YMS Commentary: 13 Reasons Why Season 4

11. juli. 2020
155 775 Ganger

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Episode 2 - 1:00:17
Episode 3 - 1:58:03
Episode 4 - 2:57:37
Episode 5 - 3:56:37
Episode 6 - 4:53:37
Episode 7 - 5:54:58
Episode 8 - 6:54:45
Episode 9 - 7:52:02
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  • Ah, good old Ryan. You might not remember him as he wasn't that important. He was only one of the main side-characters of the first season and the target of the 8th tape. For real though, I enjoyed the first season - it was very good imo. It wasn't any transcendent experience but simply a fun and interesting show. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th were terrible. 2nd was extremely boring, 3rd was dumb as fuck and in the 4th to watch you had to turn your brain off. It is very easy to make fun of those seasons and I enjoy listening to you guys commenting. My problem is that many times you were laughing that things weren't explained when you clearly haven't watched the first season. It kind of IS FUCKING IMPORTANT. It is sad for me because I like your commentary but you are showing your incompetence too many times. I get it that not everyone has to watch 13RW:S1 but you decided to make a critique commentary on the next seasons so you should have to not look like dummies. PS. 10:04:45 The third one was Jeff. A good friend of Clay who died in a car accident in season one.

    NeripheralNeripheral7 timer siden
  • Incase people are having re-sync issues Intro - 00:00 Episode 1 - 1:11 11:20 21:20 31:20 41:20 51:20 Episode 2 - 1:00:17 1:10 20 1:20:30 1:30:30 1:40:30 1:50:30 Episode 3 - 1:58:03 2:08:15 2:18:15 2:28:15 2:38:15 2:48:15 Episode 4 - 2:57:37 3:07:45 3:17:45 3:27:45 3:37:45 3:47:45 Episode 5 - 3:56:37 4:06:47 4:16:47 4:26:47 4:36:47 4:46:47 Episode 6 - 4:53:37 5:03:47 5:13:47 5:23:47 5:33:47 5:43:47 5:53:47 Episode 7 - 5:54:58 6:05:09 6:15:09 6:25:09 6:35:09 6:45:09 Episode 8 - 6:54:45 7:04:55 7:14:55 7:24:55 7:34:55 7:44:55 Episode 9 - 7:52:02 8:02:11 8:12:11 8:22:11 8:32:11 8:42:11 Episode 10 - 8:51:54 9:02:04 9:12:04 9:22:04 9:32:04 9:42:04 9:52:04 10:02:04 10:12:04 10:22:04

    unofficialghoulunofficialghoul8 dager siden
  • This is by far the dumbest video I have EVER seen. So you seriously expected someone to sit down for 10 freaking hours to only HEAR you commentate on the movie? Without any scenes! I'm shocked but yea I've finally found the worst video on NOworld. Congratulations

    John MillerJohn Miller8 dager siden
  • Please do the nightmare on elm Street films.

    olly mayoolly mayo10 dager siden
  • this journey makes me learn something..... I F A K N H A E C A M P N

    kaiokendokaiokendo12 dager siden

    Daniel RibeiroDaniel Ribeiro13 dager siden
  • I didn't even watch season 3 but I'll do season 4 commentary with you adum

    J U S T W H YJ U S T W H Y18 dager siden

    tmthecattmthecat26 dager siden
  • I like how dark Chrystal gets cancelled but this shows gets four seasons

    Anon NadaAnon NadaMåned siden
  • Brilliant.... Please more commentary tracks..

    olly mayoolly mayoMåned siden
  • ten hours... what. what.

    Mary Poppin’Mary Poppin’Måned siden
  • 10 hours of homophobia and talking through irrelevant topics so much that you miss major plot points and then manically speculate on what's going on.

    JasonCoyoteJasonCoyoteMåned siden
  • I had trouble syncing Pink Floyd Darkside of the moon to Paul Blart mall cop 2. This is a whole other level.

    Elthegamer 220Elthegamer 220Måned siden
  • Idk how I even remember this, but Ryan is the guy from s1 who published Hannah's poetry without her permission. The point was to bring back the people from the tapes to bury them.

    DeprimadaDeprimadaMåned siden
  • I can't believe they get away with that horseshit. My headcanon is that a meteor falls and kills them all.

    ElvickElvickMåned siden
  • "Ancient times like the 80s" - Kids these days according to the adult people who wrote this

    ElvickElvickMåned siden
  • i am fucking gonna watch this show only for this video!!

    Kenil MonparaKenil MonparaMåned siden
  • 4:05:09

    RoglachRoglachMåned siden
  • I really appreciate the fact that this is free. I’m sorry I can’t give you money Adam but thank you very much for this I can’t wait to waste 10 hours

    King StratKing StratMåned siden
  • My BBC runs both your life and be whole son. Bow down before my heated BBC meat hog.

    Jenny AnydotsJenny AnydotsMåned siden
  • What in the god's flat Earth is "sinecty key"?

    Murilo AmadeuMurilo Amadeu2 måneder siden
  • This season is all about guilt to reflect the guilt the people involved in this show feel for the spike in teen suicide rates. I think they think this is their apology but it's just a self indulgent disgusting circle jerk. Netflix is the proveyer of such garbage.

    Bridge over fluoridated waterBridge over fluoridated water2 måneder siden
  • Hooooly shit is that coach Henry from the Last of Us??? I've been goin nuts trying to figure out where I know him from. Or maybe he's Felicia Reshad...

    Bridge over fluoridated waterBridge over fluoridated water2 måneder siden
  • Wait who from RuPauls Drag Race looks like Gael?

    Antonio Ortiz BurciagaAntonio Ortiz Burciaga2 måneder siden
  • "if you walk into a psychologist's office and they say 'not it' you might be fucked" no but that actually happened to me tho B)

    CrypticPCrypticP2 måneder siden
  • the thirst for zach dempsey through this whole thing is such a mood

    CrypticPCrypticP2 måneder siden
  • Friend simulator

    CrypticPCrypticP2 måneder siden
  • The 4th and 5th episode are just fucking MASTERPIECES, this shit made me react in ways I didn't even know it was possible, it's the most hilarious thing I've ever watched

    William CorrêaWilliam Corrêa2 måneder siden
  • Damn this was worth it!

    Anna RevenAnna Reven2 måneder siden
  • episode 8 bruh.... so cringey. i agree with the political sentiment but god damn this is cringe.

    KleingirlKleingirl2 måneder siden
    • I can smell the sweat from your labia over the internet it smells so bad. Like wet garbage and shame... your be whole probably smells even worse.

      Jenny AnydotsJenny AnydotsMåned siden
  • I think Croatian is a person from Croatia but croat is an ethnic group

    MunjeeMunjee2 måneder siden
  • Holy shit 10 hours wtf

    Shadow Of LightShadow Of Light2 måneder siden
  • I love them making jokes about Ryan having "been there the whole time" when he actually was, one of the tapes was dedicated to him first season.

    Fleurdelis.Fleurdelis.2 måneder siden
  • I like the views they have on Americans

    Jon shawnJon shawn2 måneder siden
  • I’m just wondering are any of these men on the recording gay? They make A LOT of gay jokes

    liloaliloa2 måneder siden
    • 2 of three, adam and giael (sounds like guy-el) are gay

      KleingirlKleingirl2 måneder siden
  • I did not notice the whole videos are also with the boys

    stever macsoucherstever macsoucher2 måneder siden
    • The be whole videos are always with boys. This dude loves boys.

      Jenny AnydotsJenny AnydotsMåned siden
  • Why can't see the footage? Isn't the message of the show to be immoral?

    Pan BatPan Bat2 måneder siden
  • I know Canadians will think it's a ludicrously fake plot, but that school shooting drill episode is shit that actually happens in real American schools. There are actual "security companies" whose entire purpose is to stage hyper-realistic shootings with _no warning,_ and yes, they fire blanks and shit. They had one at my cousin's high school a few years ago, where they even staged lining up and _fucking executing the teachers in front of the students!_ And yes, there have been a shit-ton of lawsuits because of it.

    Dog GodDog God2 måneder siden
    • Also I just realized that my cousin is _currently_ in high school, which means that drill happened at her _middle school._

      Dog GodDog God2 måneder siden
  • I was gonna watch the whole season before watching Adam's commentary and I didn't think I'd ever get to it because its a struggle to actually get through it but now that I found this I think I can do it lol

    Ashley MAshley M2 måneder siden
  • remember to vote synecdoche

    Gepp LebelbyGepp Lebelby2 måneder siden
  • The way you predicted everything that happened

    liloaliloa2 måneder siden
    • He prolly had a hand in 9/11

      Jenny AnydotsJenny AnydotsMåned siden
  • Ryan and Courtney actually were in season 1 & 2 they were on the tapes and Courtney was even briefly in season 3. The third person clay loved was Jeff he died in a car crash in season 1. Also I completely agree that Zach is the best character in the show

    dance moms originals lifedance moms originals life2 måneder siden
    • Does your be whole still smell like trash and wet animals? I bet you haven't even cleaned your vegina out this week yet one time. Not even one time. For shame...

      Jenny AnydotsJenny AnydotsMåned siden
  • "Monty is alive" "And we have to FINISH THE JOB."

    ClickClick2 måneder siden
  • ryan and courtney were in the first season but not in 2 or 3, and that's why yall don't remember them

    Multus Sanguis FluitMultus Sanguis Fluit2 måneder siden
  • The bois not knowing who Ryan and Courtney were was the funniest thing lol

    Alonzo RangelAlonzo Rangel2 måneder siden
  • Drinking game: subtitles on, take a shot every time someone clicks their tongue.

    Annoying Kid 48Annoying Kid 482 måneder siden
  • the most unrealistic thing about this entire show is that literally everyone uses proper capitalization and punctuation in texts

    Mouse RatMouse Rat2 måneder siden
  • When you're too impatient for the next Adum & Pals

    Marcelo ZunigaMarcelo Zuniga2 måneder siden
    • @The chosen Juan can I be the broom

      Dylan CollinsDylan CollinsMåned siden
    • Jenny Anydots Can I be the pizza guy?

      The chosen JuanThe chosen JuanMåned siden
    • Sounds like someone wants to git r a ped again. Buckaroo style. I put some of my sister/mom's dirty period underwear in a plastic bag, we can capture a homeless child and force it to smell the bag for like maybe twenty minutes or something?

      Jenny AnydotsJenny AnydotsMåned siden
  • Bojack ended for this.

    The Mario KidThe Mario Kid2 måneder siden
  • yup, a 10-hour vídeo that isn’t megalovania. we did it bois

    Al JkaAl Jka2 måneder siden
  • “I want to meet one person that still takes this show seriously” oops sorry my mom does

    Sachiko AhrweilerSachiko Ahrweiler2 måneder siden
    • Watched 1 and 2 with my dad. We actually liked it. But in the 3, we just watched the first episode and get "well... so, the show actually ended" lol

      CampeladyCampelady2 måneder siden
  • This will be the first 10 hour video i will watch

    can we get 250 subs without videoscan we get 250 subs without videos2 måneder siden
  • the fact that they completely forgot about ryan, courtney, and jeff as characters is sending me

    salty b!tchsalty b!tch2 måneder siden
  • Watching this now and on Episode 6 I live in America and they actually did have shooting drills with blanks in some schools (not mine, but we did have an unannounced drill), take that Adum you dumbfuck Canuck

    Samuel HarknessSamuel Harkness2 måneder siden
  • You could sell this on Audible! XD

    Lie1295Lie12952 måneder siden
  • Ten hours of gay jokes and I still listen to it.

    Leonardo FernandezLeonardo Fernandez2 måneder siden
    • Got a bit much for me.

      JasonCoyoteJasonCoyoteMåned siden
  • Somehow I knew it would be Justin to die bc when it showed Charlie talking at the funeral he was wearing a football jersey. And Justin’s arch over the show made his death sadder. Also there were a few hints in like episode 7

    dance moms originals lifedance moms originals life2 måneder siden
  • remember when this show was about a girl who killer herself?

    YatolcYatolc2 måneder siden
  • 5:42:30 7:47:14

    Olufolarin OduntanOlufolarin Oduntan2 måneder siden
  • Just finished it What a nightmare

    Undead BanditøUndead Banditø3 måneder siden
  • Honestly speaking the only good part about this season was how gay it was

    The great WriterThe great Writer3 måneder siden
  • 10 Hours or talking about 13 Reasons Why wow

    Ryan AkwarRyan Akwar3 måneder siden
  • 2:07:12

    RoglachRoglach3 måneder siden
  • so basically yms > pretty much it

    bulma_999bulma_9993 måneder siden
  • 6:07:54

    Pedro PonyPedro Pony3 måneder siden
  • My god that final episode was wayyyy too dragged out, glad this show is finally over.

    MintyMinty3 måneder siden
  • I didn't realise it was 10 hours asgkigkjgj

    purplebunnygirlpurplebunnygirl3 måneder siden
  • Hey I love you guys but mental illness really is a disease and I for one will not support the negative stigmatization of depression or bipolar disorder. Depression is not a choice but there are choices That said, do anything you want as far as sexuality goes, but please do not force it. You be you, dawg.

    Grey PouponGrey Poupon3 måneder siden
    • I take medication for BPD and depression, and I say their jokes are A-OK!

      Dog GodDog God2 måneder siden
    • You realize they are making fun of a show that portrays mental illness terribly, right?

      shshshshsshshshshs3 måneder siden
  • This show is off the fuckin' rails.

    Mark Paul Abare, Jr.Mark Paul Abare, Jr.3 måneder siden
  • i got to the last episode and had no choice but to start the commentary over again I DONT WANT THE FUNNY TO BE OVER GIVE ME THE FUNNY

    imjinahloveimjinahlove3 måneder siden
  • Doing a survey, please like to let me know who actually watched this full video.

    SkyshadowXxSkyshadowXx3 måneder siden
    • yup

      femelafemela2 måneder siden
    • So far two hours in.

      Null TreeNull Tree3 måneder siden
  • Anyone else peaked yet? Well i did. At the 10:31:03. Its all downhill from here. . .

    SnydejoksterSnydejokster3 måneder siden
  • love watching this and pretending I‘m with friends

    SuzSuz3 måneder siden
  • Hey didn’t zack’s actor turn 30 making this season or am I going clay crazy

    RetroKid ReviewsRetroKid Reviews3 måneder siden
    • He turned 30 in May and they finished filming in December so he turned 30 a few months after this season😹

      dance moms originals lifedance moms originals life2 måneder siden
  • I did it, i finished it. All 10 hours...now go back and do season 1 redux commentary

    Nick SlyeNick Slye3 måneder siden
  • My God..... it is just shaken milk...

    Gaffe GiraffeGaffe Giraffe3 måneder siden
  • well, like a mutant, i'm gonna watch this entire thing

    pooface1041pooface10413 måneder siden
  • 9:13:5

    klye samklye sam3 måneder siden
  • omg if yall had just seen the first season you would know ryan has a whole tape

    KaneKane3 måneder siden
    • @Alara He's the guy who published Hannah's poem without her consent.

      CampeladyCampelady2 måneder siden
    • To be fair I watched season 1 and I can’t for the life of me remember who that character is

      AlaraAlara2 måneder siden
  • the best part off this is when they talk about something completely random and fucked up

    Andreas RasmussenAndreas Rasmussen3 måneder siden
  • i've got surround sound. i've got vodka. i am here and i am HYPED for this marathon. can't believe they teased us with alex kissing zach and then never delivered. the only straight character in the entire fucking show and it has to be him. of course. that's all i fucking wanted goddamn it

    M BM B3 måneder siden
  • The best way to spend 10 hours socially isolated.

    Lovett UdueborLovett Uduebor3 måneder siden
  • Also if you were wondering who the third person Clay mentioned in his grad speech who died, I did some research and a guy named "Jeff Atkins" was a character who was nice to Clay is Season 1 and died in a car crash when some person removed a stop sign. Surprised this was never brought up again past Season 1, only until now, but eh fuck it is bloody 13 Reasons Why

    Alcoholic-WizardAlcoholic-Wizard3 måneder siden
  • Thanks for the commentary, it was a fun experience going through that piece of shit. Will look out for the highlights!

    Alcoholic-WizardAlcoholic-Wizard3 måneder siden

    hipnhappeninhipnhappenin3 måneder siden
  • This show is horrendous Jesus Christ everybody involved should be ashamed

    Jeffrie FinaJeffrie Fina3 måneder siden
  • Ghost rape is real common with people who believe they are haunted & want attention.

    Bobbi with an iBobbi with an i3 måneder siden
  • We had a drill like this at my school once. It was the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me. We didn’t have are phones or anything. No one ever sued, I guess that what you get for going to a military school.

    Joe TuyJoe Tuy3 måneder siden
    • It happened in my cousin's public school a few years ago, and they actually pretended to execute teachers in front of them, so yeah.

      Dog GodDog God2 måneder siden
  • Strap in

    Beef CurtainsBeef Curtains3 måneder siden
  • So they pussied out of the school shooting TWICE

    TooLateToTheStoryTooLateToTheStory3 måneder siden
  • @yourmoviesucksDOTorg as someone who likely contracted HIV in 2012-14 and had no issues until late 2015 that finally hospitalized me in 2016, and an IV drug user in those first years, who actually progressed to PCP (pneumocystis jirovecci), this can seem innocuous for quite some time. This isnt a complaint but i almost never see anything make this complaint properly, this is one of the MORE believable parts of this season. i truly love you guys and these videos, but i see a lot of comments and articles not getting this right. i developed a cough in dec 2015, and it was JUST a cough until about june, it persisted and got worse, but i was fully functional, but this finally came very close to killing me in august of that year. I spent 6 days in the hospital, improved, but they had said it was NOT an hiv positive test, i knew they were wrong, and THANKFULLY, i turned out to be allergic to the home antibiotic tablet they prescribed, and within 4 more days went back, symptoms returning and having lost almost 50 pounds in less than two weeks. I insisted they re-tested me because i knew what life l lead, i was right, i was positive, was treated for PCP (the pneumo), and left finally. I was admitted with 80% blood oxygenation, and roughly half lung capacity. came probably less than a week from dead. Point being, This shit can seem like nothing for a really really long time, and fuck you up very suddenly. I apologize for the length of this coment, but i really think this is probably the only realistic (ish) aspect of this season.

    Bryan ComerBryan Comer3 måneder siden
    • Hey man doesn't matter if it's in 13 Reasons Why, glad your struggle got accurate representation!

      Firstname LastnameFirstname Lastname3 måneder siden
  • 13 Reasons Why has solved their Annie problem. By writing her character out of most of the season.

    G-LukeG-Luke3 måneder siden
    • yeah they took a left turn with a lot of characters haha i just think its so bizarre they kill of justin from AIDS, a shit ton of people i knew and myself were opiate addicts in high school in the mid 2000s, none of them resorted to prostitution hahaha, even when sick sure, its a danger but i mean the 3 i knew that died just didnt clean up eventually like myself and most others were stupidly downing benzos and booze on top of it

      Odin SatanasOdin SatanasMåned siden
  • It's bad when I'd rather watch this than watch the actual show

    Star CookieStar Cookie3 måneder siden
  • it was 100% from episode 1 the phantom menace Scott is dumb

    Elijah ChathamElijah Chatham3 måneder siden
  • I could listen to you guys watch anything for hours. You guys should do this with another show.

    residentevilfan143residentevilfan1433 måneder siden
  • I'm really pissed they killed off Justin. He was like the best character in the show but throughout 4 seasons he has been beaten down when a literal killer and the almost school shooter get happy endings. I just can't believe they killed the only one who hasn't been the worst person alive. I swear the writers had a fetish for having Justin stay miserable.

    Brian FordBrian Ford3 måneder siden
  • Thank you for making my second watch through entertaining. Now I need to gouge my eyes out because I sat through the show twice. Brb!

    Matthew ZimonMatthew Zimon3 måneder siden
  • I kinda wish we could get a jojo commentary--

    golden antlersgolden antlers3 måneder siden
  • Clay said “like” at least, like, 5,000 times in the finale

    Breakfast KingBreakfast King3 måneder siden
  • so i've been playing this in the background while moving and stuff and now i'm sitting on the couch and suddenly at 8:02:12 a scene starts playing and i'm kinda freaked out remembering this was actually filmed and distributed

    Desmannes JohannesDesmannes Johannes3 måneder siden