Quickie: Bring Your Own Brigade, CODA, Cusp

11. mars. 2021
58 910 Ganger

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0:00 Bring Your Own Brigade
1:58 CODA
4:03 Cusp

  • YMS: Censors the Subtitles Me: Laughs in Sign Language

    LampoonLampoonDag siden
  • Its to clear out civilians, fires are artificial. Residents never are allowed to return. Clear the country area and push everyone into mega-cities. Agenda21 and they use direct energy weapons and arsenists. (Juice)

    Toss RToss R11 dager siden
  • I have never heard anyone try so hard to sound above something as he sounded talking about Coda. Definitive movie snobbery.

    Nobody From NowhereNobody From Nowhere14 dager siden
  • I clicked on this hoping Coda would be about the JoJo op singer Video was good though

    Joseph JoestarJoseph Joestar20 dager siden

    JOHN WAYNEJOHN WAYNE21 dag siden
  • I thought Brie Larson was in the thumbnail.

    Ali EganAli Egan24 dager siden
  • My favorite thing about this channel is when I look off to the left on NOworld and I see the channels I'm subscribed to, I regularly see "YourMovieSucksD..." Since I'm forever 12 years old, this makes me smile.

    ohshizabearohshizabear27 dager siden
  • CODA is an english language remake of a french film. Which probably explains some of its predictability while still seeming to be made with love.

    John McIntoshJohn McIntosh28 dager siden
  • Hey YMS I watched this movie with a friend awhile back called Haunt, the decisions and story writing in this movie were so stupid. Would love to see a review.

    Onion ManOnion Man29 dager siden
  • Well that was a very Adam video

    GreenSpartan12 1GreenSpartan12 129 dager siden
  • Neat

    Hjalmar FreidenvallHjalmar Freidenvall29 dager siden
  • Hi Adam! Sent you an urgent email-Ron@Freedom! :)

    Ronaldo LawasRonaldo Lawas29 dager siden
  • You only gave these three movies a 6 because you love satan.

    Sergeant KornballzSergeant Kornballz29 dager siden
  • Has Adum ever given a 10/10? I feel like 6/10 is his baseline and we'll never see beyond it.

    Dent ArthurDentDent ArthurDentMåned siden
    • Her, The Lighthouse, and many others

      Raúl Bolio MartínezRaúl Bolio Martínez5 dager siden
    • Yes, Taxi Driver

      Ankit SethiAnkit SethiMåned siden
  • YMS stands for Your Movie? Six-outta-ten (i'm sorry that was bad)

    Nemo_KNemo_KMåned siden
  • Adum, Darling, will you ever upload Synecdoche Part 6? Pleeeease

    Press PlayPress PlayMåned siden
  • 0:27 "Wódka Polska" on t-shirt which means polish vodka xD

    Soret XIIISoret XIIIMåned siden
  • California govt is only as good as the California voter

    Darran KernDarran KernMåned siden
  • Defending NFT's I see.

    Weeb LordWeeb LordMåned siden
  • Hope you get to reviewing "enforcement", semi new Danish movie about Danish cops. Decent watch shite ending imo, but Adam seems to have a semi for Danish cinema

    Skittle ManSkittle ManMåned siden
  • That fire thing sounds based, my dad is a forester and every time there’s a wildfire he gets upset because of Cali’s stupid refusal to clear brush and trees lol

    Higgins WalsanHiggins WalsanMåned siden
  • r u gonna review beastars season 2 when it releases on netflix? i personally think its better than season 1 so far so i really want to see your review

    LauralauraLauralauraMåned siden
    • @Jonerik Dominguez the ending was a little bit rushed but i didn't think it was bad at all, i still liked it more than season 1 personally

      LauralauraLauralaura2 dager siden
    • season 2 was so incredibly disappointing still a great show despite the ending

      Jonerik DominguezJonerik Dominguez2 dager siden
  • Dis is not lion king review

    Kay PaluszkoKay PaluszkoMåned siden
  • Coda = Mawkish?

    TOAOM123TOAOM123Måned siden
  • Y R U Gae

    A. GrafA. GrafMåned siden
  • How come I can’t find “Bring your own brigade” anywhere? I can’t seem to be able to watch it ANYWHERE or rent IT? Can someone please explain????

    soulwinner247soulwinner247Måned siden
  • He is pleased by that which is displeasing, enjoys that which is unenjoyable and finds beauty in that which is disgusting. Such is the plight of the modern movie critic.

    broncokoncobroncokoncoMåned siden
  • 6/10

    TraceDTraceDMåned siden
  • For the next yms commentary for the next award show they should do the kids choice awards it is coming out tomorrow

    Tracy McLarneyTracy McLarneyMåned siden
  • 6/10

    Crowvamp1979Crowvamp1979Måned siden
  • Why do you always blur subtitles?

    Jesse Hecht CREATIVEJesse Hecht CREATIVEMåned siden
  • Worst to best all 6/10.

    Shubham PandyaShubham PandyaMåned siden
  • Did the Twilight Eclipse video get taken down? I was gonna show a friend but suddenly I can't find the like 20+ minute highlight video

    This is a NameThis is a NameMåned siden
  • The twilight eclipse adum and pals video got removed just letting u know in case u didn’t notice

    Daniel BaraschDaniel BaraschMåned siden
  • Ho: Adams rating average for this video will not be different than 6/10. Ha: Adams rating average will be significantly different than 6/10. p>.05 We have failed to reject the null.

    Mark RidleyMark RidleyMåned siden
  • Boy Texas is West, don’t forget that.

    HammersHammersMåned siden
  • There's a sound in the background music to this video annoyingly similar to the sound your phone makes when you're calling someone and they're not picking up. Distracted me throughout the whole video. Anyone else get this?

    neckneckMåned siden
  • I think Coda is the only movie so far in this Quickie series, where Adum doesn't speak one word about what that movie is about. That is somewhat strange...

    Dunn GylliteDunn GylliteMåned siden
    • Yeah. That threw me off so much.

      Daniel SilvaDaniel SilvaMåned siden
  • 666/10

    nikolai 1939nikolai 1939Måned siden
  • >

    kitabeedaweedakitabeedaweedaMåned siden
  • Why do u blur the subtitles?

    Vaisakh NaveenVaisakh NaveenMåned siden
  • So many females in movies nowadays. Pretty sure men still make up 50% of the population, but you wouldn't know it with all these shitty movies.

    Peter FrenckenPeter FrenckenMåned siden
  • Adam you're a joke. Love you.

    Kendal KingKendal KingMåned siden
  • 0:24 'Wódka Polska' = Polish Vodka

    Siras XmorisSiras XmorisMåned siden
  • “This film was extremely interesting and gripping my only problem with it was the it was completely terrible dogshit 6/10”

    Mack DursoMack DursoMåned siden
    • @J B Actually he's using the scale correctly if anything. I don't agree with him personally on this film though.

      Mike ZillaMike Zilla29 dager siden
    • Does Adam not realize that we are accusing him of being quite poor at film criticism as opposed to simply joking around?

      J BJ B29 dager siden
    • @Mike Zilla i think people ignore 6/10s because most reviewers are too generous to give that rating or below unless the movie is actual trash and because of that 8 has become the average score

      LauralauraLauralauraMåned siden
    • @Lauralaura Yes. That's the way it should be. I think another problem is that there is so much media vying for our attention now that we disregard anything that's simply above average or just "good". Now people think it's not worth their time unless it's an 8 to 10.

      Mike ZillaMike ZillaMåned siden
    • @Mike Zilla it should be 1 is trash 5 is mid and 10 is masterpiece

      LauralauraLauralauraMåned siden
  • haha when he said worst to betsy i slapped my wife's husband's knee

    What SmadaWhat SmadaMåned siden
  • How many movies can you possibly see at one film festival?

    Ice Wallow C-ManIce Wallow C-ManMåned siden
  • Only Adum could call a movie "simultaneously annoying and enjoyable." Lol

    emcee 98emcee 98Måned siden
    • @Jarosław Lipiński nope. I watch Adum's reviews because they are so interesting. There is nothing I find annoying and enjoyable. Thanks though for telling me what I can do.

      emcee 98emcee 98Måned siden
    • Nah, I’m sure you would find an example yourself

      Jarosław LipińskiJarosław LipińskiMåned siden
  • Thank you for your constant hard work Adam, I really appreciate it. I know the lion king 2019 video is taking a lot out of you, and these film festival vids are an added stress. Again, I appreciate you constantly entertaining us, take as much time as you need for the lion king review. Much love man !

    JakeyJakeyMåned siden
  • 4:40 glowing pink & purple skies. that's literally texas every 2-3 evenings.

    e se sMåned siden
  • I really want him to say something like, I'm giving this one a 6 out 10, it's closer to a 12 than a gorilla.

    Mikey PMikey PMåned siden
  • this is a bit weird, but this quickie might have been your best one in a while. not that your other ones aren't good, just that it feels like extra attention was put into fleshing out the criticism while keeping it concise.

    Some random guy on the internetSome random guy on the internetMåned siden
  • Wow the films/docs presented here appear bland and geared to ladies

    • I also find recordings of people dying in fires to be somewhat feminine in nature.

      GanGanMåned siden
    • ???

      Liza RLiza RMåned siden
  • I'm so happy bring your own brigade is getting some attention.

    Bondfall 007Bondfall 007Måned siden
  • Coda is actually a remake from the french movie "La Famille Bélier" :)

    goodialgoodialMåned siden
    • I thought that movie was original when I watched it now I am pissed

      peterafropeterafroMåned siden
  • You've heard it a million times before but can I just say how wonderful your presentation is. And I don't even watch many movies at all. I do sometimes pick up on stuff and go watch it - I'm thinking of ending things - but really I just love the way you present everything. quickies or long haul, anything you do is interesting because of how you make it. Thank you so much!

    lutek1lutek1Måned siden
    • yeah i hardly even watch the movies he reviews lol i like the reviews and they make me feel like i know more about movies than i really do

      LauralauraLauralauraMåned siden
  • i wonder if he ever gave any movie 10/10.

    lypples lyppieslypples lyppiesMåned siden
    • Some gay furry movies like The Holy Mountain of course

      Riters räudige RanzspalteRiters räudige RanzspalteMåned siden
    • Search more

      Kosta JovanovicKosta JovanovicMåned siden
    • Yes

      Kosta JovanovicKosta JovanovicMåned siden
    • Lots

      Adam GatesAdam GatesMåned siden
  • what movie should you watch if you do want to be challenged?

    10cody710cody7Måned siden
  • 6/10 perfect score.

    ZARATEZARATEMåned siden
  • Hold up is that Deadly Premonition 2 on your let's play channel? I always knew you had good taste 🔥

    JindoJindoMåned siden
  • 3:38 joke's on you, i'm already challenged

    ReinReinMåned siden
  • Adum & Pals: Willy's Wonderland when?

    JindoJindoMåned siden
  • I am POSITIVE that Coda is a complete theft of a French movie called "La famille Bélier" from 2014. That movie was incredibly successful here in France, it made headlines, was astonishingly high at the box office and launched the singing career of the main actress into instant pop culture icon and her career is still alive and well and at this point, has lasted years. It is no surprise to me that it was stolen to be remade into a US movie, because Holywood did the exact same thing with Intouchables, probably our best and most successful movie of the 2010s, which got a complete carbon-copy by a US production all the way to the movie poster, the actors' faces and everything. It's a trend that every time we have a successful movie or actor, it immediately gets stolen by the US (look at Marion Cotillard -she was in Inception- Jean Dujardin -the Artist-, Omar Sy -now in Lupin- and Léa Seydoux, I mean come on, she was even in Death Stranding). I'm not against this on principle, it would be hypocrit considering all the things we have here that were inspired by US culture, but usually we acknowledge it whereas I'm almost certain no one who saw The Upside (the US version of Intouchables) knows where it comes from.

    The Gallic WitchThe Gallic WitchMåned siden
    • If you genuinely think that The Intouchables might be the best French movie of the 2010s then you haven't seen many French movies from the 2010s.

      Alexander FeustelAlexander FeustelMåned siden
    • Both American films give credit to the French films. They are adaptations.

      Adam GatesAdam GatesMåned siden
  • It's about time to update the quickie playlist

    Rated DG-13Rated DG-13Måned siden
  • Great video bro

    David HopperDavid HopperMåned siden
  • nice

    Max HillMax HillMåned siden
  • “Worst to best” 6/10 6/10 6/10

    Knuckles The EnchiladaKnuckles The EnchiladaMåned siden
    • The scores increase every episode , he was these weeks ago

      MunjeeMunjee29 dager siden
    • @Muhammad Hilmi Ramadhan Congratulations. Now go on and get your shinebox.

      Riters räudige RanzspalteRiters räudige RanzspalteMåned siden
    • @Knuckles The Enchilada I think they took your comment very seriously. 😅

      Renver RamonesRenver RamonesMåned siden
    • @ShroudedWolf51 dude. I know. Its just a joke just like the comment that I replied to. Don't take every comment on the Internet very seriously.

      Renver RamonesRenver RamonesMåned siden
    • @Renver Ramones No, what makes the difference is listening to all the words that came before the number. They explain what the successes and failures of the films were.

      ShroudedWolf51ShroudedWolf51Måned siden
  • "Bring Your Own Brigade" putting in audio of someone dying is beyond the pale. This is not a "faint of heart" situation but a morale obligation to not exploit people's deaths for these purposes. Fuck that documentary.

    Namons Don't Know About That Dislike ButtonNamons Don't Know About That Dislike ButtonMåned siden
  • Do "Heilstätten" sometimes. Its a pretty bad movie.

    ChristovurChristovurMåned siden
    • @Lauralaura Ja, deutsche Produktion. Aber da der Film von 2018 war, denke ich, dürfte es schon englische UT oder so geben. Falls nicht, wird wohl auch kein Video kommen :P

      ChristovurChristovurMåned siden
    • ist es deutsch?

      LauralauraLauralauraMåned siden
  • Adum are you doing a quickie on "Flee"?

    Yahir RivasYahir RivasMåned siden
  • 666; hail Satan.

    Michael JohnsonMichael JohnsonMåned siden
  • I actually enjoyed CODA a lot even though it has some of the same formulas of movies I usually dislike.

    Yahir RivasYahir RivasMåned siden
  • Really appreciate you doing these. The quickies are very valuable to me personally

    NeowyrmNeowyrmMåned siden
    • Pkpghjupj

      hantronthantront23 dager siden
    • Agreed. I don't have the patience for 100 new festival movies a year but I can always take note of a few that pique my interest.

      Adam GatesAdam GatesMåned siden
  • Man, I'm brainwashed. I saw "Coda" and I was like 'What, like that Rick and Morty song?"

    AntiVectorAntiVectorMåned siden
  • gaming channel was better without LW, his voice is even more annoying than yours

    QuietGraveQuietGraveMåned siden
  • Triple 6, that's bad weather tomorrow.

    CoverEyeCoverEyeMåned siden
  • Amogus

    Darien WestDarien WestMåned siden
    • Amogus

      LeovigildLeovigildMåned siden
  • 666

    Hubblebub LumbubwubHubblebub LumbubwubMåned siden
  • I too am simultaneously annoying and enjoyable

    MR DMR DMåned siden
    • Six outof tennnnnnnnnnn

      Supreme ColgateSupreme Colgate25 dager siden
  • How many movies do you watch in a single year? Good lord.

    CWCWMåned siden
  • You can probably copy and paste the bring your own brigade for the Australian bush fires too.

    IronBatIronBatMåned siden
  • jesus christ, for all your gripes about mature tones and audio mixing issues these quickies always seem to end with BLARING game footage

    dullyartdullyartMåned siden
    • Call him out!

      Kosta JovanovicKosta JovanovicMåned siden
    • @Yee Yee k.....neither has any sound designer, ever. how hard is it to lower the volume of a clip. this channel often boasts about productions missing audio crossfades and such, but that same attention isn't given here? or he knows full well what he's doing and just likes blasting us with volume at the end :/

      dullyartdullyartMåned siden
    • @dullyart but he wasn’t paid a 100 million dollars lmao

      Yee YeeYee YeeMåned siden
    • @Yee Yee my point is that presentation and consistency are often brought up on this channel, and i agree they're important. so many of these videos carry on with his voice at a reasonable volume and then quickly cut to mic-distortingly loud shouting at the end. it's disappointing.

      dullyartdullyartMåned siden
    • It's the laggy game which he didn't expect an alligator land attack from like ¿

      Deborah AmosDeborah AmosMåned siden
  • Do you know that Coda is a adaptation of a French movie "La famille Bélier"?

    MyMizukiBisMyMizukiBisMåned siden
    • @YourMovieSucksDOTorg Ewww as in "eww adaptation" or "eww french movie"?

      MeittiMeittiMåned siden
    • @resident grigo he's probably trying to get through these quick and has to spend a lot of time editing other content outside of the quickie series. Prob doesn't have time to research every single film for quickies

      pink pinkpink pinkMåned siden
    • @YourMovieSucksDOTorg Why didn´t you have a quick look at Wikipedia, I open the film´s page during your review.

      resident grigoresident grigoMåned siden
    • @YourMovieSucksDOTorg it's a pretty mediocre family movie. Curious to see if this American version is better in any way

      Thomas EremiaThomas EremiaMåned siden
    • @YourMovieSucksDOTorg does that bring down the rating ?

      E.tE.tMåned siden
  • Oh man, another documentary of Republicans fucking everyone over.

    dieharderdieharderMåned siden
  • 6/10 is back on the menu boys!

    AnacronianAnacronianMåned siden
    • ​@Alexander Anderson Good, now read it again without missing the point

      Hubblebub LumbubwubHubblebub LumbubwubMåned siden
    • @Hubblebub Lumbubwub thanks for repeating what I did. I never would have known if it weren't for you.

      Alexander AndersonAlexander AndersonMåned siden
    • @Alexander Anderson You called someone unfunny twice, then called someone cringe, then did the ''inb4'' meme. You're not very creative in your comebacks either.

      Hubblebub LumbubwubHubblebub LumbubwubMåned siden
    • @Bozo the clown you're not very diverse in your comebacks Inb4 "now you're the comeback judge too?!"

      Alexander AndersonAlexander AndersonMåned siden
    • @Alexander Anderson Uh oh, now you're the cringe judge too?

      Bozo the clownBozo the clownMåned siden
  • Ah yes finnaly more *looks at clock* QUICKIES

    Lord MilchreisLord MilchreisMåned siden
  • Give me a 6/10 daddy 😩

    Rad HeromanRad HeromanMåned siden
  • All these movies sound right up my alley.

    TranquilCapyTranquilCapyMåned siden
  • "...and then it went on for another 25 minutes or some shit." -Canadian Maple Bloke "This documentary follows three teenage girls and their experiences [redacted]... this film feels incredibly close and intimate." -Canadian Prisoner

    WellBeSerious12WellBeSerious12Måned siden
  • The lion king review that never was

    StevenStevenMåned siden
  • burned alive?? ah man I wanna watch it but that sounds really intense....

    Dan FerraroDan FerraroMåned siden
  • Why are the subtitles blurred?

    Mikey MotorPsycheMikey MotorPsycheMåned siden
    • Spoilers

      Atharva MhaskarAtharva MhaskarMåned siden
  • Baby gender reveal went wrong, burns down most of California. Opp.

    Icia JayIcia JayMåned siden
  • you're welcome

    whatapathwhatapathMåned siden
  • All you need to see involving California fires to make you understand that shit desperately needs to be done about it is that video of the guy driving down the road and seeing his neighbors' skeletons sitting in the car.

    biazabiazaMåned siden
    • Democrats deserve what they vote for

      Darran KernDarran KernMåned siden
    • @Arthur Paiva a majority of the world doesnt have it nearly as good as the US. Consider how bad we're talking. America is just very disproportionatly "developped"

      з е л е н а с а л а т аз е л е н а с а л а т аMåned siden
    • @biaza agreed, i was pointing out to the person I was replying to that the fire was a natural disaster with a human cause.

      GanGanMåned siden
    • @Arthur Paiva Please dont tell me you legitimately believe other nations dont have their fair share of garbage?

      TOAOM123TOAOM123Måned siden
    • @Gan That's an interesting point, however, there's still a lot that could be done to prevent things like faulty power from spreading in the first place, they just aren't doing it.

      biazabiazaMåned siden
  • How is the Lion King 2019 video coming along.

    Sebastian SewardSebastian SewardMåned siden
    • @Seth oh my fucking god WHAT. HOW.

      secretly 5000 moths in a trenchcoatsecretly 5000 moths in a trenchcoatMåned siden
    • He mentioned on Sardonicast that he's 2 hours in and hasn't gotten to Mufasa's death scene. That being said, he's also looking at things outside of the movie and a lot of BTS footage, so who knows how long it'll be

      SethSethMåned siden
  • "Quick, bring your own date!"

    Duarte VaderDuarte VaderMåned siden
  • Gromit Mug

    Gromit MugGromit MugMåned siden
    • Gromi

      Pigeon9Pigeon927 dager siden
    • @fireball5655 A

      Gromit MugGromit MugMåned siden
    • Your comment changed my life, thank you!

      fireball5655fireball5655Måned siden
    • Milchreis

      Lord MilchreisLord MilchreisMåned siden
  • From the clips shown, it took me awhile to realize the people in Coda were using sign language... I thought they were just really expressive with their hands

    JakeJakeMåned siden
    • They're just italian.

      Jeanette HansenJeanette HansenMåned siden
    • I thought they were just really Italian

      Alien SasquatchAlien SasquatchMåned siden
    • Me too

      TraceDTraceDMåned siden
    • Jantjies vibes

      xenomorpho XXIxenomorpho XXIMåned siden
    • @EsTOEban Oh interesting I didn't know that

      JakeJakeMåned siden
  • did he forget to cover censor? he’s in 6/10 territory but he gave censor a 5/10

    tyler kelltyler kellMåned siden
    • Maybe felt like he didn’t have much of interest to say about it

      Jarosław LipińskiJarosław LipińskiMåned siden
    • Also forgot Flee

      peterafropeterafroMåned siden
    • Same thing happened with the VIFF quickies. I'm guessing he probably doesn't want to bother his audience too much with too many 5/10 quickies in a row

      Thomas EremiaThomas EremiaMåned siden