Quickie: Get the Hell Out, Nomadland, MLK/FBI

11. nov.. 2020
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0:00 Get the Hell Out
1:27 Nomadland
3:14 MLK/FBI

  • na personally i think u kinda missed the point of nomadland. sure its a little drawn out and i was not a fan of the score but i feel like it definitely did something with its setup. showed how she got in the situation but then revealed that she truly preferred that situation over a traditional american lifestyle. kinda felt like a commentary on capitalism and the american dream, especially with the comparison of nomads to the pioneers her sister makes at the bbq. i think it was kinda a deconstruction on how people choose to live and why people have preconceived notions of what good living standards are. like how her old friend told her kids she was homeless in the beginning of the movie and she denies it. maybe revisit it sometime i thought it was really awesome.

    lemnlimelemnlime2 dager siden
  • I kind of disagree about Nomadland when you said that Fern has no arc. In my view she is grieving and maybe partly avoiding to confront her feelings about it. I feel like in end she begin to make peace with it.

    Gessyca LagoGessyca Lago9 dager siden
  • No character arc in Nomadland! Lmaonade

    Scarsdale VibeScarsdale VibeMåned siden
  • I soooo disagree with you on Nomadland. Just watched it last night. It was such a beautiful film about loss, grief, friendship, beauty, nature, struggles. With all due respect, to say it didn’t go anywhere is completely missing the point of the movie. The movie, like the main character, doesn’t have a final destination. It’s all about the people and emotions you encounter along the way. The character does have an arc, it’s just not dramatically noticeable. It’s more of an emotional one. 10/10 for me.

    Raul Ruiz de VelascoRaul Ruiz de VelascoMåned siden
  • Golden globe best picture, everyone.

    MrCerebellum2MrCerebellum2Måned siden
    • It’s probably going to win the Critics’ Choice and Oscar too. Can’t complain. Thought it was a beautiful film.

      Raul Ruiz de VelascoRaul Ruiz de VelascoMåned siden
  • Will watch GTHO just for the Crows Zero suplex scene

    MF ZedMF ZedMåned siden
  • Having finally watched Nomadland, I'm shocked by the ubiquitous and sweeping praise I've seen. The movie looks very pretty sometimes, yes (when it's not gracing us with long takes of urination and diarrhea). But it's a pretentious, patronizing, meandering, soulless, pointless disaster. I don't know how anyone can stand to watch Frances McDormand (net worth $30 million) stand around and react sympathetically to the stories of actual impoverished people for 2 hours, while in real life she sues her neighbors over property line disputes at her coastal California house (not to be confused with her other house in NYC). At one point Frances says "we be the bitches of the badlands" to someone who actually lives in a van. One of the biggest cringe moments in recent memory. Either that, or the part where Frances literally recites poetry. Barf. This is the worst kind of masturbatory Oscar bait, just wearing a Terrence Malick costume. And despite its relevant and important subject matter, it has nothing to say except some cliché kindergarten nonsense about the difference between a house and a home. Nomadland winning Best Picture this year would be about as appropriate as Green Book winning it in 2019. Dear god I hope it doesn't. P.S. I've done some research and learned that the main driving force that got this film made was, big surprise, Frances McDormand herself. Not Chloé Zhao so much. In fact, Frances was the one who made a deal with the devil (Amazon) to film inside one of their warehouses in exchange (seemingly) for a completely uncritical depiction of their role in perpetuating the poverty that Nomadland shines a light on. Quote from Frances: “It was right before they started giving people $15 an hour. This was a really smart move for them because … we are telling a story about a person who is benefiting from hard work, and working at the Amazon fulfillment center is hard work, but it pays a wage.” Fucking gross.

    Covers by Max BCovers by Max BMåned siden
  • I respect that perspective on Nomadland, but god I disagree so strongly. I thought it was absolutely beautiful in so many ways from beginning to end. Reminded me of Reichardt, although I know that’s also not a favorite of yours so in a way it makes sense. I was just blown away by the performances and dialogue and pretty much every aspect. It dragged just a little in like the third quarter but still ended up having a huge impact on me.

    J HJ HMåned siden
  • I disagree about Nomadland. Fern traverses a very personal arc of dealing with loss and about herself. I can see why the significance of that arc isn’t appreciated to the same degree by everyone. When I exited the theatre I heard similar complaints but that’s the beauty of cinema. People experience the same film so differently or connect over it in such a deep way.

    Zack OesterreicherZack OesterreicherMåned siden
  • For Nomadland’s “basic piano music”, it came from Ludovico Einaudi, who also did the score for Intouchables. His scores are mostly repetitive piano and from the trailer, Nomadland sounds similar. I haven’t seen Nomadland yet, but I think it worked well in Intouchables. This is the music played towards the climax and it fit the tone. noworld.info/video/video/1YjIgM-lxJHerqM.html Can’t vogue for the new score, but if there isn’t much of a difference in tone I think it would probably work well.

    Adam CAdam C3 måneder siden
  • Saw Nomadland. I can sort of see where he's coming from with some points and especially with it feeling like it would've been better as a documentary in some scenes with characters telling their stories, but I disagree with other things. Overall though, the film is fantastic on a technical level, and I think the rest all just depends on if you'll personally be into it or not. I usually love these films so I did love it myself. It isn't any masterpiece, but I think it's worthy of the high reviews. Around an 8.8 to 9.3 out of 10.

    Sean AverySean Avery3 måneder siden
  • Anticipation for the lion king is immense

    Jerry ClementsJerry Clements4 måneder siden
  • What is the disturbing music at the end of each of these videos? Google doesn't recognize it.

    TheCrappyPhilosopherTheCrappyPhilosopher4 måneder siden
  • Get the Hell Out might get the award for best poster of the year

    Karl NilssonKarl Nilsson5 måneder siden
  • I’m waiting for the Yiff Quickie

    Bonzi INC.Bonzi INC.5 måneder siden
  • Waiting for the Yiff Quickies

    Bonzi INC.Bonzi INC.5 måneder siden
  • Everybody's waiting for the Lion King video but I'm over here still waiting patiently on Synecdoche Part 6

    Stuff I MadeStuff I Made5 måneder siden
  • Unkimdness is great Adam. I would prefer it over the constant droning horror buzz.

    UniversomeUniversome5 måneder siden
  • Its nice that Adam reviewed mlk, now I can finally have an opinion on him

    MunjeeMunjee5 måneder siden
  • it feels like I had already seen these reviews. strange!

    pratmanpratman5 måneder siden
  • Adum just don't gets Nomadland. The movie don't go anywhere cuz the folks in it don't end up anywhere, too. That makes it genius. 10/10, maybe a bit closer to 11 than a 9.

    Ragism RotzrochenRagism Rotzrochen5 måneder siden
    • I think he’s perfectly fine if the characters don’t necessarily have much growth but I think the issue is a lot of the scenes themselves were cinematically inert. Some scenes contained compelling aspects but some seemed too generic.

      J BJ BMåned siden
  • Literally gave MLK Jr 3/5s smh

    anthonyanthony5 måneder siden
  • Adam, have you seen the three part documentary series "The Mole"? A danish "mole" infiltrates North Korea through a NK Friendship organisation. Very interested in your thoughts on the film. It came out in october

    IMaRUPGIMaRUPG5 måneder siden
  • Didnt nomandland come out 10 years ago?

    anjetto1anjetto15 måneder siden
  • You defiantly work really hard and we love the content!

    Roman RouseRoman Rouse5 måneder siden

    Roman RouseRoman Rouse5 måneder siden
  • You have sold me so hard on Get the Hell Out

    Star HustlerStar Hustler5 måneder siden
  • Lion King is the new Synecdoche

    Freddie Dunning-Kruger Jr.Freddie Dunning-Kruger Jr.5 måneder siden
  • So I guess the lion king review isnt coming out then?

    Grundy PeeboGrundy Peebo5 måneder siden
  • I saw a bunch of wrestling moves in those clips you showed from Get the Hell Out. We gotta get Scott to watch it.

    elrapido5150elrapido51505 måneder siden
  • Can't wait for the first season of the YMS Lion King

    ChomboChombo5 måneder siden
  • I have a feeling that once Nomadland gets a larger release that a lot of Adam's audience will respectfully disagree with Adam's take on it. The vast majority of people that've seen it at festivals are all raving about it.

    gutter babygutter baby5 måneder siden
  • Appropriately used, cheesy and distracting...

    YouDirtyRatxoxoYouDirtyRatxoxo5 måneder siden
  • Reel Feels: The Nomadland segment sounds like a review of my life... oh shit.

    YouDirtyRatxoxoYouDirtyRatxoxo5 måneder siden
    • Your reel reels are correct. Just saw the movie last night and left a comment saying I respectfully disagree with the review.

      Raul Ruiz de VelascoRaul Ruiz de VelascoMåned siden
  • thank you for reviewing a Taiwanese movie

    Yu HYu H5 måneder siden
  • Basic piano? Adam! That's your boy Ludovico Einaudi you're talking about.

    Connor WebbConnor Webb5 måneder siden
  • Can you please review The Rider

    pr0jectSkyneTpr0jectSkyneT5 måneder siden
  • I don't know why for the MLK/FBI review he just posted a bunch of 👌 emojis and gave it a 6/10

    Tree the oakTree the oak5 måneder siden
  • when is YIFF coming

    Witty WarblerWitty Warbler5 måneder siden
  • I can't wait to see NoMadLand. Mainly because of the director how media and award seasons approached on her, since she clearly got huge award buzz from this 'great?' movie..

    Alfredo KusumaAlfredo Kusuma5 måneder siden
  • I'd love a review of Over the Moon, on Netflix. It's probably my favorite animated movie of the year

    AuraLunaAuraLuna5 måneder siden
  • Adum have you watched the documentary "Dominion" ?

    Iron GamerIron Gamer5 måneder siden
  • Tiff quickie followed by viff quickie while he works on the yiff not so quickie

    CountPatchyCountPatchy5 måneder siden
  • Loved the YIFF changing to VIFF at the end.

    IggyWon1IggyWon15 måneder siden
  • Remember when full reviews used to be a thing on this channel?

    dinoloverdinolover5 måneder siden
  • Another review where I'm off by 1 point. I need to get better at predicting Adam. I figured Get The Hell Out would get a 4/10 as I feel 5/10 was usually reserved for middle-of-the-road boring movies, while this movie was fun and dumb but needlessly memey, just letting eke out into the bad movie that's fun to watch spectrum. Nomadland I got right, 5/10. I honestly thought he was going to give MLK/FBI a 7/10 for being a good documentary with great information that could have been an amazing documentary but it was hurt for being way too padded-out and not showing the interviewees until the end. My finger isn't on Adam's pulse like it used to be.

    J.R. WallJ.R. Wall5 måneder siden
  • Nomadland this low when it has all that Oscar buzzzzz, love it

    Simply EpicSimply Epic5 måneder siden
  • "I really love what they set up, I just wish they did something with it" my thoughts on fire emblem: fates, as unrelated as that is

    Holopaw DruidHolopaw Druid5 måneder siden
  • Glad to see someone share my sentiments with Nomadland. The movie could have been so much better if it were a documentary, which it apparently got its start as (don’t quote me on that)

    Also_KikiAlso_Kiki5 måneder siden
  • "...about an aging woman after losing everything in the great recession" "...the whole thing starts to feel incredibly stagnant and purposeless..." So it's a bit TOO accurate then

    z beeblebroxz beeblebrox5 måneder siden
    • I think he wasn't able to explain it well enough. I agree it's an intentional choice but ultimately the film gives you absolutely nothing to do. Most movies with these kind of pacing are drenched with subtext this film isn't deep enough to handle its pacing. In isolation the idea of making the film slow to match the character's life make sense but in execution you're left with nothing.

      MankMankDag siden
    • @aaronsdavis The comment was directed toward the stagnation and purposelessness, of the aging woman who has lost everything. Not the recession.

      Stephen SmithStephen Smith4 måneder siden
  • Bruh the fact that you impose such a reliable personal standard, consistent so as to actually BE a standard...it's why you got me as a viewer foeva. That I know a 7 from you (to me) means 'meets expectations so as to be suggestible regardless of genre depreciation/appreciation" is just what I need from a critic (which I feel like prior videos of yours even address, something about A. White guy?). Grazie!

    verisimilitoneverisimilitone5 måneder siden
  • Goodness no, do not review Lion King until you get therapy for zoophilia.

    TurtleproofTurtleproof5 måneder siden
  • Considering your thoughts on Nomadland, it'd be interesting to see what you'd say about Cat in the Wall... but I don't think it has aired outside Europe.

    erejnionerejnion5 måneder siden
  • TIFF quickies...VIFF quickies...what about the YIFF quickies?

    Cooter SnooterCooter Snooter5 måneder siden
    • YIFF! I've been saying for ages, someone needs to grab that furry dollar.

      Thread BombThread Bomb5 måneder siden
    • No no no, he already does that: it's called Adum & Pals

      Steven BrownSteven Brown5 måneder siden
  • Wait weren’t we going in order from worst to best movies? I lost track at some point.

    RanOutOfSpacRanOutOfSpac5 måneder siden
  • I’ve watch a lot of your vods for a year now but i never see what you would consider a 10 out of 10.

    alphy onisalphy onis5 måneder siden
    • @Sanna i’m asking “how” he rates it, sorry i should’ve been more specific. Unless he made a vod about, in which case i haven’t found it.

      alphy onisalphy onis5 måneder siden
    • Just look at his recent review of I'm Thinking of Ending Things, HER and The Lighthouse for example. Do you mean you havent watch he give a movie 10 yet or you dont see why he gave such movie 10/10?

      SannaSanna5 måneder siden
  • Couldn't disagree more about Nomadland. The movie just felt incredibly real to me, the emotions and characters and everything. It helps that most of the actors in the movie aren't professional actors, but actual real nomads. I found myself tearing up several times, in large part due to the fantastic soundtrack. I felt the same emotions during this film that I feel when listening to Sigur Ros or something. Soothing and sad at the same time. Bittersweet.

    Kristian OlsenKristian Olsen5 måneder siden
    • I agree with Adum, but I wasn’t really bored with the movie. I have lower standards at the moment because I just sat through nocturne so I might come around.

      NegaNega11 dager siden
    • @Raul Ruiz de Velasco The Florida Project definitely has a story, just not much plot. I also feel that the difference is that each scene in The Florida Project features a fascinating aspect of that specific life whereas Nomadland was more than happy to revel in the less than compelling details of the world that was depicted.

      J BJ BMåned siden
    • @Thread Bomb It doesn’t need one if the emotions are there. The Florida Project doesn’t have a story either, and that’s a great movie.

      Raul Ruiz de VelascoRaul Ruiz de VelascoMåned siden
    • @Thread Bomb Personally I don't think it was too long or boring, but that's pretty subjective I guess. It definitely has a story and overarching themes, mostly dealing with grief and finding community, with some great social commentary as well.

      Kristian OlsenKristian Olsen5 måneder siden
    • But was it too long? Did it have a story?

      Thread BombThread Bomb5 måneder siden
  • when are we getting a YIFF quicky?

    nagyesszepnagyesszep5 måneder siden
  • Sorry, if I see a jojo to be continued meme in 2020 I will immediately stop watching and leave

    Zerro NyxZerro Nyx5 måneder siden
  • Genuinely curious about the repercussions over showing, seeing, talking about "Get The Hell Out". Recently one of those popular Vtubers got basically cast into hellfire for just showing some random statistics that happened to acknowledge Taiwan separately on the list. The unbridled laser-focused hate toward this individual is still going strong. I can only imagine what these sorts of obsessive, abusive people would do when people are intentionally promoting, celebrating, showing, and enjoying Taiwanese media. Like, does anyone know, did the film festival have to deal with some kind of backlash or attacks on its reputation or anything?

    Pensive ScarletPensive Scarlet5 måneder siden
    • @Thread Bomb So the solution is clear. We gotta take China, and PUSH it somewhere else!

      ZeltzamerZeltzamer4 måneder siden
    • @McSnezzly The injustice is acknowledged, but there's nothing anyone can do. China is too powerful.

      Thread BombThread Bomb5 måneder siden
    • Is Kusunoki Sio the one you're referring to?

      PentameronPentameron5 måneder siden
    • I mean, Hong Kong citizens are still being assaulted/disappeared/killed for even wearing the wrong shirt and the world still refuses to acknowledge the injustice. Gaming teams are being fired for even supporting HK. Oh and the WHO refused to acknowledge that Taiwan was the country out of all of us that managed COVID spread efficiently- if you saw the interview, the WHO guy just hangs up the call when asked about it. The propaganda machine is strong

      McSnezzlyMcSnezzly5 måneder siden
  • Respect the sudden burst of work in to video’s. Love all of em!

    tijs van der guntijs van der gun5 måneder siden
  • Vaush brought me

    Umang MalikUmang Malik5 måneder siden
  • The Lion King thing is just going to be Adam saying "6/10"

    Daniel MaclarenDaniel Maclaren5 måneder siden
    • @Mr Bush Based on the YMS Highlights videos He'll give it -100/10

      Tortoise_Rights ActivistTortoise_Rights Activist5 måneder siden
    • Based on how he felt about the new Aladdin he'll probably give it a 1/10

      Mr BushMr Bush5 måneder siden
  • What about the yiff quickies Adam?

    GTWN_KENJI420GTWN_KENJI4205 måneder siden
  • YMS has a new outro song?! Oh no, wait nevermind.

    bryalbryal5 måneder siden
  • Couldn’t wait for YMS’s stunning critique of a film like Nomadland. Man, he has terrible judgement and really knows absolutely nothing about film.

    A HA H5 måneder siden
    • Nothing but facts

      ΑνεμοδαρμένοςΑνεμοδαρμένος5 måneder siden
  • I'm starting to think Adam is purposely delaying the lion king review so he can it to the world as a Christmas present

    Benjamin SousaBenjamin Sousa5 måneder siden
  • When will we get some YIFF quickies?

    S7RobinS7Robin5 måneder siden
  • And I'm giving this one an MLK out of FBI

    QuinnFoilQuinnFoil5 måneder siden
    • I hope the documentary makers take note of Adum's criticisms.

      Thread BombThread Bomb5 måneder siden
  • when will we finally get a "jacksonville international film festival"

    AlenderAlender5 måneder siden
  • Comparing action and gore to Troma is kind of a draw for me honestly.

    Pasquale CurryPasquale Curry5 måneder siden
  • I'll give this quickie an 8/10

    El TontoEl Tonto5 måneder siden

    john sharpjohn sharp5 måneder siden
  • Had some fun and thought memes were cringy a bit but overall very goofy and self aware 6/10 movie that goes nowhere and not shot in any special way with overly sappy music 5/10 Adum, I feel like youre giving nomadland a bit too much credit. Go on, spit in its butthole a lil.

    videsweetsvidesweets5 måneder siden
  • Cant wait till he starts reviewing yiff

    Kirby CooperKirby Cooper5 måneder siden
  • do you just live full time at film festivals?

    RedmondRedmond5 måneder siden
  • Is your outro music from Lost?

    Conrad CuttyConrad Cutty5 måneder siden
  • tiff next viff then YIFF

    Rotciv NihsakrehcRotciv Nihsakrehc5 måneder siden
  • Dude, listening to the things the fbi did too most 60s movements were insane, I seriously encouraged anyone to look into it, lot of podcasts

    Halo 3 RatHalo 3 Rat5 måneder siden
    • @Discount Chocolate hell, remember when Philadelphia police fire bombed an entire neighborhood just for a couple Black people?

      McSnezzlyMcSnezzly5 måneder siden
    • It certainly wasn't just MLK the FBI antagonized; they also ruthlessly antagonized the Black Panthers who swelled in size around the time MLK got assassinated, infiltrating their party with wreckers and assassinating Fred Hampton in his bed in the middle of the night. They were among the most effective Black socialists of that time period, enough for the US government to consider their continued development an existential threat to the existing social order, because they organized to stop what MLK called the "triple evils" of capitalism, racism, and imperialism.

      Discount ChocolateDiscount Chocolate5 måneder siden
    • @Halo 3 Rat thank you

      hellpanderhellpander5 måneder siden
    • @hellpander I mean wondery podcasts, specifically American scandal: Activist va the fbi I believe was the titles

      Halo 3 RatHalo 3 Rat5 måneder siden
    • @hellpander joe rogan experience- tom o'neill

      Never SurrenderNever Surrender5 måneder siden
  • McDormand is meant to be great in Nomadland, I'm looking forward to it...

    Dominic BradyDominic Brady5 måneder siden
  • It insists upon itself

    TrillStarStuntaTrillStarStunta5 måneder siden
  • Yiff quickies? OwO

    SneakingMOUSESneakingMOUSE5 måneder siden
  • The MLK/FBI official Twitter followed me but than unfollowed me since I didn’t follow them back

    Liam Dustin TrumpLiam Dustin Trump5 måneder siden
  • Nomadland just reminds me of the hippies from Life is Strange 2.

    ComiXProvider FTW_02ComiXProvider FTW_025 måneder siden
    • Same lol.

      Sean AverySean Avery4 måneder siden
  • Fun Fact: If the entire weight of the internet was put into one object, it would weigh as much as a strawberry

    Knuckles The EnchiladaKnuckles The Enchilada5 måneder siden
  • It's kinda curious how Chloe Zhao makes really slow films and she called Marvel's The eternals "The movie she always wanted to make"

    1997residente1997residente5 måneder siden
    • Money.

      Luigi NastroLuigi NastroMåned siden
    • Yea this could be one of those one for them one for me package but if she seriously have full control over the movie, I'm not sure her style would fit Marvel very well given her past works. Not saying her work is bad, it's honestly pretty decent, just not a good fit for marvel

      MileswareMilesware5 måneder siden
    • @1997residente yeah for sure is a weird choice, from what i read the movie is completely filmed in the “magic hour”

      Fran 2Fran 25 måneder siden
    • @Fran 2 Apparently, she didn't want to use that much green screen and Kevin Feige was perfectly fine with that. Who knows? Maybe she is a geek and want to make a comic book film. Maybe she wants to work with VFX Tecnology? Maybe she loves the cast? Point is, Zhao is a very bizarre choice. It's like when Lucrecia Martel was offered Black Widow.

      1997residente1997residente5 måneder siden
    • Supposedly she had full control on the project that’s why shes doing it

      Fran 2Fran 25 måneder siden
  • Will you review New Order?

    Ale CastilloAle Castillo5 måneder siden
  • “GET OUT!”

    Duarte VaderDuarte Vader5 måneder siden
  • Get The Hell Out looks right up my alley

    Lyle .GLyle .G5 måneder siden
  • Totally disagree on Nomadland, I thought it was a beautiful minimalist work that is one of the best movies of this year

    Luke DonovanLuke Donovan5 måneder siden
    • @flensoest Yep, and it was pretty good, speaking as a 25 year old who never had to suffer a great deal from the great recession. Still a poignant and beautiful film. 7/10. I would say "Into the Wild but for seniors" is a pretty insanely myopic and childish take.

      VerbatimVerbatim22 dager siden
    • @Firstname Lastname Ok! Have you seen nomadland?

      flensoestflensoest24 dager siden
    • @flensoest Honestly, I would argue that throwing disingenuous, unthoughtful opinions into the mix is more toxic than not saying anything at all. You also come across as largely belligerent, so it is unlikely those who read your comments would be more inclined to hold your opinion to higher standard than the original commenter.

      Firstname LastnameFirstname Lastname24 dager siden
    • @Hello Human I see you don't know what toxic means. Your response however is toxic as it adds nothing. lmao

      flensoestflensoest26 dager siden
    • @flensoest "Wrong." lmao toxic

      Hello HumanHello Human28 dager siden
  • Weird, I quite liked Nomadland but thought MLK/FBI was terribly made. That’s the great thing about movies!

    Joshua KleinJoshua Klein5 måneder siden
  • I wonder, does Adam likes Troma? I can't recall if he ever made a video about it

    Ícaro en EspañolÍcaro en Español5 måneder siden
  • Is “Get The Hell Out” the sequel to “Get Out?”

    SKS ThrowawaySKS Throwaway5 måneder siden
    • @aaronsdavis In space no one can hear you get out.

      kay kutcherkay kutcher4 måneder siden
    • Ye s

      lpldlpld5 måneder siden
    • Get In

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond5 måneder siden
    • No, it’s actually the sequel to “Get The Out”. The sequel to “Get Out” is “Got Out”.

      Dave BanasterDave Banaster5 måneder siden
    • @hellpander Ge two out

      Tomas CanevaroTomas Canevaro5 måneder siden
  • Nomadland is the new Leave No Trace of The Year for YMS.

    The Cinematic MindThe Cinematic Mind5 måneder siden
    • I didn't find Leave No Trace to be boring, but I can understand why the majority of people would, especially since you know how the film will end 1/3rd of the way through it with the other 2/3rds filled with repeating storylines and conflicts that you've already seen.

      Sean AverySean Avery4 måneder siden
    • I really hope it isn't as boring as Leave No Trace...

      DJGamingSmashDJGamingSmash5 måneder siden
  • Wtf?! You're the guy who made the song "Fragments"? I fking love this song, one of my favorites

    NeurofenNeurofen5 måneder siden
    • @Neurofen I recommend the Blondie version also.

      The Cinematic MindThe Cinematic Mind5 måneder siden
    • @Neurofen Jokes aside that is really cool. So you just found out he was the same guy right?

      SeungjaeSeungjae5 måneder siden
    • I had kind of the same experience but slightly different, I'd always hear fragments at the end of his vids and thought it sounded amazing but for some reason it took me a while to realize it was him singing lmao

      lel lollel lol5 måneder siden
    • @Seungjae Let me check, i have that song in my playlist since May 2016 and follow his movie ratings for a year now, i think. such a mindblow to see that this is the same guy

      NeurofenNeurofen5 måneder siden
    • Nice try adum

      SeungjaeSeungjae5 måneder siden
  • Adam is easily one of the hardest working youtubers on the platform

    Wyguy the French FryWyguy the French Fry5 måneder siden
    • Nah

      Sean AverySean Avery4 måneder siden
    • @SkyDiams Team same I only have like 2 subscriber tho

      Wyguy the French FryWyguy the French Fry5 måneder siden
    • Definitely one of the *hardest*

      SkyDiams TeamSkyDiams Team5 måneder siden
    • He's definitely the gayest and furriest

      mrpunk327mrpunk3275 måneder siden
  • Surprised you didn't mention many of Nomadland's characters being played by real-life nomads. Even if that doesn't change your opinion of the film, it's something that's frequently brought up in the other reviews I've read of it, so it probably would've been worth touching on in yours imo.

    Cool Cat StudiosCool Cat Studios5 måneder siden
    • @ca20mn Fair enough. As I said before, it's something I've seen many others talk about, so that's the main reason I brought it up here.

      Cool Cat StudiosCool Cat Studios5 måneder siden
    • @Cool Cat Studios I’m not going to reply in an ignorant manner like the rest but I would not call that a particular fact worth mentioning. I guess it’s cool they didn’t just cast random extras? But if any prominent characters are nomads I would say that’s a common practice of casting what you want to represent.

      ca20mnca20mn5 måneder siden
    • What like real hobos? I could probably get some hobos to work for me too if I waved some change in front of their face.

      DoctorBaldheadDoctorBaldhead5 måneder siden
    • Yeah I dunno it’s pretty self explanatory. People who are destitute and looking for work especially in an unstable job market in middle America become modern day nomads.

      Frank MerkerFrank Merker5 måneder siden
    • ​@ca20mn According to multiple sources, more than a few of them were: www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/nomadland-film-review-venice-2020 www.indiewire.com/2020/09/nomadland-review-1234585838/ www.theguardian.com/film/2020/sep/11/nomadland-review-frances-mcdormand-chloe-zhao

      Cool Cat StudiosCool Cat Studios5 måneder siden
  • Yeah yeah yeah cool and all BUT what about the boys season 2

    Isaac ?Isaac ?5 måneder siden
    • On Adumplaze he said it was good, not great and not as good as season 1. Probably won’t do a quickie

      Frank MerkerFrank Merker5 måneder siden
  • Wow great the lion king yay. How about synechdocke part 6? :)

    ----5 måneder siden
    • Yes please

      Kiam VenterKiam Venter5 måneder siden
  • As soon as I saw MLK/FBI I clicked

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner5 måneder siden