Quickie: Freaky, Nathan for You, How To with John Wilson

13. des.. 2020
156 032 Ganger

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0:00 Freaky
2:49 Nathan for You & How To with John Wilson

  • Hollywood sucksssss

    Mustafa IraqMustafa Iraq17 dager siden
  • Oh my god... 9/10 for two things?... hell is frozen right now, isn't it?... pigs are flying outside my window if I look, I know it... this is pure insanity.

    Rhubartu the SaiyanRhubartu the Saiyan20 dager siden
  • sounds like Freaky should have been made by the people that did Tucker And Dale vs. Evil

    zickbonezickboneMåned siden
  • It’s stupid but I liked Freaky lol it was fun

    Camryn JensenCamryn JensenMåned siden
  • okay im sold on 'how to'. Awesome

    Maester GryphonMaester GryphonMåned siden
  • The gay character of freaky is so stereotypical I refuse to see the movie solely because of that.

    The Film SupremacistThe Film SupremacistMåned siden
  • Are you going to finish reviewing The Walking Dead?

    Los TimeLos TimeMåned siden
  • 4:56 is that agent cooper?

    Mateo OrtegaMateo Ortega2 måneder siden
  • “His best movie in years” How are you a contemporary movie commentator and you haven’t seen S. Craig Zahler’s movies with Vince Vaughn

    Fight MeFight Me2 måneder siden
  • I just instantly paused this video so I can watch Nathan For You, I'll be back later.

    DrewdogDrewdog2 måneder siden
  • how to is so good

    ar Stevensar Stevens2 måneder siden
  • Nathan for you is all staged

    Zach CampbellZach Campbell3 måneder siden
  • Adam how famous do you think you are?

    DarkspineBowserDarkspineBowser3 måneder siden
  • You didn't want to make Nathan too recognisable? Lmao, ok dude.

    mika perzynamika perzyna3 måneder siden
  • YMS: A video on Nathan For You would ruin his anonymity Me: Delusions of grandeur much?

    BuzzkillBuzzkill3 måneder siden
    • What an original comment.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond3 måneder siden
  • Adam, my man, I don't think you are the person who was keeping Nathan Fielder from becoming recognizable.

    Anthony KellyAnthony Kelly3 måneder siden
    • Okay. Great to know.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond3 måneder siden
  • The scaffolding episode is the only one I saw. It was very informative, and yes one guy gets very detailed about a sexual encounter near them. He ends up going to a scaffold convention, and the stuff he learns there, it's insane new york's scaffolding just. I watched it off an on and before I sat down to the latter half, because the wife was watching it. That was the second of only 2 episodes that were out at the time.

    Joseph RionJoseph Rion3 måneder siden
  • How To with John Wilson was so goood after you get a good feel for the premise of the show and his camera style.

    Ming ZhangMing Zhang3 måneder siden
  • Ww84 review?

    cabuscuscabuscus3 måneder siden
  • Can you do a review of Promising Young Woman ? It was my favorite of 2020

    Caleb CressCaleb Cress3 måneder siden
  • What if Parent Trap, but it's a slasher movie.

    Cristian DavisCristian Davis3 måneder siden
  • do a review of wonder woman 1984

    sebastian escobarsebastian escobar3 måneder siden
  • 4:55 Kyle MacLachlan?

    YuffiesYuffies3 måneder siden
  • I think Nathan for you might be the most funny show ever produced

    username1username13 måneder siden
  • im just watching how to rn and SPOILER..... the tug and pull forskin device?? shhfkflflksaaksjsksla

    Nunya BiznessNunya Bizness3 måneder siden
  • 4:54 is that Kyle MacLachlan?

    Nunya BiznessNunya Bizness3 måneder siden
  • Adam, Nathan and John Wilson all sound like the same person..

    OnlyCheese ExtraCheeseOnlyCheese ExtraCheese3 måneder siden
  • Finding frances is a masterpiece

    zorth42zorth423 måneder siden
  • Lol this guy seriously thinks if he uploaded a video which would get 500k views tops would’ve ruined a COMEDY CENTRAL TV SHOW. Get a grip, you f*cking chode.

    DeckardDeckard3 måneder siden
    • It’s the Internet, you don’t have to censor you own comments, you pussy. If anyone needs to get a grip, it’s you. Looking all high and mighty with your Apocalypse Now profile pic.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond3 måneder siden
  • If you haven't seen Brawl in Cell Block 99 I recommend it, Vaughn's best performance in years.

    TankitUP101TankitUP1013 måneder siden
  • Wonder what he thinks of joe perra talks with you

    manditomandito3 måneder siden
  • Freaky has more pointless, rapid cuts than Hazbin Hotel

    Joseph JoestarJoseph Joestar3 måneder siden
  • I don't think this comment belongs here but, can anyone tell if the weird gasp Adum uses "aghhhlll" (I hope you understand this) is a sound effect or not. If yes, where can I find it ? 😂

    Suvrat ChaturvediSuvrat Chaturvedi3 måneder siden
  • Hey watch gangs of london it's good. That is all

    Slim WeeperSlim Weeper3 måneder siden
  • They all look like they are moving in slow mo. In Freaky I mean

    coffee_singing23coffee_singing233 måneder siden
  • you're really busy so i understand if it's not going to be soon or at all, but i would love to see your take on the new pixar movie soul! :)

    Bilbo SwagginsBilbo Swaggins3 måneder siden
    • He gave it a 6 on IMDB.

      Drawtoonz StudioDrawtoonz Studio3 måneder siden
  • I highly doubt you recommending Nathan for You would have ruined the show. It aired on TV, he was on talk shows, other NOworldrs talked about it while it was airing, and obviously had a fanbase to keep it going and it didn't affect anything (Nathan said in an AMA that the only people that recognized him were customers). If a business owner doesn't watch Comedy Central, there's a low chance they watch some reviewer on NOworld. If you want someone to get more attention for their work, talk about them.

    RipWitchRipWitch3 måneder siden
  • Fucking Blumhouse movies.. Maybe Jason Blum will get COVID, let's hope. "Shitpost movie" LMAO that's what these movies are! Thank you for that Adam. I was calling them teenage cringe movies but Shitpost is much better.

    Danny GreenDanny Green3 måneder siden
  • why would promoting a show ruin it? LOL what?

    Nicholas Michal FaulNicholas Michal Faul3 måneder siden
  • Yms, if you need a suggestion please review “I Kill Giants”. ✌🏻

    Mia WallaceMia Wallace3 måneder siden
    • Its a movie that could seriously use your critique

      Mia WallaceMia Wallace3 måneder siden
  • "The only reason I didn't cover Nathan For You Before was so he didn't get too famous." Dude get over yourself.

    David RamosDavid Ramos3 måneder siden
    • @Deckard 93 fucking comments? Just ignore him, for god’s sakes.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond3 måneder siden
    • @57 Year Old James Bond YMS and Sardonicast fans are so juvenile and pretentious.

      DeckardDeckard3 måneder siden
    • It’s true, though.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond3 måneder siden
  • Worst channel on youtube

    David RamosDavid Ramos3 måneder siden
  • wussup YMS, gonna rock a cool cat loves you shirt on new years lmao

    Duck-eDuck-e3 måneder siden
  • Just finished How To and holy shit the ending was heartbreaking

    Tyler GoldbergTyler Goldberg3 måneder siden
  • shitting on vince vaughn without regard for his work with craig zahler nooooo

    obscure referenceobscure reference3 måneder siden
  • Did you see Brawl in Cell Block 99? Vince Vaughn was pretty good in that.

    Jeff CarlinJeff Carlin3 måneder siden
  • Hey Adam, you should watch utopia (uk version) it’s really sad how great that show is and how bad the US remake is. Maybe you could do a comparison between the two to bring more attention to the original. Anyways have a nice day

    LabronathanLabronathan3 måneder siden
  • Nathan For You was so fuckin good I watched all 4 seasons within a week of seeing this. That How To show isn't really hitting for me so far but I'm hoping it picks up

    Sterling PerrySterling Perry3 måneder siden
  • Thank you for introducing me to Nathan for You. It’s the first show that I’ve ever seen that just about anybody I show it to will cry from laughter. It is hilarious

    Joshua naJoshua na3 måneder siden
  • If I like to use YMS's quickie as list of moviea to watch, zero punctuation as list of games to play, what should I use to make list of anime? Because it seems Adum isn't really into them.

    rifki hukamarifki hukama3 måneder siden

    choodlechoodle3 måneder siden
  • Nathan For You is honestly peak comedy for me. The show literally blends into reality and you can read old articles and watch old news segments that covered some of his...what even are they? Pranks? Skits? Whatever you would classify them as, they are remarkable and unforgettable.

    Anthony BeefAnthony Beef3 måneder siden
  • Freaky felt like it was missing the first 15 minutes or so of character setup, but honestly I had more fun with that movie than I have with any movie this year. I also agree that Vince Vaughn SLAYS in this. Everyone clearly had a blast making it.

    Emma AveryEmma Avery3 måneder siden

    Pussy ExtractPussy Extract3 måneder siden
  • Nathan for You is incredible.

    Btb WilkinsonBtb Wilkinson3 måneder siden
  • The lion king review that never was

    StevenSteven3 måneder siden
  • Hey YMS looking forward to your Syndoche New York part 6!

    blackcanvasblackcanvas3 måneder siden
  • Adum graduated from one of Canada’s top film schools with really good grades

    John TaylorJohn Taylor3 måneder siden
  • is this mofu even working on lion king review?

    486x486x3 måneder siden
  • I liked freaky and thought it was fun. My biggest nitpick was 'what kind of high school has a cryogenics lab by the locker room???" Our's was by the cafeteria.

    Anthony McGlinchAnthony McGlinch3 måneder siden
  • Started nathan for you because of this video and I'm so obsessed!

    AlaraAlara3 måneder siden
  • Vince Vaughn's best performance in years??? Dude, you haven't seen Brawl In Cell Block 99? or Dragged Across Concrete? or Hacksaw Ridge?

    Directed by Xander JonesDirected by Xander Jones3 måneder siden
  • Nathan for you is 100% fake... How to with John Wilson is a delicious show on the other hand.

    Victor PetrenkoVictor Petrenko3 måneder siden
  • No Vince Vaughn slander after brawl in cell block 99

    LoukungfuLoukungfu3 måneder siden
  • Have you even watched Dragged Across Concrete or Brawl in Cell Block 99? He is actually a great actor.

    LeonardLeonard3 måneder siden
  • Please do a series on Tiny Pretty Things I'm BEGGING YOU 😩🙏🏻

    Alisha StokesAlisha Stokes3 måneder siden
  • Freaky is a dumpster fire movie I've ever saw in theaters, and it's worse than tenet.

    Francesca Gonzalez RamosFrancesca Gonzalez Ramos3 måneder siden
  • Gimme the Lion King YMS for christmas please

    Ben KeesBen Kees3 måneder siden
  • Believe me, I want to check out these shows, but they’re not available in my fucking country

    Jan van DorstJan van Dorst3 måneder siden
  • keep getting recommended this and the thumbnail looks like pete buttigieg

    Mark RutteMark Rutte3 måneder siden
    • @Jesse Hamilton would love to see him get rekt in a boratesque fashion

      Mark RutteMark Rutte3 måneder siden
    • I always thought Nathan could play him well in a parody

      Jesse HamiltonJesse Hamilton3 måneder siden
  • You mean to say it had Vince Vaughn and it wasn't good? When has that not happened?

    dzhellekdzhellek3 måneder siden
  • John Wilson’s early work (johnsmovies .com) are good to check out.

    Jimmy BrungusJimmy Brungus3 måneder siden
  • Freaky was alright. I had fun.

    Eloise ColeEloise Cole3 måneder siden
  • 1:35 It seemed pretty clear that the point of that scene was that 3 people were talking over each other to a character that literally just woke up and thought he was about to get murdered. There's never that many cuts in any other scene and it's obviously doing it as a comedic device to show the characters disorientation.

    Meritless MemesMeritless Memes3 måneder siden
  • You never seem to like anything horror-wise. Freaky was great, you’re just trying too hard now

    Grant ZeebroekGrant Zeebroek3 måneder siden
    • no it wasn't, only kids would like this movie to be honest

      fat_bastardfat_bastard3 måneder siden
  • How to with John sounds like vagrant Hoildays

    CalewooCalewoo3 måneder siden
  • how do we know its not staged especially that many ppl would love and enjoy the idea of how dumber than them ppl can be

    rahim talebrahim taleb3 måneder siden
  • for those who want to watch nathan for you ,, here are some of my favourite episodes: the anecdote (s4 ep4) souvenir shop (s2 ep2) Liquor Store/Exterminator/Car wash (s2 ep 4) dumb starbucks (s2 ep 5) haunted house/the hunk (s1 ep 5)

    Just PicklesJust Pickles3 måneder siden

    Kylie EileenKylie Eileen3 måneder siden
  • ADAM

    Kylie EileenKylie Eileen3 måneder siden
  • Adam. How are you. Message me.

    Kylie EileenKylie Eileen3 måneder siden
  • Pretty narcissistic to think your channel would spoil a show. 🙄

    Bread MichaelsBread Michaels3 måneder siden
  • Is nathan Fiedler on the line of prank artists, but with business knowledge and support?

    Michael MetcalfMichael Metcalf3 måneder siden
  • I'm so glad Adam knows about Nathan for You

    Kevin StrandKevin Strand3 måneder siden
  • Thank god Adam didn’t talk about Nathan for you, It’s a good thing no one’s heard of Comedy Central.

    Chandler EdwardsChandler Edwards3 måneder siden
    • Nathan was able to keep his cover alive, thank god Adam knew better than to make him famous by snapping his fingers

      Solomon LazardSolomon Lazard5 dager siden
    • @Maester Gryphon I give this review of Review 2 stars, it would have been higher but you didn't capitalize the r in Review.

      Krut HawortKrut Hawort8 dager siden
    • Its seriously underrated and deserves alot more attention. Theres several cc shows like that, like 'review'

      Maester GryphonMaester GryphonMåned siden
    • @tasteflavored This, and only 7 episodes in the whole series got over 500,000 viewers (in the US). It wasn't well known when it was airing.

      Solid OcelotSolid OcelotMåned siden
    • Sick burn rando. most CC vehicles barely last a season

      tasteflavoredtasteflavored2 måneder siden
  • Hey Adam what song is that at the whole video?

    A JA J3 måneder siden
  • Damn Adum, that "Sorry Nathan, I didn't want to make you famous" comment was the most cringe thing i've heard in a while, i mean the man was on talk shows to promote Nathan for you.

    Gio GilDematosGio GilDematos3 måneder siden
  • “Vince Vaughn’s best performance in years”? *Screams in Hacksaw Ridge*

    [GS] Pepper360[GS] Pepper3603 måneder siden
  • 0:56 honestly, his best (more recent) performance is in Hacksaw Ridge. He was genuinely great in that film, it's the first time I believed him as someone other than Vince Vaughn.

    Miles L.Miles L.4 måneder siden
  • Fast cuts are too make bad actors more presentable

    Sleepy_SunnySleepy_Sunny4 måneder siden
  • Vince was good in that Cell Block movie

    Bruno FettuciniBruno Fettucini4 måneder siden
  • Please talk about shows more Adam I know there are plenty that you LOVE and you NEVER WILL TALK ABOUT THEM

    Chandler TuckerChandler Tucker4 måneder siden
  • You know what's really freaky??? Me bitch

    SpongeBob SquarePantsSpongeBob SquarePants4 måneder siden
  • Dooooo tenet please! Come on

    Tyler LyonsTyler Lyons4 måneder siden
  • Thinking highly of yourself huh?

    Alaksandu the ExorkizeinAlaksandu the Exorkizein4 måneder siden
  • 5:02 yeesh that scene is depressing. A white person reading a book that is basically just saying "white people are the scum of the earth and dont deserve to exist"

    pupypuppupypup4 måneder siden
  • You might never see this but, what about a Joe Pera Talks With You review or some such?

    Com TruiseCom Truise4 måneder siden
  • Showtime just announced a series where Nathan Fielder & the Safdie brothers are teaming up. Says it’ll be a comedy series called “The Curse”. I’m extremely excited to see how that plays out.

    Ghosty McToastyGhosty McToasty4 måneder siden
    • Oh and also, starring Emma Stone. Definitely an interesting combo.

      Ghosty McToastyGhosty McToasty4 måneder siden
  • Nathan For You is a comedic masterpiece. It would be so easy for cynicism to have crept into that show, but it never did. Nathancommits to his character so flawlessly that there is very little suspension of disbelief required when people buy into his insanity. Perfect show.

    Gan KhefGan Khef4 måneder siden
  • My man loves awkard comedy thts for sure

    Alejandro GonzalezAlejandro Gonzalez4 måneder siden