Quickie: Undine, First We Eat

11. des.. 2020
65 917 Ganger

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0:00 Undine
1:39 First We Eat

  • These titles work well as a pair

    Mr TemporalMr TemporalMåned siden
  • * The wind is howling.

    GorthaurGorthaurMåned siden
  • 0:56

    -Attack of the youtube Overlords--Attack of the youtube Overlords-Måned siden
  • This reception of Undine is by far the most pathetic and ridiculous...

    Riters räudige RanzspalteRiters räudige Ranzspalte3 måneder siden
  • The poster and title for First We Eat made it look like a dark comedy about the Donner Party

    M 17M 173 måneder siden
  • Tenet

    Tyler LyonsTyler Lyons3 måneder siden
  • Tenet

    Tyler LyonsTyler Lyons3 måneder siden
  • Tenet

    Tyler LyonsTyler Lyons3 måneder siden
  • Tenet

    Tyler LyonsTyler Lyons3 måneder siden

    ElteElte3 måneder siden
  • How about we make this type of video the regular and call big reviews "Longies"?

    MelquisedequeMelquisedeque4 måneder siden
  • 3:18 Salt? How far away is the ocean?

    dzhellekdzhellek4 måneder siden
  • "Oon dina"? That's disappointing. I thought it was like vomiting, which is the opposite of dining. It all made sense. First we eat, then we undine.

    dzhellekdzhellek4 måneder siden
  • undtale

    Atticus KochAtticus Koch4 måneder siden
  • There actually are really good reasons to chew on pine, fir, or hemlock needles: they are extremely high in vitamin c. A few pine needles have as much vitamin c as a glass of orange juice. I doubt they're eating citrus, so this is likely one of their only sources of vitamin c, especially in winter. That said, most people chew the ends of the needles or brew "pine needle tea" instead of shoving handfuls prickly needles into their mouths.... (for the record, when I say "hemlock" I'm talking about the edible coniferous tree, not the poisonous Greek plant that Socrates ate)

    Lucy WLucy W4 måneder siden
    • That said, the film makers definitely should have explained why they are eating pine needles. Feels like a missed opportunity to educate people, and a missed opportunity to show how you can actually make pine needles palatable

      Lucy WLucy W4 måneder siden
  • I saw there was a movie titled Undine and thought it was based on a book called Undine about a manipulative young teen girl who accuses her friends’ dad of making a pass at her just to watch the whole family disintegrate. That book was tense and Undine was a scary malevolent character, partly because even in her calculated manipulativeness she was naive and childish. That’d be a good movie.

    Meglet Montrose-CazaletMeglet Montrose-Cazalet4 måneder siden
  • Lmao, her setting up the camera to complain about dishes is just the WKUK'S Michael Moore sketch

    Big TorgBig Torg4 måneder siden

    JarrhedJarrhed4 måneder siden
  • Ah yes, YIFF 2020

    Goldenblade14Goldenblade144 måneder siden
  • Damn, First We Eat sounded like a really interesting concept and then it fell flat on its face, huh.

    KLGKLG4 måneder siden
  • undertale

    nicknick4 måneder siden
  • It would’ve been fantastic if “First We Eat” was a horror mockumentary and they just got desperate and became the Sawyer family in the third act

    Trevor WhiteTrevor White4 måneder siden
  • Undine sounds like everything I hate about documentaries. Needless, forced, self important.

    Emily G.Emily G.4 måneder siden
  • I read the VIFF as YIFF

    MrPwnguinMrPwnguin4 måneder siden
  • The only problem with ordering them from worst to best is there's no level of surprise to how much you liked the film from the thumbnail.

    curblawcurblaw4 måneder siden
  • synecdoche in new york part 6 pls

    dunk m0nkeydunk m0nkey4 måneder siden
  • Honestly, i enjoyed "Undine" quite a bit, but maybe i wouldnt have, if i didnt read before, that "Undine" is also some kind of cursed mythical creature. That explains some of the "awkward drama" for me :D

    no_OFno_OF4 måneder siden
  • I personally preferred it when the festival reviews weren't organised from worst to best. Just the opinion of one viewer.

    Ben GoddenBen Godden4 måneder siden
  • Why are all the subtitles always blurred out?

    Mattias TörnbomMattias Törnbom4 måneder siden
    • So we won’t be distracted from his words. Same thing as muting the audio

      myettechasemyettechase2 måneder siden
  • Home for the holidays with Jonathan Taylor Thomas would be a good one, I’d like to see you dissect it. My girlfriend and I recently watched it (nostalgia reasons) and barely made it through.

    MightbeaseaotterMightbeaseaotter4 måneder siden
  • It’s a lion king world, and we’re just living in it

    Aryavir SangwanAryavir Sangwan4 måneder siden
  • Neil Breen: I cannot believe you made another quickie. I can NOT believe you made another quickie.

    OllieOllie4 måneder siden
  • "I'm back here again" - an Unkindness, 'Acceptance'

    OllieOllie4 måneder siden
  • As a Yukoner, I can assure you that most of us think of the Crocker family as a bunch of fake weirdos.

    Snack TimeSnack Time4 måneder siden
  • Still love the Adum Photoshop at TIFF

    Icia JayIcia Jay4 måneder siden
  • Undine was such a bore. And as someone who speaks german, the drama felt so forced.

    starkingbikerstarkingbiker4 måneder siden
  • sea water is salt were they not surrounded by sea water? when you boil sea water you can extract salt

    ttropttrop4 måneder siden
  • Thanks for the great vid! Have you seen "Unknown Soldier" by väinö linna? It'd be cool to hear your thoughts. link: www.imdb.com/title/tt4065552/

    LauritzLauritz4 måneder siden
  • Wtf First we Eat sounds stupid, lol also wasn't that community next to the ocean? Get salt there.

    PatrickPatrick4 måneder siden

    João SantosJoão Santos4 måneder siden
  • What is that background music?

    VladVlad4 måneder siden
  • Hey good to see they finally made an Undertale movie

    Some GuySome Guy4 måneder siden
  • Adum please, PLEASE, stop using this background music

    J0HNYJ0HNY4 måneder siden
  • That tag is very close to being someone something else

    ChromarayChromaray4 måneder siden
  • Undine is just award bait, expecting media and critics be like "Oh so deep, so emotional!" These kinds of movies aren't made for actual viewers.

    I am tiredI am tired4 måneder siden
  • So did you enjoy TRANSIT from 2018 from Petzold with the same two main actors? Cause that one’s pretty good

    olol4 måneder siden
  • Thought it said yiff....

    Palito de la SelvaPalito de la Selva4 måneder siden
  • Waiting for a review of Songbird. I couldn’t finish it.

    Phillip RockerbiePhillip Rockerbie4 måneder siden
  • I'd love to see Adam dig through some classics for a while and talk about them. The whole 150 mediocre indie films a year is a bit much.

    Adam GatesAdam Gates4 måneder siden
  • Can we use adums music in our own youtube videos?

    Louis CapronLouis Capron4 måneder siden
    • Email and ask him

      myettechasemyettechase2 måneder siden
  • 2:48 ...lots of suburban families do this when things get too eazy mode back home

    DJ CTaiDJ CTai4 måneder siden
  • I think the people from "First We Eat" are secretly vampires and the documentary is just a cover to try to make ingesting blood socially acceptable.

    Shane PyeShane Pye4 måneder siden
  • First we Eat is basically Alaskan Bush People but with food restrictions

    ChickenChanChickenChan4 måneder siden
  • 1.06 *million* subscribers. That is now 1.06 million people that cannot in good faith say they hate furries.

    Scooter GirlScooter Girl4 måneder siden
    • technically, not true, hating furries is plural as it is general hate towards the furry "group", not toward multiple specified individuals. you can still hate the group even if there are exceptions.

      ιθκ¡ 。ιθκ¡ 。4 måneder siden
  • YIFF is a nice name for some quickie.

    Dynamosaurus ImperiousDynamosaurus Imperious4 måneder siden

    DamTheKidDamTheKid4 måneder siden
  • Transit sucked as well

    Ryan PrivWhiteBoyRyan PrivWhiteBoy4 måneder siden
  • I haven't really liked any of the 4 Petzoldt movies I've seen except Phoenix. Barbara and Jerichow were ok but Yella was just fucking stupid. I won't even bother with this one.

    The Film SeekerThe Film Seeker4 måneder siden
  • Lmao the entire german media praised this one to be Oscar worthy. Watched it a few weeks ago and couldn't believe how low our bar is

    RealblushRealblush4 måneder siden
  • “The ridiculousness of this film kept me engaged and focused.” Pretty much sums up 2020 on the whole in the US.

    SoNotDownSoNotDown4 måneder siden
  • I thought this was one movie called "un-dine: first we eat"

    Forest of BushesForest of Bushes4 måneder siden
    • So I’m not the only one

      Eevee *Eevee *3 måneder siden
    • Sequel to Unsane

      DysnomiaFilmsDysnomiaFilms4 måneder siden
    • I thought it said "undies: first we eat"

      Danny not the DinosaurDanny not the Dinosaur4 måneder siden
  • How many laptops were destroyed making Undine?

    CamCam4 måneder siden
  • you are the only channel i don't block the ads.

    nowledgenowledge4 måneder siden
  • You should make a 10/10 movie.

    krazytaxicabbiekrazytaxicabbie4 måneder siden
  • Sad that there wasn't an undertale joke

    smoku gokusmoku goku4 måneder siden
  • I saw that stage and thought the convention was called "YIFF"

    SnartleflushSnartleflush4 måneder siden
  • honestly give us a commentary track for first we eat im there

    NotXsoXopticNotXsoXoptic4 måneder siden
  • I'm sorry... did you just fucking pronounce undine as "oo-dee-nahh"

    Slurp McDerpSlurp McDerp4 måneder siden
  • Thought that Undine flick was an Undertale adaptation.

    KajiCarsonKajiCarson4 måneder siden
    • Bah, it should have been!

      Scooter GirlScooter Girl4 måneder siden

    AntiVectorAntiVector4 måneder siden
    • i just think he got a little burnt out from all the longies. he used a lot of time and energy on those. but i dont think he wil never do another one. just needs a break.

      MrSkmeMrSkme3 måneder siden
    • Always has been

      Hyuga ShikamaruHyuga Shikamaru3 måneder siden
    • When you kill one film festival two more take its place

      Lucius FuciusLucius Fucius4 måneder siden
    • good

      damekkoDarkdamekkoDark4 måneder siden
    • Why r u complaining tho

      Sydney PSydney P4 måneder siden
  • The second film sounds like a cool concept, honestly. Could be great with established rules - maybe "only eat things that are made within 50 miles" and do that in a slightly more dense area. It'd be cool to keep track of the money spent and the distances of the foods and then compare with the buying the same foods from a store. That'd be a good way to showcase local food producers, show how it's more expensive but important to eat local food, and to show how difficult it is to get certain foods. If they chose another location, they could also go to the ocean and gather water to make salt. (It's about 300 miles from Dawson, YT though.)

    BaneBane4 måneder siden
  • I really don’t like the worst to beat, because when there are movies I really want to watch then I don’t want to know your opinion before I watch, but with this system I instantly know about what rating you give it :/

    victorious1612victorious16124 måneder siden
  • They made a movie about the fish tomboy from Undertale?

    Mr.PatMr.Pat4 måneder siden
  • Undine is great, best Undertale Character

    Demented DuskullDemented Duskull4 måneder siden
  • 5:04 Oh, Adum. You assume I haven’t listened to The Scab around 50 times already.

    DestroyerKittyDestroyerKitty4 måneder siden
  • That documentary sounds like movie Dogtooth in real life

    BrandoBrando4 måneder siden
  • If you want to source something from the human body to make your food salty, why is blood your go-to over tears or sweat?

    Kelsey WilliamsKelsey Williams4 måneder siden
  • why was the first movie about undertale

    Sean NjoeSean Njoe4 måneder siden
  • "Laughably Awkward" happens to be my middle name.

    RipcookiethiefRipcookiethief4 måneder siden
  • make a ytp called: coolcat goes to prison.

    BYOB GoblinBYOB Goblin4 måneder siden
  • Hey adum how about a lion king review countdown

    AyanAyan4 måneder siden
  • Man I’ve waited so long for a full video. Your content is great but 5 minutes is just itching the spot at all.

    S DS D4 måneder siden
  • I’m sorry did you gloss over the point That the family in First We Eat went cannibal because they missed salt

    Disgruntled CashierDisgruntled Cashier4 måneder siden
    • @Byzantine Darkwraith no

      Rozmarin IdeasRozmarin IdeasMåned siden
    • @BingoBango based BingoBango pointing out that drinking specifically period blood isnt cannibalism. i love this thread

      Byzantine DarkwraithByzantine DarkwraithMåned siden
    • @Rozmarin Ideas just to be clear, you're saying swallowing is cannibalism?

      Byzantine DarkwraithByzantine DarkwraithMåned siden
    • @Noob Noob All of those examples differ from blood in one major aspect. They all are designed to leave the body naturally. Blood isn't. Except mensural blood. Eating that doesn't make you a cannibal.

      BingoBangoBingoBango4 måneder siden
    • @Rozmarin Ideas Not really. If you drink excreted fluids (for some reason) such as piss, sweat, tears, ejaculate, etc. then that’s not cannibalism. Stuff like blood is different.

      Jolly TemplarJolly Templar4 måneder siden
  • Sucks about Undine, she was my favourite Undertale character.

    RawpoweredRawpowered4 måneder siden
  • First We Eat with Sean Evans

    GergeGerge4 måneder siden
  • Here for PART 6 of Synecdoche, NY. Plz & ty

    Mr KalmiopsisMr Kalmiopsis4 måneder siden
  • who cuts frozen salmons in half with an axe?

    Sugamoto MayazakiSugamoto Mayazaki4 måneder siden
  • The lion king review is taking as long as cyberpunk

    KingsKings4 måneder siden
    • @sweetcinnamonpnchkin very much unlike cyberpunk

      ιθκ¡ 。ιθκ¡ 。4 måneder siden
    • Knowing Adam, it’ll be one beautiful payoff.

      sweetcinnamonpnchkinsweetcinnamonpnchkin4 måneder siden
  • Poor Adam sounds so tired 😔

    CaseCase4 måneder siden
  • *Corrections at bottom* For “First We Eat” why couldn’t they just drive to the coast to get salt? The distance is roughly 825 miles which is slightly less than the distance from Memphis to DC. It may seem like a long distance, but they did try using blood as a condiment. Their steps for salt: •Take a truck with 8-9 five gallon water jugs •Get the salt water •Drive back •Distill it at their home A 3-5 day excursion could probably cover them for 2-3 months without resorting to partial cannibalism ------------------------------ Edit 2: Sugar: Sugar beets can be grown in the summer since it takes ~90 days and needs 60-80°F in the day and 40-50° in the night. Dawson easily meets this criteria for June, July and August (If there is a heater/fire at night, the plants would probably do fine in May also). Steps for sugar: •Clean and julienne sugar beets •Boil in water •Strain out the beets • Let liquid dehydrate and powderize Some crops such as Potatoes, Red Beets, Carrots, or etc., but this could be a welcome addition to their palates ------------------------------ CORRECTIONS Edit: Sorry the first distance was from Dawson Creek, British Columbia and it was going offroad. The real driving distance is 522.55 mi (Roughly from Paris to Berlin) and the off-road/illegal version is 397.3 mi (Roughly Cairo to Beirut) The distance also covers rivers close to the ocean where water may be saltier than normal Edit 3: The trailer does show them trapping trees and getting honey (defeats the purpose if the box, net, and possibly bees had to be shipped in), but nothing would beat solid sugar in baked goods or snorting

    Adam CAdam C4 måneder siden
    • Well that would ruin the whole idea of using only locally available produce now wouldn't it? What is the difference between paying someone to get you coast-farmed salt and paying yourself to get it?

      BeeryGamerBeeryGamer4 måneder siden
  • Well. Thought we were done with the film festivals, but I guess we're out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    MaxMax4 måneder siden
  • Adum prefers watching high budget films from these festivals rather than to review hidden low budget gems like The Lion King

    Cowboy WazowskiCowboy Wazowski4 måneder siden
  • First we fear factor.

    Mark Paul Abare, Jr.Mark Paul Abare, Jr.4 måneder siden
  • Disappointing to hear early reports on Undine. Christian Petzold is def one of my favorite contemporary directors. Will still be looking forward to seeing it as a fan, though maybe a bit tentatively.

    pillbox moviespillbox movies4 måneder siden
    • I saw it in the summer and idk, I enjoyed it as a guilty pleasure somewhat. It definitely is a bit corny but the atmosphere and visuals definitely helped me stay at least interested in it.

      Thomas EremiaThomas Eremia4 måneder siden
  • At this point I get a heart attack every time I se a YMS youtube notification but it's just another quickie

    Augusto ZoliAugusto Zoli4 måneder siden
  • Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I'm very disappointed in this comment section. Adam is working insanely hard on The Lion King review and all of these comments yelling about how it isn't done aren't helping anything. Just because he's posting quickies doesn't mean he isn't getting it done. He is and it's gonna be amazing. I love quickies because when I'm eventually able to watch these movies I'll have recommendations from Adam and also will know what movies I would like that he didn't based on my own preferences now that I know what they're about. Keep up the great work Adam. Also, if you're somehow still starved from his content, he has a music channel, a podcast, two gaming channels, and there is even a highlights channel of his non-gaming twitch streams. Lmao I sound like a fucking keyboard warrior but after watching all of the shit he gets on his twitch and how it pisses him off, I'm getting pissed off too

    Cade HarrisonCade Harrison4 måneder siden
  • Hello Adumm, great vid but please check your sub reddit ;-;

    Xolo talXolo tal4 måneder siden
  • I thought that was a giant "YIFF" in the opening and didn't even think it was out of place. "This is on brand" I thought to myself.

    SmurpoSmurpo4 måneder siden
    • Good profile pic

      A Is For OilA Is For Oil4 måneder siden
    • Lol same

      Chaotic messChaotic mess4 måneder siden
    • This comment makes the video better

      Big PumpieBig Pumpie4 måneder siden
    • @Forest of Bushes this is one of those corners of the internet. Hi, we're happy to have you.

      SmurpoSmurpo4 måneder siden
    • This comment led me down such a rabbithole because i didn't know what that meant. Anyway thank you for my latest hyperfocus: furries

      Forest of BushesForest of Bushes4 måneder siden
  • You know you are uncultured when you see the title of that film and think its pronounced like the Undertale character.

    Shawn BoudreauShawn Boudreau4 måneder siden
    • Don't disrespect the Feesh Knight

      Jennifer CorbettJennifer Corbett3 måneder siden
    • relatable

      KrozbotKrozbot3 måneder siden
  • NICE, documentary about Dawson sound awesome

    artificialfreedomartificialfreedom4 måneder siden