Quickie: The New Corporation, New Order

15. nov.. 2020
82 558 Ganger

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0:00 The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel
2:43 New Order Donate:

  • No way New Order is a 7/10 lol. Sorry man, but you failed to see how racist and dumb this movie actually is. The characters are flat, the acting is bad, the story doesn't make any sense, and the villians are cartoonishly evil with no clear goals or motivations. Comic book movies have more realism than this movie. Here in Mexico we hate it for giving Mexico even more bad rep that we already get.

    Jorge VillarrealJorge Villarreal2 måneder siden
  • I preferred New Order’s prequel: Joy Division.

    CyrilCyril3 måneder siden
  • Some of the things the director of New Order said about his film were dumb, but the film itself has literally nothing to do with what anyone in the comments is saying lmfao.

    Sean AverySean Avery3 måneder siden
  • What’s a Toronto? Is that some kind of fruit?

    Mathy DonMathy Don3 måneder siden
  • Los chairos ya están arruinando hasta el cine comentando con su nula idea sobre este tema en canales que me gusta ver.

    Manuel EscalanteManuel Escalante4 måneder siden
  • Still disappointed that New Order is not about a 1980s synth-dance-pop band.

    Atlas KingAtlas King4 måneder siden
  • In a one minute and thirty nine second review of New Order, he said "film" or "films" eleven times. He should buy a thesaurus.

    Stephen SmithStephen Smith4 måneder siden
  • Can someone do a review of Adum’s terrible music? It’s genuinely so fucking bad.

    Blake BurressBlake Burress4 måneder siden
  • Goes to show how shallow and surface level his analysis on film is if he gives New Order a 7/10

    NegameleonNegameleon4 måneder siden
  • I

    CastellanoGMCastellanoGM4 måneder siden
  • Its interesting that half of the comment are from Mexicans explaining that they hate the movie that adam liked but they have actually managed to keep it civil and didn't dislike the video for not know their political landscape

    MunjeeMunjee4 måneder siden
  • 2:23 This movie is absolute dogshit. Adam i dont know what happened i thought i could trust you. As a Mexican, i got to say it is the most clasist statement you could do on México's lower class. I somewhat understand since you are foreign. But even still i trusted you could spot misleading politics in movies. I dont know what happened. Im un subscribing.

    Brandon RodriguezBrandon Rodriguez4 måneder siden
  • Adum watch “Ya no estoy aquí” I would love to hear your thoughts on it, it’s my favorite movie of the year.

    Javier Godoy OliverJavier Godoy Oliver4 måneder siden
  • If you o ly knew the meme New Order has become here in Mexico

    Juan Pablo RubioJuan Pablo Rubio4 måneder siden
  • I'm just waiting for your review on Druk, hopefully will be in a few days

    Joji The HumanJoji The Human4 måneder siden
  • Tiff?

    Jonathan DominguezJonathan Dominguez4 måneder siden
  • Censorship is not orwellian. Orwellian is when language is changed to fit a new narrative. Eg. The word war is changed via whatever means of control to mean something different. "war is peace, freedom is slavery, etc." in 1984

    A Jim FanA Jim Fan4 måneder siden

    No Stop itNo Stop it4 måneder siden
  • Good choice using The Scab. Tbh it's the only song on your album that really hooked me.

    AstrospectAstrospect4 måneder siden
  • Long king was good idk why people hate it

    Evan VillalobosEvan Villalobos4 måneder siden
  • Interpretations movie?

    Sleepy_SunnySleepy_Sunny4 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know what car that is at 3:14 furthest to the left?

    That GuyThat Guy4 måneder siden
  • the new corporation sounds absolutely depressing

    ike ekiike eki4 måneder siden
  • 1:29 I quit my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    anuj shriwastavanuj shriwastav4 måneder siden
  • Thanks for telling me about The Coporation. Loved it

    NoBrainsInHeadNoBrainsInHead4 måneder siden
  • I REALLY Hope Adam reads what me and other Mexicans are saying about "New Order". And I hope he can address it in a future vid to see if his stance on the movie still remains the same.

    jojoggghjojogggh4 måneder siden
    • @Jack B he thinks the movie is about rich white people against bad indigenous people. but I'm pretty sure he hasn't seen the movie, because while it might seem that that's the premise, it really has nothing to do with that.

      ZarathrustaTateZarathrustaTate4 måneder siden
    • What are you saying?

      Jack BJack B4 måneder siden
    • ya la viste ?

      ZarathrustaTateZarathrustaTate4 måneder siden
  • Latino Speaking here. In regards to "New Order" (A Mexican Film) Many people here in Mexico actually hated it over here. As not only are the messages in the movie were altogether mixed up... But the people in the lower class/ bad guys (Inside the movie) Were cast as only Darker Skinned Latinos, while "Higher Class Men" were portrayed by normal, White Actors. (Many people saw this movie as came out in normal movie theaters here in Mexico) And seeing how the Director had the lower class people act like enraged animals instead of upset people protesting, tons of people have seen this movie as sort an attack on darker skinned people in our country. Since the main Conflict is basically the Lower Class "Rising up" to the "High Class" Being quoted in trailers and promotional material as: "A story not too far away from our reality" I'm... Actually very shocked to see it represented here. Led alone be actually liked by Adam. And I mean, all to their own. And I'm sure Adam didn't get the same experience as Latinos here in Mexico... But I feel like that should be known before anyone feels encouraged to go check it out. Know that there's some weird racial, almost discriminatory messages in the film and it's not just centered around politics. EDIT: Just noticed, but I'm actually REALLY GLAD to see that other Mexicans like me are trying to address this problem in the comments.

    jojoggghjojogggh4 måneder siden
  • Which is really Adum's Synecdoche, New York: His Synecdoche, New York analysis or his Lion King YMS?

    GergeGerge4 måneder siden
    • The Lion King video is going to be the crown jewel of this channel.

      AstrospectAstrospect4 måneder siden
    • Synecdoche

      The Cinematic MindThe Cinematic Mind4 måneder siden
  • In 1997 Bernie Sanders was on the House floor speaking truth to power and warning what would happen if we didn't change. Nearly 24 years have passed and all of his predictions came true and still the Americans chose Joe Biden, the guy who was there laying the foundation that Bernie has been rallying against the entire time. SMH. Rep. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) blasts a Republican tactic of producing an impossibly long bill right before a vote to obscure the radical cuts to benefits progra... noworld.info/video/video/lJyanZamtNve0bM.html&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR0JmWcxubIzjYSN8YbayzedD5fZ8KumL3_z4c-dfGr2nyFTe3iZYzsuw7Y&ab_channel=Catholics4Bernie

    Humorous BorisHumorous Boris4 måneder siden
  • Omg where did all these Mexicans come from ? No deberás, yaaa weeey con sus comentarios mamones ..

    CastellanoGMCastellanoGM4 måneder siden
  • Adam, I know you said it's coming, but I still can't wait for Synecdoche, New York Part 6!

    WillowvilleWillowville4 måneder siden
  • 2:53 there's something intensely perverse about the Angry Adum face suddenly smiling at me

    HedgpigHedgpig4 måneder siden
  • “Genocide is good if you do to Poor people “ 2020 “Inverse racism “Michelle Franco

    Veronica Rodpen.Veronica Rodpen.4 måneder siden
  • For those who are confused on why Adam gave 7/10. He is basing on the movie on the technical standpoint rather through lens of political criticism. He is Canada. Don't expect people in Canada would be fully versed with Mexican politics especially during this time and not to say how Amerocentric the politics are. It's best to educate or tell him about the situation of the film in Mexico like some comments in the comment section.

    Lazeh BoiyoLazeh Boiyo4 måneder siden
    • @Lazeh Boiyo You can edit comments

      Miles EdgeworthMiles Edgeworth4 måneder siden
    • @Ruben Oop, my bad.

      Lazeh BoiyoLazeh Boiyo4 måneder siden
    • He's actually Canadian

      RubenRuben4 måneder siden
  • fart

    GrungortGrungort4 måneder siden
  • New Order in Mexico was seen as a racist, classist film, and it is. It just portrays indigenous and brunette people as poor and violent, in such a blatant antagonisitic light that you can see clearly that the director never stepped out of his comfortable, privileged life to take a glimpse into the reality of the country. White, rich folks are painted in a victimizing stance, as being completely innocent of everything. Also this guy groups up all the protests happening in the country in a fat big crumpled mess of a statement, diminishing the importance of things happening in Mexico which are being protested for, such as the staggering amount of rape and femicides. It was all and all a shitty movie with great production value. It didn't carry out any intended message, and just let Franco expose his fear (racism and classism) towards indigenous, brunette people and protests which may make him unconfortable while standing from his rich, comfortable life. It was a middle finger, to us Mexicans who live or are at least conscious of the reality in the country. Oh! And by the way, he even fucked up in an interview for this movie by bitching about inverse racism and saying that the term"Whitexican" (that we usually use to criticize white, rich ppl who are ignorant, indifferent or even mock the lower classes) was one of the worst racist offences that there are. Fucking stupid ass movie smh.

    mariana sanmariana san4 måneder siden
    • @pollo surf déjame adivinar, Witexican, corazón? Salu2

      mariana sanmariana san4 måneder siden
    • Wrong

      Mr. LawrenceMr. Lawrence4 måneder siden
    • El término Whitexican es clasista, corazón. Salu2

      pollo surfpollo surf4 måneder siden
  • Did you watched THE DISCIPLE ?

    CongressMan AlkylCongressMan Alkyl4 måneder siden
  • I watched the first Corporation and I had my doubts about the 'ethical' corporate people in the film suddenly growing a conscience. When it comes to green laws and other regulations allegedly meant to curb their behaviour it all just looks astroturfed. It all comes from the top. Davos, CFR, UN and various other unelected groups etc. The cynic in me just thinks it's all meant to salt the Earth for future competition before they take their money to developing economies. Cynicism is increased by the fact that I enjoyed Michael Moore's films when I was younger but he has since shown himself up as a partisan hack. Now I can't watch anything without looking for an agenda.

    The Vo ShowThe Vo Show4 måneder siden
  • In Mexico, we all hate "New Order"

    David MaycottDavid Maycott4 måneder siden
    • Asies whitexican el q no

    • @David Maycott lmao . Jajaja 😂

      CastellanoGMCastellanoGM4 måneder siden
    • Ah shiet, sorry, i dont speak spanish

      David MaycottDavid Maycott4 måneder siden
    • Nadie te pregunto

      CastellanoGMCastellanoGM4 måneder siden
  • Any documentary that features Robert Reich should be dissmissed

    SalokinSalokin4 måneder siden
    • @Humorous Boris some inequality is fine, its a matter of scale and influence

      SalokinSalokin4 måneder siden
    • @Salokin So you and I agree that inequality is a moral issue?

      Humorous BorisHumorous Boris4 måneder siden
    • @Humorous Boris Off the bat, he's a hypocrite. He argues about inequality yet opposed the building of low income housing near his neighborhood to prevent it "losing character" ie

      SalokinSalokin4 måneder siden
    • Why?

      Humorous BorisHumorous Boris4 måneder siden
  • Even without the political context of new order, the movie is shitty in every way possible. 7/10? how?

    Ricardo de Jesus LLamas castañedaRicardo de Jesus LLamas castañeda4 måneder siden
  • What that hell am I looking at here? 0:56

    omisan771omisan7714 måneder siden
    • A seagull covered in oil

      MightyAMFMightyAMF4 måneder siden
  • Adam, you aren't allowed to like New Order and White Mexican is suddenly a thing! I'm so sorry you aren't allowed to have this opinion but you just can't!

    Bruno VanceBruno Vance4 måneder siden
  • Hahaha holy fuck that song and animation at the end of the video, maybe stick to movie reviews my dude

    Z3rGzZ3rGz4 måneder siden
  • I would love to hear your thoughts on the new Blumhouse movie freaky, it was worse than Artemis fowl when it generally comes to movies this year in my opinion

    The Film SupremacistThe Film Supremacist4 måneder siden
  • No way Nuevo Orden 7/10 fuck that movie

    Carlos RomanCarlos Roman4 måneder siden
  • I give going to therapy for anyone sexually attracted to animals a 10 out of 10.

    TurtleproofTurtleproof4 måneder siden
  • So regarding New Order, a lot of us in Mexico are disgusted by this film because it's a representation of the upper class racist unfounded fears of the lower and middle class... Basically what a Karen would make if she imagined a very biased and prejudiced political scenario. The tagline for this movie in spanish was "a necessary fiction of a nearby reality", just ridiculous. Essentially Michel Franco is UNIRONICALLY presenting the absolutely stupid and unfounded fears of rich white mexicans with the current mexican political climate.

    NicoyutubNicoyutub4 måneder siden
    • did you saw the movie ?

      ZarathrustaTateZarathrustaTate4 måneder siden
    • Nadie te pregunto .

      CastellanoGMCastellanoGM4 måneder siden
  • I'm still pissed at myself...I bought a ticket for The New Corporation and completely spaced it. By the time I realized my mistake, time was up. Glad to hear it's a good sequel. The original still holds up incredibly well.

    gotaminutereviewsgotaminutereviews4 måneder siden
  • Christ the lion king reviews gonna be 5 hrs long... I'm here for it.

    BlackBoxProd96BlackBoxProd964 måneder siden
    • Christ: The King of Lion Kings.

      James MillerJames Miller4 måneder siden
  • New Order is actually causing quite the controversy here in Mexico. Its supposed to be a very classist movie that caricaturices poor peoples struggles in favor of makig you empathize more with the rich, is that true?

    Daniel LeteDaniel Lete4 måneder siden
    • It is true and it does. The director has been acting pretty insensible towards the political and social movements currently taking place in Mexico.

      Alexandro Martínez TapiaAlexandro Martínez Tapia4 måneder siden
  • grats on the gf, adam with a ''u''

    KelloPudgerroKelloPudgerro4 måneder siden
  • Why won't it just come out already list: Covid Vaccine Cyberpunk 2077 Adam's Lion King Review

    Cammy FrazCammy Fraz4 måneder siden
  • the corporation back then is evil the todays corporation is still evil surprise picasomething face

    NogardtistNogardtist4 måneder siden
  • The corporation is too sad for me. Will just make me want to kill myself even more.

    SkaatjeSkaatje4 måneder siden
  • I've never understood the whole controversy in the USA with corporations being considered "people" by the supreme court, I mean, legal personhood is a concept that exists in most if not all legal systems in the world, no?

    Andrés RodríguezAndrés Rodríguez4 måneder siden
  • ''In order from worst to best" 1st movie: 10/10 2nd movie: 7/10 :\

    SkeetsOfRageSkeetsOfRage4 måneder siden
    • @TheEoghShow - Movie Reviews Hmm, fuck knows what I was talking about

      SkeetsOfRageSkeetsOfRage4 måneder siden
    • ...he didn't give anything from the festival a 10/10?

      TheEoghShow - Movie ReviewsTheEoghShow - Movie Reviews4 måneder siden
  • I think it’s weird that a documentary has a sequel

    Dylan RandallDylan Randall4 måneder siden
    • There are several documentaries with sequels. If documentaries depict real life events and phenomena, and those events continue over time, then it would make sense to document the continued events.

      Jeremy DirrJeremy Dirr4 måneder siden
    • Kind of like "The Act of Killing" and "The Look of Silence"

      compulsive jaywalkercompulsive jaywalker4 måneder siden
  • From what you said, New Order just makes me think of Max Payne 3

    El BurritoEl Burrito4 måneder siden
  • I love that after a year of watching your reviews I can pretty much always accurately guess the ratings you'll give. It's become a game for me now ;)

    RajaalkeRajaalke4 måneder siden
  • New order is TRASH

  • As middle/low-class mexicans, I think we all feel attacked and dissapointed about New Order. It is one of the most racist, clasist and ignorant movies out there, written and directed from the privileged point of view of a rich white mexican who clearly didn't even know what he was trying to say.

    MelindaHatebreederMelindaHatebreeder4 måneder siden
    • se me hace que ni la viste.

      ZarathrustaTateZarathrustaTate4 måneder siden
    • @David Salvatori Perdón we, no le quería hablar así a tu novia, solo intentaba que ella empezara a tener sus propias opiniones.

      pollo surfpollo surf4 måneder siden
    • @pollo surf que cringe contigo bro jajajajajjaja la neta

      David SalvatoriDavid Salvatori4 måneder siden
    • @MelindaHatebreeder Pues no creo que me estés respondiendo porque te guste, así que algo debo estar diciendo para que me sigas respondiendo. Pero oye, ya no te interrumpo, ve a repetir lo que dicen tus amigos en otros videos de NOworld, andale, cuando veas la película hablamos.

      pollo surfpollo surf4 måneder siden
    • @pollo surf pues la neta como que ando muy preguntona hoy, ¿No? Me vale mucha verga lo que tú opines JAJAJA

      MelindaHatebreederMelindaHatebreeder4 måneder siden
  • Wey ya párenle con sus comentarios . Este wey simplemente le tiene un soft spot a cineastas mexicanos . Siempre a dado buena critica a películas de directors mexicanos (menos Gravity jaja) . Aveces hasta yo ni me la creo .

    CastellanoGMCastellanoGM4 måneder siden
  • New Order is about the Mexican white elite being the victims of a social uprising lead by the impoverished dark skinned majority. That is the point. To scaremonger about poor Mexican populations and to empathize with the rich upper class. Michel Franco has said that the term “whitexican” is offensive. That’s the kind of movie this is. The sentiments evoked in the movie appeal only to the Mexican right, which is getting more and more reactionary and, if fueled by this sort of legitimization, is close to bringing classism and racism into mainstream Mexican politics. We don’t need a Trump here. We don’t need a Bolsonaro. It’s not a good movie if it advocates for bad things.

    Raúl DJVPRaúl DJVP4 måneder siden
    • @Raúl DJVP ¿Viste que bonita es la discusión cuando no exageras sobre la película? Y en eso tienes toda la razón, esta película es una mierda absoluta. Saludos.

      pollo surfpollo surf4 måneder siden
    • @pollo surf que sea una caricatura no la hace una buena película lol Adam que ni está muy informado sobre el contexto sociopolítico en México estuvo decepcionado con la historia, explicando que no sintió que profundizara nada y qué quieres que te diga, sin las “sublevaciones terroristas” como las llamas México no se habría vuelto una nación independiente

      Raúl DJVPRaúl DJVP4 måneder siden
    • @pollo surf stay mad

      Astaroth Belial AgrazAstaroth Belial Agraz4 måneder siden
    • @Astaroth Belial Agraz tdahytu.es/2020/05/29/trucos-para-compensar-el-deficit-de-atencion/amp/

      pollo surfpollo surf4 måneder siden
    • @pollo surf tl;dr

      Astaroth Belial AgrazAstaroth Belial Agraz4 måneder siden
  • 1:00 nice lip-syncing 👌

    LukaLuka4 måneder siden
  • You need to check out “ ya no estoy aquí “ . It’s on Netflix and received praise from GDT and Alfonso Cuarón . I watched it and thought it was ok for a debut. I honestly prefer watching film reviews and you seem to have a soft spot for Mexican film makers (no way nuevo orden is 7/10 lol ) and so I need you to convince me that this film is actually a decent film for a debut director and that Mexican cinema isn’t dead. The Mexican government recently cut off funding for public film programs and we haven’t had any major breakthroughs in film since Cuarón , Del toro and Inarritu . Anyway ,here is the link to the trailer : noworld.info/video/video/lHitqdGlm8zH0M0.html

    CastellanoGMCastellanoGM4 måneder siden
    • I really enjoyed I'm No Longer Here, but I agree that it's not exactly a huge "where the fuck has THIS new talent been hiding?" kind of breakthrough. But it seems like the kind of film that builds up to that at least.

      The Film SeekerThe Film Seeker4 måneder siden
  • In Mexico we hate that movie because we know that Michel Franco it’s not honest with this film, he had said a bunch of bullshit and non sense stuff

    Tomas CruzTomas Cruz4 måneder siden
  • New Order is being hated over here, the bad reception it's because, to put in context, we are at the peak of riots were the indigenous people is the one looking for justice, we're also at the peak of making fun of white mexican people who say shit like “Poor people are poor just because they want to”, or “Depression doesn't exist and it's a matter or keep going!”, even with the riots they almost always say that “these are not the ways to look for justice”. Don't really know if Michel Franco did that on purpose and I'm almost sure that he didn't, but the timing for this movie was just awful, it feels like a slap on the face for everyone who's been suffering in here, who is mostly the indigenous or “brown” people. I think “Amores Perros” did a good job showing the both sides of Mexican people without falling in a wrong stupid comparisons, and I even love “Despues de Lucia” from Michel Franco too, but this one doesn't seems right for the Mexican people on this exact moment we are living in the country, I think as an outsider it's more enjoyable, and that's fine I guess, we don't exactly need the context for every movie, just thought it was something to point out, specially since I see a lot more of people in this comment section feel the same way. EDIT: corrected some of my spelling because sometimes I write like a dunkey, damn.

    Lisa PocketsLisa Pockets4 måneder siden
    • @Veronica Rodpen. siento que nadie la ha visto. porque ni se trata de clases sociales. parte de ahí, pero no es pobres contra ricos. si la hubieran visto sabrían que es gente (no importa su situación económica) contra el gobierno.

      ZarathrustaTateZarathrustaTate4 måneder siden
    • I want to believe Franco saw Parasite, missed the point, and told to himself “Ok but what bout ‘ rich people tho ?” And made this... with not an evil reason, just full stupidness.

      Veronica Rodpen.Veronica Rodpen.4 måneder siden
    • it's always wonderful to watch comfortable people say "violence isn't the answer" and "riots aren't right" when the down-trodden and the oppressed are quite literally beaten, maimed, and killed in droves every day even when they *aren't* protesting or demonstrating. It's a daily life for people who aren't rich, comfortable, or considered "[some] of the good ones", yet when that violence is answered even a little bit by, like, a window getting smashed then it's gone too far! People most comfortable with capitalism, imperialism, and colonialism's brutality always start crying when people say "enough" and act appropriately, before it even gets close to being proportionate in response.

      OffMetaBastionOffMetaBastion4 måneder siden
  • I saw a video about the Mexican actor, Tenoch Huerta from Narcos Mexico and he was saying that he had hard time getting roles in film and TV and was only offered parts that fit his color of skin and when he auditioned for other parts, he didn't get them and was basically told that it was because he had a darker skin. So, yeah racism exists in Mexico and New Order is a racist film. Edit: He is rumored to be in the next Black Panther. Say what you want say about Marvel movies, mans about to hit big and I'm happy because he was great in Narcos.

    Cowboy WazowskiCowboy Wazowski4 måneder siden
    • here in México, they won't cast you as an extra for a commercial if you are brown, lol.

      ChedaGozChedaGoz4 måneder siden
  • Hi Adam

    Sachary ThingSachary Thing4 måneder siden
  • Found it pretty amusing that you actually gave new order such a high rating, it’s actually getting a really bad reception here in Mexico because of the topic Franco decided to portray and HOW he portrayed it... people think that he’s in a way zombifying brown underprivileged people, ESPECIALLY since riots and marches in Mexico have been on their peak because of injustices that have been happening on the country and the ones that have been complaining the loudest about them are the whitexicans (rich white privileged Mexicans). I would LOVE to see you review another Mexican indie movie called “Ya no estoy aqui”, it’s about the cholombian subculture here in NL, Monterrey. Guillermo del toro loved it, and it got pretty good reviews. Would really enjoy your thoughts about it!

    Ginna SolaeguiGinna Solaegui4 måneder siden
    • @Ginna Solaegui the fuck are you talking to?

      ZarathrustaTateZarathrustaTate3 måneder siden
    • Im guessing with the amount of brain cells you don’t have it’s pretty reasonable that you don’t get the points to any of the criticisms of the class analysis behind the movie. Franco demonstrated himself to not have any class consciousness by stating that whitexican is a term of “reverse racism”, you’re as brain dead as he is. I

      Ginna SolaeguiGinna Solaegui4 måneder siden
    • Yes. Learn how to write girl

      Ginna SolaeguiGinna Solaegui4 måneder siden
    • did you saw the movie ?

      ZarathrustaTateZarathrustaTate4 måneder siden
  • that lion king review better be 12 hours long, adum.

    unangenehmunangenehm4 måneder siden
  • What’s hilarious about the movie like the new corporation is that it will make people whine more bigger and authoritarian government to protect them from corporations. When in fact corporations want bigger government and a populace that doesn’t question authority which is exactly what the left wing is supporting. They don’t want the regulation they want regulation. If they did they wouldn’t be funding people like Chuck Schumer they would be trying to find people like Ron Paul and that keeps them in power. Get rid of the government then you have liberty and freedom

    Anthony VigilAnthony Vigil4 måneder siden
    • Libertarianism creates more authoritarianism. The government can do awful things, but it at least has some responsibility to the people. Also, Chuck Schumer isn't left. Neither is Pelosi. The Democrats are a conservative party; the Republicans are rightwing extremists. They only disagree on social issues, but have the exact same economics: serving their rich donors.

      Jeremy DirrJeremy Dirr4 måneder siden
    • Oh stop. While it's just as valid to scrutinize the left as the right, plutocrats benefit just as much from anarchic libertarianism in government as they do oligarchy. They have the cost/benefit analysis of any extreme pretty well locked down. You might even say that fatalism is their bread and butter. You know what threatens the panic economy the most? Moderation... Oligarchs don't do well when people slow down and think.

      Andrew PAndrew P4 måneder siden
  • lion king?

    NotMyChannelNotMyChannel4 måneder siden
  • Man, you Have to Talk about the clasicism in New Order

    Enrique García MorenoEnrique García Moreno4 måneder siden
    • @Enrique García Moreno pero aquí el punto es que todos opinan porqué vieron el trailer y se fueron con una opinión que nada tiene que ver con lo que se presenta en la película. no se trata de blancos buenos, morenos malos, y si después de ver la película piensan eso entonces los del problema son otros y no la película. no defiendo a franco ni a la película, defiendo una obra (independientemente de si es buena o mala, me guste o no) a la cual todos le dieron una lectura superficial y que en el peor de los casos, ni siquiera se trata de una opinión propia y solo repitieron lo que el de a lado dijo.

      ZarathrustaTateZarathrustaTate4 måneder siden
    • @pollo surf Lo Que Sí: Dudo Mucho Que Mi Comentario en El LluTub Ayude o No a Conscientizar a Los Extranjeros xD

      Enrique García MorenoEnrique García Moreno4 måneder siden
    • @pollo surf Tschale. Por Algo Dicen Que La Gente Tiene El Gobierno Que Se Merece. Pero, Para Esto También Sirve La Discusión. Trataré de Verla Con Otros Ojos.

      Enrique García MorenoEnrique García Moreno4 måneder siden
    • @Enrique García Moreno En ningún momento de la película se presenta a la clase privilegiada como los buenos, jovenazo. Deberías avergonzarte de andar dando lecturas en NOworld sin siquiera tomarte la molestia de analizar a lo que tanto le tiras caca. Pero supongo que la política mexicana siempre ha optado por tomar tu ruta: Distorsionar los hechos y concientizar a los extranjeros con mentiras.

      pollo surfpollo surf4 måneder siden
    • @Kosta Jovanovic Never. That’s why I think it was important that he talked about that because it’s not just subtext. The universe of the film and the the reality of it, shows México in a dicotomy where White and Rich People are good and Poor and Brown People are bad. The problem is that this film, which is touring around festivals all over the world, is showing a Bad picture of our reality. Most of the mexican public are negative towards the film because of that reason.

      Enrique García MorenoEnrique García Moreno4 måneder siden
  • Here in mexico we all hate New Order. This man sorta depics Brown people as criminals and the people that suffer are a minority in mexico, the white privileged people. And yes, it talks about a military controlled government like in argentina but at the end fails to say anything about it, it feels like a fanfic of a privileged white boy that doesn't know how a coup even gets to happen. It just... happens in this movie

    Pizza Sin KetchupPizza Sin Ketchup4 måneder siden
    • no, it does not depict brown people as the bad guys. both the privileged and the poor are depicted as black and white, and ultimately both are victims of the government.

      ZarathrustaTateZarathrustaTate4 måneder siden
    • @Pizza Sin Ketchup A.k.a Whitexicans

      ricliquidricliquid4 måneder siden
    • Ok. Maybe not all of us hate New order but the consent is in general, not a good movie, just meh movie.

      Pizza Sin KetchupPizza Sin Ketchup4 måneder siden
  • Just give us a signal if you're being held hostage at TIFF for years.

    Nightstalker314Nightstalker3144 måneder siden

      AmpharositeAmpharosite4 måneder siden
    • we'll storm the Bell Lightbox if we have to

      Torus2112Torus21124 måneder siden
    • Cool Cat saves Adum from a Festival

      MagnusMagnus4 måneder siden
    • Honestly, we should be checking in on TIFF to make sure Adam hasn't been forcing them to show him movies for years

      z beeblebroxz beeblebrox4 måneder siden
  • Mexican here, new order was criticized for being a form racism apology because it paints lower class and darker skin tone people as violent and unreasonable, I understand that someone without the context might not see it that way but most of us found it extremely offensive, also Michel has shown in interviews that he clearly does not understand what privilege is or the concept of racism to be able to create a nuanced critique of social unrest, fuck that guy

    Samuel JiménezSamuel Jiménez4 måneder siden
  • We watched some of “The Corporation” in my AP English class in high school; that “psychopath” comparison has always stuck with me.

    Trevor WhiteTrevor White4 måneder siden
    • @PhyreI3ird So, the same thing you as reading Lovecraft with a dictionary on hand. I'm so glad people get a doctorate in such a vital and specialized field of study.

      n0m4nicn0m4nic3 måneder siden
    • @n0m4nic Okay I'd love it if later english classes could be replaced by more useful things to ready kids for adult life, but there's plenty worthwhile to learn in more advanced english classes. It's a really nuanced language and a lot of people could benefit from being taught how to not just use it but use it _well._ Something many native speakers don't even do.

      PhyreI3irdPhyreI3ird3 måneder siden
    • @Jeremy Dirr If English is your first language, English courses are an exercise in redundancy. Learning anything but that fact in an English course is accepting hot takes from a person only qualified to teach you something you already know.

      n0m4nicn0m4nic4 måneder siden
    • @n0m4nic If we didn't know English, then we could all be spared from having read your comment.

      Jeremy DirrJeremy Dirr4 måneder siden
    • Nothing in an English course should ever stick with you.

      n0m4nicn0m4nic4 måneder siden
  • Hey adam , I don't know if you're reading this but can you please do a quickie on 'the disciple' by Chaitanya tamhane, it's a film that needs some attention and I can assure you that it's great (Alfonso quaron saw it and decided to be an executive producer)

    Harshit MishraHarshit Mishra4 måneder siden
    • You can check adums ibdm ratings list to see his most recent rated films . He usually rates films as soon as he is done watching them so he might have seen this film already and will release a quickie sometime in the future. www.imdb.com/user/ur9028759/ratings

      CastellanoGMCastellanoGM4 måneder siden
  • Thank you so much for still pumping out these videos while working on your big boy yms video

    Sydney PSydney P4 måneder siden
  • Do you like jazz?

    Duarte VaderDuarte Vader4 måneder siden
    • @Tom L, thank you.

      Duarte VaderDuarte Vader4 måneder siden
    • noworld.info/video/video/2n7Znd1pu7vIl9U.html

      Tom LTom L4 måneder siden

      Jack SmithJack Smith4 måneder siden
  • I wonder if he was able to see Pieces of a Woman. That's my most anticipated.

    Cinema ColaCinema Cola4 måneder siden
    • @Luigi Nastro Nope, not yet. Hopefully sometime in December

      Cinema ColaCinema Cola4 måneder siden
    • @Kyle Nice, he rated it 8/10

      Cinema ColaCinema Cola4 måneder siden
    • He rated it on his IMDb so he saw it

      KyleKyle4 måneder siden
  • New Order is getting trashed here in Mexico for being an incredibly privileged view of how racism and class differences work. It also didnt help that the director made some comments implying that white people are also victims of racism.

    Gerardo RodriguezGerardo Rodriguez4 måneder siden
    • De hecho yo tampoco le tomo mucha seriedad al término Whitexican, porque sería excluir toda posibilidad de que los individuos de tez oscura puedan ser adinerados. Pues ultimadamente ellos son los que más roban, bien dicho Gerardo.

      pollo surfpollo surf4 måneder siden
    • @Gerardo Rodriguez what jobs do only white people have access to?

      Guitar DogGuitar Dog4 måneder siden
    • @Gerardo Rodriguez tell slaves that it is a privilege to work, work sets you free after all

      Guitar DogGuitar Dog4 måneder siden
    • @Guitar Dog if you dont realize that having access to certain jobs is a privilege, then I really don't think there's any point on having a conversation here, man. Have a nice day

      Gerardo RodriguezGerardo Rodriguez4 måneder siden
    • @Gerardo Rodriguez you seem pretty bigoted dude

      Guitar DogGuitar Dog4 måneder siden
  • Could the reason New Order seems to lack purpose be that the creators were afraid to pick a side politically?

    Ethan TyceEthan Tyce4 måneder siden
    • @Alejandro Guerra did you saw the movie? my guess is no.

      ZarathrustaTateZarathrustaTate4 måneder siden
    • @Alejandro Guerra Well I guess I see why the film lacks purpose now lol, thanks for the clarification.

      Ethan TyceEthan Tyce4 måneder siden
    • Actually Michel Franco has a very clear point, he believes brunettes and indígenas are the Enemy of the state. To sum it up, Michel Franco is racist and he clearly shows it in his film.

      Alejandro GuerraAlejandro Guerra4 måneder siden
  • Being a person from Mexico I think Adam wouldnt get the movie fully ´´New Order´´ mainly because he is not from here. There has been A LOT of termoil building up in this country for social-economic reasons for the past deacade and I think Michael Franco did a good job showing that and protraying what will eventually happen if this continues in the country.

    Captain ZCaptain Z4 måneder siden
    • Nah, Michel Franco is creating a boogeyman for White Mexicans, by portraying brown/indigena mexicans in the lower classes as savages

      Sergio MaldonadoSergio Maldonado4 måneder siden
    • wtf

      Fernando LunaFernando Luna4 måneder siden
  • New Order is being absolutely destroyed by pretty much everyone I know (I'm from México) for being a racist piece of shit. I think you really need a bit of understanding of how Mexican society works to really see that the message this film tries to get across is total bullshit.

    Raúl Valenzuela GarcíaRaúl Valenzuela García4 måneder siden
  • Yms 81 years so I just watched lion king 2019 Me I’ve been waiting my whole life

    Tedwardo Squidwardo lllTedwardo Squidwardo lll4 måneder siden
  • thanks for the youtube recommentation

    Arvind NArvind N4 måneder siden
  • Gill Bates hides behind philanthropy to inflict his biosurveillance agenda upon the world.

    JarrodDSchneiderJarrodDSchneider4 måneder siden
    • Yep, he also did extensive damage to the American education system. His project was deemed a failure by the people who ran it.

      Jeremy DirrJeremy Dirr4 måneder siden
  • Adam, hi, I'm a mexican citizen, just to clarify about "New Order", the movie, according to Michel Franco is the exploration of the violence as the worst way of confronting the racism that exists in our country toward the indígena culture, but, after seeing it with my mexican context it actually makes the point more valid for the racists. It's a meesage that we, the brunette or indígenas are the evil and we would only be in charge using the violence (completley ignoring that are a lot of indígenas that excels in academic ways, even one got to be president). I know your context doesn't help to understand it but the film was very critized for being racist in its core and presentation, even when Franco didn't intended it.

    Alejandro GuerraAlejandro Guerra4 måneder siden
    • @Lucy Moonlight wey yo soy indígena y el racismo hacia los blancos también existe. que la mayoría (porque yo conozco güeros bien jodidos) estén privilegiados no quiere decir que solo por eso la tienen fácil. el pedo de méxico no necesariamente es de raza, es de clase social. la película parte de una premisa que es actual, pero si uno cree que está diciendo que los morenos somos los malos, pues o no se entendió el punto o uno está siendo muy superficial. tanto ricos como pobres son presentados con cosas buenas como malas. los ricos son corruptos, y los pobres tratan de defender a quienes les dan empleo. al final la película solo parte de una premisa para decirnos que en este país todos, sin importar la clase social, estamos jodidos y solo solos piezas a mover en un ajedrez.

      ZarathrustaTateZarathrustaTate4 måneder siden
    • Please like the comment so hopefully Adam sees it and sees the movie with the real context. El racismo a los White Mexicans es absurdo y no existe, por cierto, saludos a la raza.

      Lucy MoonlightLucy Moonlight4 måneder siden
    • Ok mijo, vete a ver más documentales de Vice si te sientes agredido por una película de Michel Franco en pleno 2020 🤡

      pollo surfpollo surf4 måneder siden
    • @JJthebat Jajaja ni yo, hasta llegaba a pensar que era el unico acá que lo veía xD

      Daniel ArriagaDaniel Arriaga4 måneder siden
    • @alfredo gutierrez castro A mi igual, enserio que Museo debe de ser mucho más apreciada al igual que Alonso Ruizpalacios :c

      Daniel ArriagaDaniel Arriaga4 måneder siden
  • Adum is a fifi omg

    Carlos AlvaradoCarlos Alvarado4 måneder siden
    • JAJAJJAA wey...

      María José Fandiño BrizMaría José Fandiño Briz4 måneder siden
    • Jajajajaja verguisima

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    • Omg 😆

      CastellanoGMCastellanoGM4 måneder siden

      MelindaHatebreederMelindaHatebreeder4 måneder siden
  • Both seem like solid recs for the next few months, thanks!

    pillbox moviespillbox movies4 måneder siden
  • Can't wait till 2037 when we get "The Newer Corporation: The Even More Unfortunately Necessary Sequel"

    Max KorbenMax Korben4 måneder siden
    • @Kurt Gomez datsdajoke

      Max KorbenMax Korben4 måneder siden
    • @Kurt Gomez In 2037 we will get "The Newer Corporation: The Even More Unfortunately Necessary Sequel". It will be a stage play exclusively made for an audience consisting of a neoroyalty class and the divided monarchies of America.

      The Naughty PoliceThe Naughty Police4 måneder siden
    • Yeah...😔😔

      Apollo For a Better FutureApollo For a Better Future4 måneder siden
    • "The Newest Corporation™: They've Totally Fixed Themselves Since Last Time We Talked™ Presented by Apple, Disney, and Microsoft"

      RiceRice4 måneder siden
    • And in 2050 we'd get one about crude oil

      Zerro NyxZerro Nyx4 måneder siden
  • lion king video is gonna be 3 hours long, isn't it?

    legionlegion4 måneder siden
    • Not a mini series a legit one video that is 4 months long from start to finish

      MonsieurMaskedManMonsieurMaskedMan4 måneder siden
    • A mini series

      Mikael R.Mikael R.4 måneder siden
    • Adum said it will be released on 2032 and the video will be 4 months long

      MonsieurMaskedManMonsieurMaskedMan4 måneder siden
  • You know he enjoyed himself at TIFF if the first movie from worst to best is 7/10

    tamer rawastamer rawas4 måneder siden
    • @DiegoBPiquer o damn, guess I didn't see the other ones, my bad lmao

      tamer rawastamer rawas4 måneder siden
    • This is like the forth video? Or more. There some very bad ones

      DiegoBPiquerDiegoBPiquer4 måneder siden
  • Wait, so New Order is good? As a Mexican i find the whole premise a bit classist. The creator of it did a whole "speech" about the "discrimination of white upper class people in Mexico". Didnt really think it would get a 7/10 from you. Hmmmm

    Andrés HernándezAndrés Hernández4 måneder siden
    • Cállate nadie te pregunto

      CastellanoGMCastellanoGM4 måneder siden
    • @Blaise Telfer he claims he suffers racism for being white, so you tell me. Maybe he didn't intend to be classist or racist, but... he clearly is.

      Alejandro GuerraAlejandro Guerra4 måneder siden
    • @Blaise Telfer I mean, much of the fictional works out there have a strong root on the perception of their creators on certain social and political topics (e.g. the bourgeois-vampire, the alien who's trying to kill usz etc.)

      idk idcidk idc4 måneder siden
    • @David Alonso yeah, he (Adam) pretty much has zero conext of the movie so he's just reviewing like that, a post-apocaliptic movie. Thought, regards of how well made a film has been made, I consider a valid point for the viewers and people interested to watch said film to disregard it for the sociopolitical messages that both the film and the director himself has put on the table.

      idk idcidk idc4 måneder siden
    • Maybe because he was reviewing a work of fiction, not the director himself or his speech

      Blaise TelferBlaise Telfer4 måneder siden
  • Whats the end soundtracl from Its so familiar

    wrenwren4 måneder siden
    • It's Adam's new music.

      Jeremy DirrJeremy Dirr4 måneder siden
    • The Scab by anUnkindness

      MonsieurMaskedManMonsieurMaskedMan4 måneder siden
  • At this point I’m more hyped for the Lion King YMS than I was for the actual movie

    Magnific MangoMagnific Mango4 måneder siden
    • @GhostPants no

      Magnific MangoMagnific Mango4 måneder siden
    • You were hyped for the actual movie?

      GhostPantsGhostPants4 måneder siden
  • where's The Search for the Worst: Lion King (2019), mr. noworld.info? it's been 17 years

    residentgrinchresidentgrinch4 måneder siden