Quickie: Eight for Silver, In the Earth, Human Factors

17. feb.. 2021
61 721 Ganger

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0:00 Eight for Silver
2:03 In the Earth
2:59 Human Factors

  • It's Michael, not Michel Haneke.

    MessofanegoMessofanego24 dager siden
  • Thats my laptop 2 !!!!

    Rusty RenchRusty RenchMåned siden
  • what the hell is zenophobia? is that like people who hate Zena the warrior princess

    papinbalapapinbalaMåned siden
  • Interested to see if Adams seen Ben Wheatley’s Kill List. Consider that his best and one of the best dramatic horror’s ever.

    CurtisEbearCurtisEbearMåned siden
  • What’s with all the indie werewolf movies lately?

    Pirate Style JutsuPirate Style JutsuMåned siden
  • I get a totally different perspective of this movie when its mirrored :D Just kidding! makes limited footage more interesting ! keep going mate

  • What’s the name of the song in the background? It’s familiar but I can’t recognize it

    Alwaleed AlrumayyanAlwaleed AlrumayyanMåned siden
  • I might be in the minority here but usually those single shot takes take me right the fuck out of the movie. To me it's the filmmaker just showing off rather than there actually being a purpose for that shot being in the movie pertaining to the plot of the film.

    Paul TurnerPaul TurnerMåned siden
    • It depends on the movie. In Goodfellas, there's a POV oner when Henry enters the bar and greets and talks with everyone he knows. It really makes you feel like you've just entered the bar and are meeting all your friends and it's completely immersive. Also, Spielberg used them a lot and tried to make them invisible. Every Frame a Painting made a cool video on it, check it out!

      Ivo Samuel Giosa DomínguezIvo Samuel Giosa DomínguezMåned siden
  • Please do a review on Bliss.

    Andrew KAndrew KMåned siden
  • A Field in England is such a pile of shit.

    8523wsxc8523wsxcMåned siden
  • Dumb characters don't seem so dumb since covid hit

    KashifKashifMåned siden
  • #SaveAMC

    Michael DolenakMichael DolenakMåned siden
  • Why does it sound like you liked the 4/10 way better than both 5/10s combined

    Zach MorganZach MorganMåned siden
  • STAHP!!! STAHP TAUNTING ME WITH SCAR AT THE BEGGING!!! And yes it was the most 6 sounding 4 you’ve put

    Omega Swordbeam 64Omega Swordbeam 64Måned siden
  • In the earth is literally a rip off a webcomic from that guy on buzzfeed

    Lawrence ScalesLawrence ScalesMåned siden
    • I believe you're thinking of the short film 'Keratin'. I mixed up the two as well.

      Punished KoopyPunished KoopyMåned siden
  • Imagine not liking A Field In England hahahahahahahaha

    AudenAudenMåned siden
  • why tf is that first director wearing a crytek plate carrier on set?

    AvasterableAvasterableMåned siden
  • I loved A Field in England and Sightseers. Surprised Admin isn’t a fan.

    Evan SmithEvan SmithMåned siden
  • Ben Wheatley’s films Don’t always work for me but when they do they hit hard. I particularly love when he has a grounding element and is more concerned with being cheeky than being atmospheric. FREE FIRE and SIGHTSEERS are my 2 favorites from him.

    Ian SmartIan SmartMåned siden
  • I think your pronunciation of Michael Haneke's name is actually getting worse every video. Please never change.

    SuperphilippSuperphilippMåned siden
  • Can we have more positivity Adam than negativity Adam please?

    DeckardDeckardMåned siden
  • Anyone else find Human Factor's Aspect ratio super aesthetically appealing? I believe The Beguiled had the same one, might be a film stock thing idk but it looks great.

    Filmflicker CinemaFilmflicker CinemaMåned siden
  • Regarding Wheatley as a director: You didn't like Sightseers? I understand you might not appreciate High-Rise if you haven't read J.G. Ballard's original novel (it's frankly a too literal adaptation), I guess you could call Free Fire too gratuitous (but that's kind of the point), and Kill List might clumsily try to juggle too many genres (I agree that one's overrated), and Down Terrace is too 'British lower class drama' (I'm a lower-class European, so it's close to home), but that one I really liked - as well was A Field in England - trippy, weird, improvisational, but still compelling.

    RBRBMåned siden
    • He said he’s seen four of his films. Maybe he hasn’t seen sightseers or Kill list just his later films.

      mattosmith400mattosmith400Måned siden
  • Wheatley's basically lost it but his first 4 films are all great

    Adam GatesAdam GatesMåned siden
  • Adum and Pals? Please!

    Jack FlankJack FlankMåned siden
  • Why's the director of the first movie always dressed like he's heading to the firing range. Did he start with finding the vest useful and decide to lean into the look?

    OrcwordlaughOrcwordlaughMåned siden
    • I mean tactical vests are useful for stuff other than combat. Shit has pockets for days.

      Andrew SossamanAndrew SossamanMåned siden
  • I watched this while pooping thanks

    poo nosepoo noseMåned siden
  • god Sundance was disappointing. I loved Mass and was sooooo disappointed by The Blazing World and Eight for Silver. EfS was better than TBW by lightyears, but I still found it to be dull after the first 30 minutes. I loved that one take shot, and the scarecrow imagery while a little silly was really nicely composed. But then they fuck it up almost immediately and it never really improves. I feel like I missed the best the festival had to offer, but for my first experience the films were very hit or miss. The actual streaming experience was fantastic though so that was cool.

    J HJ HMåned siden
  • Every time i get notified of a video from you I hope to god it the eclipse commentary. One day.

    Hayley HellboundHayley HellboundMåned siden
  • Doesn't like 'A Field in England' Dropped

    Alex JohnsonAlex JohnsonMåned siden
  • 4/10. closer to a 5 than a 3. So you mean a 4.5.

    JonJonMåned siden
    • 4.6

      hejhejMåned siden
  • i HATED eight for silver i only liked the first ten minutes or so and the shots, but the writing and jumpscares were so annoying

    Hannah BaratangHannah BaratangMåned siden
    • but also I loved in the earth, it was one of my favorites from the whole festival

      Hannah BaratangHannah BaratangMåned siden
  • When will you ever finish Synecdoche?!?!

    Kæla BrownKæla BrownMåned siden
  • eight for silver, in the earth, human factors is that one film? sounds good if it is :3

    pepe the frog poops on right wingerspepe the frog poops on right wingersMåned siden
  • Wow, showing the American remake of funny games instead the Austrian Original Why bro

    c tc tMåned siden
  • A field in england sucked and is highly overated.

    krazytaxicabbiekrazytaxicabbieMåned siden
  • Adam is like a reverse ign he says all the stuff he enjoyed and then boom 3/10

    Ethan WesselsEthan WesselsMåned siden
    • This movie has nothing for nobody.

      Дима АбрахмановДима АбрахмановMåned siden
  • [Effort sound]

    SkaatjeSkaatjeMåned siden
  • what’s a movie

    GrungortGrungortMåned siden
  • Des Pacte de Loupes still the best werewolf movie ever

    Iggsy81Iggsy81Måned siden
  • Good video, but I only know how to complain. So I'm only commenting to say that I still hate the outro. It gives me fever dream bad vibes.

    Som NambulistSom NambulistMåned siden
  • Sean Ellis out here directing like he's ready to fight werewolves in 1821 *AND* 2021

    Adam De AndaAdam De AndaMåned siden
  • Adam is gay

    sam winchestersam winchesterMåned siden
  • Can't wait to see Adam's review on 'Coming Home in the Dark'

    Kole KenneyKole KenneyMåned siden
  • Meh, I enjoy longer videos more :(

    Heikki P.Heikki P.Måned siden
  • Did you watch 4 of Ben Wheatley's films off the strength of Kill List? I'm not in love with it but for some reason it's catapulted him into a lot of film discussion. I always get a strong and usually positive reaction when I recommend it.

    ShamusShamusMåned siden
  • I much prefer tbh the random format than the “worst to best” The mix of good and bad is appericiated and also not knowing what the rating will be

    Q.MQ.MMåned siden
    • @BLUE FIRE haha yeah I know exactly what you mean. I've been meaning to watch A Field in England for a while, since I've heard good things about it, so only having that to go off of makes the review really confusing.

      z beeblebroxz beeblebroxMåned siden
    • @Mateus me too the more i watch its,the less excited about film in festival film.Honestly, i rather buy PC games like Valheim than watching indie film today

      Alam AlamAlam AlamMåned siden
    • I humbly disgree

      Bede McDouallBede McDouallMåned siden
    • Agreed, this review format he chose to do is completely pointless and makes me not want to watch the videos. Why would I be interested in these videos knowing that every movie reviewed will be garbage?

      MateusMateusMåned siden
    • @Benny Jones so if you don't watch any Wheatley movie before this , the review make no sense , imagine if he did the same thing for a wes Anderson movie : it's just like a wes Anderson movie it's good and funny . That's not a review it's an impression

      BLUE FIREBLUE FIREMåned siden
  • Finally someone who doesn't praise Ben wheatley to hell and back. I never understood what people like about his filmmaking. But to each their own i guess.

    INCBlackbirdINCBlackbirdMåned siden
  • i need a video on The Little Things

    moka10moka10Måned siden
  • Hey Adum, how's the lion king coming along? Not an active twitch user so I'm kind of in the dark.

    Sergeant ToastySergeant ToastyMåned siden
    • @Sergeant Toasty you can see the YMS highlight channel for a lithe bit of enlightment about lion king editing

      Shadou WolfShadou WolfMåned siden
    • @Navarro Dodge well I guess the review's coming out next year then lol

      Sergeant ToastySergeant ToastyMåned siden
    • He’s at be prepared

      Navarro DodgeNavarro DodgeMåned siden
    • Man hasn’t gotten to the death scene yet

      Navarro DodgeNavarro DodgeMåned siden
  • The Lion King Review that never was

    StevenStevenMåned siden
  • Noah from Dark! *points like DiCaprio*

    V AndersonV AndersonMåned siden
    • yup the dude is amazing , actually i never seen a better cast that Dark , everyone is amazing (except eve both of them are terrible , also origin )

      BLUE FIREBLUE FIREMåned siden
  • I love positive constructive Adam. More of this!

    2LT Sheridan2LT SheridanMåned siden
  • I like the videos of movies that actually suck.

    Zebul DevilZebul DevilMåned siden
  • Are you going to review _Malcolm & Marie?_

    Duarte VaderDuarte VaderMåned siden
    • More like Malcolm & the middle

      Nedim BaljicNedim BaljicMåned siden
  • That's the most 6 sounding 4 I've heard from Adam yet

    dyldragon1dyldragon1Måned siden
    • @BLUE FIRE It's a good summary for how he felt

      dyldragon1dyldragon1Måned siden
    • 7/10 Adam review.

      JesseJesseMåned siden
    • @RustRadish i always think that he should just drop the scoring system entirely , its pointless , what he describe is never what the score reflect , the system is a meme and doesn't make any sense

      BLUE FIREBLUE FIREMåned siden
    • I feel like I'm taking these in completely differently, I always expect the scores to be way lower from what Adam describes. I guess it's always the tone of the voice that makes it sound like he's just watched uber garbage.

      RustRadishRustRadishMåned siden
  • Will check out Eight for Silver, love me a good one-shot.

    Jon BaxterJon BaxterMåned siden
  • Adum has really shown his progression into a serious movie critic, and has honed his craft to the point where even the shortest of Quickies are very enjoyable. 6/10

    DoubleDeckerDaveDoubleDeckerDaveMåned siden
    • He has created the perfect nexus within which all films may be accurately judged a 6/10, it's truly truly incredible what he's done

      z beeblebroxz beeblebroxMåned siden
    • more like extremely biased

      Whitebolls92Whitebolls92Måned siden
    • It's closer to a 7 than a 5, thank youuu

      R.R.Måned siden
    • Yeah I have always liked him but since he started the quickies have really enjoyed the bids way more

      CostelloXIIICostelloXIIIMåned siden
  • Really can’t wait for the lion king video

    Mingus MoloMingus MoloMåned siden
  • i high key hated eight for silver, i thought it was boring and underwhelming and racist and just so flat in its story and it’s scares... nothing irks me more than a stupid movie that believes it is smart and deep. i also really hated listening to the director talk in the q&a and that kind of undercut the film even more for me

    randy paigerandy paigeMåned siden
    • The blur effect was the cherry on top a crappy movie. I don't see why anyone with a brain thought that was even a good idea.

      Abstract 1313Abstract 1313Måned siden
  • Hi adam

    NuclearPowerToasterNuclearPowerToasterMåned siden
  • the longwaited prequel to after earth, which tells about underground people and tame impala he's underground too

    Артём ФиленкоАртём ФиленкоMåned siden
  • I'm kind of surprised he doesn't like Ben Wheatley. He's been hit or miss for me, but I loved Kill List, would've figured that at least one of his movies would've worked for Adam

    TimTimMåned siden
    • Kill List is terrific, one of my favorite horror movies of the last couple of years

      Matthew AlmontMatthew AlmontMåned siden

    ALİALİMåned siden

    ALİALİMåned siden
  • I may be biased as someone from Slovakia, but Sean Ellis' Anthropoid is genuinely fantastic. I highly recommend it

    Jakub LickoJakub LickoMåned siden
    • @Tanja TV sme vzácny druh

      Jakub LickoJakub LickoMåned siden
    • Oooo, nečakala som nejakého Slováka

      Tanja TVTanja TVMåned siden
  • You don't like any Ben Wheatly films? That surprises me, I think 'Kill List' and 'A Field in England' are fun and nasty. I love his use of practical effects in the depiction of violence.

    Dominic BradyDominic BradyMåned siden
    • Sightseers is a lot of fun, if flawed, definitely want to check out some of Wheatley's other stuff

      Myles GilbertMyles GilbertMåned siden
    • FREE FIRE and SIGHTSEERS rule. I’m also really fond of HIGH-RISE as well. Demented movie. Don’t really care for KILL LIST or FIELD tho...

      Ian SmartIan SmartMåned siden
    • Yeah, I was shocked. I paused the video "HOW THE FUCK DO YOU NOT LIKE FIELD IN ENGLAND?!" and my girlfriend glanced over nervously. Thanks, Adum.

      Mister ScoopsMister ScoopsMåned siden
    • I really enjoy both those films, but I wouldn't say practical effects are what makes them good. In Kill List they do CG blood and it is very noticeably not practical. I agreed about A Field in England though.

      Marlowe MitchellMarlowe MitchellMåned siden
    • For a film that I would literally watch right now and probably will, Kill List is flawed, let's be honest.

      ShamusShamusMåned siden
  • are jump scares inherently bad?

    TallcatTallcatMåned siden
    • They can be cheap and lazy, pockmarking films without suspense or atmosphere. I'd say they are, because, even when they're done well, they're usually the weakest part of the film (in my opinion)

      A Dream of Electric SpringA Dream of Electric SpringMåned siden
    • Only if there's no buildup to it; Ridley Scott's Alien has a few, but there's plenty of atmosphere around them so it's payoff and not a lazy cheap scare.

      Warped RiderWarped RiderMåned siden
  • I thought Eight for Silver was a typo at first lol. More like Fight for Silver.

    SwaftySwaftyMåned siden
    • The title comes from an English nursery rhyme that is used in the film

      Alex WinderAlex WinderMåned siden
  • I could see the first film being a guity pleasure for me

    nikolai 1939nikolai 1939Måned siden
  • I cannot wait for your review of Saint Maud.

    moviemaster8510moviemaster8510Måned siden
  • Tell Me Why is so bad without Adum. And in regular Adum fashion, he completely breaks the game unintentionally.

    Nathan JohnsonNathan JohnsonMåned siden
    • @Shadou Wolf It wasn't. The editing and him talking all through it made it seem like a fun experience since I like awkward shitty games.

      Noob NoobNoob NoobMåned siden
    • @Noob Noob how did you thought the game was good?

      Shadou WolfShadou WolfMåned siden
    • Yeah I saw the video and thought the game was good and adum was just picking on it. But actually the game was bad and adum made it bearable.

      Noob NoobNoob NoobMåned siden
  • It's so frustrating watching a new Quickie by Adam and seeing he didn't enjoy the movies he reviewed. But it does make me thankful for him swallowing so much crap so we don't have to and impressed that he goes out of his way to watch so many movies and has such an open mind.

    Ivo Samuel Giosa DomínguezIvo Samuel Giosa DomínguezMåned siden
    • I’m a giant YMS fan. I’ve rewatched several of his reviews multiple times - most of them are so entertaining. but our taste in film isnt the same. he recommended a movie and gave it a great rating, so I went to see it and absolutely hated it. just check it out if you’re intrigued - the fun in cinema is our own interpretation.

      The MoonThe MoonMåned siden
    • I mean, he is going from WORST to best, so of course these few episodes will be lackluster movie reviews

      PieNinjaProductionsPieNinjaProductionsMåned siden
    • ive watched movies he hated and liked em. you should just watch movies that interest you. adams not god.

      apaul750apaul750Måned siden
  • Never been this early to a quickie

    Troy JuhnTroy JuhnMåned siden
  • Have you watched " assassins " documentary?

    Paul Muad'dibPaul Muad'dibMåned siden
  • adum watch saint maud and do a quickie DO IT

    lila llila lMåned siden
  • Still no Saint Maud, i'm surprised

    Henri MarxHenri MarxMåned siden
    • @Jim Jimmy Or recommended play Stalker:Shadow of Chernobyl .Trust me, i immediately terifrying when i was against Blood sucker since i was 12 years old.

      Alam AlamAlam AlamMåned siden
    • @Alam Alam not really, I've seen both and only the initial concepts are actually similar.

      Jim JimmyJim JimmyMåned siden
    • @Jim Jimmy i watch The Annihilation on Critical Drinker and i was like:"Why this remind me of Stalker film" because even concept is very similiar so yeah.Btw Stalker film release in 1979,yess before Chernobyl explosion in 1986.That is very creepy

      Alam AlamAlam AlamMåned siden
    • @Alam Alam I've seen many garbage videos in my time, but the video with his take on Annihilation is actually awful, it transcends the concept of bad.

      Jim JimmyJim JimmyMåned siden
    • @moviemaster8510 Btw i dont ussually like art film so much because boring and too much drama and i honestly rather watch War film such as Saving Private Ryan(1998) and action film such as Die Hard (1988).But i really apresiate about A24 because they have own vision about how to make great film without Hollywood bullshit in it.I dunno because i grew up with 80s action film and war film since i was still in primary school so yeah i miss old Hollywood right now.What a shame thank to damn Covid-19

      Alam AlamAlam AlamMåned siden
  • That was the most positive 4 ive seen out of adum

    Clintonomo BayClintonomo BayMåned siden
    • Which I guess says the other elements are completely shit

      J.J JamesonJ.J JamesonMåned siden
    • @Liam Berentschot-Cooke Even the 5 right after is soooo negative

      2LT Sheridan2LT SheridanMåned siden
    • @Goddess Miranda.Cosgrove I think he gave it a bad score because of the jumpscare spam and shitty cg lol

      2LT Sheridan2LT SheridanMåned siden
    • I can usually guess what score he'll give , I was expecting a 6

      Goddess Miranda.CosgroveGoddess Miranda.CosgroveMåned siden
    • Aquaman review went pretty well too

      The chosen JuanThe chosen JuanMåned siden
  • Well this is nice

    Dynamosaurus ImperiousDynamosaurus ImperiousMåned siden
  • I hope you make a quickie or small review of Sia’s controversial movie soon

    CherryRabbitCherryRabbitMåned siden
    • @residentgrinch oh i remember now, i saw Adums video on that, damn I forgot sia made it, so cringe and wrong

      Silvia OliveiraSilvia OliveiraMåned siden
    • @Silvia Oliveira other than the fact that it presents a terrible portrayal of autism and is funded by an ableist organization wearing sheep's wool, it's genuinely harmful and cringe :)

      residentgrinchresidentgrinchMåned siden
    • Why is it controversial? I need to know this tea

      Silvia OliveiraSilvia OliveiraMåned siden
    • I want him to review that hot trash.

      Icia JayIcia JayMåned siden
    • @residentgrinch whered u see that? on imbd?

      twofaysetwofayseMåned siden
  • wow, i'm glad this long-ass lion king review is finally over. wow, good job, adum!

    residentgrinchresidentgrinchMåned siden
    • Funny how I’m watching this quickie at Animal Kingdom in Disney World

      Movieman StudiosMovieman StudiosMåned siden
  • "Are your gonna watch movies on your fucking computer?"

    NovaRunnerNovaRunnerMåned siden
  • Every Adum festival video that pops up without "Quo Vadis, Aida?" in the title, a part of me is lost.

    Nedim BaljicNedim BaljicMåned siden
  • So Adum, what was the best of the worst?

    Tom- TomTom- TomMåned siden
    • @Tomas Canevaro You can see a lot of Plinkett influence in his reviews.

      SolarDragon007SolarDragon007Måned siden
    • @Tomas Canevaro I feel like he would be great for a show like BOTW tbh but they don't usually have other NOworld personalities on their show

    • @MLG HITLER I actually would love it. He did say he really likes Redlettermedia

      Tomas CanevaroTomas CanevaroMåned siden
    • having him on RLM would be insane

  • Didn't ask

    cinnamoncinnamonMåned siden
  • Wep ass dussy

    Chili SpiltChili SpiltMåned siden
  • i love you but when are you gonna make long-form reviews again :-(

    ナカナカナカナカMåned siden
    • @MLG HITLER oh i’m really dumb, i haven’t been keeping up with everything outside of his main channel.

      ナカナカナカナカMåned siden
    • @kepchup I don't think he's decided whether it will be split yet. Depends on the progress

      LinkersLinkersMåned siden
    • @kepchup is it going to be two parts?

      Phoenix ZPhoenix ZMåned siden
    • Yeah, just you wait... (Lion King 2019 review is already 2 hours long)

      LinkersLinkersMåned siden
    • he's pretty dedicated to making this ginormous Lion King review and seems to be putting all his efforts into that one right now, unfortunately (I personally couldn't care less about Lion King or the remake)

  • Gromit Mug

    Gromit MugGromit MugMåned siden
    • Gromit Mug

      Bobby The BlizzardBobby The BlizzardMåned siden
    • gromit mug

      Ale CastilloAle CastilloMåned siden
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      minervathasticminervathasticMåned siden
    • It’s back. Kill it

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    JiggerjawJiggerjawMåned siden
  • forst

    I did this for redditI did this for redditMåned siden
  • Very excited for eight for sliver

    Jonnathan Van Der SandtJonnathan Van Der SandtMåned siden
  • Lol

    purpppurppMåned siden
    • Bruh

      Seamus SmythSeamus SmythMåned siden