YMS Commentary: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

18. feb.. 2021
54 132 Ganger

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  • bruhhh, this ish is soooo freaking hilarious. I died laughing the whole 2 hours almost.

    yousaytomato0000yousaytomato00007 dager siden
  • WHen's LION KING

    Kyokuaku0Kyokuaku012 dager siden
  • Damn you, Lindsay Ellis. For clueing me in on what “knotting” is. 😡 She is a MENACE.

    Mike Thieman JrMike Thieman Jr16 dager siden
  • can't wait for the rest!

    koobisoftkoobisoft19 dager siden
  • Woo!

    Gel MibsonGel Mibson20 dager siden
  • You really aged yourself with the "im kickin my own ass" quote 😂

    Sk8chic 100Sk8chic 10020 dager siden

    JOHN WAYNEJOHN WAYNE21 dag siden
  • I can’t wait for the adum and pals to be back and they can do the rest of the movies

    A. GrafA. Graf21 dag siden

    tagwolftagwolf24 dager siden
  • The Adum & Pals version is gone

    Skit ItSkit It25 dager siden
  • Ok, where is the Adum and Pals of this? I swear it was up on the channel and now it’s mysteriously missing?

    Eric ShwedoEric Shwedo26 dager siden
    • probably got nuked by Summit Entertainment. guess u need to w8 another 3 months til that's resolved

      steve 1991steve 199125 dager siden
  • I'd love an Adum & Pals commentary on the horror film Case 39, its a 'serious' film but I think there's a lot you can poke fun of with it

    Emily McGintyEmily McGinty26 dager siden
  • Come on, if it's the end of the 3rd movie and you have no idea who Charlie is that's a you not paying attention thing, not a movie being bad at telling you things thing

    FF27 dager siden
  • I am so sad it got removed it was the best one so far

    That ChickThat Chick28 dager siden
  • Vampires don't need makeup. They're already beautiful.

    Video Game Drummer ProductionsVideo Game Drummer Productions29 dager siden
  • Did the edited one get removed ?

    MunjeeMunjee29 dager siden
  • The other vid taken down? Or am I only one who can't see it!!

    Kamado0oO Tanjiro0oOKamado0oO Tanjiro0oOMåned siden
  • Seems like the short edit version of this commentary is gone. Anyone know why? Was it copyright?

    Rafielo From TumblrRafielo From TumblrMåned siden
    • @Q G I don't know.

      darvin.darvin.26 dager siden
    • @darvin. why does NOworld do that?

      Q GQ G27 dager siden
    • NOworld privated it for some reason.

      darvin.darvin.Måned siden
  • Came here for the thumbnail

    Tiny BeeTiny BeeMåned siden
  • in french we call perfume : parfum you have « parfum » (the most concentrated one) « eau de parfum » and the less concentrated one is « eau de toilette »

    Regina PhalangeRegina PhalangeMåned siden
  • The training scene. Where a bunch of dogs sit around and watch vampires run into each other and then kiss.

    Sean McClureSean McClureMåned siden
  • God, I'm so excited for the next 2

    Anna RevenAnna RevenMåned siden
  • I feel I have to say this on every video: Red eyes = drinks human blood Golden eyes = drinks animal blood Black eyes = hungry.

    Kirsty CampbellKirsty CampbellMåned siden
  • Never cared much for Twilight, and now because of this commentary I've re-watched this movie more times than I ever planned for. Good stuff, thank you for the funny commentary, guys

    jamescorckjamescorckMåned siden
  • I like that name. Guy-el or whatever lol.

    CrazyDave746 -CrazyDave746 -Måned siden
  • Uh, now you have to do the Breaking Dawns... I'm excited

    NiphredylNiphredylMåned siden
  • 49:10 "this is a woman's movie" I died XDDDDD

    Lucía 2792Lucía 2792Måned siden
  • I swear, the camping scene is killing me. I can't believe they genuinely thought of this conflict of VOLUNTARILY BEING CUCKED. Theses are so terrible but watching with Adum & Pals is making it much more tolerable.

    JJ JayaramanJJ JayaramanMåned siden
  • you guys don't get it. Bella is SPECIAL. normal guys babble at the sight of her. she's too cool for normal high school. her blood is the tastiest, most irresistible because she's just BETTER THAN YOU. sorry haters, stop being nitpicky and biased and just accept it --Stephanie Meyer

    BananaBananaMåned siden
  • The thumbnail looks like Salo

    Thomas EremiaThomas EremiaMåned siden
  • My mans said xxxtentacion. He’s invited to the cookout

    Violette ElricViolette ElricMåned siden
  • enjoy Commentary rip part of movie

    IBadGrammarIBadGrammarMåned siden
  • I know you guys don’t actually care, but just for future reference, the “war” doesn’t apply to Victoria or any other vampires really; it’s just between Edwards family and Jacobs family because they both permanently reside in Forks. The Cullens only ever hunt animals, not humans. So if they ever turn a human into a vampire, like Bella wants, they break the treaty. Also, the whole imprinting thing is basically saying that when a werewolf likes someone, they do this imprinting thing on them, sort of like animals do to their mothers when they’re first born. After they imprint, the wolf is basically in love with that person for life and swears to protect them. Jacob is pressed because he tried a thousand times to imprint on Bella and couldn’t. Hope that helps; I’m sorry to say I was obsessed with these movies as a kid.

    Rachel RossRachel RossMåned siden
  • I love these but the netflix edition either has issues that the bluray does not, because I keep getting desynced :( God damnit netflix.

    Jeanette HansenJeanette HansenMåned siden
  • starting at exactly 1:00 is a nice touch

    LegoChickenGuyLegoChickenGuyMåned siden
  • I love the passionate discussion about the love not-triangle.

    RomakiRomakiMåned siden
  • "They can transform into anything they want, they just love dogs." I'm pretty sure that's the actual canon of Twilight. Like they are shapeshifters who become wolves, they aren't werewolves who are affected by the moon or anything.

    RomakiRomakiMåned siden
  • actually watching with the movie is hilarious lol

    Edina AntoniaEdina AntoniaMåned siden
  • I’m going to call Stephenie Myers and let her know you’re streaming her terrible terrible IP

    Benjamin KelloggBenjamin KelloggMåned siden
  • Ah yes. Another reason to have a twilight binge.

    Alexandria JacksonAlexandria JacksonMåned siden
  • Thank you so much for these!!!!

    C TC TMåned siden
  • I have absolutely zero memory of ever seeing this movie or reading this book, even though I know I've seen and read Eclipse before. Nothing happens in this movie. Lmao.

    Catherine GroveCatherine GroveMåned siden
  • now that's a thumbnail

    Digi BeardDigi BeardMåned siden
  • When you say 24FPS, do you mean 23.976? Because that's the one I have.

    Ano NymousAno NymousMåned siden
  • I love this commentary but I get so frustrated when important stuff gets talked over and they spend a whole minute wondering what happened when it could've been heard if they just listened. :( For example, Rosalie's explanation was talking about how she didn't have the choice to be a vampire despite Bella willingly choosing to be one. That's why Rosalie resents her.

    graham crackersgraham crackersMåned siden
    • @Jeanette Hansen I mean sure I can agree it is lazy. I don’t think the plot she was giving was important, I just meant that it was important in terms of answering their question. It would be totally fine even if they knew the reason and still complained about it’s stupidity.

      graham crackersgraham crackersMåned siden
    • it's not like Rosalie's opinion on Bella is important in the films. Maybe in the books, but with how little the side characters are really explored in the films it feels like a really lazy solution to fully explore the side characters.

      Jeanette HansenJeanette HansenMåned siden
  • Hell yes!

    BoydyBoydyMåned siden
  • 'Its about whether shes gonna fuck a bat or a dog. That's the story' Nailed it 🤷‍♂️

    Nico SanchezNico SanchezMåned siden
  • 99% of people are watching on Netflix. Please use Netflix instead of blueray for sync issues

    Mad ScienceMad ScienceMåned siden
  • Am I tripping or was Jasper the new guy in the first movie? Wasn't that why he couldn't control himself when bella was bleeding. Now he's been a vampire for hundreds of years??

    Pres. ComachoPres. ComachoMåned siden
    • I haven't read the books, so I don't know if it's a mishap/oversight on Stephenie's part or a film issue, but that's fucking hilarious either way. I'd have to go back and revisit Twilight, but I don't think I can stomach that right now, but I think you might be right that it's Jasper who's the newest vampire.

      Jeanette HansenJeanette HansenMåned siden
    • Omg you right

      Allie Draws ArtAllie Draws ArtMåned siden
  • Jacob is a member of the Adam Sandler clan now

    Pres. ComachoPres. ComachoMåned siden
  • Can't wait for Breaking Dawn

    Carolina NiergaCarolina NiergaMåned siden
  • let's goooooooooooooooooooo

    Matt KeenanMatt KeenanMåned siden
  • I don't get that monologue about how the blonde can't get true love when she shares a home with Colonel Custard and Psychic Girl ™ constantly smooching each other and being cute

    Magnus ValentinMagnus ValentinMåned siden
  • Damn! Saw the thumbnail and thought it was gay porn.

    PavoPavoMåned siden
  • We need a ' fifty shades of grey' communtary

    Ahmed El TaibAhmed El TaibMåned siden
  • I like gael's lotr references

    Biotic JediBiotic JediMåned siden
  • You are here for 1:34:39 xD

    lezard2102lezard2102Måned siden
  • This is embarrassing. Why can’t grown men let teenage girls enjoy things.

    Andrew.hAndrew.hMåned siden
    • It's more embarrasing that you consider letting teenage girls enjoy a movie that romanticizes toxic relationships

      lezard2102lezard2102Måned siden
  • Omg u shouldve watched with rob and kristens commentary on it, they bash on it so much its hilarious

    CoffeFishCoffeFishMåned siden
  • 13:20 RWBY flashbacks

    Shiny MetagrossShiny MetagrossMåned siden
  • My daughter has access to this playlist. This thumbnail is gonna make her think she’s got a gay dad.

    Christopher ChadwickChristopher ChadwickMåned siden
    • Since he has a daughter there moral implications of weather he truly loved his wife IF he was gay lol

      MeMe meMeMe me3 dager siden
    • Nothing wrong in being a gay dad tho..

      elite reptilianelite reptilian20 dager siden
  • 1:05:20 uuuuugh that's the She wolf Analogy which is ancient I'm pretty sure

    Aussie AceAussie AceMåned siden
  • Now I get the whole "make faces" for your NOworld thumbnails!

    Sam M.Sam M.Måned siden
  • Your friends are maybe half as funny as you are.

    FBFBMåned siden
  • Charlie is her dad

    Jade PalmerJade PalmerMåned siden
  • their eyes are gold when they're fed, black when they haven't drunk blood in a few weeks

    Jade PalmerJade PalmerMåned siden
    • @Dog God Yeah i know, I was just clarifying for the video since they seemed so confused as to why edward and his family's eyes are changing color throughout the movie

      Jade PalmerJade PalmerMåned siden
    • @Dog God Stephanie myer is a very religious type, so maybe none of the animals they eat have souls in twilight verse and that’s why their eyes don’t go evil red only innocent gold. idk

      Mmm GhoolMmm GhoolMåned siden
    • They're only gold if they're a "vegetarian" vampire who drinks animal blood, if they drink human blood they're red. Which doesn't make any f*cking sense, but whatever, tween logic.

      Dog GodDog GodMåned siden
  • I thought my favorite part of these commentaries was how the three of you miss so much of the story then get frustrated at the movie when you don't understand what is happening but you guys passionately fighting Team Edward vs Team Jacob is the best thing. I love it!

    Izzy KissaIzzy KissaMåned siden
  • I’m so excited for the next two movies.

    Alex MarshAlex MarshMåned siden
  • They brought up one of my biggest issues with the Twilight series, outside of everything else. Vampires have no weaknesses except magical wolves able to tear them apart and then transforming back into being human and setting them on fire, or other vampires tearing them apart and then setting them apart. So why wouldn't the entire world be vampires? Or at least ruled by vampires. Vampires work in stories because they have weaknesses that force them to work from the shadows, but these vampires don't have that. They can hang out in the sun, crosses don't hurt them, garlic isn't a repellent, they can go into homes, and get this bullshit, they can't be killed by anything man made. Their cells literally become so hard (which is why Edward cracked in the movie before instead of him bleeding or anything) that they become bullet proof. Bullets. Bounce. Off. Of. Vampires. Why wouldn't vampires just take over and keep humans around purely for food in this world? That's not even going into all of the X-Men powers they have on top of being invincible. Like yeah, some vampires are basically vegetarians, but at the same time, that's not nearly enough to prevent vampires from taking over. It doesn't make sense at all. And the wolf clan thing is a small group. So even they wouldn't be able to stop it by having some kind of Underworld style war. Not only should she choose Edward for whatever, but like Vampires should be in charge in this world because of how incompetent Stephanie Meyer is as a writer is and deciding to turn Edward into some invincible character that she wanted to have sex with.

    Charles ShinigamiCharles ShinigamiMåned siden
    • Well, the Volturi do act as some kind of overlord of vampires everywhere. They sit there in Italy like royalty, keeping their spot as the strongest vampire clan, feasting on a ship-load of humans every day. They have all the wealth and power they could ever want, and are content to simply blend in with the oblivious society. Vampires tend to be nomadic, and most travel in pairs. The Volturi and the Cullens are two of the biggest clans, and I guess they consider themselves more civilized in a way, blending in with the humans and finding passion in things other than drinking human blood. Carlisle's 'vegetarian' lifestyle is rare among their kind, and a lot of vampires succumb to their animalistic counterparts, allowing their instincts to rule and not focusing on much but the hunt for blood (or at least that is Edward's reasoning in Midnight Sun). It's a bit of a shame since the premise of the story has some potential, but Meyer wrote a love story. It's really all about the obsessive love between Edward and Bella, and I don't think her genre makes her an incompetent writer. The audience Twilight is intended for absolutely loves her books, so I'd say she did a pretty good job.

      Jade PalmerJade PalmerMåned siden
    • The "main" downside is supposed to be that living forever is really boring and sucks for some vague reason. In the books it's implied that at some point in the past when humans found out about vampires they started exterminating them... _somehow._ So that's why they hide. It's really not explained. Also only in the books, it was briefly mentioned that the native werewolves weren't "actual" werewolves, and that the "actual" werewolves that used to exist were monstrous and terrifying and went around hunting and methodically exterminating vampires. Which, of course, Stephanie Mayer never bothered to expand on because she hates interesting things.

      Dog GodDog GodMåned siden
  • Scott, scoot is my favourite, like me joker brain babee

    Steven FonlameSteven FonlameMåned siden
    • 😽

      ScootPlaze & Wrestles & PodcastsScootPlaze & Wrestles & PodcastsMåned siden
  • Y'all and this gd shared universe...

    Music QueeryMusic QueeryMåned siden
  • OH my

    Ian TeradaIan TeradaMåned siden
    • ty based adam

      Ian TeradaIan TeradaMåned siden
  • I thought the thumbnail was a shot from the movie Salo 😆😆😆😆

    Mang DidgeMang DidgeMåned siden
  • I love the unintentional running joke of this commentary that Gaël always forgets/never figures out that "Charlie" is Bella's Dad's name

    RossRossMåned siden
  • Omg I thought this was gay porn for a second 😂😂.

    Diego SanchezDiego SanchezMåned siden
  • Thanks so much for these - my husband and I are DYING listening in. Just wanted to send out some fun awful Twilight facts, to help you roast the next films. (1) Vampire eye color depends on their eating habits. Eating people = red eyes, eating animals = gold eyes and being hungry = black eyes. (2) Werewolves run at a higher body temperature than people, which is why they never wear shirts. (3) Edward is scared of having sex with Bella because he is so strong he thinks he will crush her to death or something. Please rip the shit out the Breaking Dawn movies, I cannot wait

    Jax MularkeyJax MularkeyMåned siden
    • THE BABY is gonna be the funniest shit ever. When they learn the reason behind the honeymoon location, hoooh boi.

      Jeanette HansenJeanette HansenMåned siden
  • yall thought this was problematic I cant wait for the next movie lmao

    Kirby's MisadventuresKirby's MisadventuresMåned siden

    ClarifyEhtClarifyEhtMåned siden
  • I was literally adding bjork songs to a playlist right when they mentioned her and i thought the computer that's simulating my reality was starting to break down.

    Mayonaise MaggotMayonaise MaggotMåned siden
  • Best thumbnail ever

    ErinyesErinyesMåned siden
  • hey that's the silent hill girl

    OiBoiiiOiBoiiiMåned siden
  • 2 fuckin hours?! I know what I'm talking asleep to tonight

    Dusty GreenDusty GreenMåned siden
  • absolutely hilarious, subbed!

    mediocre at bestmediocre at bestMåned siden
  • Oh my god I'm actually retarded I realized I could just rip the audio and overlap it with the totally legally required acquired movie

    GregGregMåned siden
  • that scene when Bella scratches Jacobs head, they actually had Taylor Lautner in a motion capture suit while Kristen Stewart pet his head

    DaijobuDaijobuMåned siden
    • @lezard2102 I think the reason that they had Taylor in a morph suit so Kristen could pet him is like when they use baseballs for focus points in other highly CGI films. Why they needed TAYLOR to do it, I dunno. But it's to make the headpat seem less fake. I just think it's funnier to pretend that they decked Taylor out in a grey morph suit JUST so Kristen could headpat him, not because they needed the focal point for the animators.

      Jeanette HansenJeanette HansenMåned siden
    • @lezard2102 Ive only seen that one clip that was thankfully shown on one of the corridor crew reacts videos and I agree it's just bizarre

      DaijobuDaijobuMåned siden
    • What??? But why??? Motion capturing a human wouldn't serve any purpose if you are then gonna replace him with a CGI wolf...or did they have him and the other strippers crawling in all fours???

      lezard2102lezard2102Måned siden
  • I did not turn on subtitles and I regret it. I will remember for next time though

    kingfrederikkingfrederikMåned siden
  • I am sooooo hyped for the last 2, they are so much worse in every way

    Yonas ShinigamiYonas ShinigamiMåned siden
  • Adam always has the right opinion in this series the whole time

    Yonas ShinigamiYonas ShinigamiMåned siden
  • Alice Cooper sang about a fur teacup in "Feed My Frankenstein."

    Jessica StadulJessica StadulMåned siden
    • @Dog God Thanks Actual Lee!

      Jessica StadulJessica StadulMåned siden
    • It's actually Feed My Frankenstein's _Monster._

      Dog GodDog GodMåned siden
  • I was concerned by the thumbnail, but then quickly it turned to “OH FUCK YEAH NEW ADUM AND PALS SOON!”

    Midknight824Midknight824Måned siden
  • fun fact the reason why people thought vampires didn't have reflections is because old mirrors are lined with silver which was thought to kill them now a days they're backed with aluminum so they would have a reflection in modern mirrors

    Xx-raZ0r_pup-xXXx-raZ0r_pup-xXMåned siden
    • @Xx-raZ0r_pup-xX that's a fair point to bring up.

      Jeanette HansenJeanette HansenMåned siden
    • @Jeanette Hansen sense silver is a pure metal and alot of people believed that most if not all supernatural creatures had some sort of aversion to it because they don't have souls

      Xx-raZ0r_pup-xXXx-raZ0r_pup-xXMåned siden
    • I thought the whole silver thing was only applicable to werewolves. Silver bullet to the heart etc. But if vampire lore comes from the fact that old timey mirrors were silver backed that's real interesting.

      Jeanette HansenJeanette HansenMåned siden
    • funny how the thing that kills them also kinda gives them another superpower. reminds me of superman and kryptonite a bit

      Mmm GhoolMmm GhoolMåned siden
  • YES!!! 🙏 Thank you!

    spinningstarsBCspinningstarsBCMåned siden
  • 54:23 so what you are saying is the world is a vampire?

    Luca SartoriLuca SartoriMåned siden
  • Yaaaaaay

    DaijobuDaijobuMåned siden
  • my favourite anime returns :3

    pepe the frog poops on right wingerspepe the frog poops on right wingersMåned siden

    lauren craiglauren craigMåned siden
  • Adud is forever team Edward.

    Icia JayIcia JayMåned siden
  • I honestly thought they were watching Salo because of that thumbnail

    CrysolidCrysolidMåned siden
  • the whispering at 1:06:00 LMFAO

    Mark RutteMark RutteMåned siden
  • Anyone else just listen to these commentary tracks for background noise?

    gorowhorogorowhoroMåned siden