YMS Commentary: The Twilight Saga: New Moon

7. jan.. 2021
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  • The one you start with - Twilight 1 “Oh no we’re sad” - this movie in a nutshell Nobody remembers this one - Eclipse Twilight Breaking Spine - Breaking Dawn Ugly Infant- Breaking Dawn 2

    SvinjaSvinja8 dager siden

    koobisoftkoobisoft19 dager siden
  • watching twilight for the first time because of this channel,,,, you had better do all of them, for we have sulfured for thine spins

    F ColeF ColeMåned siden
  • 41:00

    Lucía 2792Lucía 2792Måned siden
  • These movies are probably some of the more boring films I've watched.

    Eddie RichmondEddie RichmondMåned siden

    Caitlyn MarieCaitlyn MarieMåned siden
  • 2:10 “people are gonna think we’re gonna keep doing twilights.” Well, you’re still watching 13 reasons why. We have high expectations.

    Brynna AndersenBrynna AndersenMåned siden
  • I too would enjoy a 'Twisted Pear" adult beverage.

    Jessica StadulJessica StadulMåned siden
  • ugh, if you guys actually shut up for a second, you wouldn't be so confused

    Jade PalmerJade Palmer2 måneder siden
    • @Brian Weiss for the same reason as a lot of people here--to hear adum's opinion on the movies. But in most instances they're having conversations completely removed from what they're watching. I enjoyed the commentary for the most part; that doesn't mean I can't be annoyed with them paying little to no attention to what's happening in the story.

      Jade PalmerJade Palmer28 dager siden
    • Why did you watch a commentary?

      Brian WeissBrian Weiss28 dager siden
  • Please do more Twilight! Love you!!!!!

    ThrowAwayThrowAway2 måneder siden
  • I love these

    BoydyBoydy2 måneder siden
  • Wait did the video get yeeted?

    Tarek MTarek M2 måneder siden
  • maury

    tedgj gwertedgj gwer2 måneder siden
  • My production design teacher made the sets for this movie XD

    SonicTurboTurtleSonicTurboTurtle2 måneder siden
  • Please do the entire twilight series 🙏 the series only gets crazier from here with bellas transformation and her weird ass baby. It's amazing

    spinningstarsBCspinningstarsBC2 måneder siden
  • Adam, Taylor wasn’t gonna be cast in the second film because he was skinny (and in the lore, Jacob gets more muscular because he’s finally getting his full wolf powers, so to speak) so he buffed up and worked out so he could stay Jacob lol

    Micah CookMicah Cook2 måneder siden
  • lol listening to the commentary on how objectified Taylor is for a 17 year old and whose fault all of this is and it's like I wish I could insert to the conversation that it is a combination of faults bc I'm pretty sure the wolf boys were written to be jacked and constantly shirtless in the books by Meyers (as well as ranging from 17 to 20 somethings with the other guys involved), and a casting director was still like "well he supposed to be 17 so we better put this 17 year old in this role" so like blame Meyers but also the person who cast Taylor??? It's a mess lol

    Madi HodgesMadi Hodges2 måneder siden
  • afriend

    Alvaro BaltazarAlvaro Baltazar2 måneder siden
  • I need more of this. God I hope y'all watch the whole Saga

    CirceCirce2 måneder siden
  • aerosmith

    Steven EngerSteven Enger2 måneder siden
  • Please please do 50 shades of grey next

    king Lottierking Lottier3 måneder siden
  • Does it make anyone else piss themselves laughing when Adum goes "New Moooooooooooooooooon" at the start

    Scott BaldwinScott Baldwin3 måneder siden
  • I hate how they’re mocking Thom Yorke’s song, it’s so good

    BrothersPingouinBrothersPingouin3 måneder siden
  • When you think about it, we've all been 17 for a really long time.

    EatHoneyBeeHappyEatHoneyBeeHappy3 måneder siden
  • i think im just going to listen to the audio of this, the movie is too painful. guys on a scale of one to ten how difficult was it to watch?

    Tristan BanhegyiTristan Banhegyi3 måneder siden
  • You cowards! Do the entire franchise 🤗BUT it’s okay if you wanna skip Eclipse. That movie is unironically NOTHING. Eclipse can be skipped. It’s the filler. I literally can’t remember what the “plot” was in that sh*t movie.

    Big Sister NekoBig Sister Neko3 måneder siden
  • It took me a surprising amount of time to realize that my totally legit version of this movie was playing with a russian dub

    Magnus ValentinMagnus Valentin3 måneder siden
  • tbh i zoned out after like 1/4 of the movie and just was looking at my phone.

    ElmazzElmazz3 måneder siden
  • Can you guys please watch the deleted scenes. They’re better than the all the movies 🤣🤣🤣🤣 noworld.info/video/video/mGq7nMV_wa-615o.html or search “breaking dawn deleted scene dog bowl”

    DЯ4iИ G4ИG H€ЯФDЯ4iИ G4ИG H€ЯФ3 måneder siden
  • I must say, after all these commentaries i think Im in love with scoot or at the very least love this group dynamic.

    LilaThe RealLilaThe Real3 måneder siden
  • Yea it's disappointing that they're not even werewolves they're skinwalkers or skin hangers but not actually werewolves Also Myer just used the "uwu pretty boy" bits of vampires and werewolves and none of the actual monster stuff or any weaknesses so both are op and very stupid

    Biotic JediBiotic Jedi3 måneder siden
  • “From snoot to wagger” is my new favorite phrase for talking about my dogs.

    H CooldownH Cooldown3 måneder siden
  • 60minutes

    Pouyaud BenjaminPouyaud Benjamin3 måneder siden
  • Gael I just wanna say I appreciated the Lotr talk and there can never be too much of that.

    ryugugasairyugugasai3 måneder siden
  • Would love to see Caught in the Net review.

    Mr. GoldfinchMr. Goldfinch3 måneder siden
  • joy. perfect timing.

    Regina PowellRegina Powell3 måneder siden
  • Hi adum please stop naming the commentary files " Commentary mp3.mp3" because it's redundant, and with the 4 characters you save from removing the " mp3" you can call them " YMS Commentary.mp3" instead. The same is true for the wav files.

    TwurlTwurl3 måneder siden
  • I think you guys could enjoy this noworld.info/video/video/2p29pqee1ZG2uas.html

    Scottie TurnerScottie Turner3 måneder siden
  • I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for Adum to see the cgi wolves:)

    James MoseleyJames Moseley3 måneder siden
  • The only way I'd watch a Twilight movie.

    ZidaneZidane3 måneder siden
  • ADAM PLEASE READ(lol wtf) I feel weird for recommending this movie because its seems out of context but Fury is a movie showing the gritty nature of war for a lot of our elders during WWII through the perspective of an artillery unit starting them after being the only survivors of a bombing. Its respectful to the truth of the good the bad and the ugly of the era. There's amazing(and realistic) character growth, only teased deviate behavior, and just overall care put towards its development. The main reason I am sharing this is because I left this movie jarred from the capricious behavior and the amazing acting...im shaking while typing this? I actually recommended this movie to Jenny Nicholson but then realized it would be a great idea to mention incase by some chance you haven't seen it. Its not platinum but its still gold please clap

    Scott FryeScott Frye3 måneder siden
  • Come on you complete bellend. No one cares. Make another channel for this crap.

    Mr StanleyMr Stanley3 måneder siden
  • Please more twilight!

    Lucas MedeirosLucas Medeiros3 måneder siden
  • "What happened to the H?" -scoot 2021

    Dick ButtDick Butt3 måneder siden
  • I'll save you a google seaerch: ridomovies.com/movie/the-twilight-2-new-moon-watch-online-2009/

    Mitchell DrummerMitchell Drummer3 måneder siden
    • love you, the EU netflix version wasn't synced

      hackhenkhackhenk3 måneder siden
  • I've just become aware that Adam sounds exactly like Tina Belcher and now you are too.

    Professor BeanProfessor Bean3 måneder siden
  • Jacob's face in the freeze frame is how I felt about the entirety of Twilight saga

    Anna CrismanAnna Crisman3 måneder siden
  • Adum and Friends when?

    Shadow MonarchShadow Monarch3 måneder siden
  • So excited for adam and pals

    jay 2100jay 21003 måneder siden
  • Well.... now you guys gotta do all of em, right?

    TheVeryWorstLuckTheVeryWorstLuck3 måneder siden
    • They can skip Eclipse. That movie is legit nothing.

      Big Sister NekoBig Sister Neko3 måneder siden
  • If Scoot sees this. The Interior crocodile Alligator line is from a Chip Da Ripper's freestyle.

    OneArmedGhoulOneArmedGhoul3 måneder siden
  • YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE THE LAST ONE. If you watch no other Twilight, just watch the last one.

    SkissoredSkissored3 måneder siden
    • I agree

      Big Sister NekoBig Sister Neko3 måneder siden
  • This was actually my favorite Twilight movie.... Sorry, no, *my least hated Twilight movie. Chris Weisz actually did an American Pie sequel or something, too, and so the director commentary for New Moon is hilarious.

    hipnhappeninhipnhappenin3 måneder siden
  • Oh! Looking forward to this! I've watched quite a few movies that I would have never watched in my life because of Adum & Pals!

    Mark Paul Abare, Jr.Mark Paul Abare, Jr.3 måneder siden

    Amikka De CastroAmikka De Castro3 måneder siden
  • Oh dear god yes. Yes! YES!!!! 💦

    hipnhappeninhipnhappenin3 måneder siden
  • You guys have to keep these going, it"s so good!

    MatthewMatthew3 måneder siden
  • PLEASE do an Adam and pals of Vampires sucks and National treasure 🙏💓

    Liv SimmonsLiv Simmons3 måneder siden
  • Lol, Adam's quick yells are hilarious.

    Finn SwanFinn Swan3 måneder siden
  • Asking anyone to explain a Neil Breen film feels like that scene in DROP DEAD GORGEOUS when Amber has to name and spell all the States in alphabetical order.

    Melodie LadnerMelodie Ladner3 måneder siden
  • 1:18:00 wtf, Thom Yorke? Wow

    JimJim3 måneder siden
  • Facepunch is also the name of a games dev company who made "Rust"

    JimJim3 måneder siden
  • Why on earth would anyone want to watch that movie and listen to commentary? Serious question.

    Marc BassoMarc Basso3 måneder siden
  • finish Twilight then 50 Shades 👀👀

    Deborah AmosDeborah Amos3 måneder siden
    • Omg 🤭🤭🤭👍🏾

      Big Sister NekoBig Sister Neko3 måneder siden
  • i cancelled plans for this

    Sarah IbrahimSarah Ibrahim3 måneder siden
  • "You're responsible for finding your own copy" good thing I own all of them

    Jassie SpassieJassie Spassie3 måneder siden
    • I torrented this abomination.

      Jo OrdinateJo Ordinate16 dager siden
    • Incidentally I'm going to watch this with my friends later, so this is like pre-party drinking for me

      Eva kEva k3 måneder siden
    • @WreckingWood I condone this

      Jassie SpassieJassie Spassie3 måneder siden
    • I steal from my sister's collection.

      WreckingWoodWreckingWood3 måneder siden
  • So since I'm kinda early on this, I would like to make a request on an obvious movie commentary that I think is referenced almost every commentary track. Can we get a "Kung Pow! Enter the Fist" commentary? I think that would be a really good choice. Also a "House" commentary would be amazing, I cannot thank you enough for recommending that in your horror movie video many years back, and a commentary track may also help bring more attention to it.

    Sean AustinSean Austin3 måneder siden
  • 0/10 Movie! I did not see the school shooter!

    Mary WinchesterMary Winchester3 måneder siden
  • it's a synecdoche

    iamcoolalotiamcoolalot3 måneder siden
  • I love how adam is super disinterested by the bella age insecurity plot and I was the same, only to realize that's the main conflict in the series going forward

    Mmm GhoolMmm Ghool3 måneder siden
  • The intense silence between Scoot and Gael during the brief moment when Adam is using the bathroom more or less proves he is the Bella of the three.

    Firstname LastnameFirstname Lastname3 måneder siden
    • @The Only Thing Humans are equal in is Death How is bella a mary sue? she gets nearly killed multiple times

      Thoticcus PrimeThoticcus PrimeMåned siden
    • @The Only Thing Humans are equal in is Death Well, you decide. Im Team Scoot

      Alondra EugeniaAlondra Eugenia3 måneder siden
    • Adam's a mary sue with two hot and powerful dudes fawning over him?

      The Only Thing Humans are equal in is DeathThe Only Thing Humans are equal in is Death3 måneder siden
  • Gawrsh Sora

    DaijobuDaijobu3 måneder siden
  • @1:12:00 according to harry potter they are an animagus

    Elijah ChathamElijah Chatham3 måneder siden
  • hell yes I've been waiting for this

    ريّانريّان3 måneder siden
  • Sadsweaters An Adum Johnson joint

    Steven FonlameSteven Fonlame3 måneder siden
  • I've been waiting since the first Twilight commentary dropped. Personally, this couldn't have come at a better time.

    VanessaVanessa3 måneder siden
  • This is the best of the Twilight movies. It's peak ridiculousness. After this they actually get semi-competent, which makes them a lot less fun. Can't wait to listen to the commentary.

    MilesMiles3 måneder siden
    • @The Meme Inspector single lines don't make a ridiculous movie.

      MilesMiles3 måneder siden
    • Are you kidding the loch ness monster line and the back break are in the later films

      The Meme InspectorThe Meme Inspector3 måneder siden
  • Apparently, the Cullen's wealth comes from Alice's ability to look into the future and commit investment fraud.

    Robby WilliamsonRobby Williamson3 måneder siden
    • @Niphredyl None of them ever sleep, so they have a lot more time to figure things out.

      Video Game Drummer ProductionsVideo Game Drummer Productions26 dager siden
    • I don't remember how I know this, but each them has a hobby of flipping stuff I think. Like the mom does houses or interiors and deals antiques, and the guys flip cars or something, so they have extra income (?).

      NiphredylNiphredylMåned siden
    • r/wallstreetbets would like to attain this

      White Obama OfficialWhite Obama Official3 måneder siden
    • Lol

      arhturlegendarhturlegend3 måneder siden
  • You forgot to press play

    Hypocritical SatireHypocritical Satire3 måneder siden
  • Ahhh here it comes...

    SkamachoSkamacho3 måneder siden
  • I would just like to say I won predicting how many times Bella would fall.

    Crazak 53Crazak 533 måneder siden

    RipcookiethiefRipcookiethief3 måneder siden
  • I watched the Twilight movies with my friend pretty much ironically, and we just. skipped this one. I don't think I missed anything tbh

    viinaviina3 måneder siden
  • Still waiting on the lion king review lol

    HingleHingle3 måneder siden
  • Thoughts on the wendy williams cinematic universe?

    FreeWendyWilliamsFreeWendyWilliams3 måneder siden
  • Around the 1:18:00 mark. Gael, even in the "shitty" part of Europe giving birth to a kid isn't going to cost you $10,000. So just be born in Canada, if you're not willing to travel too much. I have a EU passport, so my kids aren't going to bankrupt me by being born.

    palmierespalmieres3 måneder siden
  • I hate that i had to pay $3.99 to rent this movie. But it was worth it!

    YeComicManYeComicMan3 måneder siden
  • Time to *legally* obtain a copy of new moon.

    Ed BEd B3 måneder siden
  • Bring back adum and pals pokemon

    Walter CarvalhoWalter Carvalho3 måneder siden
  • I never read the books but I think red vs yellow eyes was the animal blood vs human blood thirst thing? Maybe I’m wrong.

    pirategirl9989pirategirl99893 måneder siden
    • You’re actually spot on! Their eyes turn yellow from animal blood and red eyes are from human blood

      CherryRabbitCherryRabbit3 måneder siden
  • Wow this is a super cool idea. This is what you would call some commited content. One day i’mma get the movie just to watch it with you lolol

    SolaceMusicSolaceMusic3 måneder siden
  • spoilers - aunt may goes to middle earth in the tardis :3

    pepe the frog poops on right wingerspepe the frog poops on right wingers3 måneder siden
  • the time me and my brother wanted to see Ninja Assasin, but the theatre employee wouldn’t sell us tickets as we were underage..... so we got new moon tickets, and just went right into ninja assassin lol Ninja assassin was pretty decent

    Nick SNick S3 måneder siden
  • The wolves actually still look pretty good.

    SerKikoSmoreSerKikoSmore3 måneder siden
  • OMFG Cosmonaut Variety Hour did a commentary on each movie a while back but I love YMS commentaries so much that now I have to rewatch Twighlight

    MayuriKurotsuchiMayuriKurotsuchi3 måneder siden
  • I can listen to this video without watching the movie cause I have every twilight movie pretty much memorized lol. I was (still am) obsessed with it when I was younger

    Ella NorrisElla Norris3 måneder siden
    • @Ella Norris yes I have such a blast watching them

      Athena JaxonAthena Jaxon3 måneder siden
    • @Athena Jaxon hahaha the movies are so fun/funny to watch

      Ella NorrisElla Norris3 måneder siden
    • Literally same I haven't even rewatched the movies that much but I know the plot and lines so well😂

      Athena JaxonAthena Jaxon3 måneder siden
  • F'ck me, the Goofy.

    Koen Van DammeKoen Van Damme3 måneder siden
  • Please record you guys watching 'prisoners', for the sake of 'the face' you must do it

    Ahmed El TaibAhmed El Taib3 måneder siden
  • The lion king review that never was

    StevenSteven3 måneder siden
  • omg that's the best thing that happened today haha! ps : they have red eyes bc they drink humans blood, vampires with golden eyes drink animal blood x

    A DA D3 måneder siden
    • noworld.info/video/video/tJjUp52co6yuydE.html O Profeta Captiulo 1 Completo

      Maura BewsMaura Bews3 måneder siden