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9. jan.. 2021
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  • Common arguments I'm seeing: - "Adum, you didn't pay attention! They have to use the Earth Pass or else Terry will hunt after them!" No. Terry is shown noticing the count is off just before the 15 minute mark in the film. This is well before anyone tried to use the pirate hippy portal. The count is off because Joe didn't go up the escalator to the Great Beyond (or whatever it's called), not because he used the pirate hippy portal instead of an Earth Pass. The Earth Pass is irrelevant to the Terry conflict and the characters aren't even aware of Terry when 22 steals Joe's body instead of just planning to return back through another portal. - "Adum, you didn't pay attention! 22 can't possibly return using the pirate hippy portal because she would need another living person's soul to connect them to a body in the first place!" It's true that she would need another living person to get back, but there are many souls shown previously in the film she could use (as well as an implied never-ending supply). The movie shows that the pirate hippy is constantly connecting souls back to their bodies. She can just jump in with any of them. She has an infinite amount of time to do this if she wants to try it in a way where she can jump into a nearby animal. Otherwise, she can just steal someone else's body again. She clearly has no moral issues with doing this since she's already running away with Joe's body by this point. The film shows at least 4 other characters performing rituals to connect lost souls to their bodies as well, so the pirate hippy isn't even necessary to do this. She also doesn't need a dead body to possess, hence the cat and Joe both being alive when their bodies were possessed.

    YourMovieSucksDOTorgYourMovieSucksDOTorg3 måneder siden
    • yo adum what do you think of this video:

      Spinhoza GSpinhoza G24 dager siden
    • I think that if 22 were to use the pirate hippie method over and over like you’re suggesting it would lead to her not valuing the gift of life and it would definitely lead to some long lasting psychological damage. I guess you could still call it a plothole or lazy writing if you want but I’m glad they did it the way they did since it sends the message of life being precious, even in a movie where the characters cheat death.

      AlexandraAlexandra28 dager siden
    • @lalo lombardo that's cringe 😬😬

      DaviiDaviiMåned siden
    • @Diego Ochoa That’s the long and short of it, yeah. Adum operates on a “If I don’t like it, I’ll just use nitpicks to justify it” philosophy instead of, y’know, actually digging into why he didn’t like it. And then hides behind a petty “I’m just holding the movie accountable” shield every time he’s called out for it, and it muddies the waters for film criticism overall. Sometimes those nitpicks are rooted in genuine flaws, other times, like here, he gets so desperate to break the movie that he forces plot holes into existence that the movie itself shot down. But people eat it up anyway, because Adum puts it all under the guise of maturity and intelligent discussion. It’s a hollow practice he could just as easily apply to the movies he likes. But he’s got subs to keep, music to plug, and an ego to stroke. At least CinemaSins plays to the idea that it’s a joke and a sham. Adum takes himself seriously, and people take _him_ seriously. That’s a lot worse.

      A Pinch of BazelA Pinch of BazelMåned siden
    • @YourMovieSucksDOTorg *sigh* okay, bud. sure...

      Diego OchoaDiego OchoaMåned siden
  • just a meh movie all around for me....... seems like a soulless cash grab to try and suck what ever money than can out of the ghettos...

    jaba pabajaba paba2 dager siden
  • Today, I shall visit the channel "YourMovieSucks" and ask "Why do you think this movie sucks?".

    Derek LiuDerek Liu3 dager siden
  • lol you've never done drugs have you?

  • Finally I found someone with the same thought as me that every sense is like a variation of touch

    PoirotPoirot4 dager siden
  • I honestly just want a movie about the human music teacher trying to become a jazz musician. Without all the spirit stuff.

    I'm a SiontistI'm a Siontist8 dager siden
  • But is this better than Coco in your opinion?

    ToastiumToastium10 dager siden
  • This movie seems over hyped

    ImnoonewhoareyouImnoonewhoareyou14 dager siden
  • Is Soul a kids movie or not? I keep seeing people flip-flopping between "Oh, it's a movie that kids can enjoy!" and "No, it's not for kids!"

    Unicorn Lover123Unicorn Lover12315 dager siden
  • I loved this movie and Adam can’t change my mind

    Shh My Pup Is SleepinShh My Pup Is Sleepin15 dager siden
  • I did want him to stay dead at the end. The movie made me emotional because I couldn’t stop thinking about my dad (and I greatly struggle with accepting death), so Joe accepting that he is okay with dying hit hard with me. And then he gets brought back to life and it’s like damn, guess all you gotta do to live forever is to fake a heroic death. I do really like the Jerry and Terry designs, they made the film a lot more enjoyable for me. I just love the way they move too.

    Bashful WolfoBashful Wolfo16 dager siden
  • Adum sounds and acts like Squidward from Spongebob. Should rewatch 18 episode "artist unkown" of 2nd season to reflect a little bit. Art is not only about rules and logic, its about emotions and that is not always rational anyway. I partialy agreed with the message and enjoyed the ride. this fella has a good point too - Jonah Page The only difference with the “earth pass” seems to be that you get your own body instead of kicking someone out of theirs, which seems pretty important

    Alex RechkinAlex Rechkin17 dager siden
    • A lack of stakes affects the emotional impact. Also, the movie is very literal for something that's supposed to be metaphorical. The beautiful city parts get interrupted by the soul world, which has its own set of rules that are constantly explained. You actively have to think to make sense of what's happening, but what's happening doesn't make sense. It's not a movie where you can zone out and enjoy the ride.

      Hubblebub LumbubwubHubblebub Lumbubwub17 dager siden
  • vapid nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking without delving into criticisms about the deeper topics or the nuanced concepts that the film is completely centered around. I get this channel is more for entertainment rather than actual credible movie reviews but wtf

    Fax'dFax'd21 dag siden
    • Turn your brain on

      joseph hardwickejoseph hardwicke17 dager siden
    • The concept is basically ''appreciate the little things in life'', which is great but the movie makes it seem more complex by throwing in this alternate universe with all sorts of rules that don't even make sense.

      Hubblebub LumbubwubHubblebub Lumbubwub20 dager siden
  • If souls are basically brains, does 22 become a talking baby when she reaches earth?

    Hubblebub LumbubwubHubblebub Lumbubwub21 dag siden
  • This is a near perfect review

    RachelRachel23 dager siden
  • I actually love this movie but you do make some good points.

    DonkDonk24 dager siden
  • Apparently Pixar doesn't believe animals have souls?

    mudkipclovemudkipclove24 dager siden
  • 22 doesn’t want to do the soul thing and live in someone else’s body because 22 wanted to live their own life. That’s the point of the film no? To have your own body. That being said, why 22 couldn’t just have the Earth Pass and Joe couldn’t have done the soul thing annoys me. Unless the counting guy would have just found him and brought him back for cheating again, and cheating is bad.

    Scrimmy BingusScrimmy Bingus24 dager siden
  • No one's ever really gone.

    Ross BatchelorRoss Batchelor25 dager siden
  • Ngl I’m getting really tied of Adum’s factory analogies. They’re starting to feel very... factory made

    AlexandraAlexandra28 dager siden
  • 5% good. 95% boring as hell.

    Christopher ChadwickChristopher ChadwickMåned siden
  • To me the eath pass was more of an analogue for many parts of the identity. And so because 22 found so many parts of themself while in Joe's body, taking that away from them would be like taking their life, in many ways. That is what Joe is realizing when he thinks back over his life while looking at the items 22 collected, he realizes that they don't belong in his story/identity/earth pass, that the pinwheel is part of 22's identity. To me, the Skywatching and Walking line is almost like rutger hower's tears in the rain line in blade runner, trying to wrestle with the fact that he is real, through the experiences hes had. Regardless of if he was created or not. And 22 feels alive and whole when they're in Joe's body, because that is where they finally experienced the sublime elements of life, that can't be described or portrayed. That being said when they just send Joe back to earth at the end and essentially pull the ratatouille "who cares??" I was a little pissed

    Michael MorattoMichael MorattoMåned siden
    • The whole flip flopping on whether the final thing is a spark or a purpose or a destiny or whatever is great too because of how it's portrayed as Joe's assumptions and bias and self destructive analytical influence. It exists in a pure state, but he ascribes his own meaning and rules to it, just to defend what he assumes is his own passion or spark or destiny or whatever

      Michael MorattoMichael MorattoMåned siden
  • i still absolutely loved this film and thought it was the best thing from pixar since Up...but you're right about nearly everything. I will say at least the way 22 chose to have a life at the end made more sense since she can't live inside someone elses body, can't live in animal. She wanted her own life. The reason she wanted to stay as Joe at first was because she thought she wouldn't be able to find her spark when she got back to the great before so resigned to living as Joe. Otherwise I totally agree

    Jordan NewittJordan NewittMåned siden
  • this was 8 min plot hole analysis for a pixar movie lol

    Amey RajAmey RajMåned siden
  • I'd like to start off by saying that I also did not like this movie. It has its problems. However so do you as a so called film critic. There is a difference between critiquing and nitpicking. What you do in the majority of your reviews is nitpick.

    BlackButterflyBlackButterflyMåned siden
    • He partially does it for entertainment value, I think a 6/10 is fair. That said, some of the ''nitpicks'' are major problems. When I watched it I didn't even consciously think about the pirate hippy problem but it felt like the movie had no stakes. The pirate hippy thing explains why I felt that way. Some other problems aren't that bad individually but they add up to a confusing experience.

      Hubblebub LumbubwubHubblebub Lumbubwub21 dag siden
  • Biggest gripe with this film is that everything we know about psychology blatantly disproves and contradicts how the movie explains personality and why we are the way we are.

    mil milmil milMåned siden
  • I wish the whole film had just been about jazz.

    That Cinema CynicThat Cinema CynicMåned siden
  • Thank you so much. I didn't like this movie and was confused to why people were praising it. Cuz it's an "adult" concept?

    Talic-osTalic-osMåned siden
  • Every Pixar movie after Wall-E has been hot garbage. Nothing good since 2008.

    jonjonMåned siden
  • What's with that Twilight Zone-ass background music?

    Maximum MattMaximum MattMåned siden
  • When if came to the part about the body snatching and how the cat was just a normal cat after they left the body, it reminded me way too much of that one creepypasta “I Was Fourteen When I First Killed Myself.” I feel like that creepypasta did a way better job at showing the impact of taking someone else’s body away from them and I wish soul just didnt show the cat coming back into existence as a cat cuz that really threw me off

    stink ratstink ratMåned siden
  • What is meant by manipulative in this context?

    Deraxel, Immolator of WorldsDeraxel, Immolator of WorldsMåned siden
    • I think he means that the movie goes straight for emotional moments without reaching them in a natural way.

      Hubblebub LumbubwubHubblebub Lumbubwub20 dager siden
  • You should properly review ratatouille one day!!

    fishyfishyMåned siden
  • Thank you

    Giacomo MessoriGiacomo MessoriMåned siden
  • I think he had to have the Earth pass instead of going through the sand thing because otherwise Terry would keep tracking him down on Earth to kill him again

    Nikki ChapmanNikki ChapmanMåned siden
  • None of this is my issue with the movie. I'm *pretty* good at suspending disbelief for a pretty story, and while The Rules were a somewhat *strenuous* exercise in suspension I didn't tear any mental ligaments in the process so it's fine. What bothered me is that over the course of the movie he spent all this time on earth inadvertently teaching this struggling soul to love life, and knowing that was still *fully prepared* to rob them of it forever so he could play a song, and this is *never addressed.* What would have happened if he hadn't had his own revelation about what it means to live? 22 is stranded, potentially a lost soul forever, no shits given. I deeply appreciated the message that waiting for your life to begin is dumb because life is what happens while you're waiting, and that seeing it go exactly where you think you need it to is not always the point. I needed that. But also my mouth was agape for most of the movie at how fucking *monstrous* the main character is, and it is never addressed and there is never a single consequence or even acknowledgement by the people running the show that he did a REAL BAD. He did not die of a freak accident that was in no way precipitated by him, he wasn't paying attention where he was going and death was completely avoidable. He didn't live with a care for his life or anyone else's, he took it all for granted and then lost it stupidly, and stole someone else's so he could *keep doing that.* He wasn't planning to give it back, and it may never have occurred to him to do so if he had found even the slightest fulfillment. He is the most unlikable protagonist I've encountered in an incredibly long time, and I am currently watching Bojack Horseman where they are all just.. *terrible* people. So ultimately I loved and needed the message, I loved most of the characters and the aesthetic of the beforelife (though I would have liked to see better worldbuilding), but I would have changed the ending entirely. I would either have had the ordeal center his soul so it could move on, or, if he still wasn't ready to do so, have him offered a mentor role so he could pass his hard-learned lesson to others and some good could come of it. That this did not happen seems like a shameful waste especially when in life, without even trying, he seemed to have a real gift for connecting with people struggling to find their way. "You selfishly tried to screw someone out of this wonderful thing so you don't get to just have it anymore, but here is a job where you can put your newfound love of life to actual use helping others and maybe over time make up for this very real horrible thing you did" seems like a much more meaningful outcome than "wow what you just did was awful and damaging, but here, have everything you want anyway."

    ccerescceresMåned siden
  • A movie from *Disney* being named Soul is an oxymoron of the highest hilarity.

    KyoshiLoneheartedKyoshiLoneheartedMåned siden
  • Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross worked on the score? Not exactly the musicians you'd expect for a jazz movie.

    Sir Richard the Easily StartledSir Richard the Easily StartledMåned siden
    • it's 30% jazz movie and 70% blue creatures in space

      Hubblebub LumbubwubHubblebub Lumbubwub21 dag siden
  • No one's ever really gone

    Leinad ReignLeinad ReignMåned siden
  • The Sorcerer King of

    John von ShepardJohn von ShepardMåned siden
  • Honestly the only thing that pissed me off about this film was how many whiney babies can't let family films be for children. Yes, this is a good children's film. It's for parents to take their kids to see. Does that mean you can't enjoy it? No. Does that mean you can't find value in it or connect with it. No. Pixar still produces really high quality family films that will always be aimed at children primarily and that's okay because children learn through the consumption of media and the lessons learned in inside out and soul are incredibly valuable ones. To learn that it's okay to be sad and show negative emotions as not a bad thing (As a lot of media has portrayed for children in the past) and to be taught that sometimes you're not a bad kid the adults around you are failing you and are fallible are rare lessons in life that might seem obvious to adults but definitely aren't to children. So no. You're not going to get your existential masterpiece sorry to let you down. Tldr; WILL SOMEONE THINK OF THE FUCKING CHILDREN!

    Astrea StarQueenAstrea StarQueenMåned siden
  • Boy, modern Disney/Pixar tripe sure is Soulless

    Blackcloud288Blackcloud288Måned siden
  • meh idk made sense to me

    Caleb RussellCaleb RussellMåned siden
  • Theory: The guy who did it before Joe was Jesus.

    King Username69 The MagnificentKing Username69 The MagnificentMåned siden
  • Everyone likes to suggest alt endings but I would have liked this movie more if the "in the zone" thing didn't exist and after coming back to his body and doing the show, Joe lived a full life, finally appreciating it, and then dies of old age. And when he goes back he helps 22 come back from being a lost soul.

    InkyCakesInkyCakesMåned siden
  • 5:35 Oh people do that when defending The Last Jedi/sequel trilogy all the time.

    Party AlmsiviParty AlmsiviMåned siden
  • I remember feeling like the film was somehow off to me even though it was emotionally relatable and impactful. But, I credited that to how overly complicated the soul world was. A lot of the complicated elements of the how the soul world worked took up so much time to explain that it felt like we weren't getting anywhere a lot of the time. After watching this review, now how I felt about the film makes a lot more sense. Coco did these concepts better.

    RJ KroeplinRJ KroeplinMåned siden
  • hate the animated movie trend of just starting animating before the writing is finished and have mix and matched plot points, they did it with Frozen 2 where you could tell the animators and writers were constantly messed around to flip things half way through

    Rose CloudsRose CloudsMåned siden
    • @Alex JG I can’t even imagine working creatively and having to be prepared to change everything on a whim because disney has decided it’s no longer acceptable for a certain plot point. It always leads for disjointed universe rules I noticed they did it with Frozen 2 where they clearly intended for the kingdom to get wiped out but retconned it to sell more castle toys.

      Rose CloudsRose CloudsMåned siden
    • Exactly why the medium can't evolve and move forward.

      Alex JGAlex JGMåned siden
  • Score of this film sucked though

    Kiam VenterKiam VenterMåned siden
  • When I heard about Soul I was expecting a story about purgatory like Dante's inferno, or over the garden wall. Instead we got the typical digital heaven scape you see all the time these days. It's beyond disappointing.

    Roy K.Roy K.Måned siden
  • 6/10. .... YES

    GamingDinoNerdGamingDinoNerdMåned siden
  • all the humans in this movie were so ugly

    Iyren RobotoIyren RobotoMåned siden
  • Jerry and Terry are so amazing it reminded me of the wonder of 2D animation

    filippe999filippe999Måned siden
  • I'm assuming with the whole Joe giving 22 the earth pass and him not getting to go back to earth could be because the Jerry's and Terry's wouldn't let him? Like if they tried the Jerry or Terry or whatever would go back and get him again like no you died you still have to go to the great beyond. But the fact that the characters don't even consider or try the pirate hippie to send Joe back again still doesn't make sense. Regardless they still didn't set this up in a way where it would make sense.

    Vic RoseVic RoseMåned siden
  • One of the things that made me the most irritated was the main character trying to escape death and the Terry's and Jerry's say the counts never been off. Your trying to tell me no one's ever tried to escape the death escalator? I could accept that maybe some people couldn't escape but the main character just jumped off the edge and struggled through the invisible wall. No one would watch him and say fuck this and fallow him to try and escape death? They could have possibly fixed this by making him escape in a more interesting or less obvious way.

    Vic RoseVic RoseMåned siden
  • This movie was probably one of the most irritating Pixar movies in a while because of how almost great it was.

    Vic RoseVic RoseMåned siden
  • Wouldn't Terry hunt him down again if he went through the pirate thing? Still might as well try it Whatever he does the count will be off

    Ross McDowallRoss McDowallMåned siden
  • 5:59-6:49: Adum basically acknowledges that themes aren't as effective when the foundation they're built upon is crumbling i.e.. the worldbuilding, plot, and characters.

    Gnarly BarnacleGnarly BarnacleMåned siden
  • Guess you don't make real YMS videos anymore

    mlg mcdonalds landmlg mcdonalds landMåned siden
  • Why you trying to explain the logic for a kids movie at the start of this video

    Lewis HickmanLewis HickmanMåned siden
    • Because Pixar fans try to claim that Pixar movies aren’t actually for kids, like Soul.

      Unicorn BunnyUnicorn BunnyMåned siden
  • Honestly I enjoyed it but the movie falls apart with “he’s the only one who fought to not die”. Like all the freak accidents or terror attacks in the world and those souls were just like “eh...”

    rose petalrose petalMåned siden
  • I agree with everything but the haircut scene, his hair looked mad unkempt and he needed an edge up bad.

    Zozzy_arcVZozzy_arcVMåned siden
  • The more I think about it, more I feel like a 6/10 is kinda perfect for this movie. For all the interesting stuff there’s really too much convenience in the plot and not enough of a satisfying payoff with the character arcs. Still probs one of Pixar’s best recent films but damn shame it couldn’t have been more.

    Jermbo NotromboneJermbo NotromboneMåned siden
  • Unfortunately there is something breakthrough in this movie. It's a movie with a black protagonist that isn't about some aspect of the experience of being black. It just happens that the protagonist is black. I don't want to say it's the first movie where that happens, but it feels (sadly) original.

    Adriana PignoloAdriana PignoloMåned siden
  • No one’s ever really gone

    SethSeth2 måneder siden
  • “No ones ever really gone”

    Wally MayerWally Mayer2 måneder siden
  • Should've ended at the scene where he realizes music isn't his purpose and it communicates it perfectly without words Then the movie just goes "welp, that was cool. ANYWAY, time for a second 3rd act"

    NotPorkNotPork2 måneder siden
  • Been avoiding disney/pixer films for many years. They are often so fucking shallow with plenty of forced emotions. Not for me

    Justin RompreyJustin Romprey2 måneder siden
  • Literally just complaining about the same problem for ten minutes even you already described it accurately enough in the first two. This video is a waste of time

    VeryHarryVeryHarry2 måneder siden
  • Thought to myself, why haven't I watched a YMS review in a long time? Ohhhh. That's why. He just doesn't seem to get magical realism.

    Tuffy LoganTuffy Logan2 måneder siden
    • then why does he love the shining

      Hubblebub LumbubwubHubblebub Lumbubwub17 dager siden
  • First thing I thought is that 22 is born in a North Korean detainment camp.

    Ultimate EmpressUltimate Empress2 måneder siden
  • The "Pixar films are essentially Schrodinger's kids movies." bit is very accurate

    CloudCuckooCountryCloudCuckooCountry2 måneder siden
  • I really enjoy your reviews have done for a long time keep it up

    its kazooieits kazooie2 måneder siden
  • Ratatouille is also my favourite Pixar movie, meaning it’s the only one I can actually watch without having to criticise the dumb rehashed plot. My friends found out and thought it was a weird “favourite” lol

    Sam DinnanSam Dinnan2 måneder siden
  • Why can she use his Earth Pass if passes can't be given to other souls? They put some effort into showing this can't happen, and then it does anyway??

    Embargo VenomEmbargo Venom2 måneder siden
  • 3:07 incorrect. Senses that aren't just touch: Balance Pain Proprioception - (knowing where your own body is (you can walk up stairs without seeing your feet, and touch your nose with your eyes closed.)) Motion and most senses that you'd think are 'touch-based', are not. For example, you'd think that knowing that your muscles are stretched would be based on feeling them, therefore 'touch', but there are actually specific *chemical* receptors that tell you your muscles are stretched. I don't think that you can call a chemical reaction 'touch'.

    DanCrippseyDanCrippsey2 måneder siden
    • I'm glad I saw this comment! I first thought Adam was wrong, thought about it, then thought he may be right but it still felt overly simplistic. Thanks for sharing!

      Gabriel T.Gabriel T.2 måneder siden
  • first time i thought adam was overly critical in 7 years of watching his videos

    TheBlerdTheBlerd2 måneder siden
  • Those facial proportions are distractingly awful

    Kitty SayaKitty Saya2 måneder siden
  • The Virgin Soul vs The Stacy Wolfwalkers

    Mackie LunkeyMackie Lunkey2 måneder siden
  • It's always a turn for the worse when pixar movies go to the next act. Conflict happens for no reason. Also, it's always the same kinda anti-hero-has-to-escort-the-hero-plot.

    Stiv64Stiv642 måneder siden
  • 22 could have changed bodies with jamie fox and lived like a cat don't you think?, I don't know why he runs from him if he has that chance.

    Meaner DinnerMeaner Dinner2 måneder siden
  • Adum, you don't get it The movie follows the clear consistent rule of "because movie"

    HE13272326HE132723262 måneder siden
  • This movie was so clunky and frustrating. So much so that I find even watching a review of the movie just as frustrating 😶😤😠😡🤬🤬🤬

    Andy PearsonAndy Pearson2 måneder siden
  • This is just cinema sins

    Connor XitcoConnor Xitco2 måneder siden
  • adum: *starts reviewing another movie entirely mid review*

    The MoonThe Moon2 måneder siden
  • 11:35 Jesus in a nutshell.

    FuzzzWuzzzFuzzzWuzzz2 måneder siden
  • Adum it's definitely in the zone when he's talking about this movie. I can feel it :D

    Eric LinEric Lin2 måneder siden
  • I hate the “it’s a kid’s movie” argument because I believe children should be given good media. Children deserve quality.

    TuxedobirdTuxedobird2 måneder siden
    • The argument doesn't really work here either because Soul specifically feels like it's aiming to appeal to an older audience.

      Alex JGAlex JGMåned siden
  • I’m glad someone said something. The music and animation was beautiful but I was watching the plot unfold like “🤨 okaayyyy..”

    Alexis KAlexis K2 måneder siden
  • I thought soul was the most forgettable Pixar movie

    JamesTDCJamesTDC2 måneder siden
  • Theatons!!

    Brad LancasterBrad Lancaster2 måneder siden
  • I am glade you are still alive. I wanted to let you know that your NOworld channel cured my AIDS. Keep it up.

    BIG BOSSBIG BOSS2 måneder siden
  • I was more surprised how race played a minor role in this film. Considering how Disney and Pixar never really talk about it.

    마리모마리모2 måneder siden
  • Wow! An original review of Soul!

    Carmen RewaCarmen Rewa2 måneder siden
  • Soulless

    Jack TorranceJack Torrance2 måneder siden
  • So many things I didn't like about the movie, I think I actively hate it.

    DarkPockDarkPock2 måneder siden
  • Autopilot mode engaged

    K GK G2 måneder siden
  • I thought this movie was good except the ending. I hate it the "no consequences" ending where everyone gets a happy ending. I wish Joe actually died, but it's unfortunately a kid's movie, so reality never kicks you in the face.

    Aron108Aron1082 måneder siden
    • @Aron108 -"so why is he allowed to be revived?" This was explained in the movie. Jerry allowed Joe to return to his body because he returned the earth pass to 22 and helped a soul who was stuck in the You Seminar for presumably most of human history. These were exceptional circumstances. -"It's most realistic." Very little about the premise and mechanics of the movie is realistic. These things exist to make a thematic point. Joe staying dead works against that point. -"Everything can be stripped away when good things happen to you, death can happen at random and you will never be prepared for it." The movie isn't about mortality though. If it was, then yeah, Joe dying would make more sense. However, the movie is about living, not dying. Therefore, Joe gets a second chance at life.

      Samuel StephensSamuel Stephens2 måneder siden
    • @Samuel Stephens he was meant to die in the first place, so why is he allowed to be revived? It's most realistic. Everything can be stripped away when good things happen to you, death can happen at random and you will never be prepared for it.

      Aron108Aron1082 måneder siden
    • Isn’t it better that the movie ends with the characters learning and growing and having the opportunity to actualize those lessons in their own lives rather than just... dying? The whole movie is about Joe gaining a new perspective on life. Him dying wouldn’t serve the story.

      Samuel StephensSamuel Stephens2 måneder siden
  • 7:04 his hair was most definitely not fine. But I find it funny that this is the point people are paying attention too most lmao.

    Aron108Aron1082 måneder siden
  • I mean I get your point about the formulaic beats and the nonsensical rules but it just didn't frustrate me as much. Sure the whole cat body swap was kind of annoying but ultimately I didn't care what plotlines they had to pull out of their asses to get scenes like the barbershop or the conversation with his mother. And the movie does break out of the convention when Joe performs at the gig and they don't play it out like some super fulfilling moment cause it isn't really the climax we expect it to be. Besides most of the humor was pretty good. Anyway I just felt like you were getting really hung up on the mechanics of the movie instead of the message which I found pretty inspiring but that's what reviewing movies does to your brain I guess

    Howler BatHowler Bat2 måneder siden