Quickie: In the Same Breath, Cryptozoo, All Light, Everywhere

31. mars. 2021
53 657 Ganger

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0:00 In the Same Breath
2:28 Cryptozoo
4:08 All Light, Everywhere

  • drug movie for high people

    caramelapple jollyranchercaramelapple jollyrancher11 timer siden
  • 1:03 this is sadly still happening, the amount of urns ordered are a couple 10000 more than the deaths reported.

    Callum BaileyCallum BaileyDag siden
  • I wouldn't mind seeing a review about the Movie Fatale with Michael Ealy and Hillary Swank

    Pete OlivarezPete Olivarez2 dager siden
  • Fun fact that is irrelevant: there's a small clip of the "Cryptozoo" movie you showed that shows a theater called "The Yowie" i nearly jumped in my seat because there's a VERY WEIRD and very niche art-rock band called Yowie that has an album called.... Cryptooology (not a typo) but yea kinda something interesting that may have been intentional.

    bloody knucklesbloody knuckles3 dager siden
  • At 2:46 it sounds like you're saying that the movie was inspired by wes anderson as a person like they just looked at him and were like yep I know what we'll do

    Elias GlaserElias Glaser5 dager siden
  • Crypotozoo kinda looks like Yellow Submarine meets Wes Anderson

    Ian TeradaIan Terada6 dager siden
  • I didn't see this in my sub home page even though I never miss any of your vids

    TGDRAWTGDRAW7 dager siden
  • did you stop doing full reviews? I miss them

    Fearsome War EngineFearsome War Engine7 dager siden
  • Gonna have to watch this chinavirus documentary, really tired of fools swearing up and down everything bad about muh perfect CCP during this has been made-up propaganda

    Higgins WalsanHiggins Walsan8 dager siden
  • Imagine not being allowed to film in a hospital, what kind of evil fascist tyrannical government would do....

    EC 90EC 9010 dager siden
  • Adum likes movie: looks like I have a new favorite movie I’ve never seen. Adum likes documentary: looks like another doc I shall never watch.

    Dee Dee MegadoodooDee Dee Megadoodoo11 dager siden
  • Really wanted to hear what Adum had to say about 'Mass' also from Sundance, but I guess these reviews matter more as documentaries are just universally ignored when it comes to reviews.

    Anuj PramanikAnuj Pramanik12 dager siden
  • Cryptozoo reminds me of outsider art. The title "All Light, Everywhere" reminds me of a masterpiece called "I am here... now."

    TrixiLovesYouTrixiLovesYou12 dager siden
  • Check out Dash Shaw’s comics. Cool, stuff very different, and a fresh take on the medium

    B KellyB Kelly12 dager siden
  • It seems to me that the only reason anyone is reacting critically to police body cam footage is because the reality that it reveals doesn't support the narrative they were hoping to promote. They thought for sure that forcing cops to wear cameras would increase accountability for law enforcement officers, and in some cases they do. But far more often, the accountability for a situation is obviously in the hands of the (drunk/high/homicidal) suspect, and that's super fucking embarrassing to the same civil rights groups that were clamoring for bodycams a decade ago. So now, because bodycams aren't going away anytime soon, we've got media saying "NOOOOO! YOU CAN'T JUST FORM A PERCEPTION OF REALITY BASED ON THE DEVICES WE DEMANDED IN ORDER TO FORM A PERCEPTION OF REALITY!" Yeah, no. It's going to take a little more effort than that to gaslight me.

    ButtSolutionButtSolution12 dager siden
  • It's important for you to realize your own success especially during these trying times instead of lashing out to your loyal viewers. Even on Reddit, you're incredibly popular and still you're accusing the silent majority of being hateful.

    Sven PoletkaSven Poletka12 dager siden
    • Loyalty means nothing on the internet

      { rulBmutnauQ }{ rulBmutnauQ }9 dager siden
  • Where does one watch these films ;-;? Online is it possible?

    SamSam12 dager siden
    • Sometimes 🏴‍☠️ works but it also sometimes take time for it to become mainstream to even be worthy, just use Opera VPN if you distrust Incognito mode. If it's not there without clickbait try to wait.

      Deborah AmosDeborah Amos12 dager siden
  • Still no Lion King, its comical at this point.

    LeonLeon12 dager siden
  • Film might be the best propaganda tool. Works both ways.

    Ro ManRo Man12 dager siden
  • What does he mean by "A movie for drug people"? I mainline cocaine and the movie just isn't my vibe.

    PeterPeter Pumpkin EaterPeterPeter Pumpkin Eater12 dager siden
    • Try PCP

      Adam GatesAdam Gates12 dager siden
  • Theo Anthony is the Giant Rat

    378th Pedro378th Pedro13 dager siden
  • The algorithm done fucked up your channel 😑

    The WonThe Won13 dager siden
  • Yay! 2 vids of The Lion King Review coming our side

    A Homo SapienA Homo Sapien13 dager siden
  • If anything, It's pretty brave of Wong to tackle issues that could've resulted to total ostracism if she lived in good ol Tiananmen Square.

    Fish on WaterFish on Water13 dager siden
  • Hey adum I would love to see you Review seaspiracy I am curious whar you think about it

    Yonas ShinigamiYonas Shinigami13 dager siden
  • Adum went full film student on the third one

    Li2m B312ng3rLi2m B312ng3r13 dager siden
  • Day number 792: Adam finally got another minute of editing in on his Lion king review. The world rejoices as the gay furry continues work.

    VoxCRVoxCR13 dager siden
  • Covering up the virus frustrates me because of how stupid it is. Even from a selfish perspective, ignoring a dangerous virus is bad FOR YOU. Especially in one of the most crowded and populated countries in the world.

    Mr TemporalMr Temporal13 dager siden
  • Thumbnail looks like A Tribe Called Quest's debut

    H.T. GremoryH.T. Gremory13 dager siden
  • Shout out Dan Deacon

    horse dick .mpeghorse dick .mpeg13 dager siden
  • Gosh darn I love Adum

    Legolas LizardLegolas Lizard13 dager siden
  • Dan Deacon rules. WIll watch the last one just to hear his music

    David MullerDavid Muller13 dager siden
  • ... the "fake" pandemic. They downplay the virus all over the world, not only in China. For what? To let it spread (like the flu), then to justify restrictions, masks, vaccine passports and so on. Leading to population control, like China. Politics is not movies.

    Edward HittenEdward Hitten13 dager siden
  • In the Same Breath is a movie that clearly took guts to make. Definitely looking forward to seeing it

    Scott BaldwinScott Baldwin13 dager siden
  • i'm pretty hyped for the release of the thanos cut of the lion king it's only half as long though

    pepe the frog poops on right wingerspepe the frog poops on right wingers13 dager siden
  • I just binged a ton of your videos and it’s crazy how timeless they are - like, they aren’t at all dated even after eight or so years. I’ve found my exact niche in your sense of humor and commentary, love your videos so so much!! I’d love to see you review some seasons of American horror story - I just can’t decide how I feel about it and would love to hear your thoughts on it!!

    Onalee McGuireOnalee McGuire13 dager siden
  • There is a much greater implication to All Light, Everywhere than having to do with just body cameras.

    John S.John S.13 dager siden
  • With how Adum was describing Everywhere I was fully expecting him to give it a 9 if not a 10.

    BoilerBoiler13 dager siden
    • @Daplin1 5 = average

      Thread BombThread Bomb13 dager siden
    • Think of a five as the word good.

      Daplin1Daplin113 dager siden
  • 3:31 Yes.

    The Great MCThe Great MC13 dager siden
  • Will there be an American version of "In the same breath"?

    Adam CAdam C13 dager siden
  • Cryptozoo=Problemsolverz detox

    kaiokendokaiokendo13 dager siden
  • Cryptozoo's style really reminds me of the animated scenes in Monty Python and the Meaning of Life. I need to see it.

    BaneBane13 dager siden
  • Can anyone tell me name of the music playing during the All Light Everywhere review? It was beautiful.

    N1njaZ3nN1njaZ3n13 dager siden
    • @Bane Damn, you’re right. That soundtrack is dope.

      N1njaZ3nN1njaZ3n13 dager siden
    • Most likely "Horn Phase" from the Rat Film OST. I may be wrong, but it seems most similar. Unironically thanks for making me look - I found a new musician to enjoy! The other songs on the soundtrack are great too. Check it out.

      BaneBane13 dager siden
    • most likely from the film's OST

      LUIGIIILUIGIII13 dager siden
  • Anybody knows what's the highest score he ever gave?

    J.J JamesonJ.J Jameson13 dager siden
  • Yo, Adum!! I helped work on Cryptozoo, I'm so glad you liked it! My input was pretty negligible in the big picture, but it was an extremely rewarding experience, and Dash (director) and Jane (animation director) are so awesome and interesting. They are a tiny operation, and they work out of their house in Richmond, VA, which is where you showed them working in the behind-the-scenes footage here. I was one of several interns helping out, and that was throughout 2018. One of the things I had to do was go through every storyboard frame and label it, and that of course entailed me basically reading the entire film, which was completely bonkers. You're right, it's so weird, and you're also completely on the money about Fantastic Planet being an inspiration, but the work of Ralph Bakshi is as well. I can't wait to see the finished product. Check out their previous feature film, My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea (2016).

    0=Axel=00=Axel=013 dager siden
    • great taste. LOVE bakshi

      tonywordstonywords10 dager siden
    • ay thats awesome, keep it up!

      CrysolidCrysolid13 dager siden
  • The thing about China suppressing info about COVID has me fuming- thanks China for shutting down my job off an on for a year and pushing back my savings to buy a house and get my life on track. Thanks for allowing disinformation, travel, and lies to continue so we all suffer instead of having integrity about the situation. DISGUSTING

    EmilyEmily13 dager siden
    • Stay mad gwailo

      J WJ W11 dager siden
    • You know if China didn't shut down their country, no one would have, right?

      unwatchableunwatchable13 dager siden
  • Adam could you recommend any good racist movies?

    Magnawhiff TVMagnawhiff TV13 dager siden
    • cats

      kys 123kys 12313 dager siden
  • I guess you could say that In the Same Breath is in the same breath as 76 days

    Demented DuskullDemented Duskull13 dager siden
  • Cryptozoo looks like a Of Montreal album cover

    thickman900thickman90013 dager siden
  • you really need to check out pleasure by ninja thyberg, best film of the festival for me

    Adam GluzmanAdam Gluzman13 dager siden
  • Also recommend "One Child Nation" by Nanfu Wang

    KaleLikesWafflesKaleLikesWaffles13 dager siden
  • All Light, Everywhere seems interesting.

    am hmam hm13 dager siden
  • I find it funny that you're so critical of the Chinese government and how they've consistently lied about the virus from the start...but you seem to gobble up everything OUR government says, despite Trudeau openly admitting his admiration of China's dictatorship and how efficient it is. Not only that, but you seem to put your trust in the Canadian MSM who have been on the Trudeau payroll since just before the second election. You know, that 700 million dollar fund set up for "trustworthy" news organizations? Does that not seem an awful lot like how China controls the flow of information? You seem to only apply your criticisms to those that disagree with you rather than applying it equally. What about all the doctors that have been censored in the west for speaking out against the exaggeration of how dangerous the virus is? In reality, you support censorship but not when it supports your world view. On top of everything else, you talk about these political, social and scientific topics while admitting you aren't an expert or that you even really understand what's happening in the bigger picture. I still respect your movie reviews, but I have no respect for you as a person.

    David HallDavid Hall13 dager siden
    • @David Hall Nah, the government of Canada is currently holding a red princess for trial, Trump and the right wing are seen as "boons" for China and the Chinese loved him, go to NGA and there's endless posts over the last 4 years about how "Trump is proving China is the future."

      Kurt GomezKurt Gomez13 dager siden
    • @Kurt Gomez You're sympathizers by proxy is what I'm trying to explain, at least if you support the current government (now the US gov too) and are ok with the current state of our rights.

      David HallDavid Hall13 dager siden
    • You won't find many CCP sympathizers here, adums channel isn't big enough to be astroturfed.

      Kurt GomezKurt Gomez13 dager siden
    • cool story bro

      Hubblebub LumbubwubHubblebub Lumbubwub13 dager siden
  • In the Same Breath was absolutely amazing. I was so happy to to get the chance to see at a local theatre showing Sundance films.

    CommonFableCommonFable13 dager siden
  • Just a heads up I haven't been seeing your videos on my feed or getting notifications about them (despite sub and bell) for the last week or so. Does make for some nice surprises on the home page I guess...

    MatthewMatthew13 dager siden
  • More "stayed tuned for more stuff" please

    Samuel MontagueSamuel Montague13 dager siden
  • Hey Adam, you should check out a brazilian documentary called "No Intenso Agora" (In the Intense Now). Listening to you talk about this documentary on Police cameras and how the filmmaker conveys a bunch of concepts and ideas reminded me of It. It is also about the nature of a footage. Why were they captured the way they were? What the Position of the camera in relation to the subject can tell us about that environment? It is a personal favorite.

    Otavio CordeiroOtavio Cordeiro13 dager siden
  • So what you’re saying is, if the Chinese government wasn’t such a totalitarian Communist regime trying to downplay COVID-19 to make itself look good, we might have avoided this global pandemic had the information wasn’t so tightly monitored and censored?

    Ivan CorrederaIvan Corredera13 dager siden
    • @That'snotrightproductions Well if you are talking about how the Chinese government purposefully tried to cover up the initial outbreak when there were videos of people being locked into their apartments, citizens panicking to stock up on goods, in october of 2019, it's not really relevant how badly orange man fucked up.

      Kurt GomezKurt Gomez12 dager siden
    • @Kurt Gomez I agree and I’m not saying that the Chinese government didn’t play a role in the virus getting out of hand, but to fully blame it on China without acknowledging other big picture factors is kind of ignorant

      That'snotrightproductionsThat'snotrightproductions13 dager siden
    • Regardless of the "but what about the US" comments, as if the US is the entire world outside of China, China shut down domestic travel from Wuhan while internation travel was still allowed. It's pretty obvious the authoritarian regime of China wanted tight lips on the virus so the world wouldn't be able to prepare, and china could "catch up" to the west faster.

      Kurt GomezKurt Gomez13 dager siden
    • @John S. pretty sure he’s referring to the government, who call themselves the Communist Party (even though they aren’t). The Chinese government love to criticise capitalism and praise communism/socialism. You can’t blame people for being confused.

      殇逝殇逝13 dager siden
    • @John S. Literally lmfao

      That'snotrightproductionsThat'snotrightproductions13 dager siden
  • jesus fucking christ, please end the synecdoche series i beg you

    Akira VelickaAkira Velicka13 dager siden
  • So...does he not tell us why he thinks movies suck anymore. Maybe a 2nd channel would make more sense for years worth of this type of content. I appreciate it but the yms label doesn't seem to fit anymore and it feels like a bait and switch. I could be very wrong.

    Bone Apple TeaBone Apple Tea13 dager siden
    • @neonlavellan correct but we're getting way more of one than the other the name of the channel suggests.

      Bone Apple TeaBone Apple Tea13 dager siden
    • His YMS series and Quickies are two separate things.

      neonlavellanneonlavellan13 dager siden
  • I love hearing Adum speak positively about movies.

    Luke FlancherLuke Flancher13 dager siden
    • YourMovieSogood

      Cold ChemicalCold Chemical12 dager siden
  • I’ve been waiting so long for you to talk about Strawberry Mansion, rly thought this would be the one 😂

    TheResistanceCompanyTheResistanceCompany13 dager siden
    • The virus is a joke anyways. Ages 0-69 have a 99.7% survival rate and even 70+ years have a 99.5% survival rate. We losing our freedom over a scam.. gotta wear a bs mask everywhere you go when the box on the mask says "THIS MASK DOESN'T PROTECT YOU FROM COVID 19." Bunch of sheep out here

      The WonThe Won13 dager siden
  • Some Info on the Lion King Review would be nice. We are waiting for several Months now ;-;

    David MeyerDavid Meyer13 dager siden
    • @Bridge over fluoridated water Its April now so looks like hes wrong again.

      LeonLeon12 dager siden
    • On one of his streams he said that he was releasing whatever he had finished by the end of March. But to be honest I don't know if he's gone back on that. But that was the last thing I heard

      Bridge over fluoridated waterBridge over fluoridated water13 dager siden
  • My girlfriend's mom is a doctor from China and she had friends who volunteered to work in Wuhan at the outbreak and according to her 75 days is very staged

    BennnBennn13 dager siden
  • I hope he does the first review All in One Breath

    chocobros1chocobros113 dager siden
  • Hey adum, if you’d like cryptozoo. You should watch the filmmakers previous film, my entire high school sinking into the sea. For which I saw when I was on high school 😊

    Michael MetcalfMichael Metcalf13 dager siden
  • So uuh... When's Nanfu Wang's funeral?

    ZierboZierbo13 dager siden
  • Sorry Adum but 76 Days was simply a propaganda piece. I, too, enjoyed the presentation. However, I'm not sure if it's still considered that good of a documentary film if a lot of its parts were simply staged?

    Eugene HEugene H13 dager siden
  • The idea of using Dan Deacon for soundtracks gives me immediate respect for the creative choices

    C.J. BlarfC.J. Blarf13 dager siden
    • That definitely caught my attention.

      Cold ChemicalCold Chemical12 dager siden
    • Unironically fantastic musician. I'm so happy whenever he gets work like this.

      Haydn AndersonHaydn Anderson13 dager siden
    • Right? Plus the guy has god-tier live shows.

      gagnorblugagnorblu13 dager siden
  • I really need the lion king review right now

    jj kevinjj kevin13 dager siden
  • You should review each Madea movie😂 Seems like something you'd have an amazing time doing

    Nathan MarmadukeNathan Marmaduke13 dager siden
    • @MegaChaosBlast no

      Dany _the_penguinDany _the_penguin11 dager siden
    • There's 11 of them and they are all essentially the same film. Hasn't Adam suffered enough

      MegaChaosBlastMegaChaosBlast13 dager siden
  • Watch The disciple. Alfonso Cuarón is the executive producer. It will be on netflix 30 april.

    Paul Muad'dibPaul Muad'dib13 dager siden
  • Bruh by the time he releases the lion king review im gonna be dead

    Amino BloomAmino Bloom13 dager siden
    • You have less than a month left to live? Then why are you wasting your time on the likes of NOworld?

      ShroudedWolf51ShroudedWolf5110 dager siden
    • But you're a bloomer....

      Daplin1Daplin113 dager siden
  • Wow, he did this all in the same breath!

    Mr CrompskyMr Crompsky13 dager siden
  • I want Adum to review Synder Cut

    Troy JuhnTroy Juhn13 dager siden
  • 0:22 vom.fail

    Cornelius PierceCornelius Pierce13 dager siden
  • Laptop Adam is just amazing

    Bucky BarnesBucky Barnes13 dager siden
  • back to the movies you can't watch for who knows how long

    Not SarcasmNot Sarcasm13 dager siden
  • I was gonna make a "isn't that the asian guy from 13 reasons why?" Joke. Then realised very quickly that would be a bad idea given the first film you reviewed 😬😂

    JapozJapoz13 dager siden
  • Adam: Stunning, thought-provoking, beautiful direction and a great soundtrack. Also Adam: 8/10 I guess.

    Internet Xxx_Pl0r3r_xxXInternet Xxx_Pl0r3r_xxX13 dager siden
    • if he gives some movie more than 8/10 it's bigger than a life itself

      MörköMörkö13 dager siden
  • 0:24 vom.gen.in

    Rosalyn WardRosalyn Ward13 dager siden
  • I am gonna die before the lion king review comes out, aren't I?

    Seventeen Sixty-NineSeventeen Sixty-Nine13 dager siden
    • what comes first, lion king review or hl3

      MagnusMagnus12 dager siden
    • @David Paul that's what happens when you hire GRRM to write the script

      Calabi YauCalabi Yau12 dager siden
    • Yep.

      David PaulDavid Paul13 dager siden
  • Why didn't you review Godzilla versus King Kong?

    • He hasn’t seen it yet I think. He didn’t score it on IMDb at least. I remember he liked Godzilla 2014 but hated Skull Island and never saw King of the Monsters.

      AlexandraAlexandra13 dager siden
  • The people have spoken Adam and they want the review of Snyder-cut. We need you to put the Snyder-bots over-hyping the movie like it's the best superhero movie ever made in their place.

    JayJay13 dager siden
    • You don't need a youtuber to understand why a movie is bad, man. Just watch it again and make your own arguments, then argue against these "Snyder-bots" yourself

      Ryngo BrodyRyngo Brody13 dager siden
    • They are spamming it everywhere.

      Paul Muad'dibPaul Muad'dib13 dager siden
  • Did you watch them on your phone ? lool

    Pasha SadrPasha Sadr13 dager siden
  • drug movie for high people

    Karl MarxKarl Marx13 dager siden
  • I hate Lion King 2019 too, Adam

    Bucky BarnesBucky Barnes13 dager siden
  • What? Nanfu managed to get back to China after One Child Nation? And shot a documentary?! That takes balls.

    spurguVITUNhuoraspurguVITUNhuora13 dager siden
    • I mean, I don't think she herself was in China but I may be wrong. I'm pretty sure she's been marked for "reeducation" since she released One Child Nation.

      Kurt GomezKurt Gomez13 dager siden
  • i need to watch cryptozoo now

    Mark RutteMark Rutte13 dager siden
  • This film is the singular entity responsible for the deaths of everyone I love and has ruined my life countless times over, the only thing I have ever wished for is that this film never appeared in my life. I'll be giving this one a 7/10 closer to an 8 than a 6.

    1 11 113 dager siden
  • *noce*

    Dynamosaurus ImperiousDynamosaurus Imperious13 dager siden

    B0b B00berekB0b B00berek13 dager siden
  • Adum supports police brutality confirmed

    Mark F.Mark F.13 dager siden
    • Wot

      El TunasT1000 ChorseneguerEl TunasT1000 Chorseneguer13 dager siden
  • The Snyder cut is gonna be a joke once Adum releases his 8 hours Lion King review.

    Mushrambo KinnikuMushrambo Kinniku13 dager siden
    • Going to be...?

      ADeadlierSnakeADeadlierSnake12 dager siden
    • @Yonas Shinigami well i am not surprise if he have alot of money to buy every ticket just to watch film in middle of pandemic for us

      Alam AlamAlam Alam12 dager siden
    • The Hype is real

      Yonas ShinigamiYonas Shinigami13 dager siden
    • It‘ll be in 4:3 to restore his vision.

      TransformiconsTransformicons13 dager siden
    • #releasetheadumcut

      MachuNoelMachuNoel13 dager siden
  • Krypto, The Super Dog.

    Duarte VaderDuarte Vader13 dager siden
  • you had me at “drug movie for high people”

    Lyle UglemanLyle Ugleman13 dager siden
  • Where can I see In the Same Breath? I can watch it on HBO, but I don't have or want HBO.

    Big Fat ManBig Fat Man13 dager siden
  • all light, everywhere is SOOOOOOOOOOO good omg, thank you

    residentgrinchresidentgrinch13 dager siden
    • where did you watch it?

      SebSeb13 dager siden
  • 19th

    tweezerstweezers13 dager siden
  • Since China will one day buy youtube, I'd like to say that I think the Chinese government did a great job handling the pandemic! I love you Hu Jintao!

    Calabi YauCalabi Yau13 dager siden
    • Honestly as a proud Chinese i would say that Hu Jin Tao is the best leader we’ve gotten ever since...well ever since the communist took over the Chinese mainland.

      Terry XuTerry Xu4 dager siden
    • Hu Jintao hasn’t been president since 2012 lmao

      That Cinema CynicThat Cinema Cynic10 dager siden
    • ...bruh, at least update the name of our *totally* glorious leader?

      Siyuan YanSiyuan Yan13 dager siden
    • @PSMSTR damn, i can't believe you committed suicide

      Generic User 123Generic User 12313 dager siden
    • @AndySunshine1291 r/ihavereddit

      Im a Silly TornadoIm a Silly Tornado13 dager siden