Quickie: The Kid Detective, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

10. nov.. 2020
162 757 Ganger

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  • >characters develop >isnt staying true to character. Bro what

    Griffiths RababyGriffiths Rababy5 dager siden
  • Too high a rating on Borat and too low a rating on Kid Detective. Watch Kid Detective but go in with no info.

    barnoldwhvbarnoldwhv17 dager siden
    • @barnoldwhv just because he has a different opinion does not mean he is being contrarian.

      BScoopBScoop8 dager siden
    • Yeah, I'll double down. This guy is just trying to be contrarian. KD is great.

      barnoldwhvbarnoldwhv17 dager siden
  • The Kid Detective was one of those "movie movies" that reminded me of the magic I associate with watching movies as a kid. It was brilliantly written, acted and shot and the soundtrack is just perfect. A very refreshing modern dark comedy/neo-noir.

    Pretty Normal MediaPretty Normal Media18 dager siden
  • 6/10 for kid detective? That movie was amazing dude.

    B MB M21 dag siden
  • LOOOOVVVVEEEDDD The Kid Detective

    Joshua JonesyJoshua JonesyMåned siden
  • It was weird comparing the review for kid detective to RLM's review. After watching the YMS review I felt like it would be a forgettable movie while the RLM review made it seem like something worth watching. After just finishing watching the movie I feel like RLM's review was more accurate except they really talked up the ending and I felt the ending was extremely lackluster.

    Matthew MelangeMatthew Melange2 måneder siden
    • @Matthew Melange it was pretty obvious the villain would be the headmaster from the first time it was mentioned that he is doing regular drug raids in kids' lockers, it would be unlikely that some school student or someone from outside had keys to Caroline's locker to leave origami. If there had been even more screentime dedicated to the headmaster's character, it would be even more apparent that he's the killer. And if you don't care about emotions, and are only in for the comedy, why would you care about character development? Abe's character absolutely was the result of Gracie gone missing, it's extremely obvious throughout the film. After Caroline said in the penultimate scene that 'Gracie is just a kid', which is understandable because she hasn't left that shed for 17 years, Abe realizes his psychological development has also stuck at that stage, not only because he lost faith in his abilities, he was deeply traumatized. His friend seemed to be kidnapped and murdered, he failed to find her, her father, the mayor, commits suicide. The whole town is in shock and changed forever. Abe breaks down in the final scene with his parents because he knows he hasn't matured psychologically, he has spent half of his life in limbo, he's still that kid, and 'kid detective' takes on a new meaning, and it's very ironic. But he's able at last to show his feelings and be open with his parents now that he's managed to stop drinking and clearly processes his feelings. And there's this twisted and surreal smalltowny tragicomic mood throughout the whole film. If Caroline's boyfriend had been killed by drugdealers and Gracie hadn't been found, it would be out of the left field, and also really boring and silly. Let alone the fact that Abe's psychological trauma would never start to be resolved.

      Ira LevadnyayaIra LevadnyayaMåned siden
    • ​@Alex Ry I knew exactly what you were talking about when you mentioned that the principal was her biological father. After rewatching that scene. That villain monologue is too murky for its own good. With lines like 'she didn't last long, her sprit went soft.' I actually thought the actor said "after, I gave her (Gracie) away." The line was actually "after I gave our daughter (Caroline) away." Again another example of the ending wrapping everything up too nicely and making the universe seem small. I actually prefer it as the principal is a creepy pedophile who looks for a new girl every so often. Then there's the line of 'it wasn't easy leaving Caroline on the doorstep of those decrepit door mice.' Again I thought it was implied that he had gotten Caroline since she hasn't been in the movie for a while because Adam Brody told her to stay home. I thought it would add to the ending stakes but then the villain just stabs himself in the chest. It's worth adding now about how under developed the villain is. We've only had 2 other interactions with him at this point, as a kid asking for the coin theft and in his office when asked about the murder. To the point about 'stunted existence.' If the ending had absolutely nothing to do with Gracie, if she remained a missing girl and instead the murder ended up being the Red Shoe Gang for drugs or something. Would you still say that Brody's character was a result of Gracie missing? I would say solving the missing girl element was really shoe horned in the movie rather than feeling like a natural evolution. Even arriving at the Principal's house is only because someone claimed to have not stolen the coin drive money. Idk, has his character changed? To me he's the same person, now he just has clients after solving a high profile missing person's case. Like if it had shown him placing new articles of himself and having a comedic line would you be shocked? As for what I get out of films is entertainment, I don't care about emotions. A character being sad that they didn't do something is just miscellaneous to me. If the film had offered a good mystery with clever hints laid about then it would be interesting, instead it just declares certain things to be lies and then constricts its universe to smaller than the town it is set in. I found the film to be incredibly funny and that's why I like the first 2/3rds of it. Films should offer knowledge and interesting stories with philosophies behind them. Not just try to tug on your heart strings for sympathy. Hopefully that answers my outlook on films.

      Matthew MelangeMatthew MelangeMåned siden
    • @Matthew Melange Caroline is the daughter of the evil school principal and Gracie. He left her on the doorstep of an old couple. That skiing photo of her parents is actually just a stock photo that came with the frame. Abe even says they are really photogenic. It's one of the best dark jokes in the movie in my opinion. I don't know how you missed that! ) You should rewatch the ending from the confrontation with the principal and on. His whole pathetic stunted existence as the child has-been is the direct result of the trauma caused by Gracie abduction and the fact that he was not able to help her then. I think the movie does a good job showing that. He just wasn't able to move on. I disagree with you that Abe doesn't have an arc. For once he did not replace the old news stories with the new ones, he just took them down. It shows that he is finally starting to let go of his past and now is able to move on and grow and look into the future. And I also don't know how you can not care about emotions). Portraying emotions and evoking an emotional response from the viewer is kinda the whole point of films as an art form or at least a big part of it!)

      Alex RyAlex RyMåned siden
    • @Alex Ry What was the dark truth about Caroline's real parents? I thought they had just died long before the movie started in an unrelated accident. You touched on something that did not connect for me. Yes, I understand as a 15 year old boy he was sad that he couldn't find the missing girl but other than being sad it didn't effect him in any real way. It is implied through the film that he lost his knack for detective-ing but he's still being a detective for small odd jobs. Essentially by losing Gracie and finding her nothing has changed for him, not even his emotional state. It is implied that the case has stuck with him but like a good way to have shown it would've been his inability to solve small mysteries. Instead we just show him as still being a small time detective but after he has his coming of age moment he's still a small time detective replacing old news stories of himself with new news stories of himself. The character hasn't had an arc, just an emotional release and I don't care about emotions.

      Matthew MelangeMatthew MelangeMåned siden
    • ​@Matthew Melange The ending was perfect because it SEEMS that everything got wrapped up nicely. Like, he solved the case and once again became the town's hero. But in reality he is left deeply traumatized by the events, the girl he wanted to save all those years is free, but still completely destroyed by decades of abuse, and Caroline now has to come to terms with the dark truth about her real parents. That's why Abe just breaks down crying in the end. There's no solace for him in solving that mystery.

      Alex RyAlex RyMåned siden
  • Is no one gonna mention that The Kid Detective shares a premise with a semi ok comedy from 2009 Mystery Team?

    Channel 4 Ripoff companyChannel 4 Ripoff company2 måneder siden
  • "borat 2 is not funny" signed: trump supporter who liked borat 1 because of the jokes against jews

    SladeBallardSladeBallard2 måneder siden
  • Wait is that a real thing? Kid Detective?

    Morfy ?Morfy ?2 måneder siden
  • I can’t I cannot nirvana the band the show on dvd viceland doesn’t have how do you watch the show now how can you get it

    Movie makers StudiosMovie makers Studios3 måneder siden
  • the kid detective: excellent. better than you think. borat subsequent: just re-watch the old one. agreed. (the new one is lame and kind of agenda-y)

    No TouchyNo Touchy3 måneder siden
  • Honestly, Borat fits better in 2020, which is a really sad thing.

    ECL28EECL28E3 måneder siden
  • Bruh when you rolled into the water at the end in the gaming channel clip I felt that deep in my core. Dark Souls indeed

    Ed FarkasEd Farkas4 måneder siden
  • I get your critique of Kazahkstan in the new Borat. I think he just wanted to apologize cus the people in the village from the first movie where fuckin pissed when the first movie came out.

    Hammer FistHammer Fist4 måneder siden
  • the problem is that this film only makes fun of republicans, since they don’t make fun of democrats (unlike Eric André show, which made fun of both parties)

    Flavio FranciscoFlavio Francisco4 måneder siden
    • @BScoop lol, sorry, but i disagree.

      Flavio FranciscoFlavio Francisco8 dager siden
    • well it's a lot easier to make fun of republicans I'll tell you that

      BScoopBScoop8 dager siden
  • High five! Very nice, how much?

    Julius CaesarJulius Caesar4 måneder siden
  • Nirvana the Band the Show is so good

    mindlessautomatonmindlessautomaton4 måneder siden
  • New borat is more propaganda than comedy.

    chandrakant isichandrakant isi4 måneder siden
  • There's a good chance most people have only seen one of these films. Have you ever thought of doing the Quickie reviews as one movie each so nothing is spoiled?

    RyanRyan4 måneder siden
  • did you know Sacha Baron Cohen speak hebrew as Borat?

    nagyesszepnagyesszep4 måneder siden
  • Fun fact that song country joe sang...I seen the video from someone actually there and it’s all bs...he edited this shit so much...he paid people to sit in audience and sing along. When in reality he got booed and no one sang along. Borat 2 was cringe cause u can see he was spinning his ideas...he is also for censorship across social platforms so fuck this millionaire clown. Also the Giuliani shit was beyond fake...the lady didn’t look 16 she is 24...

    Skabanis MalakaSkabanis Malaka4 måneder siden
  • I really enjoyed the kid detective. It was my first time going out to the theatre in quiet a while so I enjoyed the experience.

    Danish RoyDanish Roy4 måneder siden
  • I love it when adam says exactly what I think about a film. I completely agree with everything he said about borat and Sascha... I wish i could express myself like he does

    Igor KisicIgor Kisic4 måneder siden
  • 7/10 for Borat 2 lol you’re a joke

    cdlq456cdlq4565 måneder siden
    • It's a good rating

      BScoopBScoop8 dager siden
  • Would love to see an Adum & Pals of The Open House, it's a Netflix horror movie staring the actor of Clay from 13 Reasons Why.

    Daniel DietrichDaniel Dietrich5 måneder siden
  • Aaaand just like that you lost all credibility with the Borat review.

    DeyanDeyan5 måneder siden
  • Borat 2 was brought down by 2 things, 1) Too much focus on bashing Trump than anything else, everybody does that anyway, 2) Some obviously too-scripted-to-be-plausible parts like him in that stupid costume with the kind Jewish lady.

    Dark WarriorDark Warrior5 måneder siden
    • He swore that scene with the Jewish lady was legit (Unless your calling him a liar in which case fuck you ). He had to break character towards the end of the scene though just to let her know he was jewish too and it was for a movie.

      Debo DattaDebo Datta2 måneder siden
  • 7/10??? Really???

    Peng WinPeng Win5 måneder siden
  • I thought Borat and Tutar changing their politics to some less harmful trash still within the American "spectrum of acceptable ideas" was funny. I'm not sure it necessarily represents the politics of the writers. More like how they see the USA. They were right too. Barring the attempted coup that's underway, the USA will be led by Joe Election in January.

    FuzzycuffsqtFuzzycuffsqt5 måneder siden
  • Borat 2 was not even as funny as Borat 1

    Juan PabloJuan Pablo5 måneder siden
  • Yo how do I see that kid detective movie. looks good but can't find it anywhere

    T3d Kr00zT3d Kr00z5 måneder siden
  • I felt like Borat 2 was conceptually flawed. Cohen is a master character actor, but after we’ve seen that character onscreen once the genie is out of the bottle. Borat was too well known to pull the same stunts he did in the first one, which is why Cohen has had to use different characters over the years. Who Is America is great because the characters are fresh and he can have the same impact with those that he did with Borat 15 years ago.

    brody10123brody101235 måneder siden
    • I agree. I was very surprised when I found out he decided to bring back Borat for another movie. It just never seemed like something worth considering.

      K-lebK-leb3 måneder siden
  • No one is watching adums gaming channel

    Jay Tee KayJay Tee Kay5 måneder siden
  • Do you think its possible for critics to achieve enlightenment?

    Nicholas PainterNicholas Painter5 måneder siden
  • "this film"

    Lord_of_LaughLord_of_Laugh5 måneder siden
  • I think Amazon and the C0ronavirus both played their parts in it not being funny. Amazon wanted a PC Script. C0VID-19 didn’t allow for funny public reactions.

    DeepixelDeepixel5 måneder siden
  • Adum you watched Borat Subsequent MovieFilm weeks ago, I figured the quickie was taking so long because you giving it a lengthy review but only a few mins, what a let down

    JozhsterJozhster5 måneder siden
  • Who else high af rn

    BubbleBuddyPlaysBubbleBuddyPlays5 måneder siden
  • I couldn't sit through Borat, I walked out during the rodeo scene. I can't stand cringe humour, otherwise I'd probably like it for the politics alone. I have so much respect for Sascha Baron-Choen, he's a brilliant actor, I just can't stand his humour. Plus I hated all the Borat halloween costumes

    Chani MaliceChani Malice5 måneder siden
    • Could you stand cringe humor if you knew it was all scripted like in The Office?

      J05J055 måneder siden
  • Adam Brody has really been getting great roles since Ready or Not. Good on you, my dude!

    Critical FangirlCritical Fangirl5 måneder siden
  • Adum: complains about Borat 2. Me: sounds like a 5. Adum: 7/10. Me: WHAT?!

    samhal bhagijsamhal bhagij5 måneder siden
  • Considering how Adum usually is really good at noticing technical issues, I'm surprised that, during the Borat 2 part, he didn't mention the parts where it was pretty obvious the reaction shots came from different moments, how in some scenes it felt like the audio was dubbed or changed, or just the awful editing overall.

    J0HNYJ0HNY5 måneder siden
    • He tends to notice stuff like that only when he wants to. ;)

      dxben99dxben996 dager siden
  • I thought Borat 2 was terrible. It was basically OrAnGe MaN bAd the movie and was more staged than a NOworld Pranks video.

    tankninja1tankninja15 måneder siden
  • Cohen is everything wrong with America in the current year.

    CWCW5 måneder siden
  • My understanding about the end of Borat 2 is that it was pointing out that even a nation with values as warped as Kazakhstan can change for the better, so suuuuurely America can too. Or is America just not nearly as advanced and civilized as Kazakhstan is? I felt like it was a great ending with that in mind

    MrDaProSahMrDaProSah5 måneder siden
  • I feel like whenever I think a YMS review sounds like a 7, the score he gives is a 6, and when I think the review sounds like a 6, he gives a 7.

    Brain TropeBrain Trope5 måneder siden
    • I though the Soul review sounded like a 5 or a 4, and he gave it a 6. I suck at this.

      K-lebK-leb3 måneder siden
  • oh my god a kid from my school was in kid detective! he played the younger version of adam brodys character

    emilyemily5 måneder siden
  • It seems so odd to me that someone like you can’t see how the main thing Cohen manipulates is the edit...I like the first Borat but anything after that has clearly been edited to a point where you can hardly trust the continuity of anything being presented to you. Reaction shots can’t be trusted, dialogue that is heard but not seen being spoken can’t be trusted. It’s kinda lame honestly.

    dajmasta94dajmasta945 måneder siden
    • Probably didn't want to get sued 100 times like with the first Borat movie.

      Tucker JohnsonTucker JohnsonMåned siden
    • Yea, no. I really didn't notice any instance in the film in which this kind of fabrication could occur.

      Matteo AllegraMatteo Allegra3 måneder siden
  • Nothing about Borat was "hilarious". It was okay, at most.

    Andreas LAndreas L5 måneder siden
  • 3:37 he grew as a person. that's the point?

    nav 2nav 25 måneder siden
  • I can't believe how good borate 2 is, legit the best movie Ive seen in years

    Amy CooperAmy Cooper5 måneder siden
  • chicago 7 review soon maybe?

    Ajacked Squat and wipeAjacked Squat and wipe5 måneder siden
  • New borat film was absolute dogshit

    Philip Barrie SDAPhilip Barrie SDA5 måneder siden
    • I thought it was great!

      BScoopBScoop5 måneder siden
  • I agree with you for the most part Adum, but when it comes to the ending it's clearly mocking the same bigotry shown towards the jews in the movie, the running of the American is basically Borat's culture swapping one scapegoat for suffering for another scapegoat. The joke is that while they claim to have changed nothing really has changed, they've merely moved on to another target

    Draconic ScribeDraconic Scribe5 måneder siden
  • How the hell did you manage to review Borat 2 and not even acknowledge or mention the daughter was even in the movie? She was pretty much the focus of the movie and the more energetic of the two. I've never been so critical of a review of yours, but that's just lazy of you.

    Fluke760Fluke7605 måneder siden
  • God I love Adam Brody I would watch him in anything

    Sydney PSydney P5 måneder siden
  • Borat is stale played out crap.

    TanukiTensaiTanukiTensai5 måneder siden
    • Disagree

      BScoopBScoop5 måneder siden
  • I thought Borat 2 was pretty funny. It’s been so long though since I’ve seen the original 😔

    ariana mooreariana moore5 måneder siden
  • Borat 2 was a lot more story and a little bit more politically pushy than 1, but I think that's because he's done with Borat as a character and because there's only so much time "look how stupid/racist they are" can be funny for

    Joseph JoestarJoseph Joestar5 måneder siden
  • I see you went ahead with including the clips for AdumPlaze at the end of vis here. I like it! Now to somehow include the VR one and have everyone be very confused

    GoodOldMatGoodOldMat5 måneder siden
  • I give it a 6. First was an 8.

    PlaceholderPlaceholder5 måneder siden
  • In another universe, "the kid detective" is the sequel to "baby driver"

    MontanMontan5 måneder siden
  • I wonder how Country Steve is doing right now

    TanvvirTanvvir5 måneder siden
  • Why do you fall so fast down water? Can you not swim in that game?

    reversalmushroomreversalmushroom5 måneder siden
  • We need to make sure Adum sees the trailer for Happiest Season. Him and scoot will be so excited that kristen stewart is FINALLY gay on screen

    Brooke WilkesBrooke Wilkes5 måneder siden
  • Man, 1m subscribers and easily 900k are beta male smoothbrain redditor incels, what a surprise hahahaha I cannot believe how easy you numales will fall, gonna be so great :')

    r0br33rr0br33r5 måneder siden
  • Adam Brody? More like Adrien Brody

    MonsieurMaskedManMonsieurMaskedMan5 måneder siden
  • I’m pretty sure that the ending scene in Borat was because sbc rightfully assumed that people nowadays can not grasp satire. Lame as hell, but beats getting cancelled.

    2P2P5 måneder siden
    • @Microinsurgent Warzone Oh I didn't know that. Thanks for the info.

      Tortoise_Rights ActivistTortoise_Rights Activist4 måneder siden
    • @Microinsurgent Warzone No it pretended to be. That was exactly the point I was trying to make. It was making fun of what people thought it was encouraging. Some of Paul Verhoeven's other films are against the same things so it seems unlikely that suddenly he decided to go the other way.

      Tortoise_Rights ActivistTortoise_Rights Activist4 måneder siden
    • You say people nowadays like it's a new thing. I'm sure there are less recent examples but off the top of my head most people at the time didn't understand that Starship Troopers (pre-Borat/Da Ali G Show) was satire and that literally had Neil Patrick Harris wearing an SS officer's uniform.

      Tortoise_Rights ActivistTortoise_Rights Activist5 måneder siden
  • wait i literally read this manga kekw

    Anson SieuAnson Sieu5 måneder siden
    • Memes

      neighb0rneighb0r5 måneder siden
  • Kid Detective reminds me of Mystery Team with Donald Glover

    FrogwithaflaregunFrogwithaflaregun5 måneder siden
  • Ayyy I worked on The Kid Detective!!

    Carley RoseCarley Rose5 måneder siden
  • The Borat sequel being hyper focused on American politics and the election is what has made me loose interest in watching it. I'll watch it eventually... but can't say that angle on the movie has made me run out to see it. As if we didn't have enough media hyper focused on that, and all the bad political jokes only daring to mock one side.

    Odin's PlaygroundOdin's Playground5 måneder siden
    • Yeah that's what I didnt like. When most antisemitic hate crimes in America are coming from the left, and left wing politicians like Bill DeBlasio are uninterested in an epidemic of antisemitic hate crimes, it's disappointing that SBC goes out of his way to only make the right look bad. I recommend Ami Horowitz as someone who does go after the side SBC tries desperately to protect: noworld.info/video/video/sXzSpdZ_1MPg1JI.html

      valleyshrewvalleyshrew5 måneder siden
  • does anybody have a link to the video where adum pukes all over his chest in the woods??? please!!!

    Vincent TeichmannVincent Teichmann5 måneder siden
    • @Cthulu Chan thank you so much!

      Vincent TeichmannVincent Teichmann5 måneder siden
    • Check the Saw movie reviews.

      Cthulu ChanCthulu Chan5 måneder siden
  • I thought the kid detective is about detective conan

    Owen FridayOwen Friday5 måneder siden
    • He's gone the Eminem route of regurgitating memes in a desperate attempt to stay relevant

      David JohnsonDavid Johnson5 måneder siden
  • Tutur is HOT!

    krazytaxicabbiekrazytaxicabbie5 måneder siden
  • Finally someone who likes Bruno too. Keep up the awesome work bro 👍

    THE E MAN 4000THE E MAN 40005 måneder siden
  • Borat 2 was a massive let down. Like a rehashed, less funny clone of the original.

    StevoStevo5 måneder siden
    • Yea it was super preachy too, sometimes it felt like the jokes were written by john oliver

      neighb0rneighb0r5 måneder siden
  • I personally thought Bruno was the best film. So underrated, misunderstood, and wish there could be a sequel.

    Genesis AgostoGenesis Agosto5 måneder siden
  • Borart was just a long political ad. It was terrible.

    James GatzJames Gatz5 måneder siden
  • I'm pretty confident that the choices you critique here are intentional. As you said in your last review, racists and anti-racists alike could enjoy Borat. I suspect that Cohen set out to make a film that racists could not enjoy this time. The critique is still valid, but I don't think it should be held against Cohen.

    Jason CalierJason Calier5 måneder siden
    • I dont think its so much that more than it is lazy satire. In the first all the racism was obviously satire too but there wasnt as much of an agenda. Like it was more of a joke with the character than it was commentary. For example those racist frat boys spoke for themselves. All of the satire in the new borat feels like it was written by john oliver or seth macfarlane. It was just as forced and dumbed down as a family guy episode trying to tackle a real life issue

      neighb0rneighb0r5 måneder siden
    • r0br33r not quite following you there bud

      neighb0rneighb0r5 måneder siden
    • @r0br33r ?

      Let Me In Your HouseLet Me In Your House5 måneder siden
    • Imagine actually believing in the boogeyman because you live on the internet and experience absolutely none of it, numale beta brains at work! LMFAO

      r0br33rr0br33r5 måneder siden
  • Rem-i-niscent

    Adam JohnsonAdam Johnson5 måneder siden
  • kid detective but they're an adult now? That's just Mystery Team

    onetricktofanionetricktofani5 måneder siden
  • Hey Adam, are you going to review Wolfwalkers? You should definitely give it a watch, it's all 2D animated and it's really good. At least I think you might like it.

    Irene ToskaIrene Toska5 måneder siden
    • @Cool Cat Studios Oh nice, sounds like he really did like it then. Thanks :)

      Irene ToskaIrene Toska5 måneder siden
    • He gave it a 7/10, but hasn't reviewed it yet: letterboxd.com/ymsunofficial/film/wolfwalkers/

      Cool Cat StudiosCool Cat Studios5 måneder siden
  • Many of the bits in the Subsection MovieFilm were call backs to the first Borat with a spin. The scene at the synagogue evokes the church scene in Borat when he’s hopeless after being abandoned by Azamat. In Borat, it’s played for laughs, as a joke on the pastor and the attendees. But in Borat 2, this same set up is used to challenge Borat’s antisemitism with a real life jewish woman. Sure, the punchline is that Borat is still antisemitic, but the conciliatory woman cheering him up was being genuine. That scene really elevates the movie. She was so awesome that the movie was dedicated to her after she passed away.

    Raúl DJVPRaúl DJVP5 måneder siden
    • Im almost positive that most people in borat 2 were actors and not people he just meets

      Noah SewellNoah Sewell5 måneder siden
  • Borat: High five!/10 Bruno: Gay/10 Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Didn't watch it yet/10

    WellBeSerious12WellBeSerious125 måneder siden
  • I love understanding Adum’s rating system. It really gives you an idea of what the movie is and whether it’s for you

    Masterpiece One DayMasterpiece One Day5 måneder siden
  • Thought Borat 2 was unoriginal trash compared to the original Borat. Actually very surprised to see you call it absolutely hilarious. I’d call it “Twitter political humor the movie”.

    CommonFableCommonFable5 måneder siden
  • You can give me your phone number and your address Adam.

    DrewdogDrewdog5 måneder siden
    • r0br33r projection

      neighb0rneighb0r5 måneder siden
    • What a surprise! A living meme permavirgin social reject redditor is being a living meme social reject online! Fill your head with lead already.

      r0br33rr0br33r5 måneder siden
  • Where can I watch The Kid Detective?

    AlrightSnailAlrightSnail5 måneder siden
  • in the last six years i didnt watch a single film other than the truman show but all of your reviews. thanks for watching the movies so i dont have to.

    Nico HaltNico Halt5 måneder siden
    • Like the Nostalgic Critic.

      K-lebK-leb3 måneder siden
  • honestly after all the stress, legal issues and arrests that happened because of the first one. I expected the second film to be alot more safe and calm. I'm not dissapointed with what I got.

    Bread manBread man5 måneder siden
    • The second movie was awful and doesn't even come close to the first one.

      Hugh JassHugh Jass3 måneder siden
  • Absolutely died when their example of African leaders rising to power was the picture of Justin Trudeau in blackface. He’s never gonna live that one down

    Hector SalamancaHector Salamanca5 måneder siden
    • I know I was watching it late at night and couldn’t stop laughing at that part

      Danish RoyDanish Roy4 måneder siden
    • But Hector I thought you died by blowing up your own wheelchair? (I died laughing at the Trudeau part too btw, funniest part of the movie for me)

      CosmonautyCosmonauty5 måneder siden
    • @Ey Jay Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

      GrassBoy204GrassBoy2045 måneder siden
    • Which movie did that?

      Ey JayEy Jay5 måneder siden
    • Nor should he, not that it'll affect him sadly.

      theblocksaystheblocksays5 måneder siden
  • What a surprise Bruno is Adam's favorite movie

    Eric RussellEric Russell5 måneder siden
  • Its just so cringe that a smart man like Sacha Baron Cohen decided to put it out on Amazon...

    Bob's Big BoyBob's Big Boy5 måneder siden
    • Ah yes. A movie produced during a pandemic, where the pandemic is even a topic, should be released in cinemas, during a pandemic.

      kaijukaiju5 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one who just cannot deal with the whole Borat thing? Watching makes me physically ill. =(

    Tony McModeNutTony McModeNut5 måneder siden
    • It's very extreme. A lot of the humor comes from shock value, so it's certainly not for everyone

      Bear PunsBear Puns5 måneder siden
  • 0:24 suspicious

    Andrew DickersonAndrew Dickerson5 måneder siden
  • He is really overusing "hilarious", a 7/10 is funny or very funny, hilarious is like actual belly-bursting laughter

    Max MustermannMax Mustermann5 måneder siden
    • You new to the channel?

      Caitlin RixCaitlin Rix5 måneder siden
  • Borat 2 is gonna age badly

    Some accountSome account5 måneder siden
  • The Borat movie is a major let down I thought, especially after how great the first Borat, Ali G and Bruno was. Doesn't even compare to there levels. Sacha Baron Cohen should make this his last movie 🍿

    Rupert BearRupert Bear5 måneder siden
    • Definitely feels like it was rushed in time for the election

      Adam NogueiraAdam Nogueira5 måneder siden
  • bro wtf why did you change the score font

    ZimodoZimodo5 måneder siden