Quickie: Enemies of the State, Spring Blossom, The Truffle Hunters

12. nov.. 2020
58 452 Ganger

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0:00 Enemies of the State
0:59 Spring Blossom
2:02 The Truffle Hunters

  • The truffle hunters was objectively well done and subjectively boring as hell.

    MayuriKurotsuchiMayuriKurotsuchi13 dager siden
  • I feel like you were just at TIFF.

    JoarthusJoarthus4 måneder siden
  • I thought the girl was Andrew Garfield

    Mehul KoshtiMehul Koshti4 måneder siden
  • simpsons did it! in that one episode where they get a truffle sniffing pig

    rusty shacklefordrusty shackleford5 måneder siden
  • Man, you should really try Midnight Diner (the Japanese show) it’s my favorite right now and I’d like to know your opinions on it

    Sync AudioSync Audio5 måneder siden
  • You hard worker, you

    Malcolm XMalcolm X5 måneder siden
  • that girl looks like adam

    d wrekd wrek5 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one who's getting annoyed by all the 6/10's.

    Tom DiepeveenTom Diepeveen5 måneder siden
  • And this is the man who totally was working hard to avoid being Jeremy Janhs... Man, focus, and make this great .

    Adrian MAdrian M5 måneder siden
  • I’m waiting for the Yiff Quickie

    Bonzi INC.Bonzi INC.5 måneder siden
  • What's the background music during the reviews?

    Simon BankSimon Bank5 måneder siden
  • please, for the love of god, talk about the new kenny vs spenny stuff

    ChristiangexChristiangex5 måneder siden
  • That truffle movie looks really good

    Jacob RogalaJacob Rogala5 måneder siden
  • Kenny vs Spenny are coming back! Please help spread the word.

    Johan KarlssonJohan Karlsson5 måneder siden
  • roughly 85 seconds per review

    GrungortGrungort5 måneder siden
  • Okay now its weird to not hear "anything" at the end

    MunjeeMunjee5 måneder siden
  • truffle hunters was soo good, saw it at the iff in my city

    Sabrina KroppSabrina Kropp5 måneder siden
  • Hav u watched the documentary "Dominion" ?

    Iron GamerIron Gamer5 måneder siden
  • How the hell do you become a director at 20 yrs old and actually make a compitent film?

    josman coronajosman corona5 måneder siden
  • Congrats to the guy at the end who did a fuk!

    Amber HernandezAmber Hernandez5 måneder siden
  • I know you're trying to promote your gaming channels, but you really need some kind of buffer between the review and the game preview, even if it's just a half second of black.

    Thread BombThread Bomb5 måneder siden
  • missed opportunity to call these “TIFFies” instead of Quickies

    Zachary KleinZachary Klein5 måneder siden
    • missed opportunity to call these "sTIFFies" instead of either.

      gotaminutereviewsgotaminutereviews5 måneder siden
  • More SJW movies.

    John SmithJohn Smith5 måneder siden
    • What lol

      Ryan WhittakerRyan Whittaker5 måneder siden
  • That fall guys clips sound interedting..

    Alfredo KusumaAlfredo Kusuma5 måneder siden
  • Q

    Alguien RandomAlguien Random5 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know what the background song this time is? I checked the playlist but I don’t think it’s there yet

    Untrustworthy BagelUntrustworthy Bagel5 måneder siden
  • Interested in Enemies of the State

    Resident GingerResident Ginger5 måneder siden
  • Can't wait for the Wolfwalkers Review 👀

    Ellis QuinnEllis Quinn5 måneder siden
  • 2:09 no. They are using dogs as slaves to do t for them.

    Reed TardioReed Tardio5 måneder siden
    • here comes the sun da da duda dudo da da thats alright shit shit and fart

      fluffyfluffy5 måneder siden
  • Adam Wingard

    Duarte VaderDuarte Vader5 måneder siden
  • Im going to watch both of these but truffle hunters with my parents. Seems like we could all use a peaceful movie right now

    Mariana VMariana V5 måneder siden
  • Penguin Bloom and Spring Blossom at one festival? Jesus

    Connor WebbConnor Webb5 måneder siden
  • I love trying to guess your scores. I'm getting better, but you always manage to toss in a curve ball.

    Brian MillerBrian Miller5 måneder siden
  • Can u review gangs of Wasseypur

    Abhiram BvsAbhiram Bvs5 måneder siden
  • Jesus Christ...I’m 20 years old right now and this woman made a whole movie...

    Vinny SimmsVinny Simms5 måneder siden
    • when he said she is 20 I literally stopped the video and started working because I've been procrastinating for the past 2 days. god damn it why do I gotta be a lazy piece of shit

      alexalex5 måneder siden
    • Shit, I'm 28 and haven't done anything that really matters

      Morgan AshleyMorgan Ashley5 måneder siden
    • @RanchoFundo Yeah i was going to mention she is also probably very privileged or has some connections in the industry but didn't want to sound like a bitter conspiracy theorist. If this is true it would make sense why it got so much attention.

      TheBlackSwordsman 99TheBlackSwordsman 995 måneder siden
    • Well, it helps that both her parents are very successful actors with relations to the royal family of Monaco and the Citroen family. I bet you didn't have that on your side to help you Her father won the Cannes for best actor 4 years ago, so there's also that

      RanchoFundoRanchoFundo5 måneder siden
    • If it helps, there's thousands of millions of people who are older and haven't made a whole film either so the worst part of the existential dread that you're feeling is that it's not even special itself because, wait no.. _helping.._ because uhh.. it'll be ok, buddy ?

      anomie nousanomie nous5 måneder siden
  • I love stationary shots

    JarrhedJarrhed5 måneder siden
  • Thanks for the hits. I wanted to watch that doc.

    Wally & TonyWally & Tony5 måneder siden
  • Adam liked a film directed by a french female director...the curse is broken.

    1997residente1997residente5 måneder siden
    • @Nisarg Khatri But he hasn't seen it yet though.

      CrappyMcDickCrappyMcDick5 måneder siden
    • He also liked portrait of a lady on fire

      Nisarg KhatriNisarg Khatri5 måneder siden
    • Don't tell me what to do.

      ron saeron sae5 måneder siden
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    Hodd TowardHodd Toward5 måneder siden
  • WAIT he gave a 7/10 and still isn't the final movie from worst to best, man the best movie must be really good

    Will NeotWill Neot5 måneder siden
    • they are 7/10 all of them even star wars the phantom menace best horror movie of all time is a 7/10

      BLUE FIREBLUE FIRE5 måneder siden
  • So many uploads I can almost forgive him for Lion King.

    Niambh BlundellNiambh Blundell5 måneder siden
  • I think I might be either the only one or one of a few people who really want Adam to do like a master class of film score or sound editing. I want to be able to learn the kind of skill to really dissect a film score and whether or not it’s well used

    UchihaMoonSerenityUchihaMoonSerenity5 måneder siden
  • This joke has been probably made probably about a 1000 times, but Id love a Adam YIFF film festival

    Tomas HollanTomas Hollan5 måneder siden
  • Suzane Lindon (Age 20): Successful actor, producer, and director starring in her own film she produced. That1BlackGuy (Age 22): Potentially failing out of the Pre-Med program and has a youtube channel with 59 subs.... *Yea I think I'll just go cry somewhere*

    That1BlackGuyThat1BlackGuy5 måneder siden
  • 10/10 for the Scatman song at the end

    Sugamoto MayazakiSugamoto Mayazaki5 måneder siden
  • I'll be 20 for the next ten months, gotta release a feature in festivals, gotta do it

    Sharwan DsouzaSharwan Dsouza5 måneder siden
    • Shit I only have 9 months

      Mr.PatMr.Pat5 måneder siden
    • Don't forget to star in it too! Don't want to underachieve or anything.

      DamienDamien5 måneder siden
  • Adum: I LOVE this movie- favorite one this year! 3/10.

    J LupusJ Lupus5 måneder siden
  • Don't you have to explain flaws in a movie for it to be a 7?

    Alex JohnsonAlex Johnson5 måneder siden
    • @Alex Johnson if you think you can base critique on anything other than opinions backed partially by technical analysis you don't know how critique works

      Luke PryerLuke Pryer5 måneder siden
    • @Luke Pryer then he's a bad critic

      Alex JohnsonAlex Johnson5 måneder siden
    • Nah, his scoring system begins at 5 and then it either adds or substract points. A 7/10 movie is a movie that added quite a lot he enjoyed but not THAT much. That being said, as far as mortals go, I find 7/10 movies in the YMS scale to be very enjoyable.

      Ivo Samuel Giosa DomínguezIvo Samuel Giosa Domínguez5 måneder siden
    • No? It's entirely personal opinion and he didn't enjoy it as much as something he'd give a 8 or 9, he usually gushes about films that reach those kind of scores. 7 is the kind of score you can give to a film with no glaring flaws, it just may not have been impressive enough for a higher score.

      Luke PryerLuke Pryer5 måneder siden
  • I felt very half and half on Enemies of the State. The documentary felt somewhat tone-deaf far as understanding technology goes. Rather than providing insight into how Matt DeHart did what he did, they focused more on how the media perceived him and what he did. Not gonna lie, the ending had me pretty disappointed after essentially building up to a potentially fantastic conclusion, but failed to deliver both figuratively AND literally.

    Also_KikiAlso_Kiki5 måneder siden
  • As a portuguese speaker, I can't thank you enough for how crystal clear your English is.

    Jonatas SáJonatas Sá5 måneder siden
  • How does the Truffle Hunters doc look more visually interesting than most films out there? It looks like an arthouse film lol

    Ahn MenschAhn Mensch5 måneder siden
    • I'm not at all interested in the story (Or at least right now I am not, the concept might pull me in if I watch it) but just the shots alone make me want to see it for just how fucking satisfying they were. I would love a little behind the scenes video about how they managed some of that and stories from making it.

      DamienDamien5 måneder siden
  • adumplaze plugs bring me back to a simpler time

    chimps121chimps1215 måneder siden
  • The Truffle Hunters looks absolutely gorgeous.

    ILOVECODYILOVECODY5 måneder siden
    • reminds me of my grandpa's village

      Δεν Βάζω ΌνομαΔεν Βάζω Όνομα5 måneder siden
  • Quickie

    Dynamosaurus ImperiousDynamosaurus Imperious5 måneder siden
  • "My life at TIFF - Part 87"

    Nightstalker314Nightstalker3145 måneder siden
  • Cant wait for Sardonicast on Monday.

    ShamusShamus5 måneder siden
  • **Me weeping because Suzanne Lindon is younger than me and has accomplished more than I ever will**

    Wyguy the French FryWyguy the French Fry5 måneder siden
    • No. You're accomplishing just as much as she is. She's in the 5%, the successful actors/directors. They put in some hard work, I won't discredit them, but they aren't doing manual labor and killing their backs just to get by, they honestly have lavish careers. So let's say you're working that standard 9-5, you're a cashier, well you're doing that work so she doesn't have to. You're taking that job so others don't have to. That lame job HAS to get done and be done by somebody, the fact that you're taking said job means you're serving a purpose and accomplishing something. Customers rely on you so they don't have to bag their own groceries or scan themselves out. You're doing amazing.

      gasai yunogasai yuno4 måneder siden
    • Guys I'm kidding, I'm not planning to be someone who is super famous. I like to do music, but that's just a hobby. One of my favorite guitar players didn't get a record deal until he was 34, and his name was Wes Montgomery.

      Wyguy the French FryWyguy the French Fry5 måneder siden
    • or you could stop crying and do something instead.

      RomanRoman5 måneder siden
    • @Michael Jackson's Chimp your soul is ugly

      Sydney PSydney P5 måneder siden
    • @Emi Grant Oof. I'm sorry

      Z TatZ Tat5 måneder siden
  • everything 6/10 bye

    Jitender KumarJitender Kumar5 måneder siden
    • someone didn't finish the video

      MiguelMiguel5 måneder siden
  • the truffle hunters one looks interesting. Will check it out

    NovaRunnerNovaRunner5 måneder siden
    • @Odin Satanas I clapped.

      Trowa71Trowa71Måned siden
    • Haha it really looks like what that terrible Morel Mushroom hunter video from best of the worst wanted to be

      Odin SatanasOdin Satanas5 måneder siden
    • Has a Straight Story/The Lobster vibe.

      Cowboy WazowskiCowboy Wazowski5 måneder siden
  • Please do a review of Cuties.

    Big Fat ManBig Fat Man5 måneder siden
  • What the frick are truffles?

    Andrés LoaizaAndrés Loaiza5 måneder siden
    • Weird mushrooms that grow under a certain type of tree mainly in the black forests of germany, they are worth more than gold I think, fancy food for the elite like caviar

      Guitar DogGuitar Dog5 måneder siden
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaalright quickie!!! yeeeeahhh

    Jack SmithJack Smith5 måneder siden
  • woo 420 views wooohoohoo!

    I Hate Google+I Hate Google+5 måneder siden
    • (drugs reference u might not get it if u don't know what a drug is)

      I Hate Google+I Hate Google+5 måneder siden

    Ale CastilloAle Castillo5 måneder siden
  • It's a longshot but I sure hope you watched "Quo Vadis, Aida?"

    Nedim BaljicNedim Baljic5 måneder siden
  • How do you always upload at the same time as Nintendo wtf

    Super Epic MinerSuper Epic Miner5 måneder siden
    • Now that I think about it, I've never seen Adum and Nintendo in the same room.

      Ivo Samuel Giosa DomínguezIvo Samuel Giosa Domínguez5 måneder siden
  • I have nothing interesting to say.

    Demented DuskullDemented Duskull5 måneder siden
    • Thank you for your wonderful advice. Inspiring

      SuzieBelleSuzieBelle5 måneder siden
    • fucking finally someone says it how it is

      Cold ChemicalCold Chemical5 måneder siden
    • Mood

      Amber HernandezAmber Hernandez5 måneder siden
    • Until after the first slow act

      SkyDiams TeamSkyDiams Team5 måneder siden
    • that's interesting

      fut curfut cur5 måneder siden
  • Adams schedule during non film festivals- Nothing Adam’s schedule during film festival- 30 videos in one week

    Da Best of Da BestDa Best of Da Best5 måneder siden
    • @Aryavir Sangwan "who the hell is that guy" ... He is the most powerful strongest coolest smartest most famous greatest funniest NOworldr of all time! That's the reason he has multiple girlfriends and he shows them off on his ch*nnel all the time!

      OllieOllie4 måneder siden
    • @Aryavir Sangwan AxxL

      WoodenCatWoodenCat5 måneder siden
    • @WoodenCat who the hell is that guy

      Aryavir SangwanAryavir Sangwan5 måneder siden
    • @AxxL ok

      WoodenCatWoodenCat5 måneder siden
    • I am being humble when I am telling you that I am the most powerful strongest coolest smartest most famous greatest funniest NOworldr of all time! That's the reason I have multiple girlfriends and I show them off on my ch*nnel all the time! Bye bye eabes

      AxxLAxxL5 måneder siden
  • lion king?

    NotMyChannelNotMyChannel5 måneder siden
  • 2 days in a row daddy Adam, wait what

    It's alright, im dyingIt's alright, im dying5 måneder siden
    • @Eddie Dingle pp

      It's alright, im dyingIt's alright, im dying5 måneder siden
    • Who's Adam? I know Adum, but Adam?

      Eddie DingleEddie Dingle5 måneder siden

    BumblerSoda XBumblerSoda X5 måneder siden
  • First time I ever got to see a YMS video with sub 100 views

    anAngryHamsteranAngryHamster5 måneder siden
    • @anAngryHamster Yummy

      IantheGamerIantheGamer5 måneder siden
    • @Randy Burton Fine, I'll share some with you.

      anAngryHamsteranAngryHamster5 måneder siden
  • THIRD ....WAIT

    Sarah WaldieSarah Waldie5 måneder siden
  • Hey love your videos keep doing them

    Joao LOPESJoao LOPES5 måneder siden
    • He just stopped making videos, this was his last one ever :(

      Guitar DogGuitar Dog5 måneder siden
  • Fourf!

    klobbklobb5 måneder siden

    Stale SludgeStale Sludge5 måneder siden

    SteveSteve5 måneder siden