Quickie: On the Count of Three, Misha and the Wolves, Knocking

2. mars. 2021
61 070 Ganger

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0:00 On the Count of Three
2:57 Misha and the Wolves
4:10 Knocking


    JOHN WAYNEJOHN WAYNE21 dag siden
  • On the Count of Three sounds like a worse version of the suicide pact episode of Paranoia Agent

    AProbablyPostmanAProbablyPostmanMåned siden
  • Jeez, man. When the lion king drops, it better be 3 hours long.

    Yerain AbreuYerain AbreuMåned siden
  • 1:12 so... that episode of paranoia agent basically

    spagginspagginMåned siden
  • Do synecdoche New York

    Colin GrahamColin GrahamMåned siden
  • Eyy! Fellow veteran furfag of 11 years here. Found you on the official podcast with Charlie and the gang. Thanks for not being the definition of cringe. You got yourself another subscriber!

    CoyoteFeralCoyoteFeralMåned siden
  • Sorry to comment this here, but God PLEASE do a review of Coming 2 America, I watched it last night and I really would love to see what you have to say about it. Its... it sure is a movie.

    NeonDemonzNeonDemonzMåned siden
  • Hi Adam! Ron here from Freedom! Sent you an email :)

    Ronaldo LawasRonaldo LawasMåned siden
  • How about an Aloys analysis & review?

    TıkasıcalarTıkasıcalarMåned siden
  • Hey Adum, I love your videos but I think you're overdoing the "frowning face" gag a bit. I know it's your schtick as a cynical reviewer but it's honestly not that funny or necessary. Your excellent reviews hold enough weight without the gimmick. Just my opinion of course...

    Macto5Macto5Måned siden
  • Are we just never going to get "The Genius of Synecdoche, New York (Part 5)"? It's been 5 years and I am still waiting.

    Alexander EmeryAlexander EmeryMåned siden
    • Part 5 is out. Part 6, however...

      zbigniew kozikzbigniew kozik29 dager siden
  • thx

    Max HillMax HillMåned siden
  • "Worth watching till the end, 5/10" - YMS

    CoverEyeCoverEyeMåned siden
  • Adam I want to hear your opinion on Coming to America 2. Without spoilers it’s a good movie, definitely not better than the first and it has some good funny parts in it

    Joshua KidderJoshua KidderMåned siden
  • Review Wandavision

    Jon RodriguezJon RodriguezMåned siden
  • Does chest compressions in live action is difficult. If you do it for real you can really hurt someone, because of course the technique involves pressing on someone's heart to affect blood flow. You could do it as a special effect, but most movies and TV shows won't budget for such a small thing (also I guess you don't want to see viewers trying this on their friends). So inevitably we always see the actor doing compressions that are obviously fake.

    Thread BombThread BombMåned siden
  • I like the idea of quickies but i think 3 movies in 6 minutes is a little too short. If its less than 5 minutes it should just be one movie. 10 minutes 2 movies ete. Love your content as always i just think its better to focus on one movie than gloss over 3. Keep up the good work.

    D DawkD DawkMåned siden
    • These are just meant to give a quick opinion on what movies you should or shouldn't watch, where to spend your money. He has to churn them out fast.

      Julio Von MatterhornJulio Von Matterhorn21 dag siden
  • Can you review I Care a Lot? I wouldn't say that it's good, but I had a fun time watching it.

    Emma BalesEmma BalesMåned siden
  • Yo where’s the Tom and jerry movie review

    Carlos CamarilloCarlos CamarilloMåned siden
  • For any movie where the character should be able to record from their phone, just show them fumbling it in a panic, not being able to unlock it in time, accidentally swiping away from the page where their camera icon is, things like that. Ezpz

    ohnoitschrisohnoitschrisMåned siden
  • I'm glad you mentioned the modern phone technology problem. I was thinking a lot about this a few weeks ago, while re-watching my favorite horror films from childhood. The existence of a simple iphone would completely break most of these stories. A popular trope used to be a shot of a phone line being cut. Now we get contrived, often poorly, scenes to explain the absence of smart phones. How do killers know to target the one girl in town who dropped her phone in the fish tank earlier?

    Sewer TapesSewer TapesMåned siden
  • There is an Episode of Paranoia Agent that does the plot of On the Count of Three way better.

    Butters /k/unButters /k/unMåned siden
    • Paranoia agent slaps

      epic manepic manMåned siden
  • I don't know if you did this intentionally but the background music you used in this video is extremely annoying

    ineedmoresalmonineedmoresalmonMåned siden
  • On the Count of Three has the same plot as an episode of Paranoia Agent, except the Paranoia Agent episode (and the rest of the series) does a much better job of properly handling depression, anxiety, suicide and etc. That and the suicide pact Paranoia Agent episode is a fucking fantastic episode with a cheeky tweest at the end.

    under7under7Måned siden
  • Great story, great directing, great performances, great cinematography... bad music 5/10

    DaichiS4815162342DaichiS4815162342Måned siden
  • I still haven't been sufficiently convinced that guy isn't Kit Harrington

    Kenneth FunkKenneth FunkMåned siden
  • Damn i was really looking forward to on the Count of Three

    sounders foreversounders foreverMåned siden
  • Adam, I can't concentrate what youre saying with that annoying fucking song in the background... Love the quickies btw.

    Distros94Distros94Måned siden
  • The new shirt has to be 5/10

    Tomas OlivaTomas OlivaMåned siden
  • i really liked on the count of three, that and pleasure and fire in the mountains were the best movies imo

    Adam GluzmanAdam GluzmanMåned siden
  • That guy in the hospital stock photo really looks like jay bauman

    Daniel TreviñoDaniel TreviñoMåned siden
  • The music sounds like the “SEGA” voice is doing scat in the final segment

    Fork 2Fork 2Måned siden
  • This is what I love about your reviews You are honest and talk about the specific things you dislike. You don’t just call movies bad, you say specific things that are bad I can see a negative review from you, knowing your tastes and keen eye, and still come off with a want to watch the movie based on the things you said It’s really the best way to do a review

    Fork 2Fork 2Måned siden
  • When’s he gonna watch Cobra Kai

    bijobijoMåned siden
  • I’m starting to think Adam just lives at movie festivals now.

    aguynamedGeoffaguynamedGeoffMåned siden
    • @KLG “Adam, just watch them at home on your laptop” “Not now, I got 11 more 5 out of 10s to review!”

      J LupusJ LupusMåned siden
    • He lives in a tent just outside

      KLGKLGMåned siden
  • Wonder what adams thoughts on paddleton would be?

    Tree the oakTree the oakMåned siden
  • from worst to best me - come on 6/10!

    pepe the frog poops on right wingerspepe the frog poops on right wingersMåned siden
  • 5/10 is the new 6/10!

    AnacronianAnacronianMåned siden
  • Anybody else think he was reviewing 'On the Count of Three', 'Misha' and 'the Wolves, Knocking'?

    curblawcurblawMåned siden
  • i used to be an emt, now im in movie industry, im very devided on the terrible cpr shown in movies, on the one hand, if you show bullshit cpr, people might actually think thats what its supposed to look like. on the other, you simply cant do that to a living person, youre trying to compress the heart, the amount of force required would be very dangerous, not to mention painfull. so if you want to do it right, you have to get a lifelike dummy that has great fake skin (because you DONT PERFORM CPR ON A CLOTHED PERSON) and then vfx the actors face on it.. or something like that. i dont know, if i had do shoot a scene like that id probably just dont show the hands at all, at least then you dont propagate completely ineffective cpr.

    Simon Wilbert KramerSimon Wilbert KramerMåned siden
  • I swear I've seen part of a movie that had a premise that was almost identical to that of On the Count of Three. I don't remember the name though. Wonder if they're connected.

    EpicsergsterEpicsergsterMåned siden
  • Hey Adam, one suggestion for future film festival reviews: Maybe try to review one "bad", one mediocre and one good movie in every video (if the ratio is possible). That makes the video end on a high note with a suggestion and you don't actually forget about good movies because other good movies follow in the same review. Love your work!

    1n5uff1c13n71n5uff1c13n7Måned siden
  • That actor from On the Count of Three looks like Kit Harrington.

    Duarte VaderDuarte VaderMåned siden
  • The choice of song got repetitive even within the 1st movie. I was thinking "I really hope it's gonna be a different song per review."

    reversalmushroomreversalmushroomMåned siden
  • I see wolves but no wolf's rain

    anxietydownanxietydownMåned siden
  • I wanna see a movie called knockers but its about boobs

    Bungus the 3thBungus the 3thMåned siden
  • I also want to be in a movie with a scene where another character and I hold guns to each other's heads. Because that's just the coolest. So cool. Cool.

    TrixiLovesYouTrixiLovesYouMåned siden
  • Gromit Mug

    Gromit MugGromit MugMåned siden
  • lion king YMS when

    Spiritable PodcastSpiritable PodcastMåned siden
    • July 15, 2021

      Ha Ha HaHa Ha HaMåned siden
  • Knocking = The Strangers III

    HE13272326HE13272326Måned siden
  • Hi Adum, in a nutshell, what is your opinion on Lethal Weapon?

    TheKopakahTheKopakahMåned siden
  • One day I’ll look at the notification and see YMS: The Lion King (2019)

    Jackattack 333Jackattack 333Måned siden
  • Anybody else heard him say “from worst to betsy”

    ZessXXZessXXMåned siden
    • Everybody did cause that’s what he said

      Mason KrabbeMason KrabbeMåned siden
  • I once saw this movie from 1997 called "dream with the fishes", about a suicide/murder pact with a great plot. I'll see if I can find it and watch it again instead of that one.

    Aldier GreenAldier GreenMåned siden
  • When next synecdoche part? it's been 3,5 years.

    Michał WilkMichał WilkMåned siden
    • @Noob Noob I haven’t seen the movie, but listening to his analysis, the movie has quite a bit to do with feeling time pass by rather quickly

      VarunVarun27 dager siden
    • Just saw him answer this on yms streams channel. He said if you like the series and the movie then you would know why he's spacing these parts like this. Why this long is beyond me I haven't personally seen the series so idk what he means.

      Noob NoobNoob NoobMåned siden
  • What is a directorial day view?

    Nicolas CaramNicolas CaramMåned siden
    • @Nicolas Caram r/boneappletea

      Rusted CoinRusted CoinMåned siden
    • @Nicolas Caram I'm glad I could be of help

      giuseppe paganogiuseppe paganoMåned siden
    • @giuseppe pagano thanks man, it wasn't a joke. I always hear him saying it, but never actually understood what he meant. Thanks!

      Nicolas CaramNicolas CaramMåned siden
    • I'm sure I missed the joke but, in the rare chance you are serious, it's directorial "debut" as in their first film as a director

      giuseppe paganogiuseppe paganoMåned siden
  • im so damn sad by the fact that your channel died

    shiniershinierMåned siden
    • ?

      saberteeth studiossaberteeth studiosMåned siden
  • cool

    10cody710cody7Måned siden
  • What is that seductive Scar doing behind your laptop! (and where is the original art from XD)

    SonicHaXDSonicHaXDMåned siden
    • He is with weak and feminine moves

      Inazuma TanInazuma TanMåned siden
    • if it's on FA it's A) private B) tagged as NSFW either way it seems you need to have an account to view it.

      Deborah AmosDeborah AmosMåned siden
  • Top 10 list when?

    IdniilzoIdniilzoMåned siden
  • Not getting the notification wtf

  • Why does yms refuse to say “.5”?

    Mr CrompskyMr CrompskyMåned siden
    • @Jay C isn’t it still the same as what he said though

      Mr CrompskyMr CrompskyMåned siden
    • because he'd rather people focus on his commentary than the specific numbers

      Jay CJay CMåned siden
  • Adam look out Scar is creeping up on you he's behind the cubicle wall, run!

    KaineHeroKaineHeroMåned siden
  • Imagine one day he uploads Quickie: The Lion King

    BasketballBasketballMåned siden
    • Or better yet, Street Trash.

      Judson GaidenJudson GaidenDag siden
    • @Sean Matthew King Quickies: Synecdoche NY, Lion King, Oldboy

      strubbery gstrubbery gMåned siden
    • @Kaizir epic reply, lol

      Yerain AbreuYerain AbreuMåned siden
    • noworld.info/video/video/q5a9oLehutvNz7M.html

      poloroidablepoloroidableMåned siden
    • @Marlon Davis Quicky: Synecdoche New York, Lion King, and ______.

      Sean Matthew KingSean Matthew KingMåned siden
  • 0:54 vom.in.net

    Bauch AlmonBauch AlmonMåned siden
  • i think you could post the audio for your review of "on the count of three" as a review for "13 reasons why". just add a part that mentions the asian guy from 13 reasons why and nobody would notice the difference.

    AlenderAlenderMåned siden
  • I am a 5/10 but closer to a 4 than a 6

    RedmondRedmondMåned siden
    • Oof

      starlightstarlightMåned siden
    • ouch

      Rusted CoinRusted CoinMåned siden
    • Relatable

      Ivo Samuel Giosa DomínguezIvo Samuel Giosa DomínguezMåned siden
  • it's a bunch of 5s today, date 3/2, so 3+2=5... the numbers... I feel like I'm making a connection here... guys... I think adam might be gay

    SladeBallardSladeBallardMåned siden
    • what?

      Bilbo BoulderBilbo BoulderMåned siden
  • Bloated pretentious garbage. I'm giving it 5/10 Brilliant cinematographic masterpiece. I'm giving it 5/10

    Vincenzo. 667Vincenzo. 667Måned siden
    • It sounded to me like he had roughly the same opinion of all of them in terms of how many issues there were and how big those issues were. Like I expected a 6 for "Knocking", maybe a 4 for "On the Count of Three" but that's it. 1-10 just isn't a very comprehensive system.

      Tortoise_Rights ActivistTortoise_Rights ActivistMåned siden
  • Is it just me or did the title make you think the movies were "On the Count of Three" "Misha" and "The Wolves, Knocking"

    Justyn ZachariouJustyn ZachariouMåned siden
  • For someone who complains about music a lot this video has a fucking horrendous and annoying backing track.

    MylesMylesMåned siden
  • 0:05 Tought my video quality went down

    LabanLabanMåned siden
  • I don't know what black magic you're employing adum,but every time I watch one of these quickies, the NOworld time bar glitches the hell out

    Demented DuskullDemented DuskullMåned siden
  • I'm surprised you haven't figured out how to give a score of X.5 yet

    Fisherman JohnFisherman JohnMåned siden
    • Reason being that's not a thing on IMDb

      Umar BajwaUmar BajwaMåned siden
  • Oh fuck I used to go to Wolf Hollow with my grandma when I was younger

    Brendan ShayBrendan ShayMåned siden
  • Thanks adum

    Henriette DurandHenriette DurandMåned siden
  • How many of these quickies do we have left? Really enjoying them❤️

    Jay JayJay JayMåned siden
  • "From worst to best" "5/10" "5/10" "5/10"

    Reaper ZReaper ZMåned siden
    • @Tortoise_Rights Activist OP was almost certainly making a lighthearted observational joke. It’s not that deep lmao

      VarunVarun27 dager siden
    • Base 10 was a mistake

      J LupusJ LupusMåned siden
    • "it's closer to a good 5 than a bad 5"

      FakeNetFakeNetMåned siden
    • Yeah it's almost like there are only 10 numbers between 1 and 10 and there's a limit to how much you can express with those 10 numbers alone. Do you really think there are only 10 degrees of quality a film can be?

      Tortoise_Rights ActivistTortoise_Rights ActivistMåned siden
    • "It's closer to a 6 than a 4"

      MySingerloverMySingerloverMåned siden
  • are you gunna do "the little things" review cuz id love to hear your thoughts on that dookiefest

    Ryan TrappRyan TrappMåned siden
  • This man keeps teleporting between Film Festivals like some kind of time traveler from the future.

    McKinleyMcKinleyMåned siden
    • He can get there really fast because he’s a horse

      Mr.PatMr.PatMåned siden
  • Nice

    The CollectorThe CollectorMåned siden
  • "They have a plan to kill each other. So it's basically like a suicide pact." What are they? Some kinda suicide squad??!!

    Pbl112Pbl112Måned siden
    • @AxxL dude watch videos on how to be funny, seriously I did that and I improved a ton

      J LupusJ LupusMåned siden
    • This is YMS! His reviews steal the souls of their victims!

      living minimum wageliving minimum wageMåned siden
    • @AxxL screaming for attention again you cringy tryhard?

      Whitebolls92Whitebolls92Måned siden
    • Ayo hol up

      Simone The DiggerSimone The DiggerMåned siden
    • @AwFug do what he said

      bepis the science manbepis the science manMåned siden
  • I thought he meant he was gonna talk about the first movie on the count of three (I was just listening to the audio)

    Bucky BarnesBucky BarnesMåned siden
  • sixthenafourrer

    boops boopsboops boopsMåned siden
  • Seem like these quickies are quite sus

    Dynamosaurus ImperiousDynamosaurus ImperiousMåned siden
  • I have a family friend who edited Misha and the Wolves lol

    JosephTheSchmuckJosephTheSchmuckMåned siden
    • @edward matsyshen Well considering what Adam said about the editing....

      Jello SauceJello SauceMåned siden
    • Hope they did a good job

      edward matsyshenedward matsyshenMåned siden
  • first

    Sebastian SewardSebastian SewardMåned siden
  • God I love your content Adam. I LOVE IT.

    UnKavehUnKavehMåned siden
  • "Lame and cheesy" Are you sure you aren't describing me?

    sad little octopussad little octopusMåned siden
    • Gimme a shirt with that. I could see Adam making "Disturbing" shirts as well.

      KLGKLGMåned siden
  • When I read “On the Count of Three” I thought for a moment he was going to review the new Peppa Pig video by MeatCanyon.

    Tate GibbsTate GibbsMåned siden
    • Now that would be epic

      Knuckles The EnchiladaKnuckles The EnchiladaMåned siden
    • @W.P. Beck "Given the number of cartoons he's parodied, you would expect him to parody Bugs Bunny, but there's only an animated funeral where MC pretends he made one. That's a major plot hole. I was going to give him an 6/10, but now I'll have to drop it to a 2/10." But same though, he's unironically a great NOworldr and one of very few successful non-"storytime" animators.

      BaneBaneMåned siden
    • Same. Wouldn't mind a review of MC's body of work.

      W.P. BeckW.P. BeckMåned siden
  • Hello notification gang

    KevschnibbletzKevschnibbletzMåned siden
  • The lion king review its gonna come out this year?

    Bruno BritosBruno BritosMåned siden
    • it's gonna come out once the second coming of Christ happens

      residentgrinchresidentgrinchMåned siden
    • I'll watch it if it's 8 hours long and comes out in 2025, honestly

      Gilliganinja (Ethan)Gilliganinja (Ethan)Måned siden
  • Jerrod is just pronounced Jared, Adam. (At least, I think it is...)

    Connor WebbConnor WebbMåned siden
  • Shit I'm here early I need to write a witty comment to show everyone how funny I am. Hello...movies...

    WibbleWibbleMåned siden
  • I love Christopher Abbott his performance in James White is one of my favourites

    Tommy BrophyTommy BrophyMåned siden
    • @Tommy Brophy Thanks man! I appreciate your respone. I'll take a look at them.

      420gamerxnoscope69420gamerxnoscope69Måned siden
    • @420gamerxnoscope69 from the top of my head: Francis Ha, the graduate, Harold and maude, American Honey, y tu mama tambien, 21 up (I recommend watching the whole series for context) and the before trilogy

      Tommy BrophyTommy BrophyMåned siden
    • Does anyone know any other good movie like James White where the main character struggles with transitioning to being an independent adult?

      420gamerxnoscope69420gamerxnoscope69Måned siden
    • Christopher Abbott is having a prolific year for the last 3 years, on the low. That man, doesn’t miss.

      Louverture desprit Nest Pas Une Fracture du CraneLouverture desprit Nest Pas Une Fracture du CraneMåned siden
  • Even Adum doesn't care about these reviews.

    Mark F.Mark F.Måned siden
    • Most festival movies suck

      Adam GatesAdam GatesMåned siden
  • Hi Scar

    Andrés LoaizaAndrés LoaizaMåned siden
  • Adam REALLY likes Scar

  • We’re never getting the Lion King remake review, are we?

    AngloholicAngloholicMåned siden
    • I've long moved past the "YMS" videos and most care about commentaries.

      miopicpandamiopicpandaMåned siden
    • p a t i e n c e

      Tommy BrophyTommy BrophyMåned siden
    • He rather watch films from film festivals and rate them 6/10.

      Cowboy WazowskiCowboy WazowskiMåned siden
  • Approved by a turtle

    A Shellcialist TurtleA Shellcialist TurtleMåned siden
    • Hello Turtle, funny seeing you outside of Hasan's comment section.

      Amit SugarmanAmit SugarmanMåned siden