Quickie: Hive, The World to Come, One for the Road

17. mars. 2021
57 029 Ganger

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0:00 Hive
1:22 The World to Come
3:05 One for the Road

  • Friend: What's your favorite film genre? Me: Critically acclaimed lesbian romance movies. Hby?

    defventdefvent13 dager siden
  • When I saw the title Hive I thought it was based on book called Hive about the life of a female bee told from her perspective wonder if this film has any connection

    BunBun91BunBun9113 dager siden
  • I know you liked oldboy So i suggest you to watch the movie Forgotten (2017)

    Lee Woo-JinLee Woo-Jin13 dager siden
  • ok u gae

    Crash BeeCrash Bee15 dager siden
  • All these movies look very interesting!

    Miguel VielmaMiguel Vielma16 dager siden
  • For the love of god, The Man who Killed Don Quixote NEEDS a solid yms review.

    Alex DjurovicAlex Djurovic16 dager siden
  • you should watch “la haine” it’s a great french movie

    Julien KapelaJulien Kapela18 dager siden
  • what's the outro music? sounds so familiar

    Kocka DisputaKocka Disputa18 dager siden
  • i know you may not since it’s a children’s film but have you seen Raya and the Last Dragon? I was wondering your take on it because honestly as someone who’s not a big disney fan I really enjoyed it!!

    nico yazawanico yazawa20 dager siden
  • I give the song at the end a 1 out of ten

    Pasha SadrPasha Sadr20 dager siden

    JOHN WAYNEJOHN WAYNE21 dag siden
  • Omfg just drop that lion king review!

    LazzG1LazzG121 dag siden
    • When its ready

      randomguy6679randomguy667920 dager siden
  • This channels name is so misleading.

    Nephilim HeartNephilim Heart21 dag siden
  • It's odd to see the movie industry learning what the porn industry knew 40 years ago: Pretend-lesbians on screen will sell tickets like nobody's business

    Jan BerkemeierJan Berkemeier21 dag siden
  • are we ever getting a part 6 of the synecdoche new york review?

    abdulrahman gadiabdulrahman gadi21 dag siden
  • WTF i didnt know you still made music that shit SLAPS

    Peter LingoPeter Lingo21 dag siden
  • Yes

    Emerson AmayaEmerson Amaya22 dager siden
  • Please do I CARE A LOT F**K

    Matteo D'AngeloMatteo D'Angelo22 dager siden
  • Please do Zack Snyder's justice league review ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Sooraj DodkeSooraj Dodke22 dager siden
  • ADAM PLEASE DO RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON. I thought it was super Mediocre with a weak plot, weaker characters, and really cringy script writing. I NEED TO KNOW IM NOT CRAZY. PLEASE

    abbyabby23 dager siden
  • Can you do an adam and pals on paul blart?

    Bobby BBobby B24 dager siden
  • sexoutttatennnnn

    Matrons BoxMatrons Box24 dager siden
  • Video should've been sponsored by honey

    dat damn kezdat damn kez24 dager siden
  • fuck the lion king review

    Dan WhiteDan White24 dager siden
  • Kimba is almost a year old. Wheres The Lion King 2019 review now?

    Eugene Imbang Y OrtezaEugene Imbang Y Orteza25 dager siden
  • thoughts on agente topo?

    KanedaKaneda25 dager siden
  • The World To Come is a very beautifully written movie. I mean, the narration, the phrases themselves

    slonmishslonmish25 dager siden
  • A G force review would be nice

    AlbertAlbert25 dager siden
  • why were the subs blurred out?

    R GR G25 dager siden
  • Daniel Blumberg (who did the score for The World to Come) is seriously underrated. More people really need to check him out!!

    Luke BerrieLuke Berrie25 dager siden
  • Let me guess. 7/10?

    imagoimago25 dager siden
  • are you ever going to review Minari,adum

    diego gonzalesdiego gonzales26 dager siden
  • Is it just a meme at this point to give every movie a 7/10

    Thomasm3000Thomasm300026 dager siden
  • a

    fishyfishy26 dager siden
  • Adum: “directed by *Kosovar* Blerta Basholli” Me: Kosovo is Serbia

    Howard MeyerHoward Meyer26 dager siden
  • hey adam - will you ever make more longform videos again?

    Fearsome War EngineFearsome War Engine26 dager siden
    • Are you not aware that he’s been working on a Lion King 2019 review that’s been in the works for over a year now? Lol

      John LJohn L26 dager siden
  • He still spelt Katherine Waterston's name wrong even in the correction

    Jessica JJessica J26 dager siden
    • Oh cry me a river

      Bill CrossBill Cross25 dager siden
  • Word of advice: make sure you have SafeSearch on if you're going to go searching "Lesbian Period Pieces"

    Walker GilmerWalker Gilmer27 dager siden
  • The Ebay Games meme will always be dank, and I'm glad you showcased it

    Jacob RogalaJacob Rogala27 dager siden
  • Eh I'm just not into Lesbian Broke Back Mountain stuff, just usually cringy given the nature of unrealistic romance they put on film. Always disliked it even "But I'm a cheerleader" was too annoying for me. I think they just get to full of themselves and maybe some levity might help but it's just so bland every time I see a lesbian romance so far. I think the problem is.. to me they are all the same, so you could take any character from the main pair, swap em into another movie and nothing changes. Same with plenty of other romance stories really, take Edward from Twilight and stick him in any teen romance.. same issue. I think it's a lack of.. umph. The writers and director get so caught up in making it visually romantic that I just feel like the characters become one note and BORING. carbon copies of every other character in a romance. Ten things I hate about you was such a better male lead but the chick could be plucked out of that movie, inserted into Juno and nothing changes. Sorry but I also hate Juno. It was boring, stupid and just not realistic. No teen girl in the modern era who thinks like she does gives birth for someone else to have fun raising her kid... it's unrealistic, and so full of itself. Girl'd just get an abortion. Lets be real, that's what real life Juno would do. Nothign she does makes any sense and she's just like those movies where the child talks like a super educated forty something being only five. Sorry... I hate that film so much... so very much. As a woman myself I want a story to actually... you know... make sense. I didn't cry when she gave beirth I sighed in relief that the movie was over the the tripe was done. She is crying cause of hormones? Cause we establish she doesn't care about anyone least of all the kid.... just garbo.

    DarkshizumaruDarkshizumaru27 dager siden
  • I think there’s going to be a Shenmue 4 before Adam puts out the Lion King review.

    YoungisgodYoungisgod27 dager siden
  • 6:00 music name?

    DuskDusk27 dager siden
  • ASMR Adam is what I call this wonderful horse fella.

    Feck offFeck off27 dager siden

    OpiatedBlissOpiatedBliss27 dager siden
  • Daniel Blumberg is a genius, glad you liked his score

    kk27 dager siden
  • very classy, adum! digital blackfacing in 2021!!!! very classy!!!!!!

    Rolf JanssenRolf Janssen27 dager siden
  • woah

    FrikchaFrikcha27 dager siden
  • Bad Thai/Japanese films are better than good US/Korean films.

    My Autobiography A FanficMy Autobiography A Fanfic27 dager siden
  • Liked for copythat

    Eli BarterEli Barter27 dager siden
  • - Tech tech and tech... Jeeze. Do we know what makes a great film today? - And lesbian love film directed by woman, almost all woke checkmarks.

    Edward HittenEdward Hitten27 dager siden
  • Why didn't you mention Carol when saying "critically acclaimed lesbian romance period pieces" are becoming their own genre. Just seems like a really obvious pick.

    Caleb WallerCaleb Waller27 dager siden
    • @Caleb Waller We've all been there fam. The number of times I felt like I was making an important point, only to wonder why I even bothered five minutes later.

      deee fqdddeee fqdd25 dager siden
    • @deee fqdd I guess, it's just Carol was the first thing that came to my head, it really doesn't matter the more I think if it.

      Caleb WallerCaleb Waller25 dager siden
    • If he picked Carol there'd be people saying "why didn't you pick 'Portrait' or The Handmaiden'?"

      deee fqdddeee fqdd27 dager siden
  • "The World to Come" sounds like a movie about some hardcore edging.

    KickiuszKickiusz27 dager siden
  • First time I've heard Wong Kar Wai's name in a while.

    Christian AndersonChristian Anderson27 dager siden
  • I had to unfollow I’m tired of the nasally complaints about b list movie

    Gentry PerryGentry Perry27 dager siden
    • Not a loss on both parts really but you are Staying in a cinematic dark, one of the few benefits Adum provides is exposing non mainstream movies

      Kosta JovanovicKosta Jovanovic27 dager siden
  • Opens with an old meme

    Beep BeepBeep Beep27 dager siden
  • "Period-piece lesbian drama" New favorite genre

    Adam CAdam C27 dager siden
    • Very popular on the last 2/3 years, some great film in this new genre :D the favourite the handmaiden portrait of a lady on fire ammonite the affair the world to come

      Eduardo MandimEduardo Mandim25 dager siden
  • Let me guess, all sixes right?

    Jorge GomezJorge Gomez27 dager siden
  • Great video bro

    David HopperDavid Hopper27 dager siden
  • Ah yes, my favorite movie genre: white cis women become lesbian in a non-contemporary context

    idk idcidk idc27 dager siden
    • What do the gender indentities of them matter?

      Bill CrossBill Cross25 dager siden
  • As someone from Kosovo, hearing Adam review one of our movies is sooooo strange lmao. Also really cool though.

    Genti MGenti M27 dager siden
  • "Casey Affleck does a good job" In other news, water is wet.

    Jon BaxterJon Baxter27 dager siden
    • Water actually isnt wet

      38- Shaayon Chakravarty38- Shaayon Chakravarty26 dager siden
  • I think it's kinda weird to put out a prequel to Two For The Road over 50 years later but ok

    SladeBallardSladeBallard27 dager siden
  • I really, REALLY appreciate you blurring the subtitles even though you don't have to. Just a small touch that makes your channel so great for this.

    NeowyrmNeowyrm27 dager siden
  • If you're mad about so many lesbian romance/historical films, don't even get me started on the heterosexual ones! There are so many of those, what's up with that?! Like, every year there's a bunch of hetero romance/historical films. Give it a rest, Hollywood! It's becoming its own genre!

    Doctor SpeedweedDoctor Speedweed27 dager siden
  • Can someone tell me where I can watch these movies? Especially "One for the Road"? Looking up where I can watch these movies legally, is surprisingly really hard.

    TidalusTidalus27 dager siden
  • i really like one for the road, super stylish and unique movie but a bit too long

    Adam GluzmanAdam Gluzman27 dager siden
  • I just discovered and watched your mini series of, "The genius of Synecdoche, New York" and I can't find part 6 of the series... Reviews you've done like, "Oldboy." And "The Visit" and "Asylum" are exactly why I enjoy your channel a lot. I hope you make pt 6 Or if you already did pt 6, could I get a link? I can't find it. Thanks

    ScratchBobItchPantsScratchBobItchPants27 dager siden
    • He hasn't done it yet, the timespan of the review's production is thematically consistent with the film.

      deee fqdddeee fqdd27 dager siden
  • Need a Portrait of a Lady on Fire review

    tanya kentanya ken27 dager siden
  • we want Justice League review!

    Ninja BlackNinja Black27 dager siden
  • Why is Christopher Abbot in every movie of 2021?

    Rusted CoinRusted Coin27 dager siden
  • Of course Adum sees World to Come before Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

    Unimpressed AlchemistUnimpressed Alchemist27 dager siden

      M a g e n t aM a g e n t a22 dager siden
    • Why is that definitive?

      Kosta JovanovicKosta Jovanovic27 dager siden
  • Lesbian romance period pieces are pretty much just fan service for lesbians and I love them.

    Duality SystemDuality System27 dager siden
    • Lol nah

      Whitebolls92Whitebolls9223 dager siden
    • That was very self-aware 😆

      Xavier GarnierXavier Garnier25 dager siden
  • One thing I do hate is that because we've had a several Lesbian period pieces in such a short period, that people have started pitting them against each other. Ammonite gets knocked for not being as good as PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE, but no one ever knocks a superhero movie for being like every other superhero movie. Not Adum specifically, but even "serious" critics do this. It's a real bummer.

    Ian SmartIan Smart27 dager siden
    • "but no one ever knocks a superhero movie for being like every other superhero movie" I do

      Adam GatesAdam Gates26 dager siden
    • @TheArctic Wizard imagine

      Kosta JovanovicKosta Jovanovic27 dager siden
    • Adum is not free of guilt

      Kosta JovanovicKosta Jovanovic27 dager siden
    • Imagine taking critics seriously

      TheArctic WizardTheArctic Wizard27 dager siden
  • Every day I pray I don't die before the review of The Lion King comes out.

    A NA N27 dager siden
    • Imagine how many we've lost while waiting for this review. How many wishes has Adam broken?

      Christopher WhiteChristopher White13 dager siden
  • 4:18 it's ok, Adams face photoshopped onto a bar tender can't hurt you. *Adams face photoshopped onto a bar tender*

    Cinema ColaCinema Cola27 dager siden
  • adam watches a lot of movies

    LiLMoviePerpLiLMoviePerp27 dager siden
  • 0:08 Sorry to be nitpicking, but the correct term is Kosavar.

    Aarón A.Aarón A.27 dager siden
    • So that is why it sounded so strange

      Kosta JovanovicKosta Jovanovic27 dager siden
  • Sounds like a good movie to watch to help me sleep. 😴💤💤💤

    Peter FrenckenPeter Frencken27 dager siden
  • ugh i'd take marvel shlock over photographs of people talking genres

    tsartomatotsartomato27 dager siden
  • One for the Road, OOH OOH.

    The Cinematic MindThe Cinematic Mind27 dager siden
    • Great, now its stuck in my head

      Martina MakekMartina Makek27 dager siden
  • Critically acclaimed period piece lesbian romance movies may be my new favorite genre

    Chase FordChase Ford27 dager siden

    L PL P27 dager siden
  • Im just imagining at this point that the Lion King Review is gonna be like 4-5 hours when it finally comes out

    Misha TPRMisha TPR27 dager siden
    • It STILL hasn't come out? 😂😂

      umm huh?umm huh?27 dager siden
  • I'll have to watch one for the road but I'm disappointed to hear that the ending was weak, again I'll have to see for myself but that was my biggest issue with bad genius, the last 20 mins were pretty bad.

    RockyMountain3467RockyMountain346727 dager siden
  • 0:38 The editing is respectful? What does that mean?

    Diana NocteDiana Nocte27 dager siden
    • It means respectful is the editing.

      Ahmed Nauman TariqAhmed Nauman Tariq27 dager siden
  • First period piece lesbian romances becoming a genre next asexual jittery firefighter breakdancing robots from the year three thousand. We know you can make it happen, Adum!

    James MillerJames Miller27 dager siden
  • im giving this one a 7/10

    Jon HalftipJon Halftip27 dager siden
  • Really want to see Hive, my family’s from Kosovo and were around during the war, can’t wait to see it.

    kushbroomkushbroom27 dager siden
    • @Howard Meyer depends who you ask

      M HoustonM Houston26 dager siden
    • Kosovo is Serbia

      Howard MeyerHoward Meyer26 dager siden
    • Ah, so that's what he said

      Kosta JovanovicKosta Jovanovic27 dager siden
  • One of the unfortunate things about festivals for independent films, and just independent films in general, is the inundation of drama. I've watched and enjoyed drama films before, but it really feels like that's all there is. Reminds me of when the indie gaming came to fruition and it was a shitstorm of Openworld/survival/crafting and "Small child in a scary world" as far as the eye can see.

    TheCorporateMooseTheCorporateMoose27 dager siden
    • Yeah I don't really understand why something being "independent" or for a smaller venue has to mean drama or thought provoking, can't things just be entertaining?

      Kyle AmesKyle Ames14 dager siden
    • Same with music and all the lofi hip hop and Black Metal bands with the introduction of Bandcamp and SoundCloud

      TheArctic WizardTheArctic Wizard27 dager siden
  • ngl whole period piece lesbian romance genre is super samey and stereotypical in nature. It's clearly made to appeal to critics for the "oh so brave and woke" points

    I am tiredI am tired27 dager siden
  • Can you do a not quickie

    DavaroniDavaroni27 dager siden

    Marcella MetokurMarcella Metokur27 dager siden
  • Wow what a meme to revive

    JindoJindo27 dager siden
  • Adum is only pretending to work on a lion king review so he can shill indie films to normies

    Hubblebub LumbubwubHubblebub Lumbubwub27 dager siden
  • Adum: "Katherine Watson" Screen: "*Waterson" Poster on-screen: "Waterston" So which is it then, adum??????????

    Jakub LickoJakub Licko27 dager siden
    • Adum’s first typo. Have him apologize for this on Sardonicast. 😤

      JimmehfordJimmehford8 dager siden
    • Waterston. Her father is Sam Waterston from Law and order & killing fields btw.

      Ryan AkwarRyan Akwar14 dager siden
    • Hmm suspicious.

      Icia JayIcia Jay22 dager siden
    • @BigMac thank you for clarifying

      Jakub LickoJakub Licko26 dager siden
    • The poster is right

      BigMacBigMac26 dager siden
  • I can't believe Adam hasn't seen portrait of a lady on fire

    Vishrut BajajVishrut Bajaj27 dager siden
    • I'm surprised he didn't, having a Mandela Effect moment now.

      Kev LowKev Low5 dager siden
  • The Lion King Review that never was

    StevenSteven27 dager siden
  • Why are y’all so critical of Adam???

    Sydney PSydney P27 dager siden
  • Kinda surprised you didn't use "The Favourite" as an example for the "period piece lesbian romance" part. I guess it's lacking in the romantic elements, but I think it fits that trend overall. Edit: Oh fuck and "The Handmaiden". I can't believe I forgot about that one.

    TheEoghShow - Movie ReviewsTheEoghShow - Movie Reviews27 dager siden
    • @Eduardo Mandim if we extended this genre to include gays relationships too, we of course couldn't forget "The Lighthouse" (2019).

      Mike K.Mike K.24 dager siden
    • don't forget "the affair" from 2019

      Eduardo MandimEduardo Mandim25 dager siden
    • I was going to suggest "The Favourite" as a joke until I spotted your comment. "Carol" would also fit into the genre, I think.

      Mike K.Mike K.27 dager siden
    • @SinTanity he didn’t say that. He said it’s “lacking.” Without spoiling the film, it’s because the narrative is ultimately more tied up in power struggles than it is with romance, but those also manage to go hand in hand

      Harrison ChapmanHarrison Chapman27 dager siden
    • I haven't seen that movie, but it does make me laugh that you said "I know this movie has no romance, but why didn't you include it as a romance example?"

      SinTanitySinTanity27 dager siden
  • The lighting in some of the shots you showed of the hive were absolutely amazing, it's just perfect

    owl waifuowl waifu27 dager siden