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24. feb.. 2021
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  • I’m autistic and I was threatened with a fucking gun during one of my meltdowns.

    Heartworn FoxHeartworn Fox2 timer siden
  • This is one of the most positive reviews of Music I've seen

    Noah's WorldNoah's World10 timer siden
  • Not to mention she groomed an 11 year old girl to be in a "Mother/daughter" relationship and that she writes musical parts to "Save her" she also admitted sleeping with her in the same bed. Good musician or no good musician this shit raises so many red flags.

    Michael JarrettMichael Jarrett19 timer siden

    alaskaalaskaDag siden
  • As a sperg this just makes autistic people just seem immature with no accountability and a “ya just gotta wrangle em brother” mentality, and part of why no one wants to even get potentially diagnosed and seek treatment because this is the public’s perception of it

    Pistachio DisguiseyPistachio Disguisey2 dager siden
  • Fun Fact: this movie was nominated for a Razzie award. Well-deserved as it should. As a fellow autistic, I felt a sense of schadenfreude when I found that out. 😌

    mental asylum escapeemental asylum escapee2 dager siden
  • Did... did the African guy "Lenny" his brother?

    Rocky GemsRocky Gems2 dager siden
  • When the TV show, What Would You Do Has Better Actors

    Claudia BobadillaClaudia Bobadilla3 dager siden
  • This looks like the worst movie ever.

    Leman RussLeman Russ3 dager siden
  • my question is who did they get leslie odom jr.? how did they get aaron burr, sir?

    Super Sire BoySuper Sire Boy3 dager siden
  • Kate Hudson's alive? (you know which voice to read this with)

    RawbeardRawbeard4 dager siden
  • so the thing about "working with" autism speaks, it doesn't actually matter if they had anything to do with the production, someone who doesn't know to steer clear of autism speaks shouldn't be making a movie about autism

    Rob MckennieRob Mckennie4 dager siden
  • Voodoo, Prayers and herbs to everyone involved with this project's careers'.

    Witch FlowersWitch Flowers8 dager siden
  • The expression music had just screams "doofus." I actually lolled.

    Rutger HauserRutger Hauser9 dager siden
  • How did this never get recommended to me?

    HydroDragonNHydroDragonN10 dager siden
  • I know this has been repeated like 20 times over, but I’m just amazed how the whole “lay on top of autistic people it calms them down :)” was allowed in this movie. The first thing you’re taught as a direct support professional is to only use an EUMR when they’re a threat to others/themselves and when all other possibilities haven’t worked. And an EUMR doesn’t involve restraining them on the ground with your entire body on top of theirs. This is so ungodly terrible.

    Mia CasualMia Casual11 dager siden
    • And to think for years I was giving my Autistic friends the people’s elbow whenever they started fitting. Funny how restraining someone does a shit job of calming someone down

      Nathan McCormackNathan McCormackDag siden
  • Spaghetti

    Monika BragaiteMonika Bragaite11 dager siden
  • You know that Leslie Odom Jr. was praying this movie would never see the light of day.

    Rach PatRach Pat14 dager siden
  • I too want to learn how to lay on autistic people.

    Connor FineranConnor Fineran14 dager siden
  • The way he says "She doesn't know who she's hitting" sounds so threatening... Like he's about to say: "She doesn't know who she's hitting, give her a sharp lesson!"

    shinjinobraveshinjinobrave14 dager siden
  • I've seen a ton of bad movies but none of them were DANGEROUS. This garbage is.

    An DiAn Di15 dager siden
  • What if this was Sia's genius way to bring attention to autism. By disastrously showing the opposite of things you should do to make many people communicate the correct way.

    x anonx anon16 dager siden
  • Ok, i watched this movie. It isn't perfect. There's enough to feed the vultures, for sure. But it was enjoyable, despite what some have expressed. Having lived with children that have special needs, it was relatable. As a freshman film, I'd give it a 6.

    AtomSK 484AtomSK 48416 dager siden
  • This movie is about as bad as an Autism Speak PSA. Why is Lilly Rose Silver (Rosa) from Netflix's Kid Cosmic and Leslie Oden Jr. from Disney+ Hamilton in this garbage? I don't blame them tho. Plz, go watch Kid Cosmic. It's from Craig McCracken of The Powerpuff Girls Fame and it's amazing.

    Teddy FurstmanTeddy Furstman16 dager siden
  • What I wanna know is why are autistic people always portrayed as mentally deficient? Like in this movie from the clips I saw this girl is walking around like she had no fucking clue what is going on, basically acting like someone who has severe downs syndrome (nothing at all against people with that condition). I dont know about other people, but I have never met an autistic person who acts like that. I know some really really severely autistic people have alot of issues but I have never met one that acted like they were mentally challenged like that and I dont think it helps with the image of autistic people by portraying them as invalids who have no clue how to do anything. A majority of autistic people are perfectly capable even genius level people and just have some strange traits like being very socially awkward or stimming or not being able to handle certain stimulation. I have never met one that was like how autistic people are portrayed in media. Autistic people are very capable intelligent feeling people. They arent invalids. Stop portraying them like that.

    TrueEnergizerBunniesTrueEnergizerBunnies16 dager siden
  • They should've brought the autistic reporter from the Onion

    バレンタインバレンタイン17 dager siden
  • I can’t believe I have to explain this to some people, but here we are. If your best friend was freaking out over something and started having a panic attack, would your response be to lay on top of them and restrain them? No! Then, don’t fucking do it to autistic people. It’s really not that complicated

    David ZaiserDavid Zaiser17 dager siden
  • Virtue signaling, “The Movie.”

    mechasentaimechasentai17 dager siden
  • “He is dead now.”

    mechasentaimechasentai17 dager siden
  • is it ableist to cast non psychopathic people as psychopaths?..

    DonPeyoteDonPeyote18 dager siden
  • My bruda. He dead now. Dis is da wae.

    DonPeyoteDonPeyote18 dager siden
  • When I saw that Adam covered this (honestly the first time I heard of this film) however I knew this 7 minute video would tell me all I need to know. Very saddening. I thought Sia would be different from all assholes from Cali

    Mugaka MurakumoMugaka Murakumo19 dager siden
  • "stick to Music" But she did...

    genericgorillagenericgorilla19 dager siden
  • When they pinned the girl down, it reminded me of the Candice Newmaker tragedy, and I immediately got angry and disgusted.

    DrewdogDrewdog19 dager siden
  • Still unsure about the whole 'needing an actor with the same disability as the character they are portraying' argument...isn't that what acting is!? I may just be totally out of touch though, to be fair.

    Dave RogersDave Rogers19 dager siden
  • I think the most egregious thing about the movie is, if you want to make a movie representing someone with the low - functioning end of the spectrum, fine. But the fact that they just used the character as essentially a plot device for OTHER characters to grow, without any part of the story really centering Music herself, is just baffling. It's really looking like this is just Sia's vanity project.

    MakiMakiMakiMaki19 dager siden
  • People just need to stop trying to represent autism. You are never going to represent us correctly so just stop.

    Blue SquadronBlue Squadron19 dager siden
  • I love the autism speaks commercial is literally those kids vibing "I WILL RUIN YOUR MARRIAGE" cue little girl just... fucking coloring or some shit, a kid just hanging out on a rock... HORRIBLE

    Jen BJen B20 dager siden
  • okay so a few things, you were acting like maddie getting upset about the routine changing was bad writting because why would she do that but thats an autistic thing. also you shouldnt restrain autistic people when they have meltdowns, you said when they have fits, VERY different.

    E-tod LonghairE-tod Longhair20 dager siden
  • i can't believe Leslie agreed to this, i expected better from him

    Katt KratzKatt Kratz20 dager siden

    JOHN WAYNEJOHN WAYNE21 dag siden
  • *effort sound* for the film

    Moon Dusk83Moon Dusk8321 dag siden
  • I used to love sia's music but that *restraint* shit made me so angry and sick to my stomach. My little brother is nonverbal autistic and this movie is so much more offensive and harmful than sia realizes

    MCRtrash#1MCRtrash#121 dag siden
  • Please don’t be angry with Maddie, people. She was forced into doing this and she was FOURTEEN at the time.

    Bubbly JubblyBubbly Jubbly22 dager siden
  • They did hire an autistic actor, but changed their mind because it was too hard to handle, lol. Damn

    AwesomekatAwesomekat22 dager siden
  • 3:21-3:41 I have autism and I don't have a miserable life because of it. I don't know why they are referring to autistic people not being able to succeed later in life.

    C O R NC O R N22 dager siden
  • Kate Hudson looks so much younger than she actually is with the tomboy look.

    HellsingerHellsinger23 dager siden
  • Voo doo, prayer and herbs 😂😂 I’m sorry how do they think that’s a cure for autism. Ps I also like the way he reviewed the movie it was funny

    Zoe BecraftZoe Becraft24 dager siden
  • PCM, professional crisis management, is used all the time on highly behavioral autistic people. Includes physical holding them down in different techniques.

    StillicideStillicide24 dager siden
  • Canadite for r/creepy*: *effort sound * with no context

    jak kosjak kos24 dager siden
  • I'll be honest me as a completely non-autistic person, the first time I saw Ziegler's portrayal of an autistic person thought it was extremely stereotypical and offensive, almost ridiculing. Of course I'm not blaming Ziegler for it because she's a literal child, I'm blaming Sia, the actual adult who directed her to do that.

    Amira FoadAmira Foad24 dager siden
    • According to several articles about this movie, Maddie Ziegler was very reluctant to play her role and broke down because she didn't want to make an offensive caricature of autistic people, but Sia forced her to. Keep in mind that Maddie was around 14 during the filming of this movie.

      mental asylum escapeemental asylum escapee2 dager siden
  • Hey, Sia. As a guy with Asperger's Syndrome (a form of Autism) I don't like being manhandled like some sort of wild animal. It certainly doesn't make me feel "safe".

    Elijah CookElijah Cook25 dager siden
  • Sia originally hired an autistic girl to play Music and then fired her because she kept getting overwhelmed on set. So instead of accommodating someone with ASD, Sia just fired an an actor because she couldn't help that she had ASD... For a movie about a character with ASD. I hate this woman

    a n n i ea n n i e25 dager siden
  • Voodoo?! ...VOODOO?!!!

    Pirate Style JutsuPirate Style Jutsu25 dager siden
  • NOworld is currently trying to surpress cynical Reviews video on this movie.

    Jimbrial InnocentJimbrial Innocent26 dager siden
  • Why tf could she not name Music a real name? And make her nickname Music? And no, Sia’s response there wasn’t funny, now the Grrr fury tweet, THAT was funny!

    Galaxion ArtGalaxion Art26 dager siden
  • Bathsalts and autism: the movie

    Bill DavisBill Davis27 dager siden
  • **E F F O R T S O U N D S**

    Patrick MurphyPatrick Murphy27 dager siden
  • "An organization that helps autistic people in the same way that PETA helps animals" Touché.

    AposineAposine27 dager siden
  • cuaron how could u

  • I actually laughed when the Afrikano man spoke of his brudda

    Absolute AficionadoAbsolute Aficionado27 dager siden
  • He sounds bored lol.

    Aleta NookAleta Nook28 dager siden
  • 0:03 "I really love Sia's Music" _confused screaming_

    cool beanscool beans28 dager siden
  • its gross when the fucking Onion has a more believable and more researched autistic caricature than Sia.

    fruimtfruimt28 dager siden
    • God I hate how true that.

      CatManThreeCatManThree22 dager siden
  • God damn as an autistic person this film is absolutely unbearable. Just watching clips of it actually physically hurts

    Beatrice WalkerBeatrice Walker28 dager siden
  • I haven't seen the movie but isn't it very obvious that the "Sister" is actually the mom who left her autistic daughter with grandma?

    AprilsauceAprilsauce29 dager siden
  • Just watch Rain Man.

    ChrisE827ChrisE82729 dager siden
  • The way art people constantly use disabled people (e.g mentally ill people and people with neurodivergencies) for their “art” is creepy. I swear I’ll watch an “art piece” that’s just a movie and think “Jesus Christ this literally feels like it was made with the specific intended purpose of harming, triggering or just all around negatively involving nd people”. I got it with this house has people in it and now this.

    SneediesSneedies29 dager siden
  • Hudson is a total prop actress. Name one film you saw and felt like you connected with her?

    Shan HowertonShan HowertonMåned siden
  • Do promising young women please!

    Nile KNile KMåned siden
  • This whole movie is just Sia going *Effort sound*

    Mico MicoMico MicoMåned siden
  • Razzies nominated it for worst picture, worst director, worst actress for Kate Hudson, and worst supporting actress for Maddie Ziegler

    Johnny SparkleJohnny SparkleMåned siden
    • Impressive.

      Horace’s OrificesHorace’s OrificesMåned siden
  • There´s something about mary...

    Crazy OverLordCrazy OverLordMåned siden
  • Nobody: Sia: Yup. I still don't understand autism

    Jesas MariaJesas MariaMåned siden
  • Just call her Melody. That's a name. Music is just a word. Not a even a good word...

    strubbery gstrubbery gMåned siden
  • Does Sia want to destroy her own career? Cuz this and her twitter meltdown make it seem like she wants to destroy her own career. Iirc Sia has stated she has bipolar disorder, why not make some cool embelished pseudo-biographical story of a young girl learning to manage her disorder and find her own voice using her own personal experience as inpiration? Im sure it would've come off way more thoughtful and honest than this...if she wants to keep any good will she may have left i'd suggest she stick to music

    It Just WorksIt Just WorksMåned siden
  • She wore a wig because she is absolutely hideous

    No Longer HumanNo Longer HumanMåned siden
  • "I'm sure you'll find the cure for autism in no thyme"

    XanBcooXanBcooMåned siden

    Josh CaseJosh CaseMåned siden
  • New subscriber, ur hilarious dude :D

    sharlainę gevęsharlainę gevęMåned siden
  • The restraint scenes don’t look like proper restraints??? Like just laying on top of someone isn’t a restraint it’s just weird and uncomfortable. Second, restraints aren’t designed with autistic people in mind. They’re designed for aggressive patients who are a danger to themselves or others around them, and only if the aggressor isn’t calming down should they be used. I’ve been held down and restrained multiple times, what you’re supposed to do is grab the wrists and cross them over, and go behind the restrainee so you don’t hurt yourself in the process. Restraints are awful but so many people in the mental health industry just use it liberally and it’s not ok. The main purpose of a restraint is to keep the restrainee safe but it also wears them out emotionally and physically. I just want to take a nap after those types of encounters.

    chickenshitty_chickenshitty_Måned siden
  • My whole life is lead up to this.

    Shelby LytleShelby LytleMåned siden
  • 3:50 I think the ad is being misunderstood, the narrator is not the autistic person speaking to us, it is autism itself personified speaking to the person suffering from it.

    Dino SpumoniDino SpumoniMåned siden
  • I love movie musicals, but even I couldn't be bothered to sit through this garbage.

    Brendan MilburnBrendan MilburnMåned siden
  • Thanks for watching Music so the rest of us didn’t have to. Can we discuss the fact that the singer who wrote songs like Alive, I’m Still Here, Titanium, and Sledgehammer, lashed out and very badly AT the autistic community because her movie was not received well.

    Miss MoxieMiss MoxieMåned siden
  • The movie was just downright boring and cringy.. I couldn't get past 30 minutes

    YeoubiYeoubiMåned siden
  • would you possibly consider putting a warning at the beginning of this video just saying that the restraining scenes are in here, not just bc they’re triggering but just so it’s made very clear that it’s dangerous? i’m an autistic fan and i appreciate you making this review and talking both about the controversies and the fact that the film is also just shit lol

    Sarah O'Carroll ByrneSarah O'Carroll ByrneMåned siden
  • God, I'm autistic, the restraining scenes make me feel sick. That would be so horrible.

    MojomayMojomayMåned siden
  • Great review, I agree with everything you said, except I feel the need to add that as an autistic person the way she cast no autistic actors genuinely hurts me so much, because of the exaggerated way that the main character acts. Seeing this movie just hurts me so much, especially with the awards it’s winning...

    Benji LoftBenji LoftMåned siden
  • imagine if everytime you told someone you feel scared or overwhelmed they tackled, pushed, grabbed, crushed and held you down with their entire weight on you. on top of that, you are expected to actually calm down and not fight back.

    decomposing cadaverdecomposing cadaverMåned siden
  • The “you shouldve hired an autistic actor” and sia responding with “maybe you are a bad actor” exchange makes sense in terms of why sia responded the way she did. It kind of goes back to the movie that was cancelled or maybe it was released i cant remember where they hired Scarlet Johanson to play a transgender character and people were made that they didnt use an actual transgendered person. Just because you are autistic does not mean you fit the role. Of course to some degree peoples actual personality fits in with the movies character but its not just solely that, you can be the embodiment of the character but that doesnt mean you can act in a movie that covers that. Just because im german doesnt mean i could play a german character. Just saying im not implying that autistic people cant be actors, or that they arent good enough im just voicing an observation from another point of view.

    SolgaleoSolgaleoMåned siden
  • Cuarón?! FFS.

    T. SmithT. SmithMåned siden
  • I had this video playing at 0.75x speed and thought you were just being _really_ sarcastic for the first minute and a half.

    Confetti VedaConfetti VedaMåned siden
  • I really hate how people act like autism is a choice to have. Like your child wakes up one day and goes “Hmm... I’ll be autistic for the rest of my life and ruin my parents’ marriage :)” Like it’s so fucked to blame the children for something they can’t control because you and your fuck buddy don’t get along anymore. I just remembered when I first saw that autism ad and got so scared of having autism because I was like 6 and didn’t know what was actually going on??? And then I started to exhibit signs of autism (I am now waiting until I move out to get examined). It was terrifying at first because I legit thought I was going to ruin my mother’s life because I had signs of autism (even though they weren’t recognized as that and instead punished bc my mom doesn’t believe in anything mental-)

    Big DumbyBig DumbyMåned siden
  • Loved how the main character finally over came it’s struggles to commit multiple hate crimes against a autistic child 😄

    Zoey SeguraZoey SeguraMåned siden
  • I was more compelled by the asain boy who just wanted to dance but then he dies because of course he dies

    Ene-ChanEne-ChanMåned siden
  • The part about this movie that gets me is that actual autistic actors auditioned and yet they cast some neurotypical chick to play a fucking caricature.

    Adla MattesonAdla MattesonMåned siden
    • Hell Sia try to defend this by saying "we had an autistic actor, but the set was too overwhelming for them so we recast" . Which should've sent her a huge red flag about the movie she was making.

      Brendan MilburnBrendan MilburnMåned siden
  • Sia, gun in hand: sign the damn contract, Leslie. Leslie Odom Jr.: I don’t want to do the Black Panther accent, just let me leave, I’ve gotta go film One Night in Miami anyways Sia: Oh, so you like pretending to be Sam Cooke? *cocks gun* sign the contract or we’ll do a little reenactment of a motel in 1964 California.

    thefloppingfishthefloppingfishMåned siden
    • this is great, and way too muxh effort to waste on a NOworld comment

      Mr. NobodyMr. NobodyMåned siden
  • I feel as if Sia watched I Am Sam once and said okay let’s do this but let’s add music!

    pinky!pinky!Måned siden
  • “Autistic people have special abilities” -Sia

    Golden_Grandpa _From_MarsGolden_Grandpa _From_MarsMåned siden