Cifur MindCifur MindMåned siden
  • Oh I thought this was gunna be an 'oh whoopsie it takes me 2 years to make a YSM sorry guys.....'

    Giorgio PayneGiorgio PayneMåned siden
  • "some dude called bill evans"

    bonk boyebonk boyeMåned siden
  • So no lion king is what I'm hearing

    iotaiotaMåned siden
    • I watched the video now, and I am looking forward for the lion king review

      iotaiotaMåned siden
  • I could be talking out of my ass, but hasn't Yoko Kanno been known to rip off/take """heavy""" inspiration from other pieces in the past? This sounds like several tracks from the Wolf's Rain soundtrack, but especially requiem/rakuen lmao

    TrustthapoTrustthapoMåned siden
  • And here’s another 2min about Wolf’s Rain

    ScrubTheNubScrubTheNubMåned siden
  • It's not exact, but you can definitely tell that the composer for Wolf's Rain was inspired by Bill Evans. And honestly, who can blame them?

    Tanner TadlockTanner TadlockMåned siden
  • Ur voice is IRL squidward

    THKTHKMåned siden
  • I was probably the only one expecting this video to be Adam announcing that he has shit his pants

    crbgamercrbgamerMåned siden
  • Music and Film history are important, just saying..

    Edward OberonEdward OberonMåned siden
  • Congrats on 1mil subs, yo.

    TheHarlequinHatterTheHarlequinHatterMåned siden
  • LION KING!!!

    Yerain AbreuYerain AbreuMåned siden
  • lofi YMS radio beats to relax/study to

    Windows XP autumn wallpaper is a superior choiceWindows XP autumn wallpaper is a superior choiceMåned siden
  • ok

    CheckerCheckerMåned siden
  • you don't know Bill Evans??

    Jonathan GraberJonathan GraberMåned siden
  • Don't mind me, just here to hit like on everyone's favorite furry uwu

    APT-GETAPT-GETMåned siden
  • Bill Evans, whoever that is

    StopTFGStopTFGMåned siden
  • seriously... a movie using historically accurate music for the times is getting shamed for stealing a song from some video game? are you like 12??

    Wander BearWander BearMåned siden
  • I like how this video has more than double the amount of views than the video this is a response to...

    SLSLMåned siden
  • now you guys can skip 60% of the judas and black messiah review

    Sean BagelSean BagelMåned siden
  • I like how this 2-minute apology has more views than his videos from the past month

    LameravenLameravenMåned siden
  • Why did he think a movie about THE BLACK PANTHERS would use an Anime theme anyway 🤣🤣. That's what I thought was hilarious the whole time

    MrDemeanorMrDemeanorMåned siden
  • Mfw Adam doesn’t know who Bill Evans is 👽 👽 👃🏼 👄

    big boss bob rossbig boss bob rossMåned siden
  • Why was this video recommended to me rather that any of this guys actual videos?

    Hair_SauceHair_SauceMåned siden
  • what about Darcia's theme?

    thenewgamer64thenewgamer64Måned siden
  • Bill Evans is a god tier Jazz pianist, I figured you knew his work

    Supra GuySupra GuyMåned siden
  • appreciatte you

    Walkin' PhoenixWalkin' PhoenixMåned siden
  • Can you do a quickie of Fractured?

    A Table For YouA Table For YouMåned siden
  • Gotta give Adam props for correcting himself on an honest mistake with clear dedication to his research. One gains more respect when they prove they can be humble.

    Koumori ArtsKoumori ArtsMåned siden
  • I knew it was too strange that King Kimba of all people to say “ThereS nO waY thIs SonG wAs a CoinciDence”

    Kyle K. IsomKyle K. IsomMåned siden
  • "Sorry I'm uncultured"

    A Banana 2A Banana 2Måned siden
  • You guys need to listen to more Bill Evans and watch less anime.

    Wade K. SavageWade K. SavageMåned siden
  • Bill evans is amazing

    Minty MojitoMinty MojitoMåned siden
  • It's unsettling how short this is

    havahoghavahogMåned siden
  • I was gonna make a "Kimba and Simba, kinda suspicious" comment but you already addressed it lol

    Hank J. WimbletonHank J. WimbletonMåned siden
  • Adam, have you heard what Derek Savage said about you? Quote: "That filthy yms person made lies about us to PewDiePie, which he admitted to doing, and that screwed-up the deal.." Seems like some grown-up child is angry for no reason :-D

    0427904279Måned siden
  • Bill Evans wrote the song. "OH my JAAAAAZZ!"

    TheHoratiosvetlanaTheHoratiosvetlanaMåned siden
  • At this point his Lion King review will come after Lion King 2

    Mr AntMr AntMåned siden
  • Your mam made an oopsie.

    IrishIrishMåned siden
  • That's it! I'm tired of your lies and piss poor content Adum! UNSUBSCRIBED! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Freddie Dunning-Kruger Jr.Freddie Dunning-Kruger Jr.Måned siden
  • Good on ya, YMS

    Raymond CannonRaymond CannonMåned siden
  • ur gay tho

    Dwit BeatheadDwit BeatheadMåned siden
  • Somebody has to scale that picture with neural network AI.

    KusanagiMotoko100KusanagiMotoko100Måned siden
  • Tomorrow he'll upload another oopsie about not knowing who Bill Evans was

    HulavutaHulavutaMåned siden
  • Thought he was finally going to realize he spent a year of his life on Kimba

    emyemyMåned siden
  • Good for you for issuing a correction!

    Ben TrinkerBen TrinkerMåned siden
  • Gucken Sie meinen Kanal sie werden ihren augdn nicgt trauen

    Phi lippPhi lippMåned siden
  • Yeah...I saw something like this coming when I was watching the review

    David ScheuermannDavid ScheuermannMåned siden
  • Appreciate the correction. Glad you use your platform to correct it and not just twitter. Creators should fix mistakes where most people heard it. Thanks!

    Christine MeyerChristine MeyerMåned siden
  • If only politicians had as much decency as youtube movie reviewers

    ali abdullahali abdullahMåned siden
  • Thank you for holding yourself accountable.

    Patrick FultonPatrick FultonMåned siden
  • I blame gromit mug

    Joseph DunneJoseph DunneMåned siden
  • ooof, Adam, you need to bone up on your jazz. "An artist called Bill Evans" is one of the greatest jazz pianists to ever live

    nick strahannick strahanMåned siden
  • Adum please please wheres my FUCKING LION KING VIDEO

    Isaac JonesIsaac JonesMåned siden
  • When it comes to music, Adum can be pretty normie

    minus blindfoldminus blindfoldMåned siden
  • Jesus, all these petty jazz-fans getting all upset about the wording...

    Bimpy the Wimpy ShrimpyBimpy the Wimpy ShrimpyMåned siden
  • Wasn't Wolf's Rain (which was a good anime until the very last episode that then DESTROYS the whole series), composed by crap what is her name Yuki Kano? I want to say, I can remember her band's name but not her's, The Seatbelts. SO if it were a jazzy piece, I could see her taking inspiration from there.

    TDATATDATAMåned siden
  • how do you not know Bill Evans? The guy is a genius. You should listen to some of his albums

    DavidDavidMåned siden
  • Thought you were gonna talk about your deeply flawed take on 'Precious'... Or a new Bigfoot sighting. All the same shit really. (ooof)

    Blacktooth FoxBlacktooth FoxMåned siden
  • Wolfs rain was made by the same people of Cowboy Bebop, an animation studio known for using all different types of music in their creations, specially jazz. So this is no surprise.

    Lucy XLucy XMåned siden
  • Adam it's my birthday! Wish me one a happy one!

    izzythedudeizzythedudeMåned siden
  • What?

    U GU GMåned siden
  • can you do an adum and pals on 'bridgerton' ?

    teeteeMåned siden
  • i love how you said bill evans as if he wasnt one of the most prolific jazz composers of all time lmfao

    Slightly BasicSlightly BasicMåned siden
  • using "made an oopsie" properly

    \\\\Måned siden
  • # YMS Is Over Party

    assmuddafukkinhole2assmuddafukkinhole2Måned siden
  • “A guy named Bill Evans” All jazz musicians: *loses their minds*

    IanEdwardMusicIanEdwardMusicMåned siden
  • As a musician, it's nearly impossible to write a song that doesn't sound at least somewhat similar to another song.

    samsquanch1996samsquanch1996Måned siden
  • love how he casually mentions bill evans as "some guy"

    Luk FidelLuk FidelMåned siden
  • HA. I knew it was a stupid fucking thing to complain about. Damn you Adam. Wasting half that Judas video talking about something that doesn’t even matter.

    Reed LobbestaelReed LobbestaelMåned siden
  • Came for an explanation, left for Symbiosis.

    Durtydan _Durtydan _Måned siden
  • Bill Evans is the GOAT. Also, the Kimba video is a masterpiece, changed my life.

    DanielDanielMåned siden
  • *explaining mistaken assumptions sounds*

    TheBuddyGamerTheBuddyGamerMåned siden
  • It was all worth it to hear you say "Wolf's Rain soundtrack" a thousand times in the other video.

    kniferaffekniferaffeMåned siden
  • Kinda funny that more people have seen this video instead of the one that Adum's talking about.

    gupgupMåned siden
  • No frumpy hoodie, staged crying, sympathetic violin music, or "I'm Not Making Excuses But [insert story about past trauma]"? Disappointing NOworldr Apology Video, 2 out of 10, I expected more from you Adyum.

    Dog GodDog GodMåned siden
  • I thought he was gonna announce his first spelling mistake

    Ch AnCh AnMåned siden
  • totally how i expected a yms apology video to go

    Cyrus ZedCyrus ZedMåned siden
  • That bill evans song was used really well in Sideways

    Kevin RauchenbergerKevin RauchenbergerMåned siden