Quickie: Last and First Men, There Is No Evil, YMS Update

30. jan.. 2021
76 457 Ganger

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0:00 Last and First Men
1:24 There Is No Evil
3:32 YMS Update

  • I'll be on twitch.tv/Trihex with Trihex, the creators of the Feels Good Man documentary, Taylor Lorenz, and Pepe the Frog creator Matt Furie at 5pm Pacific tonight. See you there!

    YourMovieSucksDOTorgYourMovieSucksDOTorg2 måneder siden
    • Not gonna lie, I misread that and thought Trihex made the Feels Good Man doc for a hot second.

      NostalgiaNostalgia2 måneder siden
    • will this twitch appearance be uploaded on your channel? or be available to watch on youtube elsewhere?

      knuhcxknuhcx2 måneder siden
  • There is No Evil. My god. My god. Golden Bear well fucking deserved.

    The Cinematic MindThe Cinematic MindMåned siden
  • exited to watch you rip into the lion king, because it’s genuinely probably one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen, if not the worst. my boyfriend & i even saw it in a free showing from his work, and even seeing this movie completely free while incredibly stoned it was so genuinely boring and uninteresting and the entire time you wish you were just watching the original because you know it would be so much more entertaining. by the last ~30 minutes i honestly wanted to just leave the theatre, because it was just boring i didn’t even want to look at it anymore, and ended up just half sleeping for most the movie to make it more bearable. i normally don’t even mind bad movies and have a high tolerance, but good lord that movie was just awful beyond words, worst theatre experience i’ve had in my life

    sharksharkMåned siden
  • Bought and watched ”first and last men” after this review and I loved it. Thanks for the recommendation Adam!! This really is a movie that totally grabs ones attention in ways I have not experienced for a while. It was hypnotic, awe-inspiring, sad, hopeful and the music was fantastic.

    JacobJacobMåned siden
  • @ update looooool can't wait

    Chu KaDooChu KaDooMåned siden
  • I do wish YMS included where we can watch the movies, even if he just stated American sources. I'm having SO MUCH TROUBLE trying to find Last and First Men as well as There Is No Evil. This is infuriating.

    YallanYallanMåned siden
  • "So yeah, check this one out, it's already available, you have no excuse not to" *Me, a citizen of the United States:* Well, you say that...

    Drawtoonz StudioDrawtoonz StudioMåned siden
  • What streaming service is Last and First Men on?

    Kurt WinkelmanKurt WinkelmanMåned siden
  • Last and First men was great, but it's really only like 1 page of a 1000 page story, and it's a really interesting story. Think 'World of Tomorrow' but less comedy.

    HitchensImmortalHitchensImmortal2 måneder siden
  • Synecdoche new york is coming 2025

    RT LWRT LW2 måneder siden
  • I'm going to miss Johann Johannson even more after watching his film, I'm becoming more and more of a fan after his passing.

    Jesse BondJesse Bond2 måneder siden
  • BEEEEEEP atient

    geospasmicgeospasmic2 måneder siden
  • I know Adam said it was available, but I’m having a tough time finding Last and First Men. Any ideas on how to see that one?

    TheGradyBabyTheGradyBaby2 måneder siden
  • why the hell are you making a 4-hour long review of a movie you hate LMFAO????? that sounds like the definition of hell, just release it in episodes of 30 min vids

    random duderandom dude2 måneder siden
  • lion. king.

    Yerain AbreuYerain Abreu2 måneder siden
  • bring on the next adam & palls twilight

    BoydyBoydy2 måneder siden
  • what is that music?

  • I don't like movies because usually they are bad.

    Frumpis BrinkletonFrumpis Brinkleton2 måneder siden
  • I love your content but never watch your quickies I understand it’s hard to make longer videos... but that’s what hooked Me Keep up the good sarcastic/incredibly informative work! = )

    Winz FireWinz Fire2 måneder siden
  • hey adam, I was wondering if u could do a review on the final destination franchise, you did it with saw so I cant wait to watch it

    Adventurebon27Adventurebon272 måneder siden
  • Thanks for the amazing content. Have you heard about the community page views exploit on youtube? boost algorithm

    RaumpleStompRaumpleStomp2 måneder siden
  • I'm interested to hear your opinion on 1. Valley of Tears, and 2. Frozen 2 (yes, I have a little boy who is being weaned off of it. BUT I do think it's much better than the first)

    Vered YalinewitzVered Yalinewitz2 måneder siden
    • I think he gave a 5 to Frozen II on Imdb, but I could be wrong.

      Drawtoonz StudioDrawtoonz Studio27 dager siden
  • Can you delay the lion king yms until april so on april 1st you can upload a 10 hour long video titled “Yms: Lion King” and just say “It was bad” and have your outro loop for the next 9:59:30 minutes

    AlaraAlara2 måneder siden
  • So..... Avatar 2 coming soon???

    Oscar ArzabeOscar Arzabe2 måneder siden
  • Dude, how sad it is that i do not care that much about the lion king review

    Harry JoutsenHarry Joutsen2 måneder siden
  • I have a clear and distinct memory of YMS reviewing "Raised by wolves" But I ccan't for the life of me find it. I clearly recall yms finding the beggining good then complaining about it going to shit, I watched it anyway and that is how it went. Did I just sidestep into a paralell dimension or is youtube search function just that bad?

    SkySky2 måneder siden
  • Im expecting the lion king review to be 5 hrs long 😂

    MazeMaker4LifeMazeMaker4Life2 måneder siden
  • where do i watch last and first men? he said it's available now, but i can't find it anywhere except bfi, which i suspect is unavailable in canada

    pingu nootypingu nooty2 måneder siden
    • I’ve been having the same problem. Maybe it’ll become available in the coming weeks?

      PhilPhil2 måneder siden
  • Excited to see the Lion King review when it's ready- the longer it takes, the better it'll be

    One Star ReviewsOne Star Reviews2 måneder siden
  • All I want this year is the Lion King YMS

    atown_liatown_li2 måneder siden
  • Man, I'll mis Johann. Absolutely one of my favorite composers.

    FrippTrickyFrippTricky2 måneder siden
  • Just make the Lion King one big Epic video that'll resonate to anyone that loves the movie as much as you do.

    Jacob CrumJacob Crum2 måneder siden
  • Is it poetic that the first and last movie Johann Johannsson directed was named "Last and First Men"?

    Roverdrive XRoverdrive X2 måneder siden
  • You should watch "a time for heaven"

    Ropedogg68Ropedogg682 måneder siden
  • "The Last and first men" is an amazing movie. Specially when you investigate about the production and meaning behind the overall scenery. 100% recommend if you're into artistic science fiction.

    Harry Edward SmithHarry Edward Smith2 måneder siden
    • Is there any way to watch it online?

      PhilPhil2 måneder siden
  • I'd rather just listen to the audiobook. Cinema is a visual medium first and foremost.

    watertommyzwatertommyz2 måneder siden
  • It's so unfortunate that's the one and only film we're going to get from Jóhann Jóhannsson. He could've easily been the best Icelandic filmmaker of all time. Last and First Men is, to me, as good as what's considered the best film by an Icelandic director to most audiences. So he was already on that level with his debut feature. It sucks to not see where he would go from there. :( Anyway, I loved the film. It's the exact type of film that 2020 was missing for most of the year. In my top 10 for now.

    Sean AverySean Avery2 måneder siden
  • His description of last and first men reminds me of Samsara

    Christopher MartinezChristopher Martinez2 måneder siden
  • Didn't realize YMS defended bestiality, imma head out, unsubscribing

    Xxx 777Xxx 7772 måneder siden
    • @57 Year Old James Bond Solid content

      Kosta JovanovicKosta JovanovicMåned siden
    • Hmm, I didn’t realize that either, because it didn’t happen. Have fun missing out on good content.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 måneder siden
  • The question is...will his lion king video be his Citizen Kane or The Room?

    Arnold said What?Arnold said What?2 måneder siden
  • This is a gigantic chungus

    Also_KikiAlso_Kiki2 måneder siden
  • Where can you find "Last and First Men"?... other than BFI! I've been trying to find it since it was released!

    Aaron DAaron D2 måneder siden
  • If I could only recommend one book that I think everyone should read it would be Olaf Stapledon's (author of Last and First Men) other masterpiece 'Star Maker', such a visionary writer and thinker. Look forward to watching this film interpretation of Last and First Men.

    Carlo MarattaCarlo Maratta2 måneder siden
  • I'd say when you release that lion king review it's going to get many millions of views. 😂 Can't wait for it. The Kimba one was the most unexpected video of that year that I ended up loving.

    Ian BoylanIan Boylan2 måneder siden
  • quallllllity adam QUALITY

    Daniel FinnDaniel Finn2 måneder siden
  • Cool, but I'll wait for the Breen remakes.

    Patrick AllenPatrick Allen2 måneder siden
  • seeing "last and first men" broke my heart. i urge everyone that's ever seen a film he scored to listen to his non-soundtrack work. his imagination was second-to-none and given how singular his vision for "first and last men" was, it makes me think think he'd be able to do the same as a director. he gave those amazing monuments life, imbued them with a sense of urgency, terror, hope. i am so glad "first and last men" was finished at the time of his passing, but it hurts knowing this will be his only film. thankfully his music is plentiful. just like with "first and last men", his albums have a timeless quality to them. be patient, and suddenly the world as he saw it appears before you: raw beauty. words aren't enough to explain jóhanssons contributions to scandinavian/nordic cinema and music. thank you, jóhann.

    Pat BuchananPat Buchanan2 måneder siden
  • Honestly couldn't stand Last and First Men, but I have a whole lot of respect for creating a film so experimental and strange.

    Kiet HoKiet Ho2 måneder siden
  • *Those weird monuments filmed in **_First and Last Men_** are in the former Yugoslavia. If you want to look them up search “spomenik” which means “monument”. They are pretty fascinating, I think. Funded by the Yugoslavian government under Tito back in the 60-90s, as memorials to various events, the end of wwII, battles, regional industry, and random Commie symbology.* There’s some really striking and kinda mind blowing monuments, obelisks, and just strange objects. I mean, the art style is called *Brutalism* so it’s gotta have some umpf. But I think they are some of my favorite man made objects ever. Especially since many of them sit, stark and ominous, in the middle of some beautiful vista of nature. A forest or mountain side. Wish the world had more of those around.

    MellowtronMellowtron2 måneder siden
    • They were hardly founded by Tito following 1980

      Kosta JovanovicKosta JovanovicMåned siden
  • Would you consider cutting some parts of the Lion King review out 😶

    AlaraAlara2 måneder siden
  • Fuck yeah The Last and First Men was one of my absolute favourites of last year (I'm aware it's been around for a couple of years but at festivals only).

    Henry JonesHenry Jones2 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know where you can see last and first men? Adum says it’s out but I can’t find it for sale anywhere.

    Cj DeSantiCj DeSanti2 måneder siden
  • Lion King 2019 is YMS's Star Citizen.

    AScannerDaftlyAScannerDaftly2 måneder siden
  • _Last and First Men_ sounds like every wanky try-hard student film ever. _There Is No Evil_ sounds pretty good, though.

    Caitlin RixCaitlin Rix2 måneder siden
  • What will be finished first, the Lion King review or Yandere Simulator?

    KiyoKiyo2 måneder siden
  • I'm looking forward for the Lion king review more than actual disney movies coming this year.

    ✿MJF✿✿MJF✿2 måneder siden
  • I read "there is no yms update"

    Alessandro MieliAlessandro Mieli2 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know where can I watch First and last men??

    TAAARS SSSTAAARS SSS2 måneder siden
  • I bet when the lion king review comes out it'll have loads of bugs and cops will spawn out of no where. Hopefully the pc version is more polished.

    CurtisEbearCurtisEbear2 måneder siden
  • I would like to see your thoughts on the White Tiger, on Netflix. I really enjoyed it as someone who has read the book and think it's a pretty good translation. It's an interesting character study and I recommend anyone who interested in a purposefully uncomfortable viewing experience.

    Emerald ArtistEmerald Artist2 måneder siden
  • Take your time on the lion king review, it's worth the wait.

    FramedFlowerFramedFlower2 måneder siden
  • Adum: Owh my gwooooyd

    Lyle .GLyle .G2 måneder siden
  • Hello Adam, have you watched the animated movie Angel's Egg? I'm sure you would like it

    hajdxhj jdjshshhajdxhj jdjshsh2 måneder siden
  • Simba - stares blankly. Adam - 45 minute monologue.

    Oleg KozlovskiiOleg Kozlovskii2 måneder siden
  • wait johan johanssen died?

    N E DN E D2 måneder siden
    • 2yrs ago. Cocaine was involved.

      Caitlin RixCaitlin Rix2 måneder siden
  • Last and first man reminds me of "la jéte" the thing "12 monkeys" was based on

    Lance FlairLance Flair2 måneder siden
  • I really love Johann Johansson’s score in Arrival, so to learn that he is the director of First and Last Men makes me want to watch it just for him. RIP Johann.

    Mark ParkinsonMark Parkinson2 måneder siden
  • Hopefully, the Lion King review is going strong.

    Mark ParkinsonMark Parkinson2 måneder siden
  • its kinda funny... the mysterious lookin structures shown here(Last and First Men) are actually war monuments from the Balkans (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia). As a person who lives here i always thought of the architecture and style of monuments and some brutalist buildings as sci-fi looking, i can only imagine how weird it look to someone not born here.

    tarandril95tarandril952 måneder siden
  • Do Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror some time. I don't think any youtube cinema channels have ever covered it. I seem to remember it being pretty over the top.

    Joe BenderJoe Bender2 måneder siden
  • Holy shit, this man is so fucking amazing, creating such a huge review of the lion king. I'm so hyped

    Mooo MoooMooo Mooo2 måneder siden
  • You had me at "gaping"

    GerbilKorGerbilKor2 måneder siden
  • what music was used in this video?

    john johnsonjohn johnson2 måneder siden
  • Lion King will be out when its ready MonkaS

    Fisherman JohnFisherman John2 måneder siden
  • As a Persian cinema lover I really glad that you watched and reviewed one of my country's movies. Thank you. this film is directed by Mohammad Rasoulof one of the important Iran cinema directors after Kiarostami and every movie he made I believe is worth watching especially the Gagooman which I recommending you watch one time. Another thing is I want to thank you for your honest reviews because nowadays we don't have it and there are few people who are criticizing well.

    hs 71hs 712 måneder siden
  • By these scores you gave it seems you had a good time watching these!

    Sam M.Sam M.2 måneder siden
  • 1) you do you man, of course. 2) spit it up, no worries here. Make it 5 parts for all I care. You have a voice and talent and we are here for that.

    RoaryerRoaryer2 måneder siden
  • I think it's best to split it. It'll do while you finish other videos. (:

    Krys LucasKrys Lucas2 måneder siden
  • Where can i even watch Last and First Men?

    ColombianThunderColombianThunder2 måneder siden
  • We should take bets on what will come out first, the Lion King review, The Winds of Winter or The Elder Scrolls VI

    DysnomiaFilmsDysnomiaFilms2 måneder siden
  • A literal narration with good sound and weird structure images gets the most praise I’ve heard from him in a long time Bro I think you just need to switch to good quality audio books and give up movies

    TheLegend27TheLegend272 måneder siden
  • Hey Adum! Do you remember reviewing the song "I can't wait to be King 2019" and saying everyone's got the note right except the english one? There was one LQ version in Czech and you were asking for it. I managed to find it also in HQ so you can add it to the final review as you wanted. noworld.info/video/video/p6W1rZuPqq2fsLM.html (1:05) Edit: spelling

    FajarunFajarun2 måneder siden
  • god i hope the lionking review is just one super long part, would love that shit

    Matthew TranMatthew Tran2 måneder siden
  • Hey people stop rushing the lion king review, it will come, be patient.

    Alex RobinsonAlex Robinson2 måneder siden
  • Reminder that this is the same man that has a pinned comment on "All the single furries"

    CuboneCubone2 måneder siden
  • We will wait as long as it takes for new YMS

    Samantha MSamantha M2 måneder siden
  • western world: at last! photographs without people talking!

    tsartomatotsartomato2 måneder siden
  • no joke, i can't wait to spend 10 hours watching that review

    Luis BarajasLuis Barajas2 måneder siden
  • Two films i'll be lookin forward to

    MonsieurMaskedManMonsieurMaskedMan2 måneder siden
  • You should split it up into two parts. Seriously, if it's going to be longer than your Kimba review, then split it up into two

    Hopingoverleavesinfall now film discussion channelHopingoverleavesinfall now film discussion channel2 måneder siden
  • "Klaus to finishing"

    FrikchaFrikcha2 måneder siden
  • Where is First and Last Men available? I feel dumb, I’m not finding it anywhere.

    JoeJoe2 måneder siden
    • I don't think it's been released to the general public yet.

      Drawtoonz StudioDrawtoonz StudioMåned siden
  • The way Adum described Last and First Men sounds like it is a high budget NOworld video.

    Eugene Imbang Y OrtezaEugene Imbang Y Orteza2 måneder siden
  • "by the end of march" holy fuck, this thing gonna be longer than the LOTR trilogy

    TheHolyNadeTheHolyNade2 måneder siden
  • Never been sold on a film so hard as when you compared Last and First Men to the Mass Effect codex.

    ADeadlierSnakeADeadlierSnake2 måneder siden
  • I just watched PALMER and it turned out to be non political really good

    William KellyWilliam Kelly2 måneder siden
  • I came to the realization that almost all of my favourite youtubers aare canadian

    Castor PóluxCastor Pólux2 måneder siden
  • that opening frame of u in the crowd is gold

    FrikchaFrikcha2 måneder siden
  • I'm so upset that Johann died so young, he was such an original, creative artist. Him and Villeneuve's partnership was one of the best things to happen to modern western filmmaking. I had no idea he had directed a film, I'll definitely be checking it out.

    I-I-2 måneder siden
  • Where is Last and First Men available?

    ThemonkeymartinThemonkeymartin2 måneder siden