Quickie: The Blazing World, A Glitch in the Matrix, Prisoners of the Ghostland

11. feb.. 2021
66 911 Ganger

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0:00 The Blazing World
0:49 A Glitch in the Matrix
4:01 Prisoners of the Ghostland

  • 2:45 And i's sure there were interesting things that you could have told us about, but you decided to idiotically babble on about nothing.

    Nobody From NowhereNobody From Nowhere14 dager siden
  • Cold Fish from Sion Sono is incredible. Totally unforgettable movie.

    James LipczynskiJames Lipczynski21 dag siden
  • POG

    Rusty RenchRusty RenchMåned siden
  • A glitch in the matrix is made by a someone that thinks if he doesn’t agree with a subject, its dumb, not real and won’t take it seriously, if he made his stance about the subject then had compelling conversations with creditable agreements the would make you question if our reality was real and it stuck with you when the movie was done cuz it made you think it would of been great and Shane Dawson touched on this and did a way better job on it and as I love the old Shane Dawson his new stuff was just overreacting and making everything dramatic, but the fact remains, Shane Dawson did better!

    Littlewhite RabbitLittlewhite RabbitMåned siden
  • If you want weird people taking about weird shit, presented in an interesting way, done right. Go watch the Midnight gospel

    Bread manBread manMåned siden
  • What is the song on the end card?

    Dyno MightDyno MightMåned siden
  • 2:15 we're reaching levels of sarcasm that scientists thought was impossible. This proves we're in a simulation.

    DesolatorMagicDesolatorMagicMåned siden
  • People who think we live in a simulation are just athiests who want to be christians but want to feel smart. “Oh christianity? One god who created the entire universe and us? Yeah i dont believe that gobbledygook , i just believe we’re living in simulation controlled by a secret intangible shadow group!” Get real

    Tyler ClarkTyler ClarkMåned siden
  • Personally I think Adam shouldn't rate anything he hasn't finished with a score higher than 2/10. He gave "A Glitch in the Matrix" the same rating as "Prisoners of the Ghostland" even though he couldn't even finish one of em. idk just kinda how I feel, you feel?

    ShaneShaneMåned siden
  • Nicholas Cage is actually pretty good in horror movie and sci fi. I quite liked mandy.

    Alana BananaAlana BananaMåned siden
  • idk, I like Rodney Ascher's approach to making documentaries. Between Room 237, The Nightmare, and Glitch in the Matrix, he's made movies about people who believe extraordinary things. It's not really about those extraordinary things, its about the people who believe in them.

    ANewPseudonymANewPseudonymMåned siden
  • I truly believe that we are in a simulation. When I depersonnalize. I see true shIt. Wow. YOU SHOULD BUY MY BOOK ABOUT THE TIME I SAW A WEIRD LOOKING DOG AND IT MADE REALIZE THAT I WAS CODE

    Emma DEmma DMåned siden
  • I really liked Color Out of Space despite its flaws and Adam had the same issues and 4/10 rating for it as he does with this Nicolas Cage film. I’m hoping this is the case again. The whole world and idea of Prisoners of the Ghostland seems awesome. If it’s at least a 5/10 tier film with wacky moments and cool production design then I’ll be happy.

    Sean AverySean AveryMåned siden
  • The number of odd conspiracies that come from our evolutionary dependence on spotting patterns where they might not exist is fascinating. Hell, I'd watch a documentary on THAT

    zombieplasticclockzombieplasticclockMåned siden
  • Adam's impression of the simulation "documentary" people is priceless. If you live in a simulation, then you would nothing of the "true" reality and would therefore have no idea of what is weird or not. Our so-called normal aspects could be the weird, creative aspects of the simulation or vice-versa. Also, finding out we live in a simulation wouldn't really change anything: it's real to us, and your experiences are still real; we know movies are fake, and we can still have real emotional reactions to these fictional stories.

    Jeremy DirrJeremy DirrMåned siden
  • And Nicolas Cage as Fu Manchu

    priqq **priqq **Måned siden
  • also, you should watch Antiporno. it's like The Holy Mountain of pink films.

    アンティオコスアンティオコスMåned siden
  • one thing i'll never get behind is Adam giving Love Exposure a 3/5

    アンティオコスアンティオコスMåned siden
  • Girl there is another B movie with Nicolas cage it's called willy wonderland it's cheesy as heck

    Fredy OutayekFredy OutayekMåned siden
  • Did you get a chance to watch "The Disciple" ?

    kayur parmarkayur parmarMåned siden
  • had a shitty day and this video made me laugh n feel better and all that dumb shit, thanks adam

    Dialga236Dialga236Måned siden
  • You didnt like Love Exposure?!

    Nick Gatsby ProductionsNick Gatsby ProductionsMåned siden
  • I fell asleep watching the glitch in the Matrix yet i woke laughing on how ridiculous it was. Havent seen the visuals yet.

    starkistunastarkistunaMåned siden

    lila llila lMåned siden
  • "A Glitch in the Matrix" is a great movie if you ever wanted to see wild conspiracy theorists have their rants trippily animated, which I kinda did so hey.

    MythicalRedFoxMythicalRedFoxMåned siden
  • I live the lion king remake if u hate it your a horrible person

    Evan VillalobosEvan VillalobosMåned siden
  • I don't really think it's fair to rate a movie you didn't finish. I mean I love "One Cut of the Dead" but that movie doesn't really open up to what it really is until 45 minutes in. To each their own I guess.

    alexander_djbalexander_djbMåned siden
  • Now I’m hoping Adam reviews cold fish. I love that Sion Sono film. It’s a shame the dark themes from Sono and the wtf of cage didn’t work out in pog.

    Dr. Zoid BerserkDr. Zoid BerserkMåned siden
  • But we are in a simulation, though. Never seen a glitch - still looking.

    Tom SmileyTom SmileyMåned siden
  • 2:10 I just realized you can sing like Eminem

    Ano NymousAno NymousMåned siden
  • It’s refreshing to see that after all these years Adam still doesn’t have a grasp on film criticism. He still nitpicks things like fictional character decisions and if something is “boring”, but presents it as objective critique. I never understood the weird self-affirmation people feel by watching movies so antagonistically.

    Jeff HJeff HMåned siden
    • I think he decides whether or not he likes a movie on feel like everyone else. Once he has his opinion, he justifies it. Pretty sure this is how everyone watches stuff

      UnbuiltcomaUnbuiltcomaMåned siden
  • First 50 seconds and I already cant see anything because I laugh to hard. Imagine being the director and hearing that. Gotta sting :D

    KirtschoKirtschoMåned siden
  • Yeah, "simulation theory" is total hogwash, and not at all theory in the scientific sense. Hell, it doesn't even qualify as a hypothesis, as hypotheses must be both testable and falsifiable. "Simulation theory" is neither, making it less scientific than Flat Earth, The Jet Fuel Hoax, Lizard People, and Pepe Silvia. I loath conspiracy documentaries.

    Sewer TapesSewer TapesMåned siden
    • @Unbuiltcoma I usually tell people I'll take Simulation Theory seriously when somebody shows me some cheat codes.

      Sewer TapesSewer TapesMåned siden
    • I agree that you definitely can't prove or disprove simulation theory but you can at least prove something like that would be possible in our world. And then we could probably simulate billions of human-like AI. At that point, it seems like it's basically a coin toss. But Occam's Razor still says no so I'll have to agree that we probably don't live in a simulation.

      UnbuiltcomaUnbuiltcomaMåned siden
  • The day Adum releases his Lion King review will be the day that I know we are all living in a simulation.

    Dunn GylliteDunn GylliteMåned siden
  • Somebody should have told Philip K Dick that his DMT experiences aren't meant to be interpreted literally.

    nopenope2 måneder siden
  • ye

    10cody710cody72 måneder siden
  • Alright but the simulation thing is bullshit, and crazy people believe it. It's more like the flat earth documentary "Behind the Curve" than anything else

    Robert FlinchRobert Flinch2 måneder siden
  • What happened to that Nicolas Cage movie where he’s trapped in a theme park with evil animatronics? Unless I dreamt that once and it never existed.

    NuglahNuglah2 måneder siden
    • It's out now, I just got a copy myself from the high seas.

      MythicalRedFoxMythicalRedFoxMåned siden
    • Night at the museum?

      Last FirstLast FirstMåned siden
  • God, even the poster for The Blazing World is terrible. A plain black background with horrible text placement and colors. If I didn't already know the name, I'd have no idea what it said.

    DigimanDigiman2 måneder siden
  • I mean if I was convinced I was in a simulation and then I see this video in my feed it's going to make me think I'm definitely in a simulation because what else would this video be in my recommended.

    Evan StavrouEvan Stavrou2 måneder siden
  • 3:30 "While I was on drugs, I saw this documentary." *HMMM SUSPICIOUS*

    Cool Cat StudiosCool Cat Studios2 måneder siden
  • hey adam, if you’re checking out SXSW this year, could you check out a documentary called fruits of labor? my cousin made it and i’d love to see your opinion on it

    Adam GluzmanAdam Gluzman2 måneder siden
  • Maybe if you had a PS5 cyberpunk would play better for you. For me on my Ps5 it does not glitch at all!

    BIG BOSSBIG BOSS2 måneder siden
  • 0:08 The scar in the background is an extra thick fuck you, but for the love of god i embrace the meme and the fact that I’ll have grand kids by the time this thing comes out

    Omega Swordbeam 64Omega Swordbeam 642 måneder siden
  • “made up of code” lmao

    Yoo HooYoo Hoo2 måneder siden
  • Nicolas Cage is based - he made a name and a fortune doing what he likes, so now he can do what he loves without worrying about the pay or prestige.

    anomie nousanomie nous2 måneder siden
  • saying meat flap was as a quote, not a joke. the people in glitch were truly that dumb

    fluffofluffo2 måneder siden
  • "Check this one out if you wish to die of cancer." Finally!

    Cameron PhenixCameron Phenix2 måneder siden
  • I'm only watching quickies for the Lion King updates.

    BhazorBhazor2 måneder siden
  • As a hardcore Sono Sion Fan, it's sad to see his more recent work being consistantly disappointing. He was one of the ballsiest directors in japan who actually had things to say and pointed a spotlight on social issues that are relevant to modern japan. (considering the man made 3-5 movies a year) nothing i have seen since 2016 really did anything for me. Shinjuku Swan is a boring cash grab, Tokyo Vampire Hotel as a show is a tough sit and as a movie is close to incomprehensible. Forest of Love (on Netflix) was rather boring as well. Maybe The Bastard and the Beautiful World, State of Emergency and Red Post on Escher Street are more up to his previous work.

    M BombM Bomb2 måneder siden
  • yo, that robot jackal guy tho

    goat traingoat train2 måneder siden
  • You completely missunderstood the Room 237 documentary. It's about mad theories from mad people and how much one movie can create countless conspiracy theories, not about The Shining itself.

    JedrekJedrek2 måneder siden
    • it's easily his worst review. just completely misunderstanding what the filmmaker is going for.

      Mike WMike WMåned siden
  • If this is a simulation can they delete my chronic pain pls I promise I won't tell anyone

    OcyTaviAhOcyTaviAh2 måneder siden
  • Ofc the Charlie Kaufman fan caps on Sion Sono

    Clara MoodyssonClara Moodysson2 måneder siden
    • Sono >>>>>> Kaufman

      Aaron ShoutingAaron Shouting2 måneder siden
  • I don't think Adum gets Rodney Ascher's films. His 2nd film THE NIGHTMARE is genuinely terrifying and is essentially a bunch of 1st hand accounts of sleep paralysis over ominous looking footage. For me his docs are less about the subjects and more about capturing a perspective of the common man's capacity for creating a conspiracy theory and how rational they can make it sound. His films aren't about making a point or communicating info as much as they are about the pockets of humanity that drill in on a subject based purely on their experience and little else. Even the asides with distractions from family or outside forces just goes a long way with humanizing and making tangible how easy it is for a normal person to fall down a conspiracy rabbit hole. If more ppl had seen ROOM 237, they'd probably be less surprised by this whole QAnon conspiracy dilemma.

    Ian SmartIan Smart2 måneder siden
  • Sion sono was recovering from his heart attack during this

    abhay chavdaabhay chavda2 måneder siden
    • and also didn’t write it

      miikesanmiikesanMåned siden
  • I think this kind of proves Ebert's old adage that you couldn't/shouldn't review a movie (formally anyways) unless you watch the whole thing. The Glitch in the Matrix takes a real turn in the second half and ends up being about a guy actually committing murders because he thinks he's in the matrix, and the real problem these kind of delusions can have. Also, it even tails off with the crazy interview subjects admitting that they may have been using their delusions to cope with a world they weren't comfortable living in. IE: I think the movie ends up being much more about sanity itself than simulation theory, but you won't get that if you shut it off halfway through. ...though of course if a movie can't keep you entertained for it's whole running time, that's arguably the biggest criticism of all.

    Nicholas HousewrightNicholas Housewright2 måneder siden
  • Why do these directors always mix Japanese and american stuff in these mashup films the same fucking way

    Jeremy ThainJeremy Thain2 måneder siden
  • I think Adum really misunderstood Room 237 and Glitch In The Matrix. They are not documentaries about The Shining and simulated reality theory, they are records of paranoid delusion. The entertainment is in how occasionally insightful but mostly ridiculous the thinking of these people is.

    Thread BombThread Bomb2 måneder siden
  • I see what you were saying about The Blazing World, and while I can say it was the worst movie I saw at Sundance as well, I didn’t think it was super unbearable enough to give up 15 minutes into it. But hey, to each their own.

    Zachary S. MarshZachary S. Marsh2 måneder siden
  • i really wish i liked sion sono :/

    alex galex g2 måneder siden
  • This is really funny

    INTO THE FOLDINTO THE FOLD2 måneder siden
  • 1:49 is literally that one tweaker from Breaking Bad who doesn’t shut up at Jesse’s endless house party

    Aeros LytheAeros Lythe2 måneder siden
  • LOL oh man im in tears these glitch in the matrix examples are AMAZING

    Aasem AhmadAasem Ahmad2 måneder siden
  • A Glitch in the Matrix sounds like a mediocre episode of All Gas No Brakes that's 85 minutes too long.

    vest816vest8162 måneder siden
  • 0:06 nice gaming setup adum

    Ratt KingRatt King2 måneder siden
  • I disagree with you on Room 237 and A Glitch in the Matrix. They both serve as platforms for insane weirdos, the point is the "random idiots babbling," not about the ostensible subject matter.

    spotthespyspotthespy2 måneder siden
  • a glitch in the matrix - i hope they interviewed my fellow 4 secondists, the belief that the universe is 4 seconds long because it stops bill gates from stealing our elbows :3

    pepe the frog poops on right wingerspepe the frog poops on right wingers2 måneder siden
    • Reminds me of that one Vsauce video where he posits that it's impossible to know whether the universe was created last Tuesday or not. It could be that the universe is obliterated and reformed every picosecond

      Buried NamelessBuried Nameless2 måneder siden
  • Adum I went and watched your Room 237 video again because you told me to. Then I made a sandwich while watching. I then laid back and ate my sandwich exactly as the man talked about someone lying back eating a sandwich. It was at that moment I realized I was living in a simulation.

    mutant705mutant7052 måneder siden
  • Learn to be code.

    CamCam2 måneder siden
  • of course they glorified Elon Musk, it makes perfect sense. they're making a documentary on life being a lie, so it fits to talk about musk, a man whose entire public persona is a fabrication to cover up the fact that he's a libelous dipshit failson from a family of extremely racist and weird as shit apartheid-supporting South African blood gem miners.

    OffMetaBastionOffMetaBastion2 måneder siden
  • I worked on VFX for The Blazing World (just rotoscoping so no CG was made by me lol) and it’s really weird to hear you talk about a movie I worked on. Rare 1/10 from Adam, but it’s kinda memorable in a way lol. :)

    Drew CinemaDrew Cinema2 måneder siden
  • I haven't seen A Glitch in The Matrix, but based on Room 237, I can safely say that most of Rodney Ascher's films are made to laugh AT the people being interviewed, not actually convince you what you're hearing is legitimate. Watch the short he did called "The S from Hell" and you'll see that it's the most tongue-in-cheek of his stuff. His stuff is presented in an ultra-serious way because it comedically juxtaposes the complete nonsense that the interviewees are saying. A Glitch in the Matrix could be terrible, I have no idea, but I just think Adam didn't "get" Room 237 because nonsensical things tend to irritate him instead of making him laugh. Then again, his movie "The Nightmare" was presented mostly seriously with dumb jumpscares, so what do I know?

    FazerFazer2 måneder siden
  • The festivals have been pretty horrible lately

    Alex JohnsonAlex Johnson2 måneder siden
  • I wish you didn't order them from worst to best as there's less point watching the videos when I already know if you liked it or not...

    curblawcurblaw2 måneder siden
  • So A Glitch in the Matrix was written by reddit?

    Divinity DDivinity D2 måneder siden
    • Honestly I have to imagine that's where the filmmaker found his subjects. They're genuinely just nameless randos he interviewed lmao.

      MythicalRedFoxMythicalRedFoxMåned siden
  • If Love Exposure (or Noriko's Dinner Table) didn't wow you, I'm starting to question your taste in film.

    My Autobiography A FanficMy Autobiography A Fanfic2 måneder siden
    • @Aaron Shouting A 4 hour subtitled film.

      My Autobiography A FanficMy Autobiography A Fanfic2 måneder siden
    • @My Autobiography A Fanfic agreed. And the fact that’s it’s four hours and never gets boring.... it’s simply a movie like no other

      Aaron ShoutingAaron Shouting2 måneder siden
    • @Aaron Shouting It's the only film to make me cry, then resolve it with a boner joke, and not have it come off as tonally or thematically incongruent.

      My Autobiography A FanficMy Autobiography A Fanfic2 måneder siden
    • Right? Soooo disappointing to hear he didn’t like Love Exposure.... that’s like the best movie ever made

      Aaron ShoutingAaron Shouting2 måneder siden
  • Willy's Wonderland comes out tomorrow, I'll be disappointed if you don't cover it.

    Charles HedrickCharles Hedrick2 måneder siden
  • The best Sion Sono films are Coldfish, Why Don't You Play In Hell?, Antiporno and Guilty Of Romance.

    EndeAbgrundsEndeAbgrunds2 måneder siden
    • Love Exposure is his best

      Aaron ShoutingAaron Shouting2 måneder siden
  • this scares the emojis out of me

    J. R.J. R.2 måneder siden
  • "I didn't finish these movie but here are my thoughts and ratings..." This channel used to be great.

    Joey BroadwayJoey Broadway2 måneder siden
  • I once took acid and saw everything align into kaleidoscope patterns and repeating symmetry. That's when I knew I was in a simulation!

    The Great MCThe Great MC2 måneder siden
  • Please do a YMS for The Blazing World. Please.

    Jeremy GleneskJeremy Glenesk2 måneder siden
  • Even on Adam's pretend desk there's a picture of Scar.

    qmtoqmto2 måneder siden

    CWCW2 måneder siden
  • Watch Cold Fish

    boops boopsboops boops2 måneder siden
    • Or Guilty of Romance. Or Strange Circus. Or like all of his movies. They’re great!

      Aaron ShoutingAaron Shouting2 måneder siden
  • A Glitch in the Matrix sounds even more hilarious than Room 237 and I wanna see it so badly now

    Scott BaldwinScott Baldwin2 måneder siden
  • It up to the audience they decide what's important fore example I wish what happened in my day was connected to my youtube recommendations but sadly youtube recommendations constantly come off as fake encouragement that doesn't give advice

    Dylan ButlerDylan Butler2 måneder siden
  • You could make the arguement that when an AI that can experience life as we do is possible it will be much easier to make AI then real people and then it's genuinely more likely that we're simulated. It seems like the quality of computer you need to render a universe all at once in all its detail, without loading times is pretty extreme but it should be possible in theory.

    UnbuiltcomaUnbuiltcoma2 måneder siden
  • You reenactment of glitch in the matrix was hilarious! Thank you

    SkaatjeSkaatje2 måneder siden
  • I don't get how a movie that isn't even good enough to hold your attention for it's runtime is worth 4/10.

    CimCim2 måneder siden
  • i fucking love the adlib feel when your impersonating other people, beats the shit out the adlib feel rick and morty interdimentional tv has - its almost like icing on an cake man. good job, youre so inspirational!

    holidayfishholidayfish2 måneder siden
  • Sion Sono is the most ambitious and interresting director of our time imo, but if Adam doesn't like Love Exposure, I don't know if this guy his for him, and that's a shame. Still can't wait for this new movie, since Red Post on Escher Street was mind blowing.

    Samuel MercierSamuel Mercier2 måneder siden
    • @Aaron Shouting I could see someone not liking Love Exposure because of the style and acting, but it's true, I've never heard about Love Exposure haters

      Samuel MercierSamuel Mercier2 måneder siden
    • Clearly Adam doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Haven’t met one person who wasn’t wowed by Love Exposure

      Aaron ShoutingAaron Shouting2 måneder siden
  • The Blazing World was great it was self aware! Acting is weird intentionally. Cinematography and direction are top notch IMO.

    Arshil PotterArshil Potter2 måneder siden
  • Adam likes the documentary with the CGI anthropomorphic wolves.... classic Adam.

    harakiruharakiru2 måneder siden
  • The blazing world looks like the type of media teenagers would love to share screenshots out of it bc it "looks cool and gorgeous" but never tackle the plot which is kinda meh

    idk idcidk idc2 måneder siden
  • Love Exposure is an absolute masterpiece. The movie is literally about fucking everything. Love, religion, family, ninjas, school, cults, friendship... it goes on. It hits every emotion. 4 hours of absolutely cartoonishness yet deadly serious at the same time. I don't know how anyone could not fall in love with it.

    David LowDavid Low2 måneder siden
  • Glitch in the Matrix sounds like a whole movie made about the weirdos that John Wilson interviews without any of the awareness that he has.

    MegaZombieloverMegaZombielover2 måneder siden
    • I think the documentary makers do have awareness, but they don't comment on what the people in the documentary are saying, leaving it to the audience to judge.

      Thread BombThread Bomb2 måneder siden
  • adum still not understanding rodney ascher’s work i see. same problem he had with room 237.

    ELL ISELL IS2 måneder siden
  • check out Sion Sono's The Forest of Love (2019) watch the deep cut if you can.

    RichardRichard2 måneder siden